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Martial World - Chapter 1311


Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311 - Against Hang Chi




The six paths of samsara were an idea of the Buddhist belief. It was reasonable that Lin Ming's Samsara martial intent originated from the Buddhist belief. When Lin Ming first stepped onto the road of martial arts, the Samsara martial intent had played an extremely important role. However, afterwards, Lin Ming had used it less and less. This was because the Samsara martial intent was unable to follow his rapid rise in strength.

After all, the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness was only an ordinary powerhouse of the divine Realm. The martial arts inheritances they left behind were naturally eliminated.

And now, from Hang Chi, Lin Ming could see an even deeper level of the Samsara martial intent. In fact, it might even be a small portion of this transcendent divine might, the Wheel of Samsara!

If this were true then there was a tremendous amount of space for the Samsara martial intent to improve. Domain type skills were already extremely rare, and the Samsara martial intent was also related in many ways to the soul forging system. If Lin Ming could combine the two together, his soul forging system cultivation could reach a new level.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, on the arena stage, Xiao Moxian and Hang Chi's battle had already reached a superheated phase.

To use the Samsara Domain to contend against the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!

In the skies, two massive vortexes tore at each other, energy recklessly surging outwards. The images of a gilded golden Buddha and a dark flaming phoenix appeared, dividing the world, struggling against each other! This fight was even more intense than the battle between Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian!

Xiao Moxian's Heaven Absorbing Demon Art failed to shake Hang Chi's foundation in the end.

Not to mention that Hang Chi had the Wheel of Samsara stabilizing his inner world, his thoughts and mind were extremely steadfast and unwavering. His body also had a certain zen aura, making him seem as steady and calm as the endless earth!

His body and his spirit were firm and unyielding, tempered through endless trials, invincible!


The vortexes exploded and a crazy amount of energy swept wildly outwards. Xiao Moxian switched her technique yet again.

’’Counterforce Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

A massive amount of dark energy spewed forth. Hang Chi sat cross-legged in the void, his hands bent up in prayer, as motionless as the world.

This Hang Chi gave off an undefeatable feeling. His foundation was simply too solid. It was hard for an attack to pose a threat to him.


The brilliant lights died down. Xiao Moxian paled as she drew back several hundred feet.

She wasn't injured. From start to finish, Hang Chi had never attacked her. He had only countered Xiao Moxian's attacks.

Of course, in such an intense collision of attacks, it was inevitable that there would be a backlash.

’’I don't want to fight, I don't want to fight anymore!’’ Xiao Moxian released her phoenix true form and pursed her mouth, saying, ’’If you aren't going to let me hit you then at least pretend to be injured!’’

Hang Chi faintly smiled. He folded his hands together, saying, ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian's moves are simply too strong. This poor monk is older than junior-apprentice sister by 12 years and is just around half over your age. Even so, my strength only barely surpasses yours. If I don't try my best in battle and pretend to be injured, then I fear that I won't be able to control it well enough and I will be severely beaten to the point of spitting out blood. I will really have failed then.’’

’’What a liar. Haven't you already cultivated your incorruptible diamond Vajra body? How can I possibly wound you with one strike?’’ Xiao Moxian curled her lips, as if all of this was too funny.

But as the audience heard this exchange, all of them were shocked. Xiao Moxian had just admitted defeat like this.

Although the fight had been intense, the truth was that Hang Chi had maintained the upper hand from the start. It could be said that even though he was going easy on Xiao Moxian, he never used any of his true attack techniques.

Moreover, listening to Xiao Moxian's meaning, Hang Chi's defensive capabilities were also terrifying.

That diamond Vajra body must be some sort of secret Buddhist technique.

’’I'm speechless. He is too abnormal! His Laws are strong, his body is strong, his foundation is solid, and even his defense is amazing. Just who can defeat him?’’

’’Even the might of Hang Chi's attacks are horrible. From beginning to end he never truly attacked Xiao Moxian.’’

’’Maybe only Frost Dream has a chance of defeating Hang Chi. It's possible that Hang Chi might not be any worse than Frost Dream!’’

’’It looks like the first three rankings have already been settled. First and second place should belong to Frost Dream and Hang Chi. As for Lin Ming, he's third! After that, I think that Xiao Moxian should be forth. As for fifth and sixth place, it will depend on the victor between Dragon Fang and Jun Bluemoon.’’

’’Hang Chi is 38 years old! While he was cultivating for 38 years, do you really think he just wasted his time? Just look at Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian for instance and imagine what degree they'll reach once they are 38 years old!’’

The First Martial Meeting was not absolutely fair. Age was an extremely influential factor.

’’Lin Ming, this Hang Chi is too fierce.’’

Mo Eversnow sincerely said from within the Magic Cube space. Besides the unknown factor of Frost Dream, out of all the heroic young elites present, Hang Chi didn't have the greatest talent but he was the strongest. Even someone as fierce as Xiao Moxian had been suppressed by him!

’’I understand... two years from now, Dragon Fang will likely be the same as Hang Chi. If I did not train for two years and fought Dragon Fang again, then I would lose without a doubt.’’ In terms of talent within this First Martial Meeting, Xiao Moxian was the undisputed number one. Because Lin Ming had displayed the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, he had been listed as second. Frost Dream was an unknown, and Hang Chi, Jun Bluemoon, and Dragon Fang all had talent listed around third to sixth place.

Mo Eversnow said, ’’There's no need to hurry, you still have time. You can display the breadth of your potential bit by bit.’’

