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Martial World - Chapter 1307.2


Chapter 1307.2

Chapter 1307B - divine Dream Space




On the arena stage, Frost Dream wore a simple and elegant dress that fluttered about her. She floated half a foot off the ground, her toes dangling downwards as her entire body was covered in a thick fog, making it impossible to discern her appearance.

500 feet in front of her was the black-clothed Dragon Fang. His hands were still wrapped in white bandages and his eyes were solemn. He had already had a premonition about how strong Frost Dream was. The degree of intensity that this divine Realm First Martial Meeting had followed so far had gone beyond his master's expectations.

’’Fairy Frost Dream, I can finally see just what strengths you possess.’’

Lin Ming looked at Frost Dream, who was on the arena stage. Before now, Frost Dream was easily guaranteed to enter the finals. Even so, she had yet to encounter anyone that could oppose her.

This was not because the referees of the First Martial Meeting favored Frost Dream, but because Frost Dream was too strong. Any seeded player who had bumped into her so far had suffered a loss without being able to display any moves at all. None of them had been able to force out a single card from her hand. If they tried, not only would they fail but they would also wear down their mentality and waste their strength.

In this sort of situation, no one was willing to fight Frost Dream. Frost Dream's opponents so far had basically been participants who were brought in to increase the numbers, thus Lin Ming hadn't been able to discover what her techniques or Laws were like.

’’Match, start!’’

As Vast Cosmos spoke, a cold wind surged atop the arena stage. Then, a snow white lotus appeared beneath Frost Dream's feet. This ice lotus shimmered, crystal clear, just as if it were made of glass.

As Lin Ming saw this ice lotus, he was stunned for a moment. He could clearly feel that this ice lotus contained the aura of mysterious Laws.

These Laws were similar to the divine dream marks that Lin Ming had comprehended in the divine Dream World. In other words, they were the most mystical Laws of the soul forging system. And, they were far more profound and intricate than anything Lin Ming learned in the divine dream space, making one feel unable to look up to it.

’’This aura... could it be engraved by Empyrean divine Dream?’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but think this. As the Saintess of divine Dream Heavenly Palace and also one of the most splendid direct disciples to ever appear there, it wouldn't be strange if Empyrean divine Dream were to somehow assist Fairy Frost Dream.

This ice lotus seemed ordinary, but it was in truth anything but that. This lotus was Frost Dream's weapon.

Empyrean divine Dream was an existence who could easily craft Empyrean spirit treasures. If she forged a weapon for her own disciple, its might could be imagined.

’’A lotus-shaped weapon?’’ Dragon Fang looked at the ice lotus beneath Frost Dream's feet, not daring to be negligent in the least. He had already opened the Three Lives Pupils.

’’Spatial mirror images!’’

Dragon Fang's figure blurred. One divided to two, two divided to four, four divided to eight, and eight divided into 16.

Facing Frost Dream, he didn't hold back at all. He formed 16 mirror images at the start.

16 mirror images struck out together. For a time, all of the power of space around Dragon Fang turned chaotic. The power of space was attracted to the sword wind, becoming part of the sword wind's killing intent.

Moreover, time also began to become mixed up. Although Dragon Fang's sword appeared to be slow, the truth was that it was extremely fast and its speed constantly shifted, causing one to be unable to follow it with their eyes. This was an extremely uncomfortable feeling. If someone were to face Dragon Fang's attack on this arena stage, it would be impossible to dodge it.

Facing these 16 mirror images, the ice lotus underneath Frost Dream floated upwards before splitting into several petals.

These flower petals were composed of seven ice crystals. There were larger and smaller ice crystals, each one of them seeming as if it were carved from crystal, cold and luminescent.

In that instant, the ice lotus turned into countless ice crystals.

’’Ruling Spirit Art.’’

Frost Dream's cherry red lips slightly parted. From between her eyebrows, a gold lotus mark appeared;this was her battle spirit.

Frost Dream's battle spirit had reached gold perfection!

The battle spirit fused into those ice crystals. Suddenly, all of those ice crystals recklessly shot forwards, gathering together and forming sharp ice swords in the air. Each part of the swords contained its own independent Laws. In just an instant, half of Dragon Fang's 16 mirror images were crushed by the ice crystals!

’’Three Lives Pupils - All Existence to Void!’’

Flames ignited within Dragon Fang's eyes. The meridians and blood vessels around his pupils bulged out. Within his field of vision, the pathing of those ice crystals had become clear to him!

The remaining eight spatial mirror images fused together. Dragon Fang slashed out his sword. Although this sword strike seemed simple, as it struck those ice crystal swords, there was a crisp crackling sound as all the ice crystals shattered!

All of the blood within Dragon Fang tumbled and he drew backwards. At the same time, a twinkle of surprise flashed in Fairy Frost Dream's eyes. Dragon Fang's Three Lives Pupils were no trifling matter;they were actually able to pinpoint the weakness in her Ruling Spirit Art ice crystal swords.

divine Dream Heavenly Palace's Ruling Spirit Art was a variation martial skill created by Empyrean divine Dream. Although it wasn't a transcendent divine might, it was still an extremely high level skill that had tremendously demanding requirements on one's battle spirit.

Of course, the reason that her Ruling Spirit Art was seen through by Dragon Fang was not because there were too many holes in it, but because her proficiency in this skill was lacking, especially when compared to Dragon Fang's Three Lives Pupils.

In this brief exchange that was in a mere blink of the eye, Dragon Fang hadn't yet suffered a defeat.

The audience sighed in amazement. But after Xiao Moxian and Lin Ming's battle serving as an appetizer before this, they were already mentally prepared and didn't react too wildly.

