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Martial World - Chapter 1348


Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348 - Hunt of the Saint Race




Lin Ming felt as if his own mortal body had perished, with nothing but an incomparably clear spiritual sense. He swam through an endless void, and this vast void was filled with countless hollows, each one leading to infinite dimensions. If he was not careful then he would lose his soul and would be unable to pull himself out.

For the consciousness to wander about in such a space was extremely dangerous. But, Lin Ming could faintly feel that in some distant space behind him, there was a black sphere that continuously emitted some invisible gravitational force. Because of this force, Lin Ming was able to clearly recognize the direction he needed to go in without fear of becoming lost.

’’This sort of attraction is the... black hole seed!’’

Lin Ming's mind immediately flashed back to his black hole seed. As a manifestation of the Laws from the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, it actually had a function of guiding the process of the body transformation technique. This was because the body transformation technique was also one of the Concepts of the 33 Layered Heavens.

With the black hole seed, it was like a beacon signaling to him in a black and boundless sea. As he ran forwards, he searched about, passing through countless wild space flows before faintly making out a gate in the depths of time and space.

On top this gate were two white skeletons. The hands of these skeletons each grasped a handle of this gate, keeping it locked tight.

’’This is the Gate of Death!’’

Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. The Gate of Death was the final of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, a gate that was located in the spiritual sea.

In order to open the Gate of Death, one had to bring the mortal body to the edge of death until there was only the spiritual consciousness remaining. Then, through taking a swim in one's spiritual world, they could feel where the Gate of Death was.

This was the so-called nirvana rebirth after annihilation.

Lin Ming was well aware that as long as he could open the Gate of Death, he could reach perfection of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and obtain endless benefits in the future. This would allow him to establish a solid foundation for opening the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

Lin Ming stretched out his hand, his thoughts forming a spear in his grip. As he held this spear, he smashed it atop that gate.


The great gate shook. From a tiny gap in the gate, a vast amount of energy poured forth. Lin Ming knew that this energy was called astral essence.

This was also the energy that a body transformation martial artist used. It was one of the three main origin energies of the universe.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and allowed all the astral essence leaking out from the Gate of Death to be sucked into his body. In that moment, the phantom of an Azure Dragon appeared behind him.

Lin Ming simultaneously opened the first seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. The Heretical God Force erupted as he transferred all of his strength into a barrage of attacks. Spear after spear came crashing down, with 100 spear strikes coming in an instant. Then, these 100 spear strikes fused together, gathering into the strongest strength.

Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!


To use the pure power from body transformation to attack the Gate of Death, at this time, the Gate of Death violently trembled. An increasingly powerful force flowed outwards along with an immeasurably vast amount of astral essence, forming a raging river that poured onto Lin Ming.

More and more energy gushed out, becoming increasingly rich. Lin Ming swam within this energy and felt his mortal body that had been filled with the power of death begin to glow once more with the vitality of life.

His withered skin and flesh began to burst apart, falling off, revealing newborn flesh. His skeleton also regrew. Although Lin Ming's skeleton had been integrated with the power of a dragon bone and the power of a dragon bone was indeed wonderful, in the end it wasn't his original strength at all and would cause minor conflicts within his own strength. But now, this strength was also being refined and cast into his new body.

At that moment, Lin Ming could feel his mortal body reach unprecedented levels of strength. His entire body began to emit crackling noises, as if a God Beast were sealed within him and was trying to burst outwards.

’’Ha - !’’

Lin Ming shouted out loud and waved his spear, smashing it once more at the mystical gate in front of him.

This time, with a loud explosive sound, the gate completely broke apart.

Lin Ming had finally broken through the Gate of Death.

Astral essence continued to flood into Lin Ming's body like an endless river. Lin Ming's strength also rapidly rose. In just several breaths of time, his strength broke through 100 million jins and still continued to climb.

110 million!

120 million!

150 million!

180 million!

200 million!


With the Eight Inner Hidden Gates having reached perfection, the strength of Lin Ming's body had taken a qualitative leap upwards.

200 million jins was still not his limit.

230 million jins, 250 million jins, all the way to 260 million jins.

If Lin Ming were to erupt astral essence from his body, his strength would rise even more.

’’The amount of astral essence within my body has increased by over a hundredfold. Although I cultivated the body transformation technique, the astral essence I had was pitifully low. Now that I've opened the Gate of Death, it actually increased so much. This is simply incredible!’’

Lin Ming muttered. Mo Eversnow continued to explain, ’’Lin Ming, the current divine Realm's Heavenly Dao Laws do not allow the body transformation technique to be cultivated to a high level, and thus astral essence has also been imprisoned. Before now, the cultivation of your body transformation technique was low, but with you having opened the Gate of Death and reaching perfection of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, your strength has risen to new heights. At the minimum, you have touched upon the divine Realm Laws. But, the Eight Inner Hidden Gates is only the start. The truly heaven-defying difficulty will now begin as you try to break into the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. This step is simply far, far too difficult.’’

Mo Eversnow shook her head as she spoke of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. She didn't know whether or not Lin Ming would be able to take this step in the future.

