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Martial World - Chapter 134


Small Success of Movement




Lin Ming took a short period to prepare, and then began the drawing process. Lin Ming had become increasingly skilled at creating these inscriptions symbols. But because this was his first time working with a high-grade human-step treasure inscription, he was a little slower than usual. Altogether, he had used half an hour of time.

As he completed the last rune of the inscription symbol in one breath, the nearly hundred glistening runes congealed into a flame marked inscription symbol that fell upon the high-grade human-step treasure sword.

Zhang Guanyu picked up the treasure sword and tested it. He poured his true essence into it, and found that it really did have a 43% increased amount of true essence. Afterwards, the true essence congealed into the skill of inscription;it was simply a magnificent power.

’’Haha! Good sword!’’ Zhang Guanyu laughed.

'This Lin Ming is such a sucker. I really cannot wait to see, four months from now, just how Lin Ming will come to regret when he is brought to grief under the blade of this treasure sword that he personally placed an inscription symbol upon. I'm going to enjoy his expression and the way his mind breaks. I can't wait to see his expression and state of mind when I use this sword and show him the most vicious moves of the 'divine Acacia Power'. When I find the right opportunity, I will give him such a severe wound that even his cultivation will drop. I wonder just how you will pass the Seven Profound Martial House's core disciple test then!'

However, what Zhang Guanyu did not know was that Lin Ming was actually having similar thoughts. Lin Ming looked as Zhang Guanyu flourished that skill of inscription and inwardly sneered.

'This Zhang Guanyu is such a fool;he's really saved me a great deal of effort. I'll wait for the four months to pass, to see how Zhang Guanyu will suffer a miserable defeat at my hands because of these two body inscription symbols. What a pity it will be that Zhang Guanyu will never know the reason he suffered a defeat, and that the fifth-level vicious beast blood he brought to me would play a major role in his downfall. I want to see his expression when I use the most ruthless martial skill 'Pulse Cutting Palm' on his body. Not only will I sever all the meridians in his body but I will destroy his virility. Then, I wonder just how you will cultivate that 'divine Acacia Power' of yours when you're with a woman.'

Although these two people's thoughts were diabolically dark, it was impossible to tell from the surface. Especially Zhang Guanyu;his brilliant smile was beaming to the extreme.

’’Right. Mister Lin, I think there were some misunderstandings with Mister Lin about Lan Yunyue. About Miss Lan's matter, I visited Miss Lan at that time to pay my respects, and it seems Mister Liao was too excited and misunderstood my intentions.’’

’’Is that right? So that's the case.’’ Lin Ming sneered in his heart. He wanted to have a good luck at just what this Zhang Guanyu was up to.

’’Let me speak the truth, I really, truly do admire Miss Lan, otherwise I would not have visited. Ah, towards beautiful girls that I like, I will never use underhanded means. I will only pursue them.’’

As Zhang Guanyu said this, an angry voice suddenly resounded. ’’Zhang Guanyu, do you not even care about face!’’

The pure hearted Wang Yuhan had finally reached the limit of what she was able to bear. She immediately wanted to kill this beast in human skin!

However, Zhang Guanyu's cultivation had already reached a high enough level that he was able to completely disregard Wang Yuhan. He self-servingly said, ’’Ah, before, I heard that Mister Lin liked to make bets with the people that he dueled, like Wang Yanfeng, Zhang Cang, and so on. Then, with this match of mine against Mister Lin, how about we also make a gambling bet? How about this, Mister Lin needs materials, and I just happen to have one - Seven Star Ore. How about I use this to bet with Mister Lin on who Miss Lan belongs to?’’

’’If I lose, then I will turn over the Seven Star Ore to Mister Lin, and I will not disturb Miss Lan again. If I win, then I will also turn over the Seven Star Ore to Mister Lin, but about Miss Lan's matters, Mister Lin cannot meddle in them again. Whether or not I can move her heart will depend only on my own ability. So, regardless of the outcome, the Seven Star Ore will be given to Mister Lin. But only if Mister Lin loses will Mister Lin never meddle in Miss Lan's matters again. How about it?’’