’’Frost Dream is only at the late divine Sea realm, but she actually managed to form a perfect gold battle spirit. That is truly incredible.’’

’’Yes, the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace cultivate in energy and soul and also have the divine dream space to help temper their primordial spirit. Whether it is their soul or battle spirit, both are extremely formidable. Among all juniors in the divine Realm, Frost Dream's battle spirit is the absolute number one. There is no one who could hope to compare with her.’’

’’The most amazing here is Dragon Fang. I thought he would just be directly defeated but I never imagined he could see through Frost Dream's Ruling Spirit Art.’’

It wasn't wrong that Dragon Fang was powerful, but after being defeated by Lin Ming, his aura of invincibility had been shattered. Many people believed he would be quickly defeated by Frost Dream.

’’Ruling Spirit Art...’’

Under the arena stage, Lin Ming recalled Frost Dream's attack just now. By pouring one's battle spirit into weapons, these weapons could be controlled to kill someone from afar. This type of cultivation method was not just variations of the Ruling Spirit Art. Rather, they could be classified into a separate system, which were battle spirit arcane skills.

These sorts of arcane skills seemed simple but the truth was that they were varied and extremely tricky to learn. A normal martial artist was limited to controlling two or three weapons, but Frost Dream was actually able to manipulate so many ice crystals, even superimposing them together for a much greater effect.

This was also reasonable. This variation of the Ruling Spirit Art martial skill was established by Empyrean divine Dream;it was far from what other battle spirit arcane skills could hope to compete with. Its requirements towards one's battle spirit were much higher, but so was its strength.

’’My battle spirit can only play a supporting role right now. It has miraculous effects for my soul and will, but in terms of actual combat, all it does is increase my striking power. If I can learn this Ruling Spirit Art then it will increase my versatility in combat.’’

As Lin Ming was thinking this, on the arena stage, Dragon Fang divided into 16 mirror images once more.

He continued to maintain the state of All Existence to Void.

Dragon Fang was crystal clear that the longer this fight dragged on, the further he would fall behind.

’’Void Extermination!’’

16 Dragon Fangs struck out together and the 16 sword lights combined as one. This was one of Dragon Fang's strongest attacks. When he fought with Lin Ming, he relied on this move to force out Lin Ming's Heavenly Dao Judgment.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The void trembled and the power of space was wildly stirred up. Even the power of time began to twist. This sword strike contained the large success fifth level Laws of Space and Time;its might could be imaged.

And at this moment, Dragon Fang suddenly felt the scenery around Frost Dream rapidly change. An unspeakably desolate feeling spread out from her, making him feel as if he had arrived within a separate space-time.

This is...

From the endless void, Frost Dream stood at the center of space and time. Her two pupils shimmered and her icy blue hair danced wildly in the air. From all around her, fantastical and dreamy starlight fell onto her, bringing out her ethereal and holy aura.

’’divine. Dream. Space.’’

As Frost Dream spoke these three words, time seemed to come to a standstill.

Then, from within the space around her, numerous vicious beasts began to emerge from thin air. Each vicious beast was incomparably brutal and fierce. Their aura was breathtaking and their appearances were savage. They wildly howled out, their terrifying roars gathering together to echo through the clouds.

Upon seeing these vicious beasts, Lin Ming was greatly shocked, ’’These are... nightmare beasts!’’

These vicious beasts were the same nightmare beasts that Lin Ming had encountered in the divine Dream World. In fact, they were far more formidable. Their standard reached that of the red-furred monster which Lin Ming had killed in the divine Dream World!

The red-furred monster was already exorbitantly difficult to deal with, but now, dozens of these beasts had appeared beside Frost Dream!

Dozens of nightmare beasts hurtled themselves towards Dragon Fang.

The audience was panic-stricken.

Just what kind of cultivation method was this?

’’Is this a summoning technique? An illusion technique?’’

’’Just what kind of domain is the divine dream space? There is a domain that can summon vicious beasts?’’

The audience could not understand what was happening at all. But underneath the arena stage, Lin Ming could, because he had many understandings towards the divine Dream Law.

’’divine Dream Domain... so this is what it is. This is a space that belongs to Frost Dream. If this space is a 'dream', then Frost Dream is the 'dreamer'. Within this space, everything falls under her control. If she wants light, then there will be light. If she wants darkness, there will be darkness. If she wants to summon soul beasts, there will be soul beasts. Within her dream, she is god. As long as anyone enters this separate space of hers, all must bow to her will!

’’This is a zone... an absolute space! Within that space, she is invincible!’’

The divine dream space was an absolutely terrifying domain. Compared to this domain, those little illusion tricks that Frost Moon, Frost Charm and the other disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace displayed were insignificant.

It could be imagined that this was a core secret technique of Empyrean divine Dream's dream-type martial arts. Non-direct disciples like Frost Charm and Frost Moon simply didn't have the chance to learn the divine dream space.

Or, perhaps they didn't have the ability to do so.

After displaying the divine dream space, Frost Dream was at her most horrifying. As Dragon Fang's sword lights hurtled into the divine Dream Domain, all of them were blocked by the dozens of nightmare beasts.

Peng peng peng peng peng!

Those nightmare beasts were torn apart by those sword lights, blood raining down. But at the same time, Dragon Fang's sword lights also dissipated.

Then, dozens of nightmare beasts rushed at Dragon Fang.

Dragon Fang's eyes widened. He wanted to retreat, but at this time, Frost Dream reached out one finger and a cage of divine dream energy appeared behind Dragon Fang, locking him within!

Dragon Fang was shocked. He wanted to use the Three Lives Pupils to tear apart this cage, but Frost Dream's attacks were too quick. Dozens of nightmare beasts smashed into Dragon Fang, causing him to soar backwards as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


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