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Martial World - Chapter 1330


Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330 - The Mysteries of Empyrean Primordius




’’Senior divine Dream, when this junior participated in the First Martial Meeting preliminaries, I once killed a red-furred monster and saw some of the images in its mind. It seemed to have come from a 'Soul World'?’’

Within the divine Dream World, Lin Ming had killed a red-furred monster and absorbed the elementary spirit source in its body. Along with this spirit source, he had also absorbed some of the red-furred monster's memories and knew that it was a soul life form imprisoned by divine Dream.

At that time, Lin Ming had felt that all of this was strange. The Soul World didn't seem like a part of the divine Realm at all.

’’Yes, the Soul World is one of the 33 Layered Heavens. As for that nightmare beast, it belongs to the spiritas, the soul race.

’’Within the 33 Layered Heavens, the three races with the most individuals are - the human race, saint race, and soul race. Among them, humanity primarily cultivates the essence gathering system, the saints primarily cultivate the body transformation system, and the spiritas primarily cultivate the soul forging system.

’’These three races have existed for a long time. In the endless years of the past, each race has had their own golden era where they shined the brightest. The human race also prospered once, flourishing in brilliant splendor and even occupying half the territories within the 33 Layered Heavens. However, for the last 10 billion years, humanity has been growing increasingly weak and our domains have been constantly encroached upon by the other two races. Now, several heaven domains that belonged to humanity have been occupied. Our fellow humans that live there have been slaughtered or turned into slaves. It's even possible that the only heaven domain still belonging to humanity is our current divine Realm. Thus, the great war of 3.6 billion years ago concerned the survival of humanity itself. Even though there are differences between the various Empyreans, they are all able to lay down their prejudices and conflicts at the critical moment when their race is in danger and unite together against an external threat.’’

divine Dream calmly stated the history of 3.6 billion years ago. As Lin Ming listened, he felt emotions surge in his heart. He found it hard to imagine just how tragic that great war was, and as the leader of humanity, just what strange experiences did Empyrean divine Seal go through?

’’Senior divine Dream, this junior also has one more question concerning Empyrean Primordius. This junior would like to know just what happened 100,000 years ago. Why would he go to the Sky Spill Planet?’’

If it was said that Empyrean Primordius and Empyrean Thunder Punishment's brutal war was waged because of the Demon Bead, Lin Ming could understand that. But, what he couldn't understand was why they chose to fight on the Sky Spill Continent. In the divine Realm, that was nothing but a world of the lower realms unworthy of mentioning.

Empyrean divine Dream said, ’’The reason that Primordius chose the Sky Spill Continent is because he himself was a martial artist that ascended from the lower realms. As for the Sky Spill Planet, that was his home, the world he originated from.’’


Lin Ming was shocked speechless. Empyrean Primordius was actually a martial artist that ascended from the lower realms, and he even came from the Sky Spill Planet!

’’I am not too clear as to what Primordius' situation was like. What I know is that 8 million years ago, he ascended from the lower realms and rose like a comet. His growth was incredibly fast, and he became an Empyrean soon after, even becoming one of the several strongest peak Empyreans of the divine Realm.

’’After that, he returned to the Sky Spill Planet to establish his own Samsara Path. Primordius controlled grandmist energy and by practicing it to the peak, he was able to directly draw upon the strength of the celestial bodies in the universe. As for the Sky Spill Planet, it was Primordius' homeland and he held a marvelous connection to that planet. By using the Sky Spill Planet, Primordius was able to fuse his aura with it and greatly increase his own combat strength.’’

’’So that's how it was.’’ Lin Ming said, suddenly aware. Grandmist energy was the source of all matter from before the formation of the universe. All of the celestial bodies in the universe, whether it was a fire star, planet, meteor, nebula, or anything else, all of it was evolved from grandmist energy. Since Empyrean Primordius had cultivated the Grandmist Laws to the extreme, it was well within reason that he was able to borrow the power of celestial bodies to fight.

Lin Ming guessed that the reason Empyrean Primordius' strength rose so rapidly was likely due to the Demon Bead. After that, the reason that the Magic Cube passed through a space-time storm and landed on the Sky Spill Continent was likely because there was some unknown attraction between the Demon Bead and Magic Cube.

Thus, this was the reason why Lin Ming was able to obtain the Magic Cube, the reason why he met Mo Eversnow, and also the reason why he rose.

As for Lin Ming's rise, it just happened to coincide with the upcoming calamity that was finally arriving once more after 3.6 billion years, allowing him the possibility of becoming one of the leading actors in this era. Although all of these events seemed like coincidences, it also seemed like the hand of fate at work somewhere.

In this great era, it was destined that numerous heroes would rise up together and countless spirit treasures would be born. This also signaled that the great calamity would be arriving like a torrential storm, washing away all.

After figuring out all of these things, some of the puzzles Lin Ming had in his mind ever since he was at the Eternal Demon Abyss finally disappeared. But at the same time, Lin Ming also had new questions.

Lin Ming said, ’’Senior divine Dream, this junior has a point that he is confused about. In the past, Empyrean Primordius was already an extreme Empyrean. You said that with the support of the Sky Spill Planet, his strength was even greater. In this sort of situation, who would dare to attack him? And this person seemed to be Empyrean Thunder Punishment? Was he also an extreme Empyrean?’’

