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Martial World - Chapter 1335


Chapter 1335

Chapter 1335 - Primordial Epoch Spirit Root




After leaving divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming sank his thoughts into the spatial ring that Granny Mirage had given him. There was only a single jade card within. This jade card was marked with the aura of Empyrean divine Dream. Upon further inspection, he could confirm that this was a protective talisman.

Lin Ming's talent was amazingly high and his future achievements were without limit. The only problem was that he had yet to grow. Thus, Empyrean divine Dream had used a bit of her own aura to make a protective talisman in order to help Lin Ming defend himself in certain situations. But, this sort of protective talisman could only be used once.

Even so, a talisman that could get him out of a dire situation just once was more than enough. At other times, Lin Ming had to rely on himself to survive the trials and tribulations he had to pass. This was how a genius had to grow. They had to rely on themselves to slaughter their way along the bloody path that led to the peak of all martial arts. If they lost, they would perish and turn into ash.

’’Empyrean divine Dream is quite generous to me.’’ Lin Ming was grateful. Empyrean divine Dream was not his friend or family or much related to him in any other way. For her to treat him in such a manner was already an extremely high form of benevolence. Of course, Lin Ming also knew that the reason Empyrean divine Dream had done so was because of the upcoming great calamity.

Now, before Lin Ming returned to the Sky Spill Continent, he first had to look for a body for Demonshine. This wasn't difficult for the current Lin Ming. Demonshine was originally a demon beast of the demon race. All he needed to do was find a suitable vicious beast of the demon race and then help fuse them together with the Soul Shifting Art.

’’Miss Mo, where in the divine Realm are there the most demon beasts and also the strongest demon beasts?’’

Lin Ming asked.

’’If you are looking for demon beasts, then that would be Demondawn World;that is also the world which Empyrean Demondawn rules over. There are the most demon races there;ogres, imps, goliaths, if they are added together, there are more demons than there are humans in Demondawn World. Even Empyrean Demondawn himself has some blood relationship to the demon race.’’

’’Demondawn World... isn't that the great world Tian Mingzi is at?’’ Lin Ming recalled that the Skydark Holy Lands which Tian Mingzi founded was located at the Demondawn World.

’’Yes! He is the Great World King of Demondawn World!’’ Even though Mo Eversnow usually had an indifferent character, she found it hard to remain tranquil when speaking about Tian Mingzi. She hated him to the marrow of her bones.

’’Mm... Demondawn World...’’ During these past years, Lin Ming had looked up materials on the Skydark Holy Lands. The Skydark Holy Lands had a population of around 2 trillion disciples.

2 trillion disciples sounded like an extremely high number, but the truth was that with humanity's ability to multiply, in addition to the long lifespan of martial artists, populations grew at an exponential rate. To break through 2 trillion people was easy.

Among these people, those with poor talent were sent out to handle the various countless industries of the Skydark Holy Lands. Only those with superb natural talent were able to stay at the true Skydark Holy Lands.

A Great World King Holy Land was similar to a super massive divine Kingdom;it was unimaginably huge.

’’Let's go to Demondawn World first and look for a body for Demonshine.’’

Lin Ming had already purchased his own spirit ship. As long as he used enough violet sun stones he could use void shuttling. Going to Demondawn World would only take several months.

Lin Ming wasn't in a hurry. He used his travel time to digest the many comprehensions he gained during his stay at divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

Like this, Lin Ming entered a deep ethereal state. All sorts of divine dream marks flowed around his body.

With all of his concentration invested in training, Lin Ming couldn't sense the passing of time. Soon, three months passed. It was only when Lin Ming had a sudden feeling in his mind that his eyes flashed. It was as if certain changes were occurring in his body.

’’Lin Ming, what is it?’’

Mo Eversnow asked Lin Ming, soul to soul.

’’Miss Mo, I feel that after using the Magic Cube to comprehend the divine Dream Law for so long... there seems to be some special relation that has formed between my divine soul and the Magic Cube. I might be able to barely borrow the strength of the Magic Cube, maybe just a little bit...’’

