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Martial World - Chapter 132


Let's See Who Is More Cruel




Usually, a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist wouldn't have much interest in a preliminary skill of inscription. Because they had more advanced and stronger martial skills, these skills of inscription were just too weak.

But once they knew that this skill of inscription was equal to a top tier medium-grade human-step martial skill, they became filled with jealousy. Of the Sky Fortune Kingdom's many martial artists, almost none of them knew a medium-grade martial skill. And even if they did, it certainly would not be a top-tier one.

Which martial artist didn't hope that they would know several different kinds of martial skills? When the time came for them to fight their enemy, even if their first move was seen through, they would still have a second one.

However, the most explosive part of this news was not the inscription symbol itself, but that the character who was creating inscription symbols turned out to be Lin Ming!

He was the Seven Profound Martial House's genius of a century. He was also the Sky Fortune Kingdom's most dazzling star. Not only did he comprehend a martial intent, but he also possessed an exceedingly monstrous perception. Now, it seemed, he was simultaneously an inscription technique grand master who could draw up top-tier inscription symbols with skills of inscription!

And his age was still several months shy of 16!

Was this even possible?

To Lin Ming's diehard fans, as long as it happened to Lin Ming, there was nothing impossible. To learn inscription technique was truly difficult. However, with Lin Ming's monstrous perception, even this kind of shocking miracle of becoming an inscription grand master at the tender age of 15 was not unexplainable.

However, there were also those who had some understanding of inscription technique, in particular inscription masters, that were not willing to believe this. After all, inscription technique was an art and experience that one slowly accumulated over time. Even with godlike perception, that was still insufficient to reach such a stage.

But just two days later, the Inscription Association gave a categorically clear response;this rumor was, without a doubt, true. The next day, Sky Fortune City's official government newspaper explicitly wrote, ’’The Seven Profound Martial House Heavenly Abode disciple Lin Ming, while working as a guest inscription master for the inscription Association, is trading an inscription symbol supplemented with a top-tier skill of inscription for rare and precious materials.’’ The materials that Lin Ming wanted to find were listed in the newspaper. The official government newspaper was generally only used to send official statements and news of the government, it was very rarely used for matters outside of the government's jurisdiction. This time, they had written about Lin Min in order to help him find all the materials he needed as soon as possible.

So, people could not help but believe!

As far as Pulse Condensation Period martial artists were concerned, a top-quality inscription symbol placed on a medium-grade human-step treasure would greatly increase their combat prowess! With a medium-grade human-step treasure, it would be able to completely absorb their true essence, and it might even cut off an enemy's low-grade human-step treasure. If they had no weapon, then how would they fight?

A medium-grade human-step treasure was common. As long as one was willing and able to prepare 20,000 gold taels, they would always be able to buy one if they spent some effort. However, an inscription symbol that was worthy of such a treasure was actually extremely rare! In particular those with an appropriately matching elemental attribute;those could only be discovered, they could not be sought!

Therefore there were some Pulse Condensation Period martial artists who had come to the Inscription Association to ask for an inscription symbol, even though they hadn't yet found a medium-grade human-step treasure.

Soon, martial artists all over began to utilize all of their connections to seek out the materials that were listed out in the government newspaper. Those martial artists that could afford this type of top-quality inscription symbol all had large fortunes, great strength, assets, aristocratic backgrounds, or deep family histories. Being such, it was only natural that they all had a wide web of influences and contacts. There were many large and respected families who had influences and connections that were even superior to those of the Crown Prince!

With such a large force being launched to look for these rare and precious materials, its effects could be imagined!

However, there were some individuals whose hearts pained to part with so much gold. Thus, they maintained an attitude of wait and see, hoping that the inscription symbols would be reduced in price. But, they soon began to quickly regret this. The materials required on that newspapers list became fewer and fewer, and those that remained, were the most rare and precious of all!

