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Martial World - Chapter 1321


Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321 - Cultivation Great Success




As Lin Ming was thinking this, he released complete control of the energy sphere, allowing it to erupt!

For a time, Lin Ming's dark inner world was filled with an endlessly dazzling brilliance, like countless golden divine swords tearing apart all!

Rumble rumble rumble!

A terrifying energy rolled out like turbulent waves, rushing towards the edges of Lin Ming's inner world!

For a time, Lin Ming's inner world was forced to withstand an unimaginably great impact, nearly cracking in the process.

Ka ka ka ka ka!

Massive fragments of space were torn open. Lin Ming's inner world was brutally torn asunder by this energy, expanding outwards. An unspeakable pain spread through his body. In that moment, he felt as if he were dying!

These changes were directly reflected on Lin Ming's sleeping body. His main body suddenly shook as he spat out a mouthful of blood!


The stone bed beneath Lin Ming collapsed, unable to withstand this power. Pieces of stone flew into the air!

Within the time enchantment, the four young jade bunny girls were frightened.

As they saw Lin Ming's face whiten, his body shake, and blood seep out of his mouth and nostrils, they were all panic-stricken.

Lin Ming had originally been severely injured and had been sleeping for the last year and a half. And now, if anyone saw this they would think he was on the verge of death.

Lin Ming's situation became increasingly bad. His face had turned deep purple and now blood was streaming from his ears and eyes!

The four jade bunny girls were scared silly. ’’Hu-hurry and report this to Senior Xin Shenzi! Lin Ming is about to die!’’

A young girl said. She nervously fumbled with a sound transmitting talisman and lit it. Young girls of the jade bunny race were naturally good-hearted and gentle individuals. They had been watching over Lin Ming for the last year and a half, and now that they saw him have such an accident, they were certainly worried about him.

Just as the light of the sound transmitting talisman was extinguished, Lin Ming's body wildly shook. Because his clothes couldn't withstand the impact of his exploding inner world, they were all torn apart! These were top-grade saint artifacts! But under such an impact there was no possibility for these clothes to remain intact.

As Xin Shenzi heard this news he was shocked. He resolutely reported this to Empyrean Vast Universe and raced towards the time enchantment as fast as he could. Lin Ming's current status was very special. If something were to happen to him, that would be a loss to the entire martial world.

Deep within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, the light of a sound transmitting talisman flashed in front of Empyrean Vast Universe.

’’Mm? Lin Ming is severely wounded and vomiting blood? His life is in critical danger?’’

Empyrean Vast Universe thought that this message would be about Lin Ming awakening, but he never imagined this would happen.

’’divine Dream.’’ Empyrean Vast Universe turned to divine Dream. divine Dream faintly pressed her eyebrows together before saying, ’’Let us go and take a look.’’

’’That's all we can do.’’ Empyrean Vast Universe nodded. Lin Ming's situation was extremely complicated. It was hard to imagine just what was happening to him.

The two Empyreans flashed and in the next moment they had arrived in the time enchantment. They saw Lin Ming's entire body colored a deep purple with blood leaking from his head. The stone bed underneath him had completely collapsed.

’’Greetings, Honorable Master! And greetings, Senior divine Dream!’’

Xin Shenzi bowed towards Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean divine Dream. As for the four jade bunny girls behind him, they all cried out in alarm at these words. How could they have expected that these two people that suddenly appeared in front of them would be two legendary Empyreans!

Two Empyreans had come to personally see Lin Ming, and they even came together?

The four young girls immediately kneeled on the ground, deeply bowing. The difference between an Empyrean and a Revolving Core or divine Sea martial artist was even greater than the difference between an emperor and a commoner. It was reasonable for them to deeply bow like this.

’’What's wrong?’’ Empyrean Vast Universe frowned as he looked towards Xin Shenzi.

Xin Shenzi said, ’’This disciple has just probed Lin Ming. His inner world is completely chaotic right now, and even seems as if it will collapse. This disciple is useless and does not know what is happening. Although this disciple can forcefully stop this change, I believe that would be the incorrect decision. Thus, I quickly enveloped Lin Ming in another time enchantment to delay the changes in his inner world as much as possible before Honorable Master was able to arrive.’’

If a time enchantment could accelerate time, it could also decelerate time. Just as Empyrean Vast Universe was about to step forwards to check himself, Empyrean divine Dream flicked a single finger and melted away Xin Shenzi's time enchantment.

’’divine Dream?’’

Empyrean Vast Universe was surprised. However, he also knew that divine Dream had her own reasons for doing things.

Empyrean divine Dream shook her head, saying, ’’There is no need to panic. He should be fine...’’

’’Mm?’’ Empyrean Vast Universe was startled. He probed Lin Ming's inner world with his senses and only felt that there were some unknown changes occurring within him.

His inner world had become unfathomably deep, even faintly seeming as if it would swallow his own senses.

Although this attractive force was very weak on Empyrean Vast Universe, it was still enough for him to draw back his senses. This was also because Empyrean Vast Universe's divine sense was too strong. If it were a martial artist with a lower cultivation, then perhaps their divine sense really would be sucked in by this absorbing force.