Before now, Lin Ming had never been able to activate the Magic Cube;only Mo Eversnow had this ability. But, all that was left over of Mo Eversnow was her divine soul. If she were to stimulate the Magic Cube just once, that would consume far too much of her remaining soul force. It would cause her to fall into yet another deep slumber. If the consequences were serious, she would burn through her soul and die.

’’You can prompt the movement of the Magic Cube?’’

Mo Eversnow was shocked and then immediately overjoyed. If Lin Ming could feel a tiny bit of the Magic Cube's strength during the middle divine Sea realm, then once he entered the divine Lord or Holy Lord realm, he would be able to stimulate even more of its strength. This meant that during an all-out life or death battle, Lin Ming's killing ability would be incomparably terrifying. At that time, perhaps even a World King powerhouse could be directly torn apart by Lin Ming's Magic Cube, with their soul shattered for all of eternity!

’’Putting forth the Magic Cube to kill my enemies is impossible at this moment, but I can change some of the circulating energies within my divine soul with it.’’

Although this was only a little progress it was still a good start for Lin Ming. As more time passed, Lin Ming would be able to develop more and more of the Magic Cube's strength.

As Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming were talking, the spirit ship suddenly shook. They arrived at broad world;this was the Demondawn Great World.

As one of the few first-order worlds of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds, the central continent of the Demondawn Great World was 10 times larger than the central continent of the True Martial Great World. In front of this massive mainland, even a planet was nothing more than a tiny speck of sand, not worthy of mentioning at all.

Above this great mainland were countless martial arts sects and martial arts families. Moreover, the Empyrean level influence, Demondawn Heavenly Palace, was also situated here. This could truly be called a land of countless masters. The background of this land was unimaginable.

Demondawn Great World was one of the several absolute strongest great worlds in the divine Realm. It was only inferior to some worlds, such as the Buddha Glory Great World where Mount Potala was located.

Of course, these countless top sects had no relation to Lin Ming. His goal for coming here was only to enter Demondawn Jungle.

Demondawn Jungle was filled with countless demon beasts. Lin Ming wanted to capture a dog-type demon beast that was far more formidable than Demonshine's original body. He also wanted the demon beast's martial talent to be much higher. This could be considered his thanks to Demonshine for all of his help. If it weren't for Demonshine, then Lin Ming would never have been able to pass through the ancient transmission array and go to the Holy Demon Continent. Even during his adventures at Skysplit Tower, he might have perished when facing the Polaris Tower Master's plot to plant a slave seal in him.

However, wanting to find a demon beast in Demondawn Jungle with high martial talent, that wasn't too old, and was also suitable to Demonshine, wasn't easy at all.

Lin Ming spent five days searching without any harvests at all. There were only some demon beasts of lesser quality that he didn't bother choosing.

On the sixth day, Lin Ming was still searching for a dog-type demon beast. But at this moment, from not too far away, he could feel some strange true essence fluctuations faintly coming out from some distance in the jungle. These true essence fluctuations did not come from vicious beasts but from humans. Within Demondawn Jungle, there were often many martial artists that came to adventure and temper themselves. Some came to enhance their fighting ability and some came to kill vicious beasts to use their bodies' materials.

Lin Ming had encountered this situation many times already. But because of his excellent soul strength, he had always discovered the other party ahead of time.

’’One, two, three... six, seven, eight... there are eight people in total, all at the divine Sea realm. They are separated by the thick foliage and atmosphere in this jungle, but I can still clearly feel their auras and hear their words.’’

Lin Ming had spent over a year cultivating the divine Dream Law. As the divine Dream Law grew stronger, his Three Essences as One also reached new heights and his senses had already become increasingly sharp and wide. In the future, if Lin Ming was able to train all of his cultivation systems to a similar height, then that would usher in a qualitative change in his strength.