As the required materials were slowly collected, Lin Ming's inscription technique became more skillful. Every day he would use high quality materials to practice. In addition to the pure true essence stones he was using to restore his energy, it was burning through money. Lin Ming's inscription technique was becoming increasingly perfect. Before, he had just barely managed to draw up the top-tier inscription symbol 'Cold Ice Fragments'. But now, this process was already familiar and easy to him.

Aided by his ethereal martial intent, Lin Ming did not neglect his 'True Primal Chaos Formula'. He had now reached the Small Success boundary of the second layer of the 'True Primal Chaos Formula'. His vitality grew stronger, and his true essence became increasingly thick.

Lin Ming believed that if he and Ling Sen both made an all-out effort to compare fist strength, he would not necessarily lose now!

After three more days passed, Lin Ming only needed a few more materials. But these materials, were actually the most precious and difficulty to find. For instance, the invaluable fifth-level vicious beast blood had still not been found.

Lin Ming looked at the list of materials that had been crossed out one by one, and felt a great sense of achievement. But as he looked at the last few, several of the most precious materials he needed, he felt some worries. If he did not find these within a short time, it would be somewhat troublesome.

At this moment, a sound transmitting talisman from the Crown Prince lit up and caused Lin Ming's complexion to fall.

’’Brother Lin, there's a matter that might affect your state of mind in practicing martial arts, so I did not want to tell you. However, I thought over it and reconsidered that I must bring up this issue with you. Several days ago, Zhang Guanyu brought people to where Miss Lan lives. His intention was malicious, but Mister Liao promptly rushed over and rescued Miss Lan. I have arranged for Miss Lan to stay in a safe place at my palace. I suspect that Zhang Guanyu wished to use Miss Lan to provoke you into anger and attack your heart of martial arts, and in your duel four months from now, to use cruel and despicable methods and severely wound you so that you cannot pass the Seven Profound Martial House core disciple test.’’

’’This Zhang Guanyu is someone who cultivates the 'divine Acacia Power' This cultivation method will cause one's possessive instincts to grow out of control. Moreover, Zhang Guanyu is a demented individual that has sunk into madness. I fear that in the future he will try to do something detrimental to Brother Lin. Brother Lin must use be careful by all means possible. I have already sent some masters to guard the Lin Family, and have also sent over some sound transmitting talismans to help protect the safety of your mother and father.’’

The sound transmitting talisman stopped there. Lin Ming deeply frowned. A foreboding looked crossed his eyes.

Zhang Guanyu!

He did not know this man. Although he had heard the name many times after entering the Seven Profound Martial House, he had never seen him, not even once. He had frequently seen Ling Sen and Ta Ku appear together;obviously these two young men were good personal friends. Zhang Guanyu didn't seem to be very familiar with those two.

’’I no longer have any connection to Lan Yunyue, and I will not interfere or question how she will live in the future or whom she will marry. But Zhang Guanyu, if you want to deal with me by moving against her, you are simply courting death!’’

’’Even if you are a disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House and an elite of the Allied Trade Association, I cannot kill you, but I will make you pay a painful price.’’

Wang Yuhan noted Lin Ming's gloomy expression and guessed that the reason was because of the sound transmitting talisman from earlier. She hesitated and could not help but ask, ’’Mister Lin, is there something wrong?’’

’’It's not a big deal. After my last match against Zhu Yan, the Seven Profound Martial House pushed me to oppose Zhang Guanyu. Zhang Guanyu wanted to put his dirty hands on Lan Yunyue and attack my heart of martial arts. He probably thinks that four months from now he will absolutely win, so he wants to cope with me before I grow, and give me a severe wound so that I fail the Seven Profound Martial House test.’’

Lin Ming did not conceal anything from Wang Yuhan. His story with Lan Yunyue had already passed;naturally, there was no need to hide anything anymore.

