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Martial World - Chapter 1316


Chapter 1316

Chapter 1316 - Dream Cultivation




Empyrean divine Seal's lifetime of knowledge and abilities were all written in the divine Seal Art. This was a comprehensive cultivation method, not just a single move.

It included the countless Laws of the divine Realm, including the five elemental Laws, the Life Laws, Yin Yang Laws, and so forth.

But, the main focus of the divine Seal Art was the Space Laws and Time Laws.

These two Laws were the Laws that Empyrean divine Seal was most skilled in.

When Lin Ming had discovered the Ancient Elysium Seal deep beneath Immemorial Imperial City, he found that Empyrean divine Seal had used the Ancient Elysium Seal as an array eye to suppress an unknown existence. The sealing technique he used was recorded within the divine Seal Art.

Lin Ming found it hard to imagine just what type of existence was suppressed by Empyrean divine Seal's divine Seal Art for 3.6 billion years and still hadn't died.

Even though Lin Ming had now inherited a tiny incomplete soul fragment of Empyrean divine Seal, he still didn't have any memories of this.

Like this, Lin Ming was lost in a deep sleep, constantly experiencing the memories left behind by Empyrean divine Seal.

And on the arena stage, the battles were carrying on.

In Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream's match, Frost Dream had defeated Xiao Moxian without any problems. At this point, only Frost Dream and Hang Chi still had unbroken winning streaks.

The third match of the second round was Jun Bluemoon against Dragon Fang.

Many people were looking forwards to this battle. Although the two of them had lost to Lin Ming, the disparity wasn't too great, especially with Jun Bluemoon, who had withstood Lin Ming's Heavenly Dao Judgment without suffering any injuries.

As soon as Jun Bluemoon stepped on stage he used his Yin Yang Laws. However, these Laws were seen through by Dragon Fang's Three Lives Pupils.

Then, Dragon Fang suppressed Jun Bluemoon. Even Jun Bluemoon's finishing move, the 64 Yin Yang Trigrams Sword was seen through by Dragon Fang's All Existence to Void.

However, Jun Bluemoon was extremely tough. Although he was suppressed, he still wasn't defeated.

The two brutally fought for an hour, exchanging over a thousand moves and wounding each other again and again. They slowly began to reach their limits, but in the end, Jun Bluemoon's endurance proved to be superior. With a small advantage, Jun Bluemoon took the lead and won a hard-earned victory against Dragon Fang.

This difficult victory showed that the two youths were individually matched. Who won or who lost, luck and their current condition played an extremely large role.

Thus, the second round in the first group of six people ended like this. Even so, Lin Ming still hadn't woken up.

Vast Cosmos announced the beginning of the third round.

This round should have been where Lin Ming and Frost Dream battled, but because Lin Ming had fallen into a deep sleep, Frost Dream drew a bye. This left behind Hang Chi, Dragon Fang, Xiao Moxian, and Jun Bluemoon still competing. In truth, among these four people, most of them had already fought, thus there weren't many matches left.

The two matches for this round were Hang Chi against Jun Bluemoon and Dragon Fang against Xiao Moxian.

Compared to the last matches, these were much less anticipated.

’’Frost Dream hasn't gone on stage... I wanted to watch Frost Dream fight Lin Ming!’’ Some audience members knew that Frost Dream had drawn a bye and were somewhat dissatisfied.

Frost Dream was the dream lover of many heroic young elites. They all wanted to see Frost Dream in action. Even if there wasn't any suspense in the match between Frost Dream and Lin Ming, they still wished to see her roll over her opponents with absolute strength.

It could only be said that Frost Dream was too popular.

Compared to Frost Dream and Xiao Moxian, Lin Ming simply didn't have much support.

’’It doesn't matter if Frost Dream fights Lin Ming or not;it's just a small interlude, Frost Dream will win no matter what. The only one who can truly compete with Frost Dream here is Hang Chi. But, I think that Hang Chi has higher chances of losing. Just look at when Frost Dream fought Dragon Fang. She defeated him without much effort.’’

’’Speaking about it... what's going on with Lin Ming? Are his injuries really that heavy? An Empyrean Heavenly Palace shouldn't be lacking in medicines, right? With all sorts of wonderful medicines at his use, he still didn't immediately recover?’’

’’It must be a soul injury. Hang Chi is a kind and merciful person so he should know what his limits are. However, Lin Ming wanted to show off his strength, and even though he knew he wasn't Hang Chi's match, he still used that World King level Minor Samsara Path to struggle with Hang Chi's transcendent divine might, the Wheel of Samsara. How could a World King level cultivation method possibly triumph over a transcendent divine might? There is a gap in cultivation methods and also a gap in cultivation realms;the result of the match was already decided from the beginning. Even so, Lin Ming wanted to fight and the aura he displayed was so powerful that it made others feel he wasn't much weaker at all. Finally, all of that caused him to be injured too heavily. This is just a martial arts contest but he was so reckless...’’

An old man shook his head, his voice filled with regret. A soul injury was not easy to cure. If a martial artist's soul was injured, that was definitely bad news.

Luckily, this had happened in Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. There were many precious soul recovery medicines here so Lin Ming should be in a much better position.

But even so, in this case, if Lin Ming still remained unconscious and missed the third round of matches and allowed Frost Dream to draw a bye, this would be proof that his injuries were extremely heavy!

This sort of wound was likely to leave permanent damage behind!

To a genius, this was undoubtedly a tremendous loss! It might even affect his future achievements.

