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Martial World - Chapter 1343


Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343 - To Ask A Tiger For Its Skin




’’You were being chased around without the slightest bit of strength to fight back? Hehe... you are far too modest. Do you think I don't know what degree of strength you are hiding? You mixed in with those loose cultivators and came to Demondawn Jungle for what reason? Don't tell me that you came to play with these people. I think that your goal here is to capture me!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root's womanly face suddenly twisted into a strange smile. As it looked at Lin Ming, it spoke to him with true essence sound transmissions.

Lin Ming's mind turned cold. He thought that this primordial epoch spirit root had limited intelligence, but it had correctly guessed his goal with its first guess.


The primordial epoch spirit root let out a series of ear-scratching laughs. ’’You want to capture me as a material for your alchemy? If you dare to covet me even amongst a crowd of divine Lord realm powerhouses, your strength must be quite good, otherwise aren't you just a sheep that walked into the tiger's den? I don't believe that you are that stupid!

’’In this battle I have been wounded grievously and I don't wish to be enemies with you. I am willing to give you some of my life root hairs to use for your alchemy as long as you help me kill these six divine Lord powerhouses. I need to absorb their life's blood essence to restore my strength!’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment. ’’Giving me your root hairs? Why would I believe you? Isn't cooperating with you the same as asking a tiger for its skin?’’

’’Heh, don't you think your confidence in yourself is too low? Even if I defeat those six divine Lord powerhouses, wanting to swallow them completely won't be easy. The life source of a divine Lord realm powerhouse is extremely formidable. If I want to absorb it, I cannot allow anything to disturb me during the process. When that time comes, if I don't give you some source root hairs of mine, you might fight with me. As for me, I'll have just finished a great battle and I won't have absorbed the life source to restore myself just yet. That will be my weakest moment, so why would you fear me? I think in that sort of situation I would rather use some of my root hairs in exchange for the chance to peacefully absorb the flesh and blood essence energy of these six divine Lord powerhouses.’’

The primordial epoch spirit root used a true essence sound transmission to speak with Lin Ming. As it rapidly spoke with Lin Ming it was also dealing with the six divine Lord powerhouses at the same time.

However, the primordial epoch spirit root's domain was soon unable to persist. If these six divine Lord powerhouses were to escape this danger zone they would return to the Skydark Holy Lands and report what happened here. That wasn't something Lin Ming wished to see.

’’Good, then I agree.’’

Lin Ming quietly said.

The primordial epoch spirit root let out a clear laugh. ’’I like dealing with smart boys like you. You won't regret it!’’

As it laughed, it stimulated its domain to the limit, wanting to trap these six people within.

It looked at Lin Ming and licked its deep red tongue across its lips. ’’Hehe, you little beast, do you think I will really give you my source root hairs? Every time I cut off my source root hairs, that will cause me to lose a great portion of my strength! Before this you were watching all of us fight, wanting to wait for us to both grievously wound each other before swooping in and taking advantage;do you think I wouldn't know what you were planning? Although it won't be easy for me to absorb the blood essence of these divine Lord realm powerhouses, it won't be as difficult as I said it was. As long as I use my secret technique and pay a small price, I will be able to instantly absorb a great deal of it. At that time, with the blood essence to restore me, I'll regain 70-80% of my strength. Then, I'll kill you afterwards and absorb your flesh and blood too!

’’All those who dare move against me should die! Humans, demons, all lives in this world, all of you should just become my fertilizer! I will eat up all of you whole, becoming more and more powerful! In the future I will become an unrivalled powerhouse on the level of an Empyrean! I will control the entire divine Realm!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root shouted out in its heart. As it absorbed the life source of countless beings, its ambitions also grew greater.

At this time, Lin Ming's mind was also racing. ’’If I fight directly, then even when I am at my peak state I won't be a match for these six divine Lord powerhouses or the primordial epoch spirit root! The primordial epoch spirit root's promises aren't believable at all. If I really kill these six divine Lord powerhouses, not only will I not obtain any source root hairs but it will likely attack me. But, if I attack it now, I don't have much hope of defeating it, even if it is injured.

’’The terrain within Demondawn Jungle is far too complex. Once this primordial epoch spirit root decides to run away, wanting to stop it will be impossible for me! Right now it doesn't wish to run away, but that is only because it desires the flesh and blood essence of these six divine Lord powerhouses, and wants to absorb them to enhance its own strength.’’

Lin Ming's mind lit up.

He originally wanted to profit from the chaos between the two factions but now it seemed that his ideas were too simple. This primordial epoch spirit root wasn't a fool at all. As for these six divine Lord powerhouses, there was even less to mention. If they were to escape and discover that he was fighting the primordial epoch spirit root, they would return without a doubt. They would then capture both him and the primordial epoch spirit root, who would both be tremendously wounded without any strength left!

Because there were three different sides, this was a very complex situation. Every side wanted the other two to mutually wound each other and then eliminate them together.

If this deadlock couldn't be broken, then the final outcome would likely be that the primordial epoch spirit root would freely escape and these six divine Lord powerhouses would flee into Demondawn Jungle. As for Lin Ming, he would return with nothing at all.

This wasn't what Lin Ming wished for.

