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Martial World - Chapter 1309


Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 - Another Victory




’’It's that move again, Heavenly Dao Judgment!’’

Some people shouted out from the audience.

’’Lin Ming has already used this move three times. Even if Xiao Moxian were to face it, she would still be heavily injured!’’

Heavenly Dao Judgment was Lin Ming's self-created transcendent divine might. Although he had used it many times, there still hadn't been anyone who had truly broken it.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The might of thunder tribulation and fire tribulation recklessly crashed down. Jun Bluemoon's expression was earnest. Both of his hands began to draw a primal chaos diagram. For a time, all that existed in the world was black and white, with no other colors.

Beneath Jun Bluemoon's feet, a massive yin yang diagram several miles wide appeared. Within this yin yang diagram, the rust-stained sword began to emit a soft light. Although this light was weak, it still pierced straight into the hearts of those watching, giving off an unspeakable feeling.

’’Yin Yang Soul Sword, Three Realms to Void!’’

Jun Bluemoon thrust out his sword. In that instant, his sword seemed to come to life. Each and every rust stain on that sword began to emit dazzling Law runes.

According to Empyrean divine Dream's speculations, these rust stains were not ordinary at all;they were the blood of a true divine being!

What was a divine being? Perhaps only an existence that surpassed an Empyrean was worthy of this title.

With a slash of the sword, that raging purple and red sea was pulled over, turning into a vortex of Laws.

Jun Bluemoon had used his strongest strike!

Jun Bluemoon's great strength lay not just in his Yin Yang Laws, but also the sword in his hands. This was a divine sword that even Empyrean divine Dream was paying attention to.

When Jun Bluemoon galvanized the might of this divine sword, that was when he could display his strongest combat strength.

In that moment, the several hundred millions of people present saw a massive yin yang diagram rise towards the endless sea of flame and thunder in the skies.

As the two forces crashed together, a terrifying explosive sound echoed out.


Lin Ming was shocked. He discovered that his dual fire and thunder tribulations were being sucked in by that yin yang diagram.

Jun Bluemoon wanted to use his yin yang diagram to swallow his Heavenly Dao Judgment?

Lin Ming didn't doubt that with Jun Bluemoon's ability to utilize the Laws, once he swallowed that Heavenly Dao Judgment he would also be able to use that as the foundation to form another yin yang diagram. Then, once all the yin yang diagrams combined together, Jun Bluemoon's final strike would reach unimaginable levels. Lin Ming might even be instantly defeated by that. In other words, he would be defeated by his own strength!

’’That is amazing, but...’’

Lin Ming suddenly switched his spear potential. Within his body, astral essence, spirit essence, and true essence completely gathered in his inner world, fully fusing together.

’’Three Essences as One!’’

Lin Ming gathered the three energies to form the power of divinity, pouring that into the Phoenix Blood Spear. At that moment, Lin Ming's strength crazily rose yet again.

Astral essence, spirit essence and true essence were three energies that formed the power of divinity;it was of a different quality to pure true essence. The wild power of divinity rushed towards the Heavenly Dao Judgment. All around Lin Ming, the phantoms of 33 dao tablets began to appear!

These 33 dao tablets contained the charm of the divine Seal Altar and symbolized the Concept of the 33 heavens. At this time, they hurtled forwards, falling into that primal chaos yin yang diagram!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Dao tablets cracked, shattering into pieces. And as each dao tablet exploded, the yin yang primal chaos chart also shook, with cracks appearing all over the surface.

When all the dao tablets had blown up, the yin yang primal chaos chart also fully disintegrated.

Bang - !

A terrifying detonation rang out. Countless black and white lights covered the entire arena stage. Everyone in the audience held their breath, feeling constrained by this immense aura.

It was only when the energy dissipated that everyone was able to see the arena stage. Lin Ming and Jun Bluemoon were still standing a thousand feet away from each other. They had consumed a great deal of energy and their attacks had broken down at the same time. It could only be said that their collision had been evenly matched so far.

’’Lin Ming used Heavenly Dao Judgment and still wasn't able to defeat Jun Bluemoon?’’

’’How can this be?’’

’’This Jun Bluemoon is also too terrifying!’’

Heavenly Dao Judgment had left far too deep an impression on everyone present. As an elementary transcendent divine might, it naturally deserved such fame. In Lin Ming's last two fights, he had used Heavenly Dao Judgment to defeat Dragon Fang and then frustrate Xiao Moxian. Its might was incomparable!

Many people thought that when Lin Ming used Heavenly Dao Judgment, it would be impossible for Jun Bluemoon to block it. In particular this enhanced version of Heavenly Dao Judgment;even Xiao Moxian had been defeated.

But the result went beyond everyone's expectations. No one knew what he had done, but Jun Bluemoon's primal chaos diagram was actually so formidable that it was able to counterbalance the Heavenly Dao Judgment.

’’How could it be so strong!’’

Lin Ming was bewildered. He had originally believed he would win, because he felt that even though Jun Bluemoon's Laws were profound and exquisite, he still had a weakness, and that was that his strength and intensity of his energy were far inferior to that of himself and Xiao Moxian.

Thus, Lin Ming planned to use Heavenly Dao Judgment to break apart the harmony of the yin yang diagram and achieve victory in a single go!

If he had used Three Essences as One to display Heavenly Dao Judgment and even that had failed, then there was only a single move left - to burn his blood essence with the Gate of Life and reach his strongest state to display a final attack. However, if he did this and wounded Jun Bluemoon, his own consumption of energy would be tremendous. After this match there was still Hang Chi and Frost Dream. If Lin Ming burnt his blood essence this time then he wouldn't have the ability to contend with those two powerhouses later.

