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Martial World - Chapter 1317


Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317 - Cultivating the divine Seal Art




Another year and another month passed. Deep in meditation, Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes.

He was sitting down cross-legged in a vast and unknown space of the universe, filled with endless mist and dust. With just a glance, everything around him was wrapped in a dim haze. The surrounding space was filled with the chaotic power of space and time. Space twisted, making it impossible to identify just what direction was which, and even the flow of time was in complete upheaval. Deep within this area, even one's normal breathing and heart rate were affected.

’’I've arrived at this space again...’’ Lin Ming whispered to himself, his eyes bright and shining. He had named this space the divine seal space.

Every time he entered the divine seal space, Lin Ming was able to become aware of many things.

He closed his eyes and silently sensed the rich Space and Time Laws here. This place was like the primordial soup before the universe was formed, and the Laws here were still in their most primitive state. Wanting to become aware of these Laws was extremely easy.

During this year, Lin Ming had already comprehended the Time and Space Laws to large success of the fifth level.

It had to be known that before this, Lin Ming's attainments in the Time and Space Laws weren't high at all. He had only been comparable to a genius from an ordinary Holy Land, far from reaching the level of an Empyrean descendant like Dragon Fang. He wasn't even able to compare with someone like the Monster Prince.

Lin Ming's understandings into these two Laws were so poor that he couldn't even display them in actual combat, otherwise he wouldn't have needed to summon the Heretical God Tree phantom when he fought the Monster Prince. He had done so because ordinary Thunder and Fire Laws did not possess the ability to resist the Monster Prince's Space and Time Laws.

In just a year, Lin Ming had been able to reach large success of the fifth level Concepts in the extremely difficult to study Time and Space Laws. He had surpassed the Monster Prince and was only slightly inferior to Dragon Fang. This speed of improvement was horrifying.

Moreover, although the boundary of Lin Ming's Space and Time Laws was inferior to Dragon Fang's, the Time and Space Laws that Empyrean divine Seal comprehended were of an exorbitantly high level;they were far from what ordinary Space and Time Laws could hope to compare with.

As Lin Ming was enlightening himself on the Space and Time Laws here, at this moment, the endless dust in this space began to converge together at a single point. The mist and dust seemed thin, but there was an endless volume. In terms of weight, it could easily surpass a million trillion jins.

Lin Ming could see this swirling vortex of dust rapidly grow. A swallowing force latched onto him, making him feel as if he were being sucked into this whirlpool.

Lin Ming's mind chilled as he rapidly retreated. He watched with his own eyes as this vortex grew increasingly large, finally condensing into a star!

Dust and mist forming a star?

Lin Ming was stunned, ’’Is this the forming process of a star?’’

As Lin Ming was thinking over this, that massive star began to burn. An incomparably horrifying light erupted from within it. The total amount of energy in this eruption was so great that the all-out strike of an Empyrean was completely overshadowed.

Lin Ming recalled the time when he had absorbed the blood essence of the Ancient Phoenix. In that dream world, he had seen the scene of the phoenix undergoing nirvana. That phoenix had been bathing within the blazing hot core of a star, its body in the process of being reborn.

Without a doubt, this was a sun!

’’Am I witnessing the formation of a sun?’’ Lin Ming thought. He could feel the fire origin energy around him being stirred up, becoming more and more hot. Because of the amount of heat that this sun was releasing, the surrounding temperature was so high that even metal essence would instantly turn to steam. If a giant meteor were to fall into this sun, it would quickly be melted away, vanishing into nothing.

Lin Ming didn't retreat. As he faced this sun, he began to slowly realize the Fire Laws.

His Fire Laws had been stranded at the fifth level Concept for an extremely long time;he hadn't yet been able to trace the threshold to the sixth level Concept. This also caused Lin Ming's Laws to be at a much lower height than those of Dragon Fang and the others.

And Lin Ming was well aware that the sixth level Concept was Yang Flames - in other words, the fires of a sun!

The first four levels of the Fire Laws, whether it was Burning Heat, Annihilation, Creation, or Manifestation, these were fires of the mortal world. As for the fifth level Fire Laws, that was Virtual Fire. The flames of jealousy, boiling anger, overflowing rage, heated hatred, all of these were flames transformed from the human mind. They could be called spiritual fires.

Then, upon arriving at the sixth level Laws, it was the fires of the sun. The fires of the sun had an essential difference from fires of the mortal world.

The fires of the mortal world produced flames from burning materials, but as for the fires of the sun, that was similar to releasing energy and flames from completely annihilated matter. This sort of absolute annihilation produced a power thousands of times greater.

A phoenix's nirvana meant to undergo nirvana within the center of a sun. A grown-up phoenix would choose to undergo nirvana in the center of a blazing star. The more powerful the phoenix was, the more terrifying the star they chose.

Only when facing a true sun could one comprehend the real sixth level Concept of the Fire Laws - Yang Flames!

But now, with the current Lin Ming's cultivation, it was still far too early for him to thoroughly comprehend Yang Flames;it was simply impossible. Even so, if he managed to trace upon the threshold of the Concept of Yang Flames and add a bit of that power to his Fire Laws, then there would be no comparison between his moves before and after!