’’This inner world is...’’

Empyrean Vast Universe was startled. Many martial artists had special bloodlines or physiques. For instance, Xiao Moxian's phoenix true form or Hang Chi's reincarnated Buddha.

And every so often, there would be those with strange inner worlds and souls. These variation souls and variation inner worlds weren't too rare. Empyrean Vast Universe suspected that Lin Ming was also in this sort of situation.

’’Inner world variation?’’

This thought instantly raced through Empyrean Vast Universe's mind. If so, then Lin Ming really was too heaven-defying. If a talent like him also had a variation inner world, how could other geniuses still live?

At this time, within the samsara dreamland, Lin Ming was still meditating in that vast and boundless space of nothingness. His complexion became increasingly pale but his halted breathing had subsided.

His inner world had been swept over by a wild storm with everything left in a chaotic mess. Besides the Heretical God Tree, all of the mountains and rivers and lakes and plains were all utterly destroyed!

However, above this region, there was an invisible anomaly in space. As light passed near a certain point in the void, it curved, bending around it. Unless one was skilled in the Space Laws it would be impossible to see this, because this point was hidden in the void, twisting all light around it.

This spot was the black hole seed that Lin Ming had condensed with the divine Seal Art!

A black hole was the most terrifying celestial body in the universe. There was almost nothing that could destroy a black hole. If a black hole fell into a sun, it would eventually swallow that sun, ultimately causing an unimaginable explosion!

Lin Ming had simulated the explosion of a fire star with his true essence and then finally condensed it into a black hole seed. Although it was far from truly achieving the level of an actual black hole, as Lin Ming's cultivation rose, the total energy within that black hole seed would become higher and higher and the traction force would become increasingly terrifying until the moment when all space and time would be sucked into it, finally evolving into an end point of all space and time!

The moment that Lin Ming's black hole seed had truly formed, he seemed to have opened wide a great and mystical door before him.

As this door opened, the aura of the Great Dao blew towards him with indescribable glory!

This aura of the Great Dao had an essential difference from the baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws one experienced during the crossing of Ninefall. This aura contained the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens and stood at almost the highest point of all Laws.

The aura of the endless Great Dao surged into Lin Ming's inner world. Then, his inner world that was reduced to rubble and ruins by the explosion of true essence and energy began to glow with reborn vitality.

The explosion of that sphere of energy had been far too terrifying. Even though Lin Ming's foundation was extremely solid, there were still all sorts of ruptured areas within his inner world.

Now, all of these damaged places were being repaired by this strength.

The fragmented rubble fused into the earth. New mountains rose and new rivers began to flow. An incomparably rich world power condensed, forming origin energy clouds in the skies. Because these clouds were too thick and heavy, they began to rain down with drops of origin energy.

This origin energy rain gathered into the dry streams and channels as it fell, turning into fresh and wonderful currents.

As the land was watered, plants began to sprout and colorful spirit flowers started to bloom.

In that moment, Lin Ming's strength rapidly climbed, reaching unprecedented heights!

Hu - !

Afterwards, that vast aura swept out from Lin Ming's body, recklessly spinning around him like heavy mercury!

As Empyrean Vast Universe felt this boundless aura, he was startled. This was clearly the aura of the 33 Layered Heavens' Great Dao. Empyrean Vast Universe had obtained the remnant soul of the ancient divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit. It was impossible for him to misidentify this aura.

The two Empyreans as well as Xin Shenzi were naturally unaffected by this aura;at most, they were slightly amazed by the vast glory of it. But behind these three masters, the four young jade bunny girls that were kneeling were baptized by this aura. They fell into a trance, feeling reborn.

In just several breaths of time, they had greatly benefited. They even faintly felt as if they would break through to the next boundary.

’’This... this is...’’

The four young girls flushed red. This was a tremendous lucky chance. It was no longer a question of helping them break through to the next realm, but instead caused the Laws within their bodies to change on a qualitative level. This meant that in the future, their martial arts achievements would reach even further heights.

They were all excited to the point of wanting to hop around, but with the presence of two Empyreans here, they stilled themselves.

Xin Shenzi smiled in understanding, ’’These last 500 days have been hard on you. This can be considered payment in kind, the cause and effects of this world.’’

Xin Shenzi didn't know what happened to Lin Ming, but what he could be certain about was that Lin Ming had undoubtedly experienced a massive lucky chance. His strength had rapidly risen by leaps and bounds!

This sort of lucky chance was bewildering. Just a faint aura from Lin Ming's breakthrough alone was enough to greatly benefit these four young jade bunny girls and increase their potential.

Xin Shenzi looked towards Empyrean Vast Universe, but Empyrean Vast Universe was actually looking at divine Dream. He had no idea what was happening within Lin Ming.

’’Is this because of the divine Seal Altar?’’

Empyrean Vast Universe always had this guess in his mind. He had refined a replica of the ancient divine Seal Altar using a fragment of its artifact spirit, and this replica also contained the mystical charm of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens.

Now, it appeared that the comprehensions Lin Ming gained from mounting the divine Seal Altar finally began to transform into true strength today!


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