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Martial World - Chapter 1305


Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305 - Surpassing an Empyrean




The audience of several hundred million was cast into a deep silence. A massive pit of flames burned, and even the surrounding stone was melted into magma. A terrifying heat wave flowed outwards, causing the temperature in a radius of dozens of miles to be hotter than a stove.

Xiao Moxian had fallen into this pit. Her entire body was covered with magma and it was impossible to see her.

Lin Ming's strength had surpassed all expectations. At the cost of burning his own blood essence, he forcefully overcame Xiao Moxian in the aspect of the Fire Laws.

’’Xiao Moxian lost?’’

’’She hasn't lost, she was only injured in that last strike!’’

’’Xiao Moxian is also stronger than we thought she was, but Lin Ming is even more freakish! In this situation he was actually able to suppress her!’’

As everyone was speaking, that pit of tumbling lava suddenly exploded. Xiao Moxian launched her wings, soaring upwards!

At the moment when Lin Ming attacked, she had folded her wings around herself. With her protective true essence supporting her, she withstood his attack!

The wings of a true adult Dark Phoenix surpassed even an Empyrean spirit treasure in durability. In terms of offense, they could shear a world in half. In terms of defense, they could withstand the all-out attack of an Empyrean!

Xiao Moxian was still young, thus she naturally didn't possess this ability. Even so, her wings had reached the level of a high-grade spirit artifact. This was Xiao Moxian's hidden weapon. It could be used to attack and also to retreat!

At this time, Xiao Moxian's wings were stained with blood. Her clothes were also slightly torn. Her beautiful face was pale, making it seem heartbreaking to look at her.

Although she had withstood Lin Ming's attack, she had been heavily wounded.

As Lin Ming saw Xiao Moxian emerge from that pit of magma, he sucked in a deep breath. The body of a God Beast was truly abnormal!

The benefits that the Dark Phoenix bloodline gave Xiao Moxian were not just her comprehension and compatibility with the Fire Laws, but also her powerful mortal body. Her physical defense was no worse than Lin Ming's. To defeat her with just a single strike was impossible.

A strong gust of wind blew across the stage. Xiao Moxian's clothes began to float as her black hair danced about. With her slightly damaged clothes, not only did she not seem distressed at all, but she even had a certain beauty to her.

Xiao Moxian looked at Lin Ming, saying, ’’Of all martial artists at my level, you are the first one to ever wound me.’’

Xiao Moxian's voice was clear, spreading across the entire arena. No one thought that her words were a boast. Within her cultivation level, Xiao Moxian could be called unrivalled.

But Lin Ming was also the same!

’’Of all martial artists at my level, you are also the first one to force me back to this degree.’’

Lin Ming couldn't help but admire Xiao Moxian's talent. In that strike just now, he indeed had a slight upper hand. But, it couldn't be forgotten that Xiao Moxian was only 26 years old!

If she were to grow for another five years and reach Lin Ming's age then her strength would be unimaginable.

In the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, the one with the highest talent and the best future achievements might not be Frost Dream or Hang Chi, but Xiao Moxian.

Unless Lin Ming continued to comprehend the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens and stepped onto the road of Empyrean divine Seal, then in terms of talent, he would also be inferior to Xiao Moxian.

Xiao Moxian looked at Lin Ming. Then, behind her, a swirling black vortex emerged from nothing. This vortex was like the vast galaxy, slowly spinning.

This was... the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!

The audience cried out in alarm. The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art was the transcendent divine might created by Empyrean Demondawn. It was an utterly cruel, evil, and merciless cultivation method. If Empyrean Demondawn were to use this ability, he could instantly suck dry the life force and blood vitality of a hundred million people!

Because of this cultivation method, Empyrean Demondawn was dreaded and feared by the world. In the past, when he was at the Holy Lord realm, he had already established the elementary form of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. At that time, not even World King influences had dared to move against him.

’’Xiao Moxian is going to use the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. I wonder how Lin Ming will block it.’’

’’It's a bit muddled. Although Lin Ming had the upper hand a moment ago, it's hard to say just who is in a better state right now. If I had to choose, I would say that Xiao Moxian's background is a bit better!’’

Xiao Moxian had indeed been injured just now, but the body of a God Beast possessed unbelievable endurance. The wounds that she had would not affect her combat strength at all.

And although Lin Ming had occupied the upper hand in that last strike, he had burnt his blood essence.

The Gate of Life could restore a martial artist's strength and blood vitality, but, that was a process that required time. He wouldn't be able to continually burn his blood essence. In other words, it was impossible for Lin Ming to maintain the previous state from before.

Hu - Hu - Hu -

The black vortex began to spin faster and faster. Within the strong gales, Xiao Moxian's black hair drifted upwards, making her look like a blooming black rose!

’’Lin Ming, my Dark Phoenix body has yet to complete its transformation. But once it does, defeating you will be easy!’’

In the legends, a phoenix had to experience nine renewals of the divine phoenix, in other words nine nirvanas. Each nirvana was a rebirth through a bath of flames!

After being reborn from a sea of flames, a phoenix would become even more powerful. However, the number of phoenixes that truly managed to complete nine revolutions of nirvana was extremely small! A phoenix with six or seven transformations already possessed heaven-defying strength!

As for Xiao Moxian, she had yet to complete her first transformation.

If she completed her first transformation, she would also experience heavenly tribulation. Her flesh and blood would burn in a sea of fire, causing her strength to dramatically rise, and she would even obtain the ability to combust her blood essence.