’’I can slowly approach the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. Now that I have opened the eight gates to perfection, in terms of body transformation technique I should be at the peak in the divine Realm.’’

Lin Ming was confident in himself. Before now, the person with the highest boundary in body transformation was Shiku, who had also opened seven gates. He was the same as Lin Ming's previous state.

’’Miss Mo, let's not delay. Let us leave for the Sky Spill Planet as soon as possible. In my current state, I have some grasp of being able to enter the Eternal Demon Abyss.’’


Mo Eversnow turned into a wisp of spiritual energy that fused back into the world within Lin Ming's Magic Cube.

Lin Ming left the cave dwelling he opened and began to fly towards the lower realms transmission array.

In the blink of an eye he crossed several dozen miles. At this time, a sense of absolute crisis surged in Lin Ming's mind! He could feel that in that instant, his entire body was being seen through by an invisible eye!

Lin Ming's entire body turned ice cold. He nervously stopped where he was, carefully looking all around as he took out the Phoenix Blood Spear.

’’Who is it!?’’

’’Hehe, you're quite vigilant. But what a pity, the difference in strength is too great. You are destined to die here today.’’

A thousand feet in front of Lin Ming, the void was ripped apart as a black-robed man shrouded in dark fog stepped out.

He stretched out his long tongue, licking the air as if he were tasting Lin Ming's aura.

’’Truly incredible. It was already a surprise that you killed so many disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands and even obtained the primordial epoch spirit root, but to think you used this to open the Gate of Death. As for your cultivation... mm? You are at the middle divine Sea realm?’’

At this time, Lin Ming was still concealing his appearance. With the cleverness and versatility of the divine Dream Law, no one could see through Lin Ming's appearance changing technique unless they were a Great World King.

’’Middle divine Sea realm? Are you hiding your cultivation? What sort of cultivation disguising technique is this, that even I can't see through?’’

The black-robed man said, greatly interested in Lin Ming.

’’Who are you?’’

Lin Ming's voice was gloomy and dire. Facing this black-robed man, he could feel an enormous sense of danger pressing down on him, making all of his hairs stand on end.

This person's cultivation was shrouded in a thick fog. Lin Ming couldn't see what this person's cultivation was or what Laws they practiced. He wasn't even able to confirm whether this person was truly a man or a woman. All he felt was an extremely dangerous aura.

Lin Ming had never encountered such an unpredictable and elusive enemy before.

And, most importantly, just how did this person find him?

Before Lin Ming caught the primordial epoch spirit root he had changed his appearance and even changed his appearance several times after. Moreover, he had escaped extremely far. In this situation, this person had found him?

And such a mysterious enemy came from the Skydark Holy Lands? All sorts of ideas raced through Lin Ming's mind. He suddenly realized that the situation in the Skydark Holy Lands wasn't as simple as he first thought.

’’Miss Mo, what is going on here? Did I make a mistake somewhere?’’

’’I am not sure. If he can find you, it seems as if he's using the mythical karmic techniques. It is said that those supreme elders who cultivated the Time Laws to an extremely high boundary could calculate the past and predict the future. Predicting the future is just a bedtime story;the future is far too ethereal and winding and no one can accurately say what will happen. But, the past has already occurred, and that is something which is eternally unchanging. In this world, there are indeed some people that can see the past...’’

’’Mm? There is a secret technique like that?’’

’’Yes, but this person before us might not have used such a technique. There are countless roads to the Great Dao, and innumerable secret techniques that we are not aware of. This person is far too strange, and he even feels... like he isn't a human!’’

As Mo Eversnow stated this stunning declaration, Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. This person wasn't a human? Were they a monster? Or a demon?

Or, was it possible they were an unknown alien race?

But, what was without a doubt was that this person in front of him was extremely strong, and much, much stronger than he was.

Just by looking at him being able to tear apart space to appear, that was something far from what Lin Ming could accomplish. That was the void shifting technique.

’’Let's not bother with some nonsensical banter. I will finish you. Since you ate my primordial epoch spirit root, I will use you to make my medicine instead. The effects shouldn't be much worse!

As this black-robed figure spoke, Lin Ming felt all of the space around him suddenly shrink and be isolated. Along with the black-robed figure, he arrived in a separate world devoid of everything but shadows.

This was a domain, and also a very powerful domain. Lin Ming and the black-robed man were both completely isolated from the outside world.

In this domain, not only would Lin Ming be suppressed but he wouldn't even be able to escape.

’’This is my Eternal Demon Domain. Once you enter it you will fall under my control. You can forget ever escaping!’’

The shadowy figure spoke with supreme confidence. He took out a black scroll and slowly unraveled it. On top of this scroll was a drawing of a black and white landscape. A simple stone bridge was in the center of this drawing, appearing extremely mystical.

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. He didn't wait for this shadowy figure to make his move, instead taking the initiative to attack first!

He opened the Heretical God Force to the limit and also revolved the complete Eight Inner Hidden Gates. The astral essence he just obtained suddenly erupted from his body as he thrust his spear towards that black-robed man.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Thunder and flame crazily twisted together.

Heavenly Dao Judgment!


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