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Martial World - Chapter 1319


Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319 - Dreamsoul Immortal Melody




Domain-type martial skills were extremely rare for martial artists. To obtain just a single one could raise a martial artist's strength a great deal.

However, to those extreme geniuses that were able to stand on the stage of the First Martial Meeting, having a single domain wasn't unusual at all. There was Hang Chi's Samsara Domain, Ram Saber's Saber King Domain, Lin Ming's grandmist space, and so forth.

But until now, the undisputed number one domain was Frost Dream's divine dream space. Just seeing it made one feel as if there was no way to rival it.

This was also reasonable. Ignoring the fact that Frost Dream had the deepest cultivation, in terms of ranks of transcendent divine mights, only Lin Ming's grandmist space was able to compare with the divine dream space.

However, Lin Ming's grandmist space was incomplete and Frost Dream's divine dream space was complete. From this alone, one could see the clear difference between the two.

And Frost Dream wasn't old either. She was still three years younger than Hang Chi. This left everyone confused. Just what sort of unique lucky chance did she encounter or what sort of singular physique did she possess that allowed her to reach this step?

Within the divine dream space, that 100,000 foot divine wall had already disappeared. Hang Chi looked at Frost Dream and said with admiration, ’’The divine Dream Domain truly lives up to its reputation. This poor monk can only try his best and use the Lotus Heart Bodhi.’’

As Hang Chi spoke, his hands formed a lotus sign. From between his eyebrows, a golden relic slowly appeared, finally solidifying with a sparkling light.

As the Lotus Heart Bodhi appeared, Hang Chi's aura changed. His body began to rise upwards. Behind his head, eight golden rings appeared. When combined with the brilliant golden light between his eyebrows, it was like Buddha had descended to the world.

Rumble rumble rumble!

A golden shining pagoda fell down from the clouds, firmly suppressing the area around Hang Chi. Even the divine dream space fiercely trembled as if it would burst apart at any moment.

This was Hang Chi's Eight Sectioned Stupa.

Eight deities rushed out from the divine pagoda and a powerful domain space formed around Hang Chi. This was the Samsara Domain.

However, the Samsara Domain was too low in rank. It was suppressed by the divine Dream Domain and limited in scope.

From the audience's viewpoint, even if Hang Chi used the Eight Sectioned Stupa, he was still worse than Frost Dream. It would be extremely difficult for him to win!

Hang Chi waved his staff and the massive golden pagoda came pressing down towards Frost Dream. Like before, Frost Dream simply stretched out a slender hand. In that moment when the Eight Sectioned Stupa came crashing down, a faint blue haze appeared above Frost Dream's head. This blue light rapidly expanded, nearly instantly transforming into an extremely large icy blue divine hand.

This hand was over a dozen miles tall. As it floated above the arena stage, it could be called a hand to cover the heavens!


The Eight Sectioned Stupa heavily crashed into the divine hand. But, that hand steadily cradled the Eight Sectioned Stupa!

As the audience saw this they all let out cries of shock. In the legends, it was said that a pagoda-carrying Empyrean existed, carrying a pagoda in a single hand. His supernatural might had been unrivalled! And now, Frost Dream's massive hand formed from the divine dream space was just like that pagoda-wielding Empyrean, with seemingly equal force!

The Eight Sectioned Stupa was blocked by Frost Dream's giant hand. Even so, Hang Chi didn't panic. He began to murmur Buddhist sutras as the point between his eyebrows started to shine with a bright light. Buddhist symbols flew out from his body, recklessly dancing about in the air.

These Buddhist seals did not fly towards Frost Dream, but towards the area around the giant hand. They settled down in the air like little flags, forming a great sealing array formation.

’’What is Hang Chi doing?’’

’’I don't know!’’

The heroic young elites present simply weren't able to understand what was happening. Even those older masters weren't sure. Although their strength far surpassed Hang Chi's, in terms of perception and skill in observation, they weren't necessarily any better than an eternally talented youth like Hang Chi.

Hang Chi linked his fingers together, instantly forming dozens of seals. These seals submerged into the void, and in that moment, the giant hand in the sky began to dim down.

’’Eight Sectioned Stupa, Eight Gates Golden Lock!’’

Hang Chi shouted out loud. Then, those eight deities on the Eight Sectioned Stupa flew out, surrounding Frost Dream and turning into runic locks that sealed her within.

For a time, the divine dream space violently trembled as if it was about to be torn apart. There was even a fissure that ran down the giant hand, seeming as if it would burst apart at any moment.

As Frost Dream saw this, her normally indifferent complexion finally changed just the tiniest bit. A trace of surprise appeared in her eyes.

’’You... have seen through my divine dream space?’’

Frost Dream's voice was tranquil and calm, beautiful to the senses. Her face was surrounded by a hazy mist, similar to clouds that covered the night moon. It was an ethereal and breath-stealing sight.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream is too exaggerated. This poor monk does not possess the ability to see through the divine dream space. However, this poor monk believes that even though this divine Dream Domain is the dreamland of Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream, and although Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream is like a god within this space, it is still impossible for you to create anything you wish or manipulate the Laws as you please. Otherwise, you simply would have needed to imagine an Empyrean and this little monk would have instantly lost!

’’Thus, this little monk carefully observed Fairy Maiden and discovered that whether it was nightmare beasts that were created, or divine walls, or massive hands, the truth is that these things do not come from thin air... rather, you have used a special type of energy that exists within the divine dream space to form them. It seems this is called divine dream energy? And everything that surpasses the upper limits of this energy cannot be created.