’’If he really is heavily injured then Lin Ming's losses will be great. Isn't Vast Cosmos the referee? How come he didn't stop the match?’’

’’How could it be so easy? All of these geniuses are difficult to measure with common sense. Even for a half-step Empyrean, it's impossible for them to determine who is weaker or stronger before they fight. There are bound to be unexpected surprises. This time Lin Ming truly didn't consider the situation. These young ones are far too spirited.’’

As Lin Ming was unconscious, news of his situation spread through the arena. As people heard this, they began to think that Lin Ming had tried too hard to show off in front of Hang Chi, and had suffered a soul wound because of it. Not even Vast Cosmos was able to cure him.

This was the heart of human jealousy, something everyone possessed. As the audience saw Lin Ming suffer, some of them were sorry for him but some were also gloating at his suffering. For instance, the Skydark Holy Lands' Nether Limitless was extremely happy to hear this. The deeper Lin Ming's wounds were, the better it was.

At this time, deep within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe said to Empyrean divine Dream, ’’What is wrong with Lin Ming? I don't feel as if his soul has been injured, so why hasn't he awoken after such a long time?’’

Let alone Empyrean Vast Universe, not even Empyrean divine Dream was able to see through the divine soul mark that Empyrean divine Seal left behind.

Empyrean divine Dream shook her head, saying, ’’It's hard to say. Perhaps it might have something to do with the time he climbed up the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step.’’

’’If he continues to stay asleep then the tournament will end. He still has a match left with Frost Dream. Do you plan on sentencing Lin Ming to a loss?’’

Although Empyrean Vast Universe didn't think that Lin Ming had a chance of winning, it was still too careless to so easily decide someone's defeat.

divine Dream said, ’’Have Lin Ming placed into a time enchantment... a 1:100 time flow. He should be able to wake up. Characters like him will not fall from the altar so easily and he still has a long road awaiting him. He will surely pass this trial.’’

As divine Dream spoke, Empyrean Vast Universe could only concur. He sent an order to Xin Shenzi to have Lin Ming placed into a 1:100 time flow enchantment.

Xin Shenzi himself was a Great World King master so it was easy for him to lay down such an enchantment. After he set down Lin Ming in a good position, he reached out and waved his hands. Four jade bunnies leapt out from his spirit beast chart, transforming into four beautiful young girls within the enchantment.

These four young girls all originated from the monster race and their cultivations were equal to a late Revolving Core realm human's. They were only a single step away from making a breakthrough. The jade bunny clan of the monster race had a naturally docile and gentle temperament. They had fallen into dire straits and were rescued by Xin Shenzi. At the time, Xin Shenzi just happened to have a spirit beast chart magic tool, so he accepted them as his secret disciples.

’’The four of you will be responsible for looking after Lin Ming. Do not allow the slightest error to occur. Until he wakes up, immediately report to me any changes that occur.’’


Following that, within the time enchantment, the four Revolving Core young girls of the monster race spent every second of the day watching and caring for Lin Ming. Their actions were orderly and meticulous.

However, when these four young girls entered the enchantment to care for Lin Ming, they never imagined it would be for such a long time.

Soon, half a year passed and Lin Ming still remained asleep as before!

For such a long time, these four young girls constantly stared at the face of a single young man and their lives were naturally boring. Luckily, Lin Ming had an extraordinarily handsome face with an excellent and dashing temperament. Looking at him all day was a comfortable experience.

This continued to eight months, nine months...

Lin Ming still didn't wake up.

If an ordinary person slept for such a long time, their body would have become smelly and covered with sores. However, Lin Ming remained clean and free of dust the entire time. He exuded a hint of masculinity that was pleasant to smell. Thus, these four young girls didn't have to do something so embarrassing like wiping down his body or helping him bathe.

Slowly, one year passed...

During this year, Lin Ming constantly comprehended within the samsara world. Immersed in a sea of Laws, he forgot time, and forgot all else.

He even forgot the memory that he had been struck by the Wheel of Samsara and was experiencing a long dream. Rather, he thought that this was his life, that this was reality.

Every day was spent in non-stop pondering and meditation. Sometimes Lin Ming was like a rock, sitting still for an entire month. Within this dream, his body was surrounded with countless dao patterns and Law fragments, These dao patterns ran over him like trickling water before flowing into his body and then slowly leaking out from his pores. Everything seemed harmonious, like a perfect cycle.

What sort of character was Empyrean divine Seal? The runes he left behind contained not only comprehensions of Laws but also fragments of memories. How could this be comprehended in several days or even several months?

Even with Lin Ming's perception, wanting to thoroughly comprehend these things and reform the divine Seal Art was extremely difficult!

In a year of time, Lin Ming had comprehended only a tenth of the Laws that Empyrean divine Seal had left behind. He had just barely managed to cross into the threshold of the divine Seal Art.

Beyond that, there were also many Laws. However, Lin Ming wasn't able to comprehend them because his boundary was simply far too shallow.

Empyrean divine Seal's boundary was just far too high. Just this tiny insignificant soul fragment was enough for Lin Ming to enjoy for a hundred years, allowing him to meditate on it for two or three large boundaries.

The truth was that this was something that only Lin Ming could do. If someone else were here, then even if they were a top extreme character like Hang Chi or Jun Bluemoon, they would still be powerless when facing Empyrean divine Seal's Laws.

This was because they had yet to comprehend the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. It was also because of this point that Lin Ming was able to obtain Empyrean divine Seal's inheritance.


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