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Martial World - Chapter 1332


Chapter 1332

Chapter 1332 - Lin Ming's Decision




’’The rule that the disciples of divine Dream Palace are unable to marry, in fact, has an extremely long history...’’

As Frost Dew spoke of this rule, she had an indifferent expression as if she didn't mind at all. ’’In the past, Honorable Master divine Dream came from a Great World King level influence, Illusion Palace, where they studied illusion techniques. The disciples of Illusion Palace were also mostly women. At that time, the rules were that core disciples could not marry. If an outer court disciple were to form a relationship with a core female disciple, then the consequences would be serious.

’’Afterward, Honorable Master divine Dream surpassed all others, evolving the illusion arts to the limit. At the same time, she also established the divine Dream Law, and by using that as a foundation, she became an Empyrean. With the original Illusion Palace as the basis, she founded divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

’’But, the rule that core disciples could not marry continued onwards. This was because for studying the divine Dream Law, maintaining one's primordial yin allows for the best cultivation state. At the same time, since the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace had some degree of spirit source, if they were to have se* with a man then their spirit source would be drained away along with their primordial yin, even causing their cultivation to suffer. This is the reason that the rule has continued.

’’If a disciple truly insists on marrying, then that isn't impossible. But, they must leave divine Dream Heavenly Palace...’’

’’So it's like that.’’ Lin Ming nodded. There were many cultivation methods that required one to maintain their primordial yin or primordial yang. In the martial world, there were those who never touched upon the relations between men and women because they pursued the road of martial arts with their everything.

Although it sounded inhumane for a woman to never be married or experience romance with men, there were many sects in the divine Realm that were similar. For instance, Mount Potala only accepted male disciples and they were also disallowed from touching women. They had to maintain their pure virgin bodies.

As Lin Ming was led through by Frost Dew, he ran into several thinly clad girls. All of them looked at Lin Ming with blatant curiosity, making him feel a bit awkward.

At this time, an old voice sounded out, ’’All of you, how can you be so improper in front of an outsider!’’

With this loud voice, several young girls were scared silly. It was clear that they feared this voice.

Lin Ming turned around to see an old woman with a walking stick slowly walking towards him. She was thin and her steps were steady. Her entire body exuded a strangely angry momentum, making anyone feel weaker when facing her.

As for all those young girls that were happily talking to Lin Ming just now, all of them hid their bright smiles, each one of them remaining silent.

’’You are all young and this is exactly the best time for you to cultivate. Stop diverting your attention to some nonsensical matters. All of you return to your training areas and close up for a year!’’

As the old woman said this, all of the young girls looked like smashed eggplants. Several of the young girls also had extremely heavy hearts upon hearing this. To go into seclusion for a whole year and not be able to play, that was truly a sad and lonely life.

’’Are you Lin Ming?’’

The skinny old woman asked Lin Ming with a true essence sound transmission as she coldly looked him up and down. Beside him, Frost Dew hastily explained, ’’This is Granny Mirage. In the past she was the Great World King of Illusion Palace, but now she has reached a half-step Empyrean cultivation and is a Highest Elder of divine Dream Heavenly Palace.’’

In order to prevent Lin Ming from offending this person, Frost Dew immediately informed him of the old woman's identity.

If this old granny was the past Great World King of Illusion Palace, then she was likely over 10 million years old. She probably didn't have much longer to live. As for breaking through into the Empyrean realm, that was obviously impossible for her.

When a martial artist reached the fading years of their lives and were unable to make breakthroughs, with their lifespan also reaching its limit, they often developed strange personalities and were subject to rapidly shifting moods.

Lin Ming naturally wouldn't go out of his way to offend such a person. He bowed and said, ’’Junior Lin Ming greets High Master.’’

’’Mm. Come with me. Frost Dew, draw back.’’

As the old woman spoke she waved her sleeves. In the next moment, she and Lin Ming had arrived in a separate space.

This space didn't replicate other independent realms with wonderful world treasures everywhere, but was rather a bit desolate and bleak.

Granny Mirage turned around, her old and gray eyes shining as she stared at Lin Ming. ’’You don't seem to possess spirit source?’’


Granny Mirage faintly frowned. ’’You do not possess spirit source and you still wish to study the divine Dream Law?’’

In her opinion, Lin Ming was doomed to be unable to study the divine Dream Law. Thus, if he had come to divine Dream Heavenly Palace, his motivations for doing so naturally had to be impure. For instance, there were many men who regarded divine Dream Heavenly Palace as a paradise with beautiful women floating about like clouds.

Moreover, taking the primordial yin of a disciple here could also assist in the growth of a man's cultivation - it was a tremendous benefit. Granny Mirage hated men like this;if she saw one she would kill one.

Of course, Lin Ming was different. Even if he came here for such reasons there was nothing she could do to him, because he was someone that had the support of Empyrean divine Dream. In fact, Granny Mirage herself had no desire nor need to flatter Lin Ming. She didn't have many years to live remaining and it was also impossible for her to break through to the next boundary. By the time Lin Ming became an Empyrean, she would have long been buried.

