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Martial World - Chapter 1331


Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331 - Holy Land of Women




divine Dream gave Lin Ming three days to reunite with his family and friends. During these days, the Ancient Phoenix Clan lived in Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. In front of their palace, countless visitors came each day. Spirit boats, spirit ships, all of them hovered in the skies above, blocking out the sun.

Without a doubt, they were all here to see Lin Ming.

In the inner courtyard of the palace, Lin Ming was together with Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan. He was about to leave soon, and this time he simply didn't know how long he would be gone for. He naturally wouldn't waste his time entertaining those people outside who he didn't know.

Of course, these people also knew that if Lin Ming didn't perish in the future he would certainly become an Empyrean. Treating them a bit coldly was normal.

They didn't need to see Lin Ming in person. Rather, greeting the high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan and leaving behind some congratulatory gifts was more than enough.

During this period, the bank president of True Martial Great World's Starbind Bank also came to visit. He directly waived Lin Ming's debt of 7 trillion violet sun stones and even returned the dragon bone relics that he had pawned.

This person was the only one Lin Ming received. After all, when Lin Ming had borrowed violet sun stone crystals from Starbind Bank, that had allowed him to buy the Boundless World Pill. In turn, that had saved Lin Ming a great deal of trouble. Seeing the bank president was also a sign of thanks.

In truth, Lin Ming wasn't short of money anymore. With dozens of nine sun jades in his hands, buying another Boundless World Pill wasn't anything at all.

These three days rapidly passed. Lin Ming soon bid his farewells to everyone and left Vast Universe Heavenly Palace by himself, going to divine Dream Heavenly Palace with Empyrean divine Dream.


Although Lin Ming had seen many stunning immortal paradises during his years in the divine Realm, he was still shocked upon seeing divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

Between the boundless sea of clouds floated countless celestial mountains. These celestial mountains were covered with all sorts of beautiful spirit trees and spirit flowers, each one of them treasures of the heavens and earth. Innumerable springs gushed out from these floating celestial mountains, sprinkling between the clouds like endless threads of infinitely long white silk.

The illusive divine Dream Heavenly Palace was located within these celestial mountains. It was like a mirage, a sight so beautiful and tempting that it could be a dream.

Entering into divine Dream Heavenly Palace was like stepping into a different world. Here, rays of shimmering light flowed about, illuminating countless heavenly materials.

These mountain streams were not water but immortal spring nectar. A single drop could prolong the life of a mortal for hundreds of years. Even the soil here was perfect for breeding treasures. If weeds of the mortal world were planted in just a handful of this soil, they could eventually grow into wonderful materials to refine pills from.

divine Dream Heavenly Palace didn't seem too large from the outside, but the truth was that the size within was no smaller than a greater dimension!

Every disciple of divine Dream Heavenly Palace possessed their own area that was thousands of miles wide, as large as a mortal nation. As for direct disciples and Heavenly Palace Elders, the areas they occupied were even larger.

These independent worlds were all rich with flowers, with spiritual plants growing everywhere. The heaven and earth origin energy here formed a fog that eventually turned into clouds that ended up raining down over the world. Eventually, it formed the lakes and rivers of these worlds, each filled with its own spiritual energy.

Every separate world had its own palace;these were the palaces of the disciples from divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

The style and design of these palaces were all arranged according to the preferences of the disciples. They were luxurious and carved from the purest jade, each one of them dozens and hundreds of times greater than mortal imperial palaces. Countless pavilions dotted the palaces, with winding rock gardens all around.

Those that preferred simpler settings could have a few small bamboo houses, each one of them fragrant and infinitely fresh.

This was divine Dream Heavenly Palace, a true immortal paradise. Although there were only several hundred disciples, each one of them was an extraordinary being, able to compare to normal Empyrean descendants. Correspondingly, each disciple of divine Dream Heavenly Palace was able to use a quantity and quality of resources that would leave others dumbfounded. These resources were dozens or hundreds of times greater than what a genius from a World King Holy Land could ever hope to afford!

’’Haha, Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, you are the only male to enter divine Dream Heavenly Palace in the last several tens of thousands of years.’’

The senior-apprentice sister leading Lin Ming was named Frost Dew. She was several years older than Lin Ming but still retained a fresh and beautiful aura. Her milky white bosoms were full and plentiful and her round buttocks were thick and upturned, just like a ripe peach.

divine Dream Heavenly Palace could be called a holy land of women. Although there were only several hundred true disciples and Elders, there were also several thousands of maids that took care of these disciples. Moreover, within divine Dream Heavenly Palace, there were some spirit flowers, immortal plants, or spirit birds that could take on human form, all of them women. This caused there to be even more women in divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

It was said that a person was raised by the soil and water. In exquisite locales of the mortal world there would be beautiful women born, much less an immortal paradise like divine Dream Heavenly Palace. The women here breathed the purest heaven and earth origin energy, drank immortal nectar and spirit spring water, and ate precious plants. All of this gradually and naturally removed all impurities from their bodies, causing their skin to be pure and flawless. Their appearances were enchanting and each woman here also had a wonderful degree of talent. They were able to practice all sorts of cultivation methods. Each woman here had an otherworldly temperament just like a goddess descended from the heavens.

This holy land of women rarely had a man enter every tens of thousands of years. Now that Lin Ming suddenly arrived, it naturally attracted the curious gazes of many young women.

