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Martial World - Chapter 1344


Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344 - A Taste of Your Own Medicine




The divine Seal Art was a transcendent divine might created by Empyrean divine Seal;its power was beyond doubt. These six divine Lord masters originally had multiple problems in facing the primordial epoch spirit root's domain, and were even feeling that it was nearly impossible to resist. But now that they were being suppressed by the God Forbidding Seals, they were even more pitiful. They wanted to kill Lin Ming, but underneath the suppression of the domain they were only able to be passively attacked!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The God Forbidding Seals constantly fell onto the bodies of the six divine Lord powerhouses. The divine Seal Art's divine seal runes were energy black holes, able to swallow all types of energy. These six divine Lord masters felt their strength rapidly fading away, and even the domain that was nearly torn to nothing by them began to slowly recover!

As long as the primordial epoch spirit root's domain was restored, they would be nothing but turtles in a jar;they would die without a doubt!

’’You little beast, do you really want to perish together with us?’’

’’You are so young;it must have been difficult for you to reach this level of cultivation. Even so, I never imagined you would be so stupid. You actually join forces with a demon spirit to attack your fellow humans. If others wished to bury you, you are just the idiot that would help them dig the hole! If we're killed, the next one to be eaten up by the demon spirit will be you!’’

The six divine Lord masters breathlessly shouted.

Lin Ming faintly smiled in response. The movements of his hands didn't stop at all. He began to increase his pace of shooting out divine seal runes.

He said, ’’What use is there in cooperating with a demon spirit? Didn't you want to kill me to begin with? You think that your Skydark Holy Lands are much more noble than these demon spirits? You gathered so many loose cultivators here because you were thinking of making a sacrifice of their blood to help power the array formation to assist in capturing the primordial epoch spirit root. Do you really think that your methods are much better than the primordial epoch spirit root itself?

’’If I didn't hide my cultivation then I would have already been killed by you! Now, the primordial epoch spirit root has already agreed to give me some of its source root hairs. I don't want too many to begin with, so why wouldn't I cooperate with it?’’

Lin Ming's words seemed to be a matter of course. The primordial epoch spirit root laughed as it heard this.

’’Haha, Little Brother, well said! There is no conflict between us to begin with, so we can definitely cooperate! I don't need root hairs too much so why not give you a few. With our strength together, we can easily kill these six people. Now, all of you can die!’’

’’Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!’’


’’I hate you all! I am unwilling!’’

The six divine Lord realm masters wildly screamed. However, with the several thousand God Forbidding Seals flowing through their blood, the amount of true essence they could transfer was becoming increasingly small!

If these were ordinary times, with Lin Ming's cultivation, it would have been impossible for him to deal with six divine Lord powerhouses together. But now, these six people had consumed a great deal of blood essence and energy. If they had to resist the attacks of the primordial epoch spirit root with their strength being drained, they would be overwhelmed!

As time passed, the primal chaos barrier became increasingly thick, nearly forming a cage around everyone that blocked in the six divine Lord masters.

’’Hahahahaaha! This domain cage has already been closed;I want to see just how you all resist! You have already fallen into my hands, and now killing you is the same as killing a chicken! To die and become a part of me, you should all be honored by that!’’

As the primordial epoch spirit root wildly laughed, 12 root hairs flew out from its body towards these six divine Lord masters. These 12 root hairs were different from the ones before. They were a bright red, just like fresh blood;they were the primordial epoch spirit root's life root hairs.

As the primordial epoch spirit root was sending out its life root hairs, it had also kept a strand of sense locked onto Lin Ming.

The primordial epoch spirit root had just passed through a great battle;this was its weakest time. If Lin Ming were to attack, then it would absolutely lose and would be forced to escape. If that happened, absorbing these six divine Lord masters would be impossible.

’’This brat, I have no idea if he's stupid or just faking it. Could he be waiting for this opportunity to attack? Although he might be able to defeat me, I have hundreds of methods to escape. As long as I run away into Demondawn Jungle, there is no way he can find me.

’’But if I do that, I will have no means to absorb these six people. Who knows when I'll be able to fully restore my strength.’’

The primordial epoch spirit root maintained complete vigilance. However, Lin Ming didn't seem to have any intention of attacking from the start. At this time, he was constantly creating new seals with his hands, sealing away the true essence of those six divine Lord powerhouses as before, to allow the primordial epoch spirit root to smoothly absorb them.

’’I'll succeed soon!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root had already wrapped around the bodies of the several divine Lord masters.

These spirit root tentacles were each life root hairs of the primordial epoch spirit root, and also the toughest root hairs it had. They weren't something that several dying divine Lord powerhouses could hope to cut off.

’’Haha, just three more breaths of time and I'll succeed! Almost! Almost there!’’


With a light puncturing sound, a root hair dug into the stomach of an old man, immediately draining all of his flesh and blood essence.

The old man cried out in pain as his stomach started to wither away.

’’I've succeeded! This brat is truly an idiot! The heavens are helping me!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root raucously laughed in his heart. It could feel the pure flesh and blood essence of the divine Lord realm powerhouse flowing into its body, constantly turning into its own strength.

’’I can't lose this chance!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root went on a complete offensive. Several root hairs stabbed into the bodies of other divine Lord realm masters, absorbing their flesh and blood essence.


