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Martial World - Chapter 1324


Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324 - Two Unrivalled Geniuses




When Lin Ming fought with the Monster Prince and Dragon Fang, his Fire Laws had reached large success of the fifth level Concept.

In terms of Laws, Lin Ming was inferior to Dragon Fang. In fact, if it weren't for the existence of the Heretical God Tree, his Laws would be even worse than the Monster Prince's. After all, what he comprehended were the strong Space and Time Laws.

Now, after just several days of time and a deep slumber of a year and a half, Lin Ming's Laws had reached perfection of the fifth level and he had also traced upon the threshold of the sixth level Laws.

This was a simply inconceivable accomplishment. Moreover, he had been sleeping within a time enchantment where the Laws were all in chaos. In this situation, how could he even comprehend the Laws?

The large success of the fifth level Concept was only a single step away from reaching perfection, there were countless divine Lord powerhouses who had failed to cross this step in their lifetimes.

’’What happened to Lin Ming? Was he hiding his strength before?’’

’’He lost to Hang Chi so miserably, so how could he possibly have hidden his strength? He must have rapidly improved in this short period of time.’’

’’That's impossible. His soul was injured before this and he had even fallen into a deep slumber, so how could he still cultivate?’’

Many people found this hard to believe. Lin Ming's talent had already aroused the envy of many heroic young elites. When Lin Ming had fought Hang Chi, many of these people believed that he was trying to show off, thus he received a deep injury which caused him to sleep for a year and a half and even possibly left behind hidden wounds. Because Lin Ming did something too stupid, these envious young elites all looked at him in a joking light.

After a year and a half, Lin Ming appeared on the arena stage and he had even made a breakthrough in the Laws. How could any of those who envied him accept this?

Someone suddenly said, ’’Lin Ming's Laws might have been close to reaching perfection in the fifth level to begin with. With so many top tier geniuses in the First Martial Meeting, his comprehension of Laws was among the most disappointing. Now that he finally managed to catch up to everyone else, this isn't strange at all.

Although these words were said with a sour taste, the facts were laid before them all. Lin Ming had indeed been weak in the aspect of Laws, but now his Laws were comparable to Dragon Fang's.

’’Just wait and see. His Laws have improved but it won't change the result of this battle. Lin Ming's disparity with Frost Dream is too great! Let alone perfection of the fifth level Laws, even if he reached perfection of the sixth level Laws he still wouldn't be able to make up for their difference.’’

Besides a few Empyreans of the highest levels, no one else knew of Frost Dream's identity. But of those people that came to watch the First Martial Meeting, there were always those old fellows with an immeasurably deep vision and judgment. Although they didn't know that Frost Dream was the reincarnated half of divine Dream's primordial spirit, they could confirm that Frost Dream had some unique secret. She was an invincible enigma.

In this battle, no one believed in Lin Ming. Even Jun Bluemoon's master Old Sword, Vast Universe, or even Lin Ming himself, didn't have full faith that he could win.

On the arena stage, Frost Dream's eyes flashed with slight surprise. Although she knew that Lin Ming's recent deep sleep was not as simple as it seemed, she never imagined that his strength would suddenly rise to such a degree.

’’You have been cultivating for this last year and a half?’’

An ephemeral true essence sound transmission spread to Lin Ming's ears, like a clarion hosanna sung from an immortal paradise.

’’Yes.’’ Lin Ming confidently replied.

’’Cultivating in a 1:100 time flow time enchantment?’’

Frost Dream was thoughtful for a moment. If one cultivated in a time enchantment, there wouldn't be a problem if they gathered true essence to make a breakthrough. However, there would be distortions in the Laws they comprehended. This was the difference from cultivating outside. Moreover, one's age would increase all the same within the time enchantment and the person would use up their life. Unless there was a unique circumstance, geniuses would not cultivate in a time enchantment.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is truly special. Allow me to experience the achievements of your cultivation.’’ Frost Dream said. Then, she lifted her hand. From her palm, a rippling wave surged out, changing the world. Countless ice lotuses seemed to bloom all around Frost Dream.

The arena vanished. Lin Ming and Frost Dream arrived above a beautiful paradise.

This was the divine dream space.

After her first probing move, Frost Dream displayed her signature domain - the divine dream space!

Within the divine dream space, who could fight with her?

Within this space, Frost Dream held absolute control!

’’Frost Dream is finally being serious!’’

Everyone looked at Lin Ming. They didn't think Frost Dream would use this move so early but would hold back for the first several moves against Lin Ming. But now, after just a single probing attack, Frost Dream had released the divine dream space.

Perhaps this even signaled that the match would end soon.

’’This is the divine dream space... I see, so the feeling of standing within the divine dream space is like this.’’

Although Lin Ming had seen the divine dream space in action before, this was his first time experiencing it himself.

After standing in the divine dream space, Lin Ming felt illusions grow thick in his mind. With just the slightest thought, what he feared the most or what he longed for the most could appear at any moment.

If a se*ual deviant were to stand here, they would fall into an incomparably romantic dream, unable to ever escape.

If a miser were to stand here, they would see endless mountains of treasure, all of it belonging to them.