Although Lin Ming was shocked, so was Jun Bluemoon. At this time, Jun Bluemoon's face was pale and his white hair was in a chaotic mess. He looked at Lin Ming with incredulity and said, ’’You broke through my Yin Yang Soul Sword?’’

Yin Yang Soul Sword was Jun Bluemoon's greatest trump card as well as what he was relying on the most to defeat Lin Ming.

’’And what if I did? Didn't you also break through my Heavenly Dao Judgment? Even my strongest strike wasn't able to injure you.’’ Lin Ming felt that he should be the one to be more startled here. He no longer thought his odds of winning were high.

Jun Bluemoon shook his head, ’’It's different. This match, I will admit defeat!’’

Jun Bluemoon turned around and began to walk off stage. Lin Ming was shocked, and even the several hundred million spectators and the referees were stunned for a moment.

Admit defeat?

It was obvious that this battle was evenly matched, and yet Jun Bluemoon admitted defeat?


Lin Ming couldn't understand.

Jun Bluemoon turned around. His faint true essence sound transmission floated to Lin Ming's ears.

’’In that attack just now, what I used was not my own strength but the strength inherent within my Yin Yang Soul Sword. This is a divine blade with infinite strength, but the amount of power I can borrow is extremely limited... even though I drew on the support of the Yin Yang Soul Sword, I actually came to a draw with you. Thus, there's no longer a need for us to fight. I am sincerely convinced of my loss. If we continue this fight, it will not be you fighting me, but you fighting my sword.’’

’’The strength of the Yin Yang Soul Sword?’’ Lin Ming was amazed. No wonder... Jun Bluemoon didn't seem too strong but the combat strength he displayed was beyond imagination.

’’The strength of a weapon is originally a part of a martial artist's strength. There is no need for you to divide them so thoroughly. All the previous First Martial Meetings have also approved this, otherwise there would be assigned service weapons.’’

Weapons and magic tools were all a part of a martial artist's strength;this was a widely believed rule in the martial arts world. Although using superiority of weapons to defeat an opponent wasn't the orthodox path, it was still an undeniable truth.

’’My sword... is different.’’ Jun Bluemoon shook his head, not saying anything else.

’’Lin Ming, you and I are both martial artists that ascended from the lower realms, so let me give you some advice. Do not think of surpassing Frost Dream. She is different from us.’’

’’Mm? You are a martial artist from the lower realms!?’’

Lin Ming was shocked. Jun Bluemoon also ascended from the lower realms?

After ascending into the divine Realm, it only took several years for one's inner true essence to assimilate with the true essence of the divine Realm so that it would be impossible to tell the difference. If Jun Bluemoon hadn't mentioned this matter of his own initiative, then Lin Ming would never have known that he too came from the lower realms.

For a martial artist from the lower realms to reach such a degree, that could be called defying the will of the heavens!

It was clear that Jun Bluemoon's sword had played a major role in this.

’’Your destiny truly goes against the heavens.’’

’’As does yours...’’ Jun Bluemoon sighed as he spoke to here, his tone becoming a bit desolate and dreary.

Lin Ming felt that Jun Bluemoon had his own story, but that was something he couldn't simply ask about.

’’From what you said, do you know something about Frost Dream's situation?’’ Lin Ming could feel something special about Frost Dream, but he wasn't sure in what way she was. Frost Dream was an extremely mysterious character to begin with, and besides some figures in divine Dream Heavenly Palace, not even those from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace would know of her secrets, so how could Jun Bluemoon possibly have learnt them?

’’My sword told me.’’

As Jun Bluemoon said this he didn't speak further, and stepped down from the arena stage.

Lin Ming was still left dumbfounded. His sword had told him?

From this, it could be seen that Jun Bluemoon's sword inevitably possessed a powerful artifact spirit. In other words, a sword spirit!

And this sword spirit had already lived through countless years, accumulating an incomparably rich wealth of knowledge. One could see this from how the sword was able to see past the mysteries around Frost Dream.

’’This sword spirit is likely Jun Bluemoon's master.’’

Lin Ming suddenly thought. If so, then it could be explained how Jun Bluemoon was so formidable. Perhaps the sword spirit could even compare favorably with the Ancient Elysium Seal's artifact spirit. With such a master, how could his progress not be ridiculously fast? Otherwise, how else could a martial artist from the lower realms reach this step?

’’In this match, Lin Ming, victory!’’

Vast Cosmos loudly announced.

Lin Ming had won yet again! At this point, there were only three people that had an unbroken winning streak - Lin Ming, Frost Dream, and Hang Chi!

’’He won! How could Jun Bluemoon just admit defeat out of nowhere? Could he have been throwing the match?’’

’’Don't be an idiot, how could these people be throwing matches at a time like this. Jun Bluemoon overdrew his strength in that last move, and he might have been able to only use that move one time. Lin Ming can use Heavenly Dao Judgment more than once. When he faced Xiao Moxian, he used it twice. Thus, Jun Bluemoon likely knew it was impossible to win, so he admitted defeat early in order to retain his strength so that he can fight Dragon Fang and Xiao Moxian. After all, he still has some chance of defeating Xiao Moxian.’’

’’I don't think so. When Lin Ming fought Xiao Moxian he had to burn his blood essence, but he didn't do so against Jun Bluemoon!’’

Imperceptibly, without noticing it, Lin Ming had become a standard upon which others were judged. Besides Frost Dream and Hang Chi, he had already fought with everyone else.

And in that battle just now, even Holy Lord realm masters and above found it difficult to see through the intricacies of the Laws and energies exchanged. As for the energy circulation of the Yin Yang Soul Sword, even World King powerhouses wasn't able to see through it.


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