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Martial World - Chapter 1314


Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314 - divine Seal Within Samsara




’’Benefactor Lin is truly outstanding. Your combat methods are filled with courage and vigor, but unfortunately, this poor monk will not allow you to succeed...’’

Hang Chi's voice was long and calm, accompanied by the vast echoing sounds of Buddha. And like the will of Buddha, it would not be defied!

Hang Chi placed his hands together, pinching them together in a lotus seal. Behind him, a golden circle appeared.

From within Hang Chi's body, Buddhist symbols floated out, landing atop the Samsara Domain.

’’Wheel of Samsara, Lotus Heart Bodhi.’’

As Hang Chi faintly spoke these words, a luminous gold light appeared from between his eyebrows. Then, a round relic shot forth from this shining light!

As this relic appeared, it flashed with a golden light, piercing through all shrouds. This light was like a materialized sword, cutting through all!

’’It's the Lotus Heart Bodhi! Hang Chi actually has the Lotus Heart Bodhi within him! No wonder he's so fierce!’’

In the honored seating section, there were several old men who immediately recognized this golden relic - the Lotus Heart Bodhi.

’’Amazing! Amazing! In the myths the Lotus Heart Bodhi is the reincarnated martyr soul of a Buddha. Every appearance is the new birth of a living Buddha! No wonder the low profile Mount Potala would actually send a direct disciple to join the First Martial Meeting this time. They likely wish to have Hang Chi gain more experience so that he can become the third Empyrean of Mount Potala in the future!’’

’’This is incredible. One has a phoenix true form, one has the Lotus Heart Bodhi, one is the Saintess of divine Dream Heavenly Palace. Moreover, there are also three more individuals that come from non-Empyrean backgrounds and yet they are all youths with monstrous talent. Of those six, any one of them could be a hero that dominates their era, but now all of them have gathered here!’’

’’Lin Ming doesn't have a chance. Hang Chi's talent isn't much worse, not to mention he's also cultivated for a longer time.’’

This so-called Buddha martyr soul was a legend spread down in the Buddhist faith. Some people speculated that there was an individual of the Buddhist faith who had reached levels of strength surpassing an Empyrean. Later, when he died in repose, his bones condensed into multiple relics. These relics were the Lotus Heart Bodhi.

These relics were incomparably mysterious. They would accompany some Buddhist disciples with extraordinarily high wisdom from birth, following them as they came out of their mother's womb.

Each Buddhist disciple that possessed a Lotus Heart Buddha was considered the reincarnation of a Buddha. As these disciples grew up, they could refine these relics into their very bodies to stabilize their inner world.

Those Buddhist disciples that possessed the Lotus Heart Bodhi might only appear every 10 million years or tens of millions of years;they were incomparably rare. Unless these people perished on their road, they would become eminent monks of their generation, Empyrean level powerhouses!

Hang Chi possessed the Lotus Heart Bodhi and he was also diligent and hardworking. It was no surprise that his strength was at this level!

Out of all the juniors, besides Frost Dream, there was no one able to challenge him!

’’Benefactor Lin, you have forced this poor monk to put forth the Lotus Heart Bodhi. That is already this poor monk's last resort. With the Lotus Heart Bodhi stabilizing the Samsara Domain, the might of the Samsara Domain will increase several times. I fear that Benefactor Lin will no longer have the chance to see through it.’’

As Hang Chi spoke, the Lotus Heart Bodhi flew out from between his eyebrows and into the Eight Sectioned Stupa, mounting itself at the top of the pagoda.

In that instant, the Eight Sectioned Stupa's eight gods began to release a flaming brilliance. The Eight Sectioned Stupa began pushing down on Lin Ming!

Ka ka ka!

The Eight Sectioned Stupa crashed into the grandmist space. The grandmist space emitted overwhelming explosive sounds as all the blood within Lin Ming's chest began to tumble. Even though he was facing Hang Chi with everything he had, he was still inferior.


With a detonating sound, the grandmist space was shattered by the Eight Sectioned Stupa!

However, the grandmist space was still a top transcendent divine might. As the Eight Sectioned Stupa broke into the grandmist space, its own light dimmed down at the same time.

’’Samsara Domain - open to the limit!’’

The massive Wheel of Samsara spun behind Hang Chi. Without the shelter of the grandmist space, Lin Ming was placed directly within the Samsara Domain, force to withstand the power of samsara!

A tremendous amount of the power of samsara as well as endless grudges rushed into Lin Ming's spiritual sea. His body shook as a tearing pain distorted his spiritual sea, nearly making him faint.


Lin Ming grit his teeth. Within his spiritual sea, a swirling black vortex appeared;this was the Samsara martial intent.

To use the Minor Samsara Path to resist Hang Chi's transcendent divine might!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, the Wheel of Samsara appeared, pushing down on that black vortex!

The Wheel of Samsara was over 10 times larger than Lin Ming's Samsara martial intent! Within the center of the Wheel of Samsara stood Hang Chi's will phantom.


Hang Chi said in a soft voice. The Wheel of Samsara slammed into the black vortex within Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

A completely disproportionate collision occurred, giving a feeling of near imminent collapse.

But at this moment, several Law runes began to appear from within Lin Ming's spiritual sea. These Law runes were the divine dream marks!

The divine dream marks landed on the black vortex, forcefully propping it up.


Hang Chi was startled. He originally thought he would win here, but he never imagined that Lin Ming's soul would be so tenacious. It was harder to suppress him than he thought.