Lin Ming crossed his eyebrows as he saw the open hostility in Granny Mirage's eyes. What he relied on to study the divine Dream Art was not spirit source but the Magic Cube. It wasn't a problem for him to study it.

’’This junior has already been given permission by Senior divine Dream to study the divine Dream Law.’’ Lin Ming didn't want this old woman to create any obstacles for him so he directly invoked Empyrean divine Dream's name.

’’Humph, you don't need to take out divine Dream's name to pressure me. I don't know why she agreed to your request and even allowed you to enter divine Dream Heavenly Palace, which is supposed to forbid all men, but since she agreed to this, there is nothing else for me to say. Starting today, you will practice in this independent world. I will give you the first level jade slip of the divine Dream Law to study. Moreover, I must also remind you that divine Dream Heavenly Palace is filled with women. So, besides the main hall and martial field, don't randomly burst into other places. If you wish to go to the Library Pavilion then you may inform me and I will have a disciple deliver to you any texts that you need. Also, you should be aware of divine Dream Heavenly Palace's rules. 10 million years ago when divine Dream Heavenly Palace was still known as Illusion Palace, there was once a male disciple and core female disciple who developed feelings for each other. If the punishment is light, then that is expulsion from the sect. If the punishment is heavy, then your cultivation will be destroyed. If there was se* involved, then there is only one fate awaiting you, and that is castration. Of course... these rules have been loosened a great deal over time, and since you aren't a disciple of my divine Dream Heavenly Palace I naturally cannot punish you as I please. Even so, I hope that you take care of yourself and mind these rules.’’

Granny Mirage's words were filled with the meaning of warning. Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up as he heard this. Although he wasn't like some high Buddhist monk that was pure in heart and body, he could still maintain restraint when faced with women. Even here in divine Dream Heavenly Palace where beautiful women were like clouds, he could still retain his sanity.

’’Granny Mirage. I do not intend to stay at divine Dream Heavenly Palace and train. As long as I can remember the full contents of the divine Dream Law jade slip then I can leave and practice on my own.’’

What Lin Ming said was also a decision he had been thinking over for the last several days.

He had one matter that he wanted to attend to now, and that was returning to the Sky Spill Planet and entering the Eternal Demon Abyss.

As for cultivating the divine Dream Law, Lin Ming wasn't in a hurry;he could take his time in doing so. Moreover, with divine Dream closed up together with Frost Dream, she naturally couldn't guide him. If so, then staying at divine Dream Heavenly Palace wasn't too important to him.

Moreover, Lin Ming also had the Magic Cube in his possession. If he stayed at divine Dream Heavenly Palace then there might be some clues that appeared about it. He didn't want to take this unnecessary risk.

Because of all these reasons, Lin Ming decided to memorize the entire divine Dream Law and then leave divine Dream Heavenly Palace to go to the Eternal Demon Abyss.

’’Mm?’’ Granny Mirage looked at Lin Ming with some surprise. ’’You don't have any spirit source and you still wish to train on your own. Do you think that the divine Dream Law is so easy to cultivate? Moreover, to cultivate a transcendent divine might without the jade slip in hand is making difficult matters even more difficult.’’

Facing Granny Mirage's suspicions yet again, Lin Ming started to become a tad annoyed. ’’All I need is Empyrean divine Dream's divine Dream Law jade slip. After I memorize the contents I will naturally leave of my own volition.’’

’’Then do as you like!’’ Granny Mirage sneered. ’’Three days from now I will have someone come to you with the divine Dream Law jade slip. You will have 100 days to remember it!’’

As Granny Mirage finished, she turned around and left in a huff. Still, she was true to her word. Three days later, a direct disciple of divine Dream delivered the divine Dream Law jade slip to Lin Ming.

The complete set of the divine Dream Law jade slip actually consisted of three separate jade slips. These three jade slips were placed in a jade chest, seeming as if they were locked away in a different space-time. Layers of Law runes shimmered on the jade slips.

These were the divine Dream Law jade slips. They were personally recorded by Empyrean divine Dream in the past. These jade slips were forged with all sorts of rare materials and were also supported and bound together by the Laws. Even a World King powerhouse would find it impossibly difficult to destroy them.

These jade slips possessed the complete accumulated knowledge and experience of Empyrean divine Dream's Laws.

’’Lin Ming, since you plan to leave divine Dream Heavenly Palace, do you intend to go back to the Sky Spill Planet?’’

’’Mm...’’ Lin Ming nodded. ’’The enchantment that Empyrean Primordius left behind in the past is able to lock out all martial artists above the divine Sea realm. If so, then perhaps entering the Eternal Demon Abyss at the divine Sea realm is my best chance to do so. If I go in now, my abilities should be enough. After all, whether it is Empyrean Primordius' inheritance or the riddle of the Demon Bead, both are amazingly significant to me.’’


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