Thus, he needed to break this standoff. He needed one side to be the fool and the other side to be his spear.

Lin Ming didn't count on the primordial epoch spirit root to be an idiot nor did he expect the six divine Lord powerhouses to lose their minds. If someone were to be a spear, that could only be him. After breaking this deadlock, he would have to rely on his own ability!

As Lin Ming was thinking like this, he fused essence, energy, and divine within his body, using Three Essences as One. At the same time, he opened the Heretical God Force and burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. This was almost Lin Ming's strongest combat state.

divine Seal Art - God Forbidding Seal!

Lin Ming's hands flickered as he formed thousands upon thousands of seals!

3600 seals flew out from Lin Ming's hands, dancing in the air!

These divine seal runes were able to swallow all energies! As these seals flew towards those six masters, they felt their strength rapidly fading.

’’You little beast!’’

’’I'll kill you like a dog!’’

Lin Ming didn't choose to frontally contend with these six divine Lord powerhouses;there was no way he could get an advantage. These six divine Lord powerhouses might have lived for 100,000 years by now. It was highly likely that these people would have desperate methods to save their lives. If he were to be severely wounded because he attacked them, then he would really be the fool here.

Thus, he would save as much strength as possible by diverting the attention of these six divine Lord powerhouses and allowing the primordial epoch spirit root to take the lead in attacking them.

’’This brat is quite the crafty one!’’

The primordial epoch spirit root gnashed its teeth. It was naturally able to see through Lin Ming's plan. Lin Ming was only trying to contain them and was relying on it to face them head on. In this situation, this would greatly increase the risk to itself.

’’Hehe, do you think you're safe just because of this? How useless. As a creature of the heavens and earth, my ability to withstand damage surpasses any human's by at least 100 times! As long as I can swallow up any of their essence energies I'll be able to restore enough of my strength. At that time, I'll eat you up!’’

The beautiful snake-woman diabolically grinned. It emitted a screech, its entire body roiling like tumbling human blood.

Chi chi chi!

A massive amount of red juice was spat out, forming burning acidic smoke. It flew through the air, bubbling about as if it would burn everything.

The snake-woman's eyes turned increasingly red. Its eyes flashed with a cruel and vicious light and its serpentine tongue lashed around.

’’All of you can die for me!’’

In that instant, more root hairs shot out from the snake-woman's body, crazily firing at those six divine Lord powerhouses.

’’You evil creature, you can forget it!’’

’’You're the one that forced me! If you want to kill me then you'll be buried too!’’

A skinny camel was still bigger than a horse. For better or worse, these old men had still lived for several tens of thousands of years, perhaps even 100,000 years. They each had their own respective life-saving cards.

Elder Luo tossed out an ancient charm from his spatial ring. Old Man Cang also took out a shining mirror from his chest. Each one of these old men began to use their final trump cards. For a time, all sorts of dazzling beams of light fired towards the primordial epoch spirit root.

’’Explode for me!’’

The charm that Elder Luo threw out suddenly exploded!

At the same time, Old Man Cang's mirror also exploded!

A terrifying wave of energy swept through the void. The space within Demondawn Jungle was unstable to begin with. For a time, massive tracts of space collapsed, causing vortexes of space to surge over the world. A massive amount of root hairs were blown apart, falling into the space storms and then disintegrating into powder.

The snake-woman's complexion turned white and blood vessels all over her neck burst apart, spraying red juice everywhere. In that violent explosion just now, her domain... had broken!

’’These damned old fogies, they are far too stubborn!’’ It suddenly looked at Lin Ming, snapping, ’’You still haven't done anything, just what are you waiting for!?’’

Lin Ming chuckled. He could feel that even as this primordial epoch spirit was desperately attacking, it had also kept a strand of sense locked onto him, lest he sneak attack it.

Lin Ming didn't doubt that if he really sneak attacked it now, although he could defeat it, he wouldn't be able to capture it. This plant was a sly fellow.

Lin Ming bit down on his tongue, spitting out some blood. This blood was mixed with some of his blood essence.

Gate of Life - burn the blood essence!

As the primordial epoch spirit root saw this, it was stunned, ’’Burning his blood essence? Is he insane?’’

The primordial epoch spirit root simply didn't know that Lin Ming had opened the Gate of Life, giving him the ability to restore his blood vitality and even his blood essence. Although it could be used for body transformation medicines, this didn't mean that it understood the body transformation technique.

The primordial epoch spirit root originally thought that even if Lin Ming was helping it, he was only trying to take advantage of the troubled waters. But, it never imagined Lin Ming would even burn his blood essence to help.

’’That's really blood essence! This boy is an idiot, he's really burning his blood essence to help me absorb those six divine Lord masters! Hahahaha! Once he burns his blood essence, that is very difficult to restore! Even if he can restore himself in the future, the current him will be greatly weakened! After this, I wonder just how he will fight me! As long as I can swallow the blood essence of a single divine Lord realm master and restore 60% of my strength, wanting to kill him will be beyond easy! The heavens help me! The heavens truly help me! Hahahaha!’’

The primordial epoch spirit wildly cackled in its mind.

And at this time, the eyes of these six masters turned blood red. ’’You little beast! Have you gone mad!?’’

’’Do you want to die with us and allow others to profit!?’’


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