’’Move Lan Yunyue's heart with your own ability?’’ Lin Ming brightly smiled. It seems that no matter what, this Zhang Guanyu wanted to use Lan Yunyue to attack his heart of martial arts. If he lost in the battle four months from now, then it would be a defeat so horrible and appalling that he wouldn't be able to lift his head proudly anymore due to shame.

He sneered in response to Zhang Guanyu, ’’Even if I'm sure to defeat you, I will never use a woman to make a bet. Lan Yunyue already has nothing to do with me. Who she marries is her own choice, it's none of my business. If your moral character was any good and you decided to pursue Lan Yunyue, then fine. But if you plan to deal with me by encroaching on Lan Yunyue, then I will not sit idly by and do nothing!’’

’’It's true that I lack several materials, but I do not need the Allied Trade Association nor will I ever. If I cannot find what I need, then it's just a bit of trouble to me. Now you can roll out of here!’’

Hearing this, Zhang Guanyu's expression finally sunk. ’’Oh! It seems that you really are determined to win against me? Good! Very good!’’

’’Zhang Guanyu, you think that four months from now you will crush me so I cannot stand up from the failure, but what a coincidence, I also have the same intention. When the time comes, let's see just who is suppressing who!’’

’’Haha! Very good! Since that's the case, four months from now, I will have you regret ever being born into this world!’’

Zhang Guanyu received his longsword, flicked his sleeves, and departed.

Lin Ming thought little of Zhang Guanyu's threats. He took out a true essence stone and prepared to restore his true essence. At this moment, Wang Yuhan could not help but say, ’’Mister Lin, you were too reckless. Although fifth-level vicious beast blood is rare, it's not something that cannot be found. If we waited a few days, it would have been fine, but you actually helped that despicable Zhang Guanyu inscribe a symbol on his treasure sword. Even in the entire Huoluo Nation, there might not be anyone that can create an inscription symbol of your caliber.’’

’’That Zhang Guanyu has probably cultivated the 'divine Acacia Power' for several months. In these months who knows how many women have gone to his manor. It's impossible to know just how far his strength has progressed. Mister Lin, you...’’

Wang Yuhan was genuinely concerned. This battle between Zhang Guanyu and Lin Ming would definitely be a death match. If he lost, he would pay a truly terrible price. Zhang Guanyu had long been famous for his sinister and ruthless tactics. If something was to happen to Lin Ming...

Lin Ming smiled and said, ’’Miss Wang, please be assured that I know all of this fairly well.’’

’’But... but... I think that...’’ Wang Yuhan simply didn't know what to say. She knew that Lin Ming constantly created miracles in front of her. She thought that nothing was impossible concerning Lin Ming. But in this duel involving his Lin Ming's personal safety, Wang Yuhan worried, afraid of what would happen.

’’Thank you Miss Wang for worrying over me. The truth is, if I really am not a match for Zhang Guanyu, then I'll simply withdraw. I'm afraid that there is no one else coming this afternoon, I will go back first.’’ Lin Ming only drew the high-quality inscription symbols these days. However, he would only do so as long as someone brought one of the rare materials on the list. The materials were getting fewer and fewer now, and the customers that could find them were also less. So in the past couple of days, Lin Ming had only received a few jobs;he spent most of the time cultivating.


All the time that Lin Ming had at the seven major killing arrays was spent so that he could gradually become more aware of the concept of wind.

Now Lin Ming had increased the difficulty from the sixth level to the seventh level, but even so, he still practiced in the Violent Wind Tunnel every day until his appearance was miserable.

Many of the disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House were aware of this strange phenomenon. As soon as this century genius of the Seven Profound Martial House entered the Violent Wind Tunnel, at only seven levels of difficulty, he would be beaten up until he was black and blue! This kind of matter was simply inconceivable!