Within Lin Ming's spiritual sea, the Wheel of Samsara and the black vortex struck each other, causing endless thunder to appear!

Hang Chi began to pray with Buddhist sutras. From between his eyebrows, the Lotus Heart Bodhi shined with a brilliant light. The Eight Sectioned Stupa came crashing down again. The Samsara vortex was at its breaking point!

Of Lin Ming's three cultivation systems of essence, energy, and divine, his soul forging Laws were the weakest. He had only practiced it for several months of time, and now he was being forced to use the Minor Samsara Path to resist the Wheel of Samsara;it was naturally lacking. Moreover, Hang Chi had also resorted to using the Lotus Heart Bodhi!

Lin Ming held on with all his strength. He felt an excruciating pain in his soul, and even the will form he manifested in his spiritual sea began to distort. It was clear that he was withstanding a tremendous amount of pressure!

Underneath this pressure, all sorts of illusions appeared in Lin Ming's mind.

At one moment he returned to his times as a common mortal. He was back with his parents. He married the princess of Sky Fortune Kingdom, he performed countless merits on the battlefield, and he was the idol of the people.

At another time, he had reached the divine Realm, and because of the secret of the Magic Cube, he was hunted down by innumerable powerhouses. With no way out, he was placed in a despairing situation!

There was even a time when his martial arts had been crippled by others. He was captured by his enemies and forced to endure endless tortures.

Each potential false lifetime rapidly passed through Lin Ming's consciousness. Although he knew these were all illusions, it was still difficult for him to wake up.

This was the Wheel of Samsara's 100 Cycles of Samsara. In each samsara, every life was different. It was nearly impossible to separate reality and fantasy.

Lin Ming was lost within this confusing flow of life. It was as if time had lost all meaning. He had fallen into a long dream of samsara. Although he could maintain his ego, he wasn't able to wake himself up from this dream.

But among all these dreams, there was one that shocked Lin Ming.

In this dream, he had returned to the glorious epoch of the divine Realm 3.6 billion years ago. He created his own Heavenly Palace, ruled the world, and resisted the great calamity to bring about an everlasting future.

He had seen this somewhere before!

When Lin Ming climbed up the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar, he had experienced a dream. Because of this dream, he had been sent into a deep sleep for over a month. The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, as well as Huo Violentstone, Qin Xingxuan, and Mu Qianyu, had all been scared for him.

But now, that dream had reappeared! And compared to before, it was even more lifelike!

Lin Ming became increasingly convinced that these were the runes that Empyrean divine Seal had planted into his body, soul, and inner world. These runes contained Empyrean divine Seal's memories as well as some comprehensions of Laws.

While Lin Ming was experiencing 100 samsaras, these dream memories turned into one of his lives.

Among the haze, Lin Ming arrived at a vast and boundless wild continent.

This land exuded a horrifying aura;it was completely different from any central mainland of the divine Realm. By just standing here, one could feel a faint pressure. This pressure didn't come from any powerhouses, but from the world itself.

This was a world that possessed its own pressure.

A tall man dressed in white robes stood above the wilderness. He looked up at the skies, his entire body exuding the aura of the Great Dao. This aura gathered together, turning into Dao patterns that floated all around him.

As Lin Ming saw these Dao patterns, he felt something familiar, as if he had seen them before.

This is...

Lin Ming's heart shook. These were the Dao patterns that Empyrean divine Seal had written down into his body when he climbed up the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step!

This series of Dao patterns gradually became clear in Lin Ming's mind. Inexplicably, all sorts of comprehensions emerged within Lin Ming's mind. These comprehensions were not his own, but belonged to Empyrean divine Seal.

As Lin Ming experienced Empyrean divine Seal's life, he also experienced his comprehension of the Laws!

On the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step, these Dao patterns and runes were the most precious gifts that Empyrean divine Seal had granted him!

As these Dao patterns appeared, the power of space and the power of time around this tall white-clothed man began to twist.

These were... Empyrean divine Seal's Laws of Space and Time!

In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if he had become Empyrean divine Seal, watching the circulation of Laws. This sort of experience and realization was extremely mystical.

’’These Laws, these comprehensions, are they what Senior divine Seal left to me?’’

Before, after experiencing that dreamland on the divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming had been utterly exhausted, with his essence, energy, and divine having been completely overdrawn. Because of that he wasn't able to comprehend these Laws. But now, his mind was alive and awake, and he was able to clearly see them.

These were the Law runes that Empyrean divine Seal had left in his body!

Where was the superiority of an Empyrean descendant?

It wasn't just resources and talent. The most important factor was that they had great teachers!

An Empyrean teacher had comprehensions of the Laws that surpassed the Heavenly Dao. With such skilled teachers guiding them, how could Empyrean descendants' progress not be quick?

But before now, Lin Ming had never had a truly formidable master. Mo Eversnow was fierce, but her strength lay in her talent. In terms of cultivation, even during her peak state she still hadn't reached the World King realm.

And now, Lin Ming had finally obtained the direction of a true supreme elder. Moreover, this person's strength had reached an unbelievable boundary. It was possible that he was the greatest powerhouse the divine Realm had seen for the last 3.6 billion years.

Not just that, but those Empyrean descendants were only taught through oral lessons and jade slips. There were none among them who had a teacher who was willing to consume a portion of their soul in order to implant their life's Law runes into their body.


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