The Xiao Moxian at that time would be ridiculously terrifying.

’’My goal is to surpass the boundary of an Empyrean. I will not let you hinder my road to divinity!’’

Xiao Moxian's words were bewildering. As the audience heard her words, they were all left panic-stricken.

Surpass the boundary of an Empyrean!?

Normally, for an extreme talent, making a resolution to become a Great World King was already an extremely lofty and ambitious goal. If they were determined to become an Empyrean instead, then they would be turned into a joke by others. Even White King didn't have the courage to say such words.

But now, Xiao Moxian actually said she wanted to surpass an Empyrean! How could this not shock everyone present? Many people also couldn't help but think: there was also another realm above an Empyrean?

Since ancient times, the Empyrean boundary had been incomparably mysterious. Could the realm above an Empyrean be that legendary peak of martial arts?

’’This Xiao Moxian is too crazy! I have no idea just what exists above an Empyrean! I fear that since ancient times, no one has ever managed to reach such heights!’’

’’Don't rush to conclusions. The history of the divine Realm is long beyond all of our imaginations. How can we know if there has ever existed someone that has surpassed the realm of an Empyrean? I heard that in ancient times, 3.6 billion years ago, there was once a peerless powerhouse who was suspected to have surpassed the boundary of an Empyrean. And that Xiao Moxian is definitely the top genius to appear in the last 100 million years. There might be a chance she could surpass the boundary of an Empyrean.’’

’’That's right, if Xiao Moxian says she will surpass the boundary of an Empyrean in this situation, then there really might exist a realm above an Empyrean!’’

To those in the audience, an Empyrean was a distant and illusory concept. They could not begin to fathom what existed beyond that.

At this time, behind Xiao Moxian, the power of the swirling black vortex had reached the peak.

’’Lin Ming, let me give you a word of warning. The Heaven Absorbing Demon Art is a cruel and overbearing cultivation method that absorbs all true essence. Although your Fire Laws are powerful, they cannot restrain the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. And beyond that, I cannot fully control the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art. Once I use it, I may cause permanent damage to your inner world. There is still time if you wish to admit defeat now.’’

As Xiao Moxian spoke, she slowly stepped back into the swirling black vortex, merging into one with it.

’’Words are useless. Come, make your move.’’

Lin Ming's entire body seethed with fighting spirit. Ever since he arrived at the divine Realm, this was his most hearty battle, with everything placed out in the open.

’’Then don't blame me!

’’Heaven - Swallowing - Demon - Art!’’

In that moment, all of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy for a hundred miles swept up towards Xiao Moxian. A terrifying power covered Lin Ming, recklessly plundering his body's true essence!

’’This absorption force!’’

Lin Ming gathered all of his true essence, stabilizing his inner world with the Heretical God Tree. Even so, he felt that the very foundations of his inner world were coming loose!

’’This Heaven Absorbing Demon Art is truly overbearing!’’

Lin Ming was well aware that once he couldn't manage to continue stabilizing his inner world, it would collapse, causing permanent damage to himself!

’’Even the Heretical God Tree cannot suppress it?’’

Lin Ming was shocked. The Heretical God Tree had a nearly imperceptible effect in stabilizing his inner world!

The cultivation methods of the universe were varied and wondrous. There were cultivation methods that mutually restrained each other, but there was no single cultivation method that was invincible.

Lin Ming was able to use the Heretical God Tree to suppress Xiao Moxian's phoenix true form and perfect fifth level Fire Laws, because the Heretical God Tree itself was the lord of fire;it could restrain all flames.

But now, in front of the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art, the Heretical God Tree was useless.

This was because the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art did not relate to the Fire Laws or Thunder Laws, but to the all-swallowing Darkness Laws.

’’If you still want to admit defeat, it's not too late!’’

Although Lin Ming's words had provoked Xiao Moxian before, she still admired his talent and even felt a twinge of empathy for him. For her to remind him again at this step was also showing just how tolerant she was.

’’Humph, you thick-headed idiot, then don't blame me for this!’’

Xiao Moxian's figure flashed as she formed hundreds of black seals. These seals flew into that black vortex, fusing into it. Then, that black vortex began to press down upon Lin Ming.

At that moment, Lin Ming gripped his Phoenix Blood Spear, true essence constantly leaking out from his inner world. If this continued, then in just 10 more breaths of time all of his strength would be drained. After that, he would directly lose his life's true essence and blood vitality.

That was permanent loss - he would not be able to recover it!

’’I can only risk everything I have for one final strike. If I can't defeat her with that then it will be my loss.’’

At this time, Lin Ming could only burn his blood essence and then use Heavenly Dao Judgment to send out his strongest strike. He would bombard that black vortex with everything he had and defeat the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!

Just as he was about to do this, a mysterious energy poured out from his soul, into his inner world, fusing with the true essence there.

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming was startled. This was spirit essence from the soul forging system!

Before he could think about it, the body transformation energy that flowed in his blood and percolated in his flesh also merged into his inner world!

This was the body transformation system's astral essence.

In that instant, spirit essence, astral essence, and true essence fused together in Lin Ming's inner world.

Before now, although Lin Ming had been able to fuse those three energies for a moment, it had never been like today where the other two types of energies were injected into his inner world! This was because the inner world was the domain of true essence;there was no exchange at all.


Three types of energies joined together. In that instant, Lin Ming's inner world was stabilized!


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