The sun became increasingly bright and blazing. Lin Ming felt his entire body burning, even as he was constantly enlightening himself on everything happening. At this time, the sun rapidly grew as if it would explode at any moment.

Lin Ming was bewildered. He could feel that this sun was about to collapse so he rapidly drew backwards.

In this illusory virtual space, his speed was extraordinarily quick. He soon retreated a million miles back. And at this time, the sun suddenly detonated with an incomparably terrifying divine light, seeming as if the entire universe would be swallowed up. With an explosion of sound, dreadful waves of heat destroyed everything and even the void was shaken to the point of collapse!

In that moment, Lin Ming thought he had died. It was impossible for a human to resist such a horrifying explosion.

Hu - hu - hu -

Terrifying flames swept over Lin Ming.

Lin Ming took a deep breath. He was certain that if this weren't a virtual space, he would have already turned to ash just now, even if he were another million miles farther away.

The flames gradually dissipated. The sun was already destroyed. It began to gradually collapse, its volume rapidly becoming smaller. It eventually shrank a trillion times smaller. All of that matter, light, space, and time, everything was sucked into it.

Slowly, the sun evolved into a star of absolute darkness.

Lin Ming knew that this star, according to Empyrean divine Seal's viewpoint, was called a black hole.

Every black hole had a very small radius of space around it that formed an 'absolute horizon'.

Within the divine Seal Art, this space was called the black hole horizon. It was impossible for any matter that fell into the black hole horizon to emerge again. This was an absolute enchantment of time and space. Even if an Empyrean were to fall into it, they wouldn't be an exception.

The black hole horizon destroyed all matter, space, and time. It was the end point of all Space and Time Laws!

As for Empyrean divine Seal, he had cultivated the Space and Time Laws to the boundary of a black hole. He was able to have space and time form a black hole!

This was also one of the moves within the divine Seal Art when it was cultivated to an extremely high boundary.

By creating a black hole and using the absolute Space and Time Laws to seal away all, even a divine god would be permanently sealed, unable to escape!

divine Seal, Seal the divine!

This was where Empyrean divine Seal and the divine Seal Art's name originated from. There was no exaggeration in these names either. In the past, Empyrean divine Seal truly did possess the ability to seal away gods. This was because he was an existence that had surpassed an Empyrean.

That was...

The realm of True divinity!

It was naturally impossible for Lin Ming to practice to this boundary, but if it was just reproducing a tiny bit of the black hole horizon's charm, he was still able to barely accomplish that.

Witnessing the creation of a black hole with his own eyes had the greatest benefits to Lin Ming's comprehension of the divine Seal Art.

Lin Ming sat down before this black hole, recalling everything that had just happened, ’’To seal off the space, everything that enters will not be able to break through that cage. To seal off time, everything that falls into the black hole horizon will fall into an eternally timeless moment, locked into a single moment of forever. Their body will stop for all time. With all of this combined together, with matter, time, and space compressed to the limit, that is what it means to truly seal something.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, all sorts of changes occurred within his inner world.

In his body's inner world, all of the world power and all of the energy gathered together, slowly forming a whirlpool. Lin Ming was using the energy within himself to simulate the formation of a sun.

In cultivating the divine Seal Art, the symbol of truly beginning training in it was to form a miniature black hole in one's inner world. All future practice would center around this miniature black hole.

However, forming this miniature black hole was extremely risky. If one's foundation was lacking, not only would that miniature black hole not form, but their inner world would directly collapse because it wouldn't be able to withstand the sudden changes in energy.

Although Lin Ming was now sleeping, the process of forming a miniature black hole was truly occurring in reality. The real world was in sync with the dream world. If there was a single mistake, then Lin Ming's inner world would crack apart and he really would die.

This process was not hurried at all. Just like the birth, growth, and death of a sun, for the formation of the miniature black hole in the body, that process needed the accumulation of time and continuous evolution!

And at this time, 400 days had already passed. That was four days in the outside world.

The First Martial Meeting tournament had basically ended two days ago. There were only two matches that had yet to be fought.

One was Frost Dream against Hang Chi, and the other was Frost Dream against Lin Ming!

Now there had been a pause for two days. The audience had long been impatient with waiting.

’’What's going on? How come Hang Chi and Frost Dream's showdown hasn't begun yet? Are they fighting today? They couldn't be playing with us, right?’’

The several hundred million spectators present were all anticipating watching Hang Chi and Frost Dream's battle. That would surely be the most splendid battle of the First Martial Meeting!

’’I heard that the organizers originally intended for Frost Dream to first fight Lin Ming before the battle between Frost Dream and Hang Chi. But since Lin Ming was severely wounded and hasn't awoken yet, the competition was delayed for a few days.’’

Of these two matches, Hang Chi against Frost Dream should have been at the very end. It was the prime showdown of the First Martial Meeting and should have been the last battle where the champion was decided. However, because Lin Ming's soul was grievously wounded and he had fallen into a deep sleep, the battle between Lin Ming and Frost Dream had been delayed.


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