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded. To be first place on the Earth Proclamation was already a result to be proud of. He could only try his best for the Heaven Proclamation.

After this round of matches concluded, Vast Cosmos announced the next round.

The first match was - Lin Ming against Hang Chi!

The second match was Xiao Moxian against Frost Dream.

The third match was Jun Bluemoon against Dragon Fang.

This time, the most tense match was between Jun Bluemoon and Dragon Fang. Vast Universe Heavenly Palace had specifically opened up a separate gambling bet for this match.

As for Lin Ming against Hang Chi, or Xiao Moxian against Frost Dream, there was no separate bet set up for these two matches because there simply wasn't anything worth gambling for. Although there was a slight chance that someone would cause an upset, the hope of that happening was too small. Even if Hang Chi's compensation rates were extremely low, most people would likely still bet on him and Vast Universe Heavenly Palace would suffer a great loss.

’’It seems I really am fighting Hang Chi.’’

Lin Ming took a deep breath. Without a doubt, this would be a difficult battle.

Four hours of resting time later, the new round of matches officially began.

Lin Ming opened his eyes from meditation and stepped onto the arena stage. As he walked on, he could see a young, bald monk wearing linen robes and straw sandals already standing on stage, smiling at him. Hang Chi had already been waiting on the arena stage for the last two hours, where he had been deep in meditation.

As Hang Chi saw Lin Ming walk on stage, he began to walk forwards until he was 1000 feet away.

’’Benefactor Lin, this poor monk greets you.’’ Hang Chi pressed his palms together and bowed.

Lin Ming greeted him back with common martial arts courtesy. His impression towards Hang Chi wasn't bad at all. This young monk held no earthly desires and was pure in heart and mind, only wishing to wholeheartedly cultivate. This sort of person wouldn't have a poor moral character.

As the audience saw the two people on the arena stage, all of them widened their eyes lest they miss the least bit of action.

Many people believed that Hang Chi had the capability of fighting with Frost Dream. As for Lin Ming, his strength was evident to all. Although Lin Ming was inferior to Hang Chi, he should still be able to force out some of Hang Chi's cards. This would surely be an intense battle!

’’Match, begin!’’

Vast Cosmos loudly proclaimed.

With Vast Cosmos's announcement, Hang Chi took out a long staff. As he did so, his aura changed.

At the start, Hang Chi had seemed like a gentle and naïve young monk. But now, his aura was solemn and dignified, deep and profound, his entire body containing a dreadful slumbering strength, just like a mountain.

His monk robes fluttered about him. With any simple movement, there wasn't the slightest flaw in his stance. He was impregnable.

’’Benefactor Lin, make your move!’’

No matter who Hang Chi fought, he would always allow his opponent to attack first. Lin Ming wasn't polite - he immediately thrust out his spear. On the Phoenix Blood Spear, purple flames lit up. The first four level Concepts of Fire fused together, fusing onto the spear shaft along with the fifth level Concept.

Virtual Disintegration!

Lin Ming used the fifth level Laws from the start. He was well aware that an attack on the level of the Blue Lotus Flame Dance didn't even have the qualifications to probe his moves, let alone break through his defense.

’’Concept of Virtual Fire?’’

Hang Chi's complexion changed. He brought his staff smashing down. With a brilliant light, the phantom of a bright Buddha appeared behind Hang Chi!

In fighting Lin Ming, Hang Chi didn't use the Arhat Staff or other simple techniques like Leopard Climbing the Wall. He immediately summoned his Laws and Buddhist strength.

However, those simple techniques weren't useless at all, because they were already deeply ingrained into Hang Chi's bones!

Every single motion and movement of Hang Chi's stemmed from the myriad 10 million senior supreme elders of Mount Potala;they were the total summary of their life experiences, all of them containing exquisite truths! In truth, the direct disciples of Mount Potala, from the very time they began to cultivate, whether it was using their fists, staffs, practicing movement techniques, or even drawing water, sweeping the floor, walking, eating, sleeping - every single thing they did had the mystery of martial skills fused within it.

These simple moves couldn't create an Empyrean, but when fighting someone at the same level, they would always give an advantage.

Hang Chi was in such a situation. He had accumulated all this training over time, and these movements had already fused into his very being, becoming habits that were a part of his life.


The purple flames of Lin Ming's Virtual Disintegration were broken apart by Hang Chi's staff shadows!

Hang Chi did not possess the Three Lives Pupils, but his strike was still accurate, directly striking the weak point of Virtual Disintegration. This stemmed from a natural martial arts intuition.

The explosive purple flame shockwaves that rushed out were unable to pose any threat to Hang Chi. As someone that followed the Buddhist principles, Hang Chi had long severed himself from worldly sins and emotions like jealousy and hate, thus this virtual fire had nearly no influence on him.

’’Benefactor Lin's age is so low and yet your attainments in the Laws have reached such heights. Moreover, this seems like a self-created technique. Your perception is truly amazing... then, this humble monk will now make his move.’’

As Hang Chi spoke, a strong gray energy began to gather behind him. A breathtaking aura that left one gasping for breath fell down, covering all.

This was the first time that Hang Chi attacked on his own initiative. When he fought with Xiao Moxian, he had primarily been defending himself, but now he was actively attacking!

’’Wheel of Samsara!’’

Hang Chi grasped his staff, drawing an arc through the air. Then, from behind him, a round and exquisite Buddhist chart appeared. This Buddhist chart was all-encompassing, as if the countless lives in the universe were contained within it.

This was Mount Potala's transcendent divine might!


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