Those people that were jealous of Lin Ming said that Lin Ming's foundation was not solid, and his lower body was unstable.

However, those that held this view were completely drowned out by the massive amount of frothing saliva from the Lin Ming fanatics. Did those insulting idiots not see how Lin Ming was motionless like a mountain on the battlefield? With which eye did they see that Lin Ming's lower body was unstable?

These crazy fans believed that Lin Ming was using some sort of special method to practice.

But what exactly was this special method of training? Nobody could actually explain it. A little girl that worshipped at Lin Ming's altar patted her heavy chest, wanting to understand...

’’Senior Apprentice Brother Lin Ming is definitely practicing his 'Get Hit' ability.’’

To let the violent wind blow against one's own body so that they freely 'hit' the wall over and over again;this was the only explanation for the 'Get Hit' ability. To come up with such ridiculous reasoning, that young girl had a truly vivid imagination.

This opinion rapidly spread.

Regarding this rumor, Lin Ming could only force a smile. He did not want the publicity, but it was impossible to conceal the fact that he was turning black and blue from the bruising everyday of hitting the walls in the Violent Wind Tunnel. Even if he had very good healing medicine, it was futile to think that all his wounds and bruises would instantly heal. He could only bring his heavily injured body back to his room, soak in a medicinal bath, and then take the evening's time to remove the bruises and heal the hidden wounds.

However, people began to gradually discover that Lin Ming's injuries were becoming less and less, even as the difficulty grew higher and higher, until a month later. Lin Ming had opened the ninth level of difficulty, but after he had stayed in for several hours, he had come out in perfect condition with no injuries.

To a normal Heavenly Abode disciple, this didn't have much meaning. With someone at Lin Ming's ranking, they would easily be able to handle the tenth level of difficulty.

But to Lin Ming's ardent linmaniacs, their first impression was the he was practicing the almighty 'Get Hit' ability. He did not use any true essence or bodily strength to resist the force of the wind, and let his body repeatedly and wildly hit the walls over and over again. Since he now reached the point of not having any injuries, was his head now made of copper?

They were afraid that if this was true, then Lin Ming had already become invulnerable to all damage.

But if this were so, why would Lin Ming only open the ninth level of difficulty?

’’What exactly do you think Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is really doing inside? He only opened the ninth level of difficulty. If Senior Apprentice Brother Lin displayed his true strength, that wind would only tickle him.’’

’’I already told you that Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is cultivating his 'Get Hit' ability, you just don't have faith.’’ The young girl who had been the first to propose this theory grunted, showing her discontent at those that dared to doubt her.

’’Senior Apprentice Brother Lin's 'Get Hit' ability is just too fierce, and it's not an exaggeration. To have that powerful wind of the ninth level blow him against the wall, and yet he still doesn't have a single injury, his body is simply steel now, he is invulnerable to all.

’’Humph, this is nothing for Senior Apprentice Brother Lin. Did you forget that he had used his empty palm to fend off Zhang Cang's saber?’’

’’That's because he had used the 'Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist'. That was also the reason that Zhu Yan lost to Senior Apprentice Brother Lin Ming.’’

The disciple that was speaking seemed to be aware of many things. At this moment, another person also commented, ’’Have you seen that Senior Apprentice Brother Lin's clothes when he goes in and out of the Violent Wind Tunnel only have a little damage?’’

’’Mm?’’ After this third disciple inadvertently reminded the other two, these two felt a chill in their hearts. Yes, when Lin Ming had gone in and out, he had worn the same clothes. His clothes only had a little damage, so he hadn't needed to change!

It had to be known that when the Violent Wind Tunnel reached the ninth level of difficulty, a common disciple could rely on their true essence and strength to resist the strong winds. However, because the wind speed was too quick, the clothes on their bodies would be torn!


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