If a person with an unsteady will was to face Frost Dream here, Frost Dream wouldn't even need to form anything in the divine dream space - they would simply be directly defeated.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

With a loud growling roar, that empty dreamland energy condensed together, forming into nightmare beasts within the divine dream space that barreled towards Lin Ming.

At the same time, Frost Dream gathered her hands together, forming a purple cage around Lin Ming that completely trapped him within. This cage was also formed from divine dream energy;it would not be torn apart easily.

Frost Dream caged Lin Ming in with divine dream energy so that he wouldn't be able to dodge the attack of these nightmare beasts! These nightmare beasts were incomparably fierce. Even someone on the level of Ram Saber would have trouble dealing with several of these nightmare beasts, much less dozens of them.

Facing this attack of the divine dream space, Lin Ming poured all of his energy into his inner world. At that moment, an enchanting blood red lotus slowly bloomed behind him.

This was the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower!

The Prime Emperor Lotus Flower released the vast and boundless breath of the Great Dao that recklessly struck the divine dream space. In that instant, for a radius of 100 feet around Lin Ming, all of those blooming ice lotuses rapidly shattered, turning into countless shards. Even the cage around Lin Ming wildly trembled as if it would break apart at any moment.

With his strength, Lin Ming had shoved open a space within the divine dream space!

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Dozens of nightmare beasts broke into the grandmist space. Within the domain of the all-annihilating Grandmist Laws they began to rapidly weaken. Some smaller nightmare beasts even let out miserable cries.

Nightmare beasts were strong, and even Lin Ming would find it hard to deal with dozens of them. But, as long as these nightmare beasts left the divine dream space and entered the grandmist space, they were weakened to a near negligible level to Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming took a step forwards. The Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands swept out. In that moment, the Phoenix Blood Spear was like a red dragon wildly raging around. Spear light shot out, and with several popping sounds, dozens of nightmare beasts were all killed by Lin Ming, their blood splashing all around!

After killing all of these nightmare beasts, Lin Ming's long spear returned.


The divine dream energy cage around Lin Ming was also torn apart by him!

The grandmist space constantly radiated outwards, forcibly pushing away all of the divine Dream Laws within 100 feet of him. Although this was only a radius of 100 feet, this was still amazing enough.

The audience was shocked as they saw this. With his own domain, Lin Ming had stiffly opened up his own dominion within the divine dream space.

From start until end, the divine dream space had been the top domain of the First Martial Meeting. No one had been able to contend with it, not even Hang Chi.

Now, Lin Ming was using the grandmist space to resist the divine dream space. Although the grandmist space was clearly suppressed, this was still an exceedingly rare event! At least before now, this situation had never appeared.

’’How is this happening?’’

’’Why did Lin Ming's strength increase so much?’’

At this time, no one thought that the reason Lin Ming and Frost Dream's battle had reached this stage was because of his luck. Perhaps his strength truly had rapidly risen!

’’Wasn't he unconscious in a deep sleep? Who was the one who said his soul was injured? If his soul was injured, causing him to fall unconscious for a year and a half, how could his strength have grown so much?’’

When Lin Ming was 'wounded' and in a deep sleep, many people had laughed at him and called him a fool who only knew how to show off and didn't know just how deep he could go. But now, everything indicated that what happened to Lin Ming wasn't some simple soul wound. Rather, he had experienced some unimaginable transformation.

He might have even experienced a sudden enlightenment or made a breakthrough!

Those people that called Lin Ming a fool were the ones who felt like fools now.

And in the honored seating section, some Holy Lord and World King level old men had already realized that a change had occurred within Lin Ming's body. From the moment he appeared, his aura had been different.

’’This Lin Ming isn't simple at all. There were some people before this who said that if it weren't for Frost Dream, his talent would only be inferior to Xiao Moxian's and even comparable to Hang Chi's. But now it seems that they all underestimated him!’’

’’Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, those are truly the two unrivalled geniuses of this generation!’’

’’Yes, but what a pity... Frost Dream is simply too strong. She may have displayed the divine dream space, but this isn't her true strength. Frost Dream isn't someone that you can apply common sense to.’’

Even if Lin Ming displayed an even greater strength, it would be nothing but an illusion in front of Frost Dream!

On the arena stage, Frost Dream looked towards Lin Ming. No matter how much she pushed the divine dream space, she was only able to suppress Lin Ming's grandmist space;she wasn't able to fully crush it.

Frost Dream slowly raised her right hand. Beneath her, more and more ice lotuses condensed, blooming in full glory. They spread out, covering the entire arena stage with endless flowers of ice, just like some fantastical dream.

These ice lotuses were difficult to destroy and even slowly permeated Lin Ming's grandmist space. Lin Ming's eyebrows show up. He could feel that in this instant, Frost Dream's aura had risen once again.

She was truly worthy of being called the number one genius amongst the junior generation. She was an unfathomable existence!

In that moment, mystical dreamland energy gathered in front of Frost Dream, condensing together into a thick tome.

As she gently opened this tome, Frost Dream clearly said, ’’Dream Interpretation Scripture!’’

Dreams represented a person's desires. The power of divine dream was in truth a type of the power of faith. When the power of faith of all living beings came together, this power would be terrifying.


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