’’Put his hands on Miss Lan? Miss Lan...’’ Only a few people in the circles of the aristocracy knew of the matter between Lin Ming and Lan Yunyue. Wang Yuhan was a member of the inscription Association, so she was also clear about this matter. She unconsciously covered her small mouth in alarm. If Zhang Guanyu had done anything nefarious to Lan Yunyue, then it would be too tragic. This Zhang Guanyu was someone who practiced the 'divine Acacia Power'. This cultivation used woman as objects in order to increase one's cultivation, it absolutely did a hundred harms without anything good.

Lin Ming shook his head and said, ’’Mister Liao arrived there in time, so everything's all right.’’

’’Fortunately.’’ Wang Yuhan let out a sigh of relief, and patted her chest with her small hand. ’’That Miss Lan is now...’’

’’She's very safe.’’

’’Oh, that's good.’’ Wang Yuhan wanted to ask Lin Ming about his view of love, but hesitated. She thought that might be too abrupt or offensive, and after thinking about it for a long time, still didn't how to start, so she didn't open her mouth.

But at this moment, another sound transmitting talisman lit in front of Lin Ming. It was once again a message from the Crown Prince to Lin Ming.

’’Brother Lin, I would like to say some words of advice. According to my sources of intelligence, after Zhang Guanyu started cultivating the 'divine Acacia Power', he has made no small amount of progress. His strength has greatly improved from the past. Brother Lin, if you don't think you can fully grasp victory, it's better if you do not challenge Zhang Guanyu rashly. The 'divine Acacia Power' is a very sinister and ruthless cultivation method, and its moves are the same. If an internal injury is left behind, I fear that Brother Lin may have some difficulty in passing the Seven Profound Martial House's core disciple test.’’

’’The core disciple test only requires Brother Lin to achieve the peak Altering Muscle stage before you are over 16 years old, it does not require you to defeat Zhang Guanyu. This Zhang Guanyu is a very mad, crazy man, he will not hesitate in mutually wounding you. Brother Lin, please carefully think things over twice before acting, or else you might ruin your own future.’’

The flame extinguished and coldly snorted in his mind. ’’The 'divine Acacia Power' is sinister and ruthless? I wonder if it is more sinister and ruthless than the 'Pulse Cutting Palm'?’’

’’I did not think that I would have to study the 'Pulse Cutting Palm' so quickly. Now you have forced me to learn this. I feel really sorry for you. Since you want to give me a severe wound so that I will fail the Seven Profound Martial House's core disciple test, then I will waste your martial arts and destroy your manhood, so that you can peacefully and safely live out the rest of your sad days as a eunuch. This will also be a good deed for all of the girls in Sky Fortune City.’’

’’This Zhang Guanyu was originally very strong. If his cultivation in the 'divine Acacia Power' has progressed again, then I cannot lower my guard or take him lightly, or I might be defeated! After this body inscription symbol is complete, I must earnestly cultivate the 'Heretical God Force' and 'Golden Roc Shattering the Void'. With this three-pronged attack, no matter how this Zhang Guanyu progresses, I will crush him so that he will never recover from this defeat!’’

As Lin Ming was thinking these dark thoughts, Wang Yuhan suddenly became cold. She turned to Lin Ming and told him in a low voice, ’’Zhang... Zhang Guanyu, it's him!


Lin Ming was surprised. Zhang Guanyu had actually come to the Inscription Association of his own initiative!

Well done, Zhang Guanyu! You dare wish to lay your hands on Lan Yunyue, and you still have the courage to see me!

Lin Ming followed Wang Yuhan's gaze. He saw a smiling young man wearing a silk snow brocaded gown with a kirin design. The young man had a seven gemmed crown on his head, and he was holding an ornate fan.

The young man's skin was clear and fair, with a slightly ruddy complexion. His eyebrows were slanted upwards and his mouth was red like a cherry. He carried around a bit of a woman's comeliness, but without losing the smooth grace of a man. He was overall a very beautiful and handsome man. His looks combined with his warm and congenial smile gave the impression that he was a true gentleman prince. With this appearance, it was hard to think that his innermost feelings were so demented and full of malice.


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