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Martial World - Chapter 1310


Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 - The Wheel of Samsara




’’This Jun Bluemoon isn't simple at all!’’

Mo Eversnow commented from within Lin Ming's inner world. ’’There is a terrifying slumbering soul within that sword of his. It might be an artifact spirit, and it also might be the remnant soul of an Empyrean. It likely isn't that of an ordinary Empyrean.’’

’’Mm... I guessed about the same. If that remnant soul were to personally attack me then killing me would only take an instant.’’

Lin Ming didn't doubt the strength of that remnant soul. No matter how tattered it was, it was still horrifically strong.

That remnant soul had already merged together as one with the Yin Yang Soul Sword, subsuming the sword as its body. With it, that remnant soul could display a terrifying strength. If Jun Bluemoon dared to take out this divine sword in front of so many people, he naturally had something he could rely on.

Empyrean divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe wouldn't covet Jun Bluemoon's sword. And in the future, even if Jun Bluemoon went out adventuring alone, there might not be any World King powerhouses that would secretly move against him. After all, that sword had an artifact spirit made from the remnant soul of an Empyrean level powerhouse. With that protecting him, no one could hope to kill Jun Bluemoon. And even if they did, it would be impossible for them to subdue that sword.

’’This Jun Bluemoon has a great destiny about him. Since the divine sword chose him, he certainly has some extraordinary aspects to him. Moreover, his personality is impeccable. He is collected, deep, and an honest person...’’

Lin Ming looked at Jun Bluemoon, who was now hugging a little bunny.

After losing to Lin Ming, Jun Bluemoon didn't have any qualms with that at all. With this sort of martial arts nature, he would be able to walk far in the future without developing any heart demons.

Lin Ming could predict that in the future, Jun Bluemoon would certainly become an unrivalled powerhouse of his generation. Although he might not be the leading hero of the future, he would inevitably play an extremely important supporting role.

’’Lin Ming, you still have two matches left. One against Hang Chi, and one against Frost Dream! You have some hopes of contending with Hang Chi, but against Frost Dream, your chances are nearly non-existent.’’

Mo Eversnow speculated. When Dragon Fang fought with Frost Dream, Frost Dream had not displayed her full strength at all. According to this, the difference between Lin Ming and Frost Dream was not small. This was because Lin Ming was only a few points stronger than Dragon Fang.

Also, this point had been affirmed by the Yin Yang Soul Sword. That old spirit that had lived for countless hundreds of millions of years wouldn't say nonsensical words.

’’I know. Let alone Frost Dream, even my chances of defeating Hang Chi are a bit low! However, I'm still looking forwards to it!’’

Lin Ming wasn't blindly arrogant. He was younger than Hang Chi and his boundary was also a level lower.

Hang Chi was an ascetic monk who originated from Mount Potala. From birth, there were all sorts of arcane abilities used to temper his body. As he began to cultivate, he assiduously dedicated his being to wholehearted training, leading a lonely and diligent life. Now, he had been doing this for almost 40 years. How could his strength be belittled?

As Hang Chi was thinking this, he had already stepped onto the arena stage.

His opponent was... Xiao Moxian!

This was the match that was receiving the most attention in the second round.

To fight against Xiao Moxian, Hang Chi was no longer unarmed. Instead, he pulled out a weapon - a nine foot long staff that was plain and simple. The only decoration of the staff was its natural earthy wooden texture.

This staff gave off a very light and springy feeling, but it was also very flexible. It was unknown just which divine tree this staff was crafted from.

Xiao Moxian took out her Dragon Tendon Whip. She looked at Hang Chi, grinning as she said, ’’Big Brother Baldy, are you planning on letting me get a free hit?’’

Hang Chi raised a palm in front of his chest and held the staff with his other hand. He began to recite some Buddhist incantations. ’’Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian jokes too much. My martial talent is low and I can only rely on diligently cultivating over time to stand here. Humility is all I can show here.’’

’’This Hang Chi is too modest.’’

’’That's right, but this is the inheritance of Mount Potala. They live truly modest and pious lives. Even though they don't speak much, every word they speak is true.’’

A genius like Hang Chi had actually said that his martial talent was low. If it were anyone else, that would have really roused the hatred of other young elites to spit on them. But when these words were spoken by Hang Chi, they didn't seem false at all. Rather, he seemed open-minded and humble.

Xiao Moxian felt that an old-fashioned stick in the mud like Hang Chi was very fun to play with. She laughed, ’’If your martial talent is low, how can anyone still live?’’

Hang Chi said, ’’Although a poor monk like me has low martial talent, my heart is open to the Great Dao. In front of the Great Dao, all living beings are nothing but ants. There is really nothing worthy of showing off.’’

’’Haha, such serious monk words are really boring. Okay, let's start!’’ As Xiao Moxian spoke she suddenly extended her two Dark Phoenix wings from her back. Law runes also began to shimmer on her face. She was displaying her phoenix true form once again.

Those two wings that had been pierced through by Lin Ming had already been completely healed. From this, it could be seen that the great regenerative ability of the phoenix true form far surpassed Lin Ming's.

’’Phoenix true feathers - 9900 swords!’’

Xiao Moxian suddenly shouted out loud. From all around her, killing intent surged out. Feathers continuously shot out from her two black wings, turning into an infinite forest of swords!

Each black feather was about 10 feet long, black and shining with a cold light.

The feathers of her wings had all transformed into swords! A cold light reflected off of them, thrusting straight into the hearts of others!

’’What a strong killing intent! Xiao Moxian has never used this attack before!’’

’’When Xiao Moxian fought with Lin Ming, their battle reached such heights and yet she held back... no, it's not that she held back, but that she didn't have enough time to use all her different techniques!’’