In Lin Ming's opinion, even if everyone under the heavens knew that Empyrean Primordius possessed the Demon Bead and they also knew just how valuable it was, there would still be no one that would have the courage to move against Empyrean Primordius. However, the reality was different from what Lin Ming expected. Not only were there people that fought Empyrean Primordius, but they even succeeded in their mission. Lin Ming didn't know whether or not Empyrean Primordius had truly perished, but even if he hadn't, he would have surely paid a deep price for his loss, such as falling into an eternally deep sleep.

divine Dream said, ’’I am not too sure about those events in the past. There are still many mysteries surrounding the disappearance of Empyrean Primordius. Thunder Punishment was indeed one of the people that attacked Empyrean Primordius in the past, but he was only one of them. In terms of strength, Thunder Punishment was naturally inferior to Primordius. However, what happened had gone beyond my expectations. I suspect that in that great war, there were some dark powers participating from the shadows and manipulating events. For instance... alien races of the 33 Heavens!’’

Lin Ming was stunned. ’’Alien races of the 33 Heavens? If the barrier walls that separate the heavens haven't been broken, do they still have the ability to enter the divine Realm?’’

’’This is only my speculation. But, even if they did possess the ability to do so they would surely have to pay a deep price for it. This is proof that Empyrean Primordius had something on his body worth them paying such a grievous price...’’

’’I understand.’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath, his mood somewhat heavy and gloomy.

Although there were many details still unclear about this matter, he had his own guesses. If he wasn't wrong then the reason the alien races did all of this was because of the Demon Bead.

Even an extremely powerful supreme elder like Empyrean Primordius had drawn a fatal disaster upon himself because of the Demon Bead. Then, if someone like Lin Ming, who was nothing but an ant in front of an Empyrean, was to expose the secret of the Magic Cube, then the results would be disastrous!

Lin Ming was increasingly happy that he had suppressed the movements of the Magic Cube during his fight with Frost Dream. Otherwise, Lin Ming could only have passed the Magic Cube to divine Dream. He simply wouldn't have been able to handle the consequences of possessing it.

’’Lin Ming, if you have truly made the decision to return with me to divine Dream Heavenly Palace then I will not be able to guide you during your stay there. After I return, Frost Dream will break into the divine Transformation realm and I must close up with her.’’

Frost Dream was the reincarnated half of divine Dream's primordial spirit. Each time she made a breakthrough was extremely important to divine Dream because it concerned whether or not she could become a True divinity in the future. For Frost Dream, divine Dream would certainly go all-out.

’’Yes. This junior does not require Senior divine Dream's personal guidance;having a copy of the divine Dream Law jade slip is more than enough.’’

’’You wish to study on your own? Studying the divine Dream Law by yourself is... very difficult. Moreover, you do not possess your own spirit source so it will be even more difficult for you. I hope that you won't make too many detours on your path. Let me ask you one last time - is this your final decision?’’


Lin Ming said without hesitation. divine Dream lightly sighed and said, ’’If you insist, then let it be so. I shall give you three days to bid farewell to your family and friends. Afterwards, you will return to divine Dream Heavenly Palace with me.’’


Like this, the First Martial Meeting had ended. Within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, there were still many spectators that didn't seem ready to depart just yet.

In the contestant area, Jun Bluemoon was holding a little white bunny and softly stroking it. He whispered, ’’What a pity. It's about time for us to go.’’

The road of martial arts was an endless journey. He still had a long path laid out before him.

’’Benefactor Jun, please wait.’’

Just as Jun Bluemoon was about to leave, Hang Chi called out to him. Hang Chi was dressed in loose white burlap robes, his palms pressed together in prayer. ’’May I inquire as to what plans Benefactor Jun has for the future?’’

’’I will wander the endless world, seeking my road of martial arts.’’

’’Benefactor Jun is indeed suited for living such a dashing and carefree life. However, walking alone, the resources you can obtain will always be limited. I wonder if Benefactor Jun has any interest in coming to Mount Potala and becoming a layman disciple of my Mount Potala?’’

’’Enter a Buddhist sect?’’

Jun Bluemoon's heart moved as he heard Hang Chi's words. He had lived an extraordinary life filled with wonders, but his life had also been filled with absolute sadness and tragedy. The dark events that shaped his life had made him give up all earthly desires and wishes, and even formed his current silent and melancholic personality. Perhaps the Buddhist faith was a good destination for him to go to.

’’Let me... consider it.’’

’’Of course. The great gates of Mount Potala will remain wide open for Benefactor Jun.’’ Hang Chi bowed with a smile. In the top six individuals of the First Martial Meeting, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang did not suit Mount Potala. Only someone like Jun Bluemoon with his personality was perfectly suited for the Buddhist faith. Thus, the Buddha of Mount Potala had thoughts of receiving him as a disciple.

After Jun Bluemoon left, Dragon Fang also departed Vast Universe Heavenly Palace.

He carried the Dragon Fang Blade on his back, the setting sun sprinkling the last dying rays of light on his back, casting a long shadow behind him. At this time, Dragon Fang's back seemed incomparably desolate and lonely.

He refused the invitations of all Empyrean influences. He was like a lone wolf, embarking on his path by himself.

A lonely road, wandering the galaxies seeking greater battles - that was his everything.

’’Have you made your decision?’’

An old voice resounded in Dragon Fang's ears. This voice came from Three Lives Old Man. Dragon Fang's master was Three Lives Old Man. In terms of inheritances and resources, Dragon Fang was no worse than any other Empyrean descendant.

Dragon Fang said, ’’I have. My strength is far from enough. If I do not risk everything I have then it is impossible for me to stand tall in these chaotic times.’’

The old man sighed. ’’To step onto the Asura Road is to die nine times and live once. It is a place that does not belong to the divine Realm. I can deliver you there, but I cannot bring you back. There are many alien races there that will kill humans if they see them. There are also other alien races that are hundreds of times more powerful than you. If you wish to survive, you need not only strength but also luck and destiny. Are you sure you won't change your decision?’’


’’Good... since that is the case, I will not stop you. In the last 300 million years, you are the only disciple that I have accepted. I do not believe that my legacy will end with you. Try your best to live.’’


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