As Lin Ming was walking past an immortal fairy pond, two beautiful little red fish suddenly leapt out of the water, turning into two attractive young girls with the appearances of 16-17 year olds. Their bodies were wrapped in a layer of fine gauze that seemed formed from flowing moonlight. Underneath this gauze was revealed perfectly round and slender pale thighs. Because of the thin gauze, the breasts of these two mischievous and cute girls loomed right in the eyes.

These two girls were part of the monster race. In their lives, they had never seen a man before. They usually wore this type of clothing in divine Dream Heavenly Palace. As they played with each other, this thin gauze was often lifted by the wind or even pulled down by their naughty friends, revealing a beautiful spring scene.

They were as innocent as the clearest crystal. They simply didn't know that it was a loss to be seen by a man like this.

The two young girls looked at Lin Ming with curiosity. Their dark eyes shined with a bright light, blinking like a newborn baby.

This simply confused Lin Ming to the point of being embarrassed. He didn't know where to direct his eyes.

He never thought that after Empyrean divine Dream ordered Senior-apprentice Sister Frost Dew to guide him to choose a dwelling place he would encounter such a scene.

’’Aiya! Ling Hong, Ling Yu, you two must want to die!’’

Frost Dew didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. She was responsible for some of the internal affairs of divine Dream Heavenly Palace. It had to be known that divine Dream Heavenly Palace had their own industries, and a great number of them at that. These were sources of wealth that Empyrean influences had to manage, otherwise there simply wouldn't be anything to eat. Thus, Frost Dew often left divine Dream Heavenly Palace to go outside and deal with mundane business matters. With her experience, she wasn't like these two monster race girls that were purer than white paper who didn't even know of the matters between men and women.

The two young girls still stared at Lin Ming with their large bright eyes. As they looked over Lin Ming, they tittered, just like extremely excited little children seeing something new and strange.

To them, a young man was truly far too strange an existence.

’’You two, I just have no idea what to say to you!’’

Frost Dew simply didn't know what to say, instead quickly shooing the two young girls away. However, the two young girls naturally didn't feel as if they had suffered a loss by being seen in this way by Lin Ming. Instead, Ling Yu chuckled and said to Lin Ming with a smile, ’’My name is Ling Yu and this is my big sister Ling Hong. Our family lives in this pond. If you have any free time, come and play with us!’’

After saying this, the two young girls were forced back into fish form by Frost Dew, returning to the water. They naughtily jumped in the clear spring water, slapping their tails on the surface and splashing silver beads of water in the air. These water drops even splashed on Lin Ming as if they wanted to play with him.

’’This is... I'm really embarrassed by this. These young children have never gone outside thus they have never seen a man before.’’

As Frost Dew said this, his complexion became increasingly awkward. He traced his nose and said, ’’The one who should be embarrassed is me. I presumptuously entered into the residences of two fairy maidens and caused offense to them...’’

Seeing Lin Ming have such a reaction, Frost Dew smiled and said, ’’The truth is that they probably thought you were new and fun. I'm sure they didn't mind at all. What I meant to say just now was that there hasn't been a man entering divine Dream Heavenly Palace for the last several tens of thousands of years. Even then, they would only go to the main hall to greet Honorable Master or an Elder before leaving. There has never been a man who was permitted to live in an inner palace of divine Dream Heavenly Palace.

’’There was once a young man with outstanding talent who wished to do obeisance to Honorable Master and take her as his master. But, Honorable Master did not accept him as a disciple. From this alone, one can see that Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is truly an exception amongst exceptions. It is clear that Honorable Master sees you in a different light!’’

Frost Dew said with some envy. To be treated like such by Empyrean divine Dream was truly a stroke of good fortune.

The truth was that in Empyrean divine Dream's eyes, Lin Ming would likely become one of the leading characters in the upcoming great calamity;he might even be an important figure concerning the survival of the human race. divine Dream would naturally treat such a character with special care and satisfy his requests as much as possible. She would want Lin Ming to grow as much as he could so that he could raise his strength as high as possible.

Compared to the great calamity of 3.6 billion years ago and the survival of humanity, Lin Ming entering divine Dream Heavenly Palace and seeing the naked spring scenes of all these young girls was truly a minor matter not worth mentioning.

In fact, when divine Dream allowed Lin Ming to enter divine Dream Heavenly Palace, she hadn't even warned him to not form relationships with any of the disciples here. In a sense, this was Empyrean divine Dream's way of tacitly consenting for Lin Ming to develop emotions for the young disciples here. At the very least, she wasn't too opposed to this matter.

As Lin Ming thought of this, he felt somewhat helpless. In truth, if a normal hot-blooded male were placed in such a holy land of women, surrounded by so many young girls, all of them beautiful and incomparably pure and also having no emotional or physical guards... that was truly a titanic test of one's self control.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister Frost Dew, I heard that divine Dream Heavenly Palace does not allow their disciples to become married and they must maintain their purity for their entire lives. Is there such a matter?’’ Lin Ming suddenly asked. In truth, he felt that this rule was a bit too harsh. Although it wasn't ruinous to these women, it definitely wasn't the most humane stipulation.

He didn't understood just why Empyrean divine Dream would have such rules. There were probably young women born in divine Dream Heavenly Palace who had never seen a man before. As he imagined it, if a boy was born in a world of man and reached old age without ever seeing a woman, that would truly be a tragedy.


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