’’Phoenix feathers are originally superb materials for crafting weapons. Xiao Moxian transformed her own feathers into weapons instead. This attack is extremely strong;it is definitely one of her killing moves!’’

Xiao Moxian's talent was at the pinnacle of geniuses and she had far too many moves she could use. Her comprehension of Laws was also extremely rich and varied. When she fought with Lin Ming, she didn't use a great number of her techniques. After just several collisions, she had been defeated.

Of course, even if she used these moves, Xiao Moxian still wouldn't have won. Lin Ming's power had come from the suppression of higher Laws.

Woosh woosh woosh!

9900 phoenix feather swords pierced towards Hang Chi. Facing this dense forest of blades, Hang Chi didn't bat an eye. His figure moved as he sprinted forwards like an agile leopard - this was his movement technique, Leopard Climbing the Wall.

Although this movement technique had an extremely simple name, it was in fact very high quality. When used by Hang Chi, it showed a breathtaking effect. All of those laser-like sword lights were completely dodged by him.

’’Arhat Staff!’’

The staff in Hang Chi's hands transformed into endless staff shadows. All of those phoenix feather sword lights were completely shattered by him.

Hang Chi's movements were simple and concise, but also contained a feeling like passing clouds or trickling rivers. It gave off an extremely harmonious feeling. Watching Hang Chi in action was simply an enjoyable pleasure.

But at this time, Xiao Moxian switched styles. In the skies, roiling fire clouds appeared. Endless black torrents of flame fell down, attacking Hang Chi with those 9900 phoenix feathers.

The phoenix feather swords ignited with black flames, filling the world with a ghastly killing intent.

By fusing the phoenix true fire and phoenix feathers together, the Laws of Xiao Moxian's attacks immediately shot up towards the level of the Heavenly Dao.

Facing this strike, Hang Chi could no longer rely on the Arhat Staff or Backboxing Fist to resist.

A solemn light appeared on Hang Chi's face. His loose monk robes began to rise up as he extended his arms out horizontally. All around him, golden Buddhist runes began to appear, circulating about, spilling forth with a dazzling radiance!

Faintly, from somewhere far away, the sounds of Buddhist chants seemed to echo through the air. Hang Chi had finally shown his true ability - this was one of Mount Potala's transcendent divine mights.

’’Wheel of Samsara!’’

Hang Chi grasped the staff in his hands and drew an arc in the skies, leaving behind a golden light in its path. This golden light finally composed a Buddhist chart. This Buddhist chart contained six round golden circles. Within these golden circles were illusory images. There were blood demons, hungry ghosts, beasts, ghost slaves, humans, and even heavenly gods.

As Lin Ming saw this Buddhist chart, he was stunned. He had seen this Buddhist chart somewhere before!

Before Lin Ming could think further about this, Hang Chi and Xiao Moxian's attacks had already collided. The 9900 swords pierced into the Buddhist chart as both exploded together!

Xiao Moxian cried out in alarm as she was sent flying backwards. Those 9900 swords as well as her phoenix true fire had been sucked up by that Wheel of Samsara and disappeared!

At the same time, Hang Chi's Wheel of Samsara also faded away after that strike. In this brief collision he had come out evenly matched with Xiao Moxian. However, Xiao Moxian's true essence was in chaos, as if she had overdrawn herself. As for Hang Chi, his breathing was calm and his aura was like a mountain, steady and unshakable.

It was clear from this that Hang Chi's foundation was much deeper than Xiao Moxian's.

This was the accumulated efforts and bitter cultivation of almost 40 years;how could it be nothing?

Underneath the arena stage, Lin Ming's eyebrows shot up. His eyes stared unblinkingly at Hang Chi as a faint guess began to appear in his heart.

And at this time, Xiao Moxian launched another attack. She poured all of the Phoenix Law runes within her body into the flames. Black flames surged forwards, sweeping out to the horizon!

Flames howled. At the same time, behind Xiao Moxian, a wild amount of heaven and earth origin energy began to spin around, forming a massive black vortex.

’’Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

While Xiao Moxian used the phoenix true flames she also displayed the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. This was her all-out attack!

And at this time, from behind Hang Chi, another vortex also appeared.

This was an origin energy vortex completely different from Xiao Moxian's. This vortex seemed to contain infinite suffering and tribulations. Looking into this vortex made one feel as if they had experienced an endless cycle of samsara, nearly losing their ego.

This spinning black vortex finally fell into Hang Chi's eyes. His eyes seemed as if they could swallow all of existence!

’’Samsara Domain, sink into the sea of suffering, surpass all living beings!’’

As Hang Chi slowly spoke, a separate space formed around him, seeming as if it were flooded with the countless suffering souls.

As Lin Ming saw this domain, he let out a cold breath. Hang Chi's Samsara Domain came from the same origin as his Samsara martial intent!

As for those six golden circles in the Buddhist chart, the reason Lin Ming felt that it was familiar was because he had experienced something similar in the past, when he adventured in the Southern Wilderness and entered the Sorcerer Pagoda. Starting from the first level and rushing upwards, the trials he had to pass corresponded with the six revolutions of samsara. There were blood demons, hungry ghosts, beasts, a witch slave, humans, and a heavenly god. These levels all corresponded with Hang Chi's Buddhist chart.

’’Was the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness an outer disciple of Mount Potala?’’

This idea suddenly flashed through Lin Ming's mind. He guessed that the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness should have reached the divine Lord realm, and the requirements to become an outer disciple of Mount Potala shouldn't be too high. Even if the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness wasn't able to enter Mount Potala, he still should have joined a sect with a deep connection to Mount Potala.


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