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Martial World - Chapter 1306


Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306 - Might of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens




The three types of energies were like three massive seals, forcefully stabilizing Lin Ming's inner world. No matter what sort of fierce or violent waves the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art stirred up, his inner world remained unshaken.

For this situation to occur was also because of the difference in the heights of the Laws.

The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, no matter how high level it was, was still a cultivation method of the essence gathering system. What it absorbed was true essence.

But within Lin Ming's inner world, true essence, spirit essence, and astral essence had fused together, turning into the Laws of the 33 Layered Heavens' power of divinity, and surpassing the boundary of true essence. Because of this, the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art was unable to absorb it.


Within the black vortex, Xiao Moxian was startled. Facing Lin Ming, another strange situation had occurred!

’’How could you be immune to my Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!?’’

Xiao Moxian couldn't understand what was happening. Even if a divine Lord realm powerhouse were standing in front of her, even they couldn't say that they wouldn't be affected by her Heaven Absorbing Demon Art.

After seeing her own Heaven Absorbing Demon Art fail so suddenly, Xiao Moxian wanted to change techniques, but Lin Ming was already rushing towards her!

’’Three Essences As One!’’

Spirit essence, true essence, and astral essence fused together. Lin Ming thrust out his spear, pouring all of his power into it. Besides Heavenly Dao Judgment, Three Essences As One was also one of his strongest techniques.

On the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step, Lin Ming had once displayed this ability to resist the tribulation of dao tablets 80,000 feet up, and relied on this to overcome it. As for Dragon Fang, who had also been climbing up the divine Seal Altar, he had been defeated by the tribulation of dao tablets.

And now, Lin Ming wasn't just using Three Essences As One, but also fusing in the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation!

This was nearly equal to using the power of divinity as the foundation to stimulate Heavenly Dao Judgment!

In that instant, behind Lin Ming, the towering Heretical God Tree shimmered into existence.

Within Lin Ming's body, deeply buried in his flesh and blood, inner world, and soul, the Law runes of the 33 Layered Heavens began to emit a brilliant light!

All around Lin Ming, the phantoms of the 33 Heavenly Dao stone tablets appeared!

Deep within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, as Empyrean Vast Universe saw these phantoms, he was immensely surprised.

These 33 stone tablets were the great tribulation that existed 80,000 feet up the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step! Lin Ming's technique was actually able to show a faint charm of the dao tablet tribulation!

This was a phenomenon that appeared in Lin Ming's technique after he comprehended the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens.

The Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was not some useless comprehension. It would enhance Lin Ming's Laws and combat ability, and as time passed, this enhancement would become increasingly potent.

This was also the true capital that Lin Ming possessed to resist these extreme talents of the divine Realm.

As Xiao Moxian saw the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art fail and Lin Ming hurtle towards her, she immediately reversed her true essence. Behind her, the black vortex began to spin in reverse.

’’Counterforce - Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!’’

The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art was able to swallow energy;it could naturally emit energy too.

Counterforce Heaven Absorbing Demon Art - that was to release the energy held within Xiao Moxian's body and use it to exterminate the enemy!

The massive black vortex began to compress, shrinking down.

That swirling black vortex fell into Xiao Moxian's hand, and then was shot out by her!

It formed a dao diagram, colliding with Lin Ming's Three Essences As One!

In that moment, a terrifyingly bright light shot out into the heavens, covering the world!


Lin Ming's arms shook and his palms cracked apart. As the Phoenix Blood Spear struck the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art dao diagram, it bent into a crescent moon. The phantoms of the 33 dao tablets along with the power of thunder and fire crashed down.

Ka ka ka!

Cracks began to appear all over the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art! Then, it completely collapsed!


Xiao Moxian's beautiful expression changed colors. She cried out in alarm. Her Counterforce Heaven Absorbing Demon Art had actually been broken!

In this crucial moment, Xiao Moxian closed up her wings once more, forcefully withstanding Lin Ming's attack!


Xiao Moxian was sent flying back once more. This time, her wings were nearly pierced through by the spear light. Her body crashed into the ground as countless stones were sent flying away.

The terrifying energy gradually subsided.

Lin Ming spat out a mouthful of blood. His right arm had been fractured and his chest was also covered with blood!

These were injuries created by the impact and shaking force from resisting the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art.

Xiao Moxian's great strength has completely surpassed Lin Ming's imagination. He originally thought that even though he might not take first place, he should still be able to advance into the top three rankings. But, if he had known that Xiao Moxian was so strong beforehand then he wouldn't have thought such.