Of course, this wasn't easy at all. Empyrean divine Dream had said that within the 33 Layered Heavens, there were three major races, humanity, the saints, and the spiritas. Among these three races, humans were most suited to the essence gathering system, In the divine Realm this was especially so. Those who attempted to practice the soul forging system would be beset with all sorts of difficulties.

Lin Ming quietly hid himself away. Unless absolutely necessary he didn't want to have any contact with people from Demondawn Great World, lest there be complications that came up.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Luo, we've searched for a month and yet we haven't found a hint of the primordial epoch spirit root. I think that we are just doing nothing at all. Demondawn Jungle is too big. For us to look for something the size of a palm here is no different from looking for a tiny needle in the vast ocean.’’

’’Don't complain. Although the chances of us finding it aren't too great, there are still many of us looking together. This is the reason why our Skydark Holy Lands sent out a million disciples all over Demondawn Jungle to carefully search for it. For those that can find it, unimaginable rewards and glorious merits await. You should know that this primordial epoch spirit root contains a trace of chaos energy. Using it to temper the body is extremely beneficial. I really have no idea who this thing would be used for once it's found, but my guess is that it's for Senior-apprentice Brother Nether Limitless.’’

As this Senior-apprentice Brother Luo spoke, his face was full of envy. He was only an inner court disciple;the difference in status between him and Nether Limitless was like the heavens and earth.

’’I don't think that's true. The Elders might have another use for it. But, what I think is strange is that for the last 1000 years, Master Ancestor has been collecting all sorts of heavenly materials and over 90% of them have been body transformation type medicines. I wonder what they are for? Could Master Ancestor be thinking of dual cultivating body and energy?’’

The inner court disciple blabbed. Without a doubt, the one he was speaking about was the true master of the Skydark Holy Lands - Tian Mingzi.

Upon hearing this, Lin Ming felt his heart turn cold. People from the Skydark Holy Lands? It seemed that enemies truly did cross paths often.

’’Primordial epoch spirit root? Could it be the rare heaven and earth spirit root that is said to contain a hint of primal chaos energy from the forming of the universe? This sort of spirit root has unimaginable advantages to those that cultivate the body transformation technique. If I can obtain it, then perhaps I can open the Gate of Death in a single go. At that time, I will have opened all of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and can finally start walking towards the boundary of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

’’But, what I find strange are the words that disciple just said. Tian Mingzi has been searching for body transformation medicines all this time? Could it be that he wants to switch into dual body and energy cultivation?’’

Although Mo Eversnow hated Tian Mingzi to the bone, even she couldn't help but give him a high appraisal. Whether it was his ruthlessness, his talent, or his machinations, all of it left others dreading in his wake. In the past, Mo Eversnow's grandfather, a Great World King of no trifling status, had also been plotted to death by Tian Mingzi.

’’Tian Mingzi shouldn't be dual cultivating body and energy...’’ Mo Eversnow immediately denied this possibility. ’’Those that choose the path of dual cultivating body and energy must start as early as possible. Otherwise, once one forms their spirit body during Life Destruction, wanting to start the process would be beyond difficult. Lin Ming, you have had a great deal of lucky chances and you even started dual cultivating body and energy at a very early time during your road of martial arts, and yet you have encountered all sorts of difficulties to reach where you are now. Tian Mingzi would never do something so difficult and thankless.’’

’’Then who is he searching for body transformation medicines for? Could it be Nether Limitless?’’

’’That's an even greater impossibility.’’ Mo Eversnow immediately refuted. ’’I have an extremely deep understanding of Tian Mingzi. In his heart, there was no one more important than him. Even the lives of thousands or millions are less important than a single fingernail. If he were to waste so much time and effort to do something, it has to be for himself!’’

’’Then...’’ Lin Ming frowned. He never imagined that during this trip to Demondawn Jungle he would run into disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands. Moreover, he had even obtained news of the primordial epoch spirit root. With such a precious worldly spiritual object before him, how could he miss it?


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