’’You bastard!’’

’’I hope you rot!’’

Before several divine Lord realm powerhouses died, they continued to curse and struggle. But on the other side, as the primordial epoch spirit root was absorbing the flesh and blood essence energy of these masters, it was also paying full attention to Lin Ming. An invisible force field came shrouding down over Lin Ming;it had already prepared for him.

Lin Ming's strength was still an unknown, but he was definitely stronger than a weak divine Lord powerhouse. As for Lin Ming's blood vitality, that was far stronger than these old fellows'. If the primordial epoch spirit root could absorb Lin Ming, then its strength would rise to new heights!

With such delicious food laid out in front of it, how could the primordial epoch spirit root miss out on this chance?

Lin Ming seemed as if he had yet to sense the primordial epoch spirit root's plans. He was continuing to use the divine Seal Art to seal away the abilities of these divine Lord powerhouses to resist.

’’Stupid! Stupid! Stu - !’’


A divine Lord powerhouse was shouting out like a madman before he spat out a mouthful of black blood. Because his lungs were swallowed up by the primordial epoch spirit root, he no longer had the ability to speak.

’’Haha! I succeeded! The heavens have helped me! There is actually an idiot here who helped me accomplish the impossible! Too wonderful! Too wonderful! Even if he attacks me now it is too late! All of their flesh and blood essence has entered my body, and now digesting them is just a matter of time!

’’In just an incense stick of time... no, in just half an incense stick of time, I'll be able to return to my peak state!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root laughed out loud. But at this time, its laughing face stiffened.

’’This is... mm!?’’

The primordial epoch spirit root's mind went cold. Just a moment ago, because it had been fearing Lin Ming's sneak attack, it had diverted its attention to him. But, it actually neglected the flesh and blood essence energy that it had been absorbing.

Thus, it was only now that it discovered that there were innumerable seals contained within this flesh and blood essence energy!

These seal runes had been absorbed together with the flesh and blood essence energy by the primordial epoch spirit root. They had flowed through its body, dispersing throughout.

’’What is this!?’’

The primordial epoch spirit root was shocked. It simply didn't know what Laws these seals contained, but what it knew was that these seals were shot out by Lin Ming just now.

The way in which Lin Ming helped the primordial epoch spirit root deal with these six divine Lord masters was to constantly shoot out these seals, sinking them into the bodies of the several divine Lord realm powerhouses and then sealing away their true essence.

But as for what sort of principles were contained in these seals, the primordial epoch spirit root had no idea. Now, these seals had actually flowed into its body!

And most importantly, the primordial epoch spirit root had used its source root hairs to absorb those six divine Lord powerhouses. This also caused these seals to spread through to its source root.

The primordial epoch spirit root had a foreboding premonition. ’’These seals are far too strange. Even within the body of a divine Lord master they weren't destroyed or refined. It must not be anything good for me to have absorbed them.’’

It quickly revolved its energy, wanting to expel these seals from its body, but at this time, an incomparably shocking scene occurred.

The energy it sent out not only couldn't expel these seals, but those seals suddenly turned into energy black holes that began absorbing all of its energy!

Not just that, but these energy black holes became increasingly crazy and brutal. Tens of thousands of miniature energy black holes transformed into tens of thousands of energy whirlpools, recklessly swallowing up all the energy and flesh and blood essence within the primordial epoch spirit root!

This was the primordial epoch spirit root's weakest time! Although it had absorbed 30-40% of the six divine Lord masters' flesh and blood essence into its body, it hadn't yet had time to digest them and turn it into usable strength. Now, the essence energy within its own body was being greedily slurped up by these energy black holes!

’’I fell for it!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root felt as if it had fallen into a sea of ice. Without a doubt, these strange seals were part of Lin Ming's plan from the very start.

Lin Ming didn't have the confidence that he could defeat and kill the primordial epoch spirit root. Thus, he had submerged these seals into the bodies of the six divine Lord masters to seal away their true essence. Although it looked as though he was helping the primordial epoch spirit root, the truth was that these seals would be absorbed by it. Then, during its weakest time, these seals would turn into energy black holes and swallow its strength instead!

This was a trap, and also giving the plant a taste of its own medicine. Because the primordial epoch spirit root had been too greedy in wanting to absorb the strength of those six divine Lord powerhouses, and in addition to no one being able to understand Lin Ming's divine Seal Art and the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, it was now doomed. Even if the primordial epoch spirit root was even more cunning, there was still no way it could fight Lin Ming.

As the primordial epoch spirit root realized this, its entire body turned cold. It finally understood that Lin Ming had never believed it from the beginning. Also, he wasn't satisfied with just several source root hairs, and wanted to catch everything in his net instead!

’’This boy, he's playing a pig to eat the tiger. What a vicious and cunning little brat!’’

A violent rage erupted in the primordial epoch spirit root's heart. It no longer bothered with absorbing the strength of those six divine Lord masters, and instead turned all of its strength onto Lin Ming, pressing the entirety of its domain down on him.

’’Die for me!’’

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

12 source spirit roots fired towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming sneered. ’’You've finally discovered it? But what a pity, you are far too slow... and now, the one to die will be you.’’


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