’’So, this poor monk used the Eight Sectioned Stupa to force Fairy Maiden to use over 90% of the divine dream energy available to resist it, gathering it in a single location within the divine dream space. Then, by locking it with these eight golden chains, the circulation of the divine dream energy has been sealed off. If so, this sealed off divine dream space has lost all significance.’’

Hang Chi's words were calm and unhurried. But after hearing this, the audience was completely dumbfounded. In just a few moves, Hang Chi had seen through the weakness of the divine dream space. The Eight Sectioned Stupa he sent out just now was not meant to attack Frost Dream, because he had already expected that an attack of this degree would be useless. Rather, his goal was to force Frost Dream to gather that divine dream energy within the divine dream space and then lock it with those eight golden chains!

If so, Frost Dream would be like a bird without wings, posing no threat at all.

This seemed simple, but if one didn't possess the powerful abilities and sealing arrays of Hang Chi, then even if they knew the weakness of the divine dream space they still wouldn't have been able to do anything about it.

Everyone praised Hang Chi's calm and keen fighting sense. This ability came from over 30 years of hard work and training!

’’So that's how it is. Senior-apprentice Hang Chi's eyesight is indeed amazing. Even I have to admire your methods. However... my divine dream space is not limited to just this...’’

As Frost Dream spoke, a lotus flower appeared beneath her feet. At the same time, she took out an icy blue zither from her spatial ring.

This zither was crystal clear, shimmering with a faint light as if it were carved from the purest ice. This zither had 18 strings and was also decorated with the carved image of a goddess.

This was clearly Frost Dream's magic tool. Before now, Frost Dream had only used a lotus flower weapon;she had never taken out this zither.

Frost Dream gently held the zither and sat down atop the lotus. Her slender fingers lightly caressed the zither strings.

A divine zither sound appeared, rushing like rivers and lakes, like a song from the highest heavens, leaving one lost in dreams.

’’This song is called the Dreamsoul Immortal Melody. If I finish this song, I fear that Senior-apprentice Brother Hang Chi will have no chance of winning. That is, unless you can end my song.’’

Frost Dream was also a very low-key individual. If she dared to say that Hang Chi would lose once this song was finished, then she naturally had full confidence in it.

Hang Chi smiled, ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream's zither skills are truly a wonder of the heavens. This poor monk would love to sit in repose and appreciate it, but if what Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream says is true and I will lose once this song is finished, then I can only make the first move. I apologize for trying to destroy such a beautiful song.’’

Hang Chi summoned the Wheel of Samsara once more. The golden light between his eyebrows burned even brighter. This Wheel of Samsara was 10,000 feet in diameter, able to block the skies.

’’Downfall of the Six Paths!’’

Hang Chi formed a lotus sign with his hands. The relic between his eyebrows floated into the Wheel of Samsara. In that moment, six figures appeared within the Wheel of Samsara.

These six figures were all different.

Among them, there was one who was covered completely in blood. Their body was broken and torn and they revealed bloodstained bones in several places, as if they had crawled up from the depths of hell. There was one that had a fierce expression with three heads and six arms, the arms carrying a vicious halberd, large ax, copper hammer, iron needle, and other such cruel instruments of destruction and torture. There was even one whose body shined with a golden light and had a great golden circle floating behind them, just like a living Buddha.

These six figures came from the path of hell, the path of hungry ghosts, the path of beasts, the path of asura, the path of humanity, and the path of heaven. These were the six paths of samsara.

As these six figures appeared, they all hurtled towards Frost Dream. Frost Dream's appearance was calm and unperturbed. Her hand stroked the zither and her fingers nimbly plucked at the strings. All sorts of incomparably marvelous and gorgeous sounds came into existence. These sounds gathered around Frost Dream, transforming into an extremely beautiful drawing.

This was a lush, verdant forest. Snow-capped mountains appeared in the distance. It was the beginning of spring, and with the melting of snow and ice, streams of bubbling water flowed down into springs. At this time it was already night. A round full moon hung high in the skies, sprinkling the world with a cold and alluring moonlight, wrapping the universe in strands of mercurial silver.

This beautiful scene was mesmerizing to the eyes, leaving one besotted. It was unimaginable that such a beautiful scene could be used to kill others.

’’This is the Immortal Melody Pure Lands!’’

Someone cried out from off the arena stage. In the mortal world, there were extremely skilled zither musicians who could use their songs to express the complex feelings and scenery of stories. They could use their music to depict beautiful images, making others feel fully immersed.

But in the world of martial arts, a musician with a deep cultivation could truly possess the ability to transform that zither song into the most beautiful scenery.

No longer was the imagination of the audience required. Rather, this scene clearly appeared. The zither music formed a domain, manifesting all the emotions and beauty of that song. This was the Immortal Melody Pure Lands!

’’It's not that simple... this isn't just the Immortal Melody Pure Lands. Rather, Frost Dream has used the divine dream space and superimposed that with the Immortal Melody Pure Lands, creating a whole new domain, a domain that has a might which far surpasses the original divine dream space! This is a truly terrifying domain! Now, what Frost Dream is playing is not the sounds of the zither but sounds of the Dao!’’

Among the spectators, there were many extremely experienced old masters. An old man sighed with emotion. The divine Dream Domain was originally a dreamland domain skill, except that it was able to substantialize those dreams into reality.

As for the Immortal Melody Pure Lands, it was also the same. It was able to substantialize illusions.

With both complementing each other, once combined, their strength was hard to imagine.

Of course, wanting to fully fuse them together was extremely difficult. Unless one was extremely gifted, it was impossible to combine domain skills.


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