As the dust settled and wild energy dissipated, Lin Ming fell onto the ground, supporting himself with the Phoenix Blood Spear. His organs were broken in many places and he was heavily wounded.

As the audience saw the result of this battle, they didn't know what words to say to express their feelings.

This was an unbelievable battle in which both parties were ridiculously strong.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian has grown far too fast. I haven't seen her in just a year and this is where she is at. Her talent is truly frightening.’’

In the contestant waiting area, White King sighed with emotion. He and Xiao Moxian could be considered friends. Just a year ago, Xiao Moxian was only at the early divine Sea realm. At that time, he didn't think that Xiao Moxian was much stronger than he was.

Now after a year passed, White King had made some progress, but Xiao Moxian had leapt into the skies, reaching unimaginable levels.

If she had several more years to grow, just what would happen then?

And what was even more frightening was Lin Ming. In this battle he had resorted to several trump cards and had forcefully suppressed Xiao Moxian. This was a truly hard fought victory! With his mortal body and middle divine Sea realm cultivation, he had defeated Xiao Moxian with her God Beast bloodline. That was a truly incredible feat!

’’For him to climb up the divine Seal Altar's 33 steps is truly extraordinary. His techniques have the Concept of the divine Seal Altar's 33 steps integrated into them. It's hard to imagine just what boundary his Laws have reached.’’

As White King was thinking, Xiao Moxian rose up from the deep pit she had crashed into once more.

But now, her black wings were covered with blood and the wing bones had been pierced through by a spear light. Her beautiful face was also wan, making one feel as if she were feeble and sick.

’’She still hasn't fallen...’’

Lin Ming's eyelids jumped up. His current state was extremely poor. He had fused together true essence, astral essence, and spirit essence, utilizing Three Essences As One and also using the power of heavenly tribulation. Just then he had surpassed the limits of his body. That strike was his extreme peak, and his soul, body, and inner world found themselves hard-pressed to withstand the burden. All of his blood vitality was in chaos;it would be impossible for him to fight like that again.

But even so, he hadn't managed to thoroughly defeat Xiao Moxian. One could see just how formidable the body of a God Beast was from this!

’’I originally thought that Xiao Moxian's bodily defensive abilities were about the same as mine, but now it seems that those wings of hers far surpass my defensive capabilities.’’

As Lin Ming was thinking this, Xiao Moxian suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. The wings on her back began to slowly fold in and contract, and the runes on her body also began to fade away.

After several breaths of time, Xiao Moxian completely resumed her human form. She was nearly unable to stand steadily. It was impossible for her to continue maintaining her true phoenix form.

Lin Ming couldn't burn his blood essence forever, and Xiao Moxian also couldn't display her phoenix true form in perpetuity. At least, this was her limit before she experienced her first nirvana rebirth and heavenly tribulation.


Xiao Moxian ground her teeth together. Her condition was worse than Lin Ming's and she wasn't able to use her phoenix true form right now. She was nearly like a delicate woman, extremely weak. However, her hand still held the Dragon Tendon Whip;she clearly wasn't willing to concede.

’’That's enough, Little Sister, you've lost.’’

At this time, a light voice echoed out. Fairy Frost Dream was like a goddess falling from the highest heavens as she floated down to the stage. As she arrived, all of the raging waves of heat and flame, and even the Fire Laws completely retreated, as if they were blown away by a winter breeze.

Fairy Frost Dream lightly stepped forwards as if she were walking on lotuses until she stopped beside Xiao Moxian, gently helping her up. Then, she looked at Lin Ming, her eyes pausing on him for several breaths of time. She said in a low voice, ’’You're very special.’’

Her simple words contained an intriguing meaning.

This battle -

Xiao Moxian, defeated! Lin Ming, victorious!

The audience still hadn't regained their composure. They were all shocked, as if they were watching a dream.

’’Lin Ming actually won... how much longer will he continue winning for?’’

’’I really have no idea. But, in this battle, he's used everything he has.’’

’’At a similar boundary he defeated Xiao Moxian with her God Beast body. Even a young Empyrean isn't enough to describe him.

A young Empyrean was the most glorious title to describe young geniuses in the divine Realm. And in this First Martial Meeting, there were actually six people that were worthy of such a name.

But if words were used to describe Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian, young Empyrean was clearly not enough.


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