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Martial World - Chapter 1304


Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304 - Forcing Back Xiao Moxian




’’Lin Ming has manifested that divine tree phantom again!’’

Someone in the audience shouted as they saw that Heretical God Tree phantom. Before, in the battle against the Monster Prince, this Heretical God Tree phantom had broken apart his Space Laws. To crush the Space Laws with the Fire Laws, that was something that left a deep impression on everyone present. Although they didn't know just what this divine tree phantom was, they knew that as long as this divine tree phantom appeared, Lin Ming's combat strength would multiply!

Xiao Moxian looked at that Heretical God Tree phantom that was emitting a blazing light. She could immediately see that this divine tree phantom was something formed from the Fire Laws.


Xiao Moxian laughed out loud, her voice like beautiful silver bells. ’’Lin Ming! You are strong, but to think you would actually use such a move. Do you plan on dealing with me using the Fire Laws?’’

As the child of a Dark Phoenix, she was the ancestor of Fire Laws. If someone tried to fight her using the Fire Laws, how could she not laugh at that?

’’Within the entire divine Realm, the phoenix is known as the spirit of fire and stands upon the pinnacle of all Fire Laws! I am an incarnation of the Dark Phoenix, the queen of fire! I want to see just how you'll use those Fire Laws of yours to deal with me! I will burn that little tree of yours into ash!’’

Xiao Moxian cried out and her black wings covered the skies. Behind her, a fiery phoenix shot up into the heavens, diving into her flames. Then, the terrifying black flames expanded into an endless sea of fire, turning everything in the skies a shimmering black!

It was like a hellish apocalyptic scene. The audience began to cry out in exclamation. Even though they were dozens of miles away, they still felt as if they were being burnt alive by these flames. Many young elites pushed their protective true essence to the limit in order to resist the might of Xiao Moxian's turbulent flames!

Then, the pressure of having to directly withstand the attack of Xiao Moxian's flames could be imagined!

Facing Xiao Moxian's all-out attack, Lin Ming opened the Heretical God Force to the limit as he burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix!

His eyes shined as he looked at Xiao Moxian, slowly saying, ’’If you are the queen of fire then I am the king of fire! Let's see just whose flames are stronger!’’

Lin Ming's voice rolled over the audience like a billowing thundercloud!

As the martial artists present heard this they were stunned. Queen of fire, king of fire, wasn't that just a pair? Although Lin Ming might have another meaning, just how arrogant was someone like Xiao Moxian? That was the same as touching upon her reverse scale;one had to make sure they could pay the price of doing so. One only had to look at the Monster Prince to see what the fate of someone who provoked her was.

’’King of fire? Hahahaha! Then let me see what makes you the king of fire!’’ Xiao Moxian laughed, her voice impacting in the clouds. On her face and her arms, countless profound runes appeared. These runes were the Law runes that were engraved into the body of a Dark Phoenix. In other words, these runes were the miracle of Laws that were carved into the flesh of a Dark Phoenix upon their birth!

Xiao Moxian's 10 fingers linked together, moving at a high speed as she cast out hundreds of seals. These seals submerged into the flames. At that moment, those monstrous flames burned even brighter, as if a black sun had appeared in the world!

The Xiao Moxian who was using her Law runes was going all-out. This was proof that she was moved to anger.

’’How terrifying! The power of those flames that Xiao Moxian released is far too terrifying!’’

’’How can this be blocked. In terms of the Fire Laws, Lin Ming's attainments seem worse than Xiao Moxian's!’’

Very few people believed Lin Ming could win. Xiao Moxian had already reached perfection of the fifth level Fire Laws and she had even glanced upon the boundary of the sixth level Fire Laws.

As for Lin Ming, if he hadn't hidden anything, then he had only reached large success in the fifth level Fire Laws!

Moreover, Xiao Moxian also possessed a Dark Phoenix body. This caused the might of her Laws to be even greater. Lin Ming only had his own mortal human body, so how could his fire fusion compatibility catch up to a phoenix?

Against this killing strike that came from the suppression of levels in Laws, Lin Ming suddenly bit down on his tongue and spat out a red mist of blood essence. This blood mist covered the phantom of the Heretical God Tree, fusing into it!

’’Combusting his blood essence?’’

’’No, that is the ability gained from the seventh gate of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Martial artist that have opened the Gate of Life possess greatly strengthened regenerative abilities and blood vitality. Even if their fires of life weaken, they can still restore it. They can burn their blood essence in times of need to display their greatest power!’’

Many martial artists present had an understanding of the body transformation technique. When an essence gathering system martial artist burned their blood essence, that was a sign of their desperation. In a martial arts tournament that wasn't a life or death struggle, they would never burn their blood essence. Otherwise, they would only destroy their enemy by ruining themselves.

But a martial artist that opened the Gate of Life could actually combust their blood essence. This was a commonly used ability that they had. For them, burning their blood essence in a martial arts tournament wasn't strange.

Combusting his blood essence with the support of the Gate of Life - this was one of Lin Ming's final abilities!

In that moment, the Heretical God Tree released a dazzling light as it welcomed Xiao Moxian's surging black flames!


The Heretical God Tree took root in that sea of endless flames, wildly absorbing the energy!

And that turbulent sea of flames seemed as if it would swallow up the Heretical God Tree! Savage tendrils of flame swept over the divine tree, setting it aflame, surrounding it with raging black flames!

This was similar to when Lin Ming had swallowed the Ancient Phoenix blood essence and had seen the phoenix undergoing nirvana. The 1000 mile long phoenix perched atop a 10,000 mile tall sacred flame parasol tree, and that sacred flame parasol tree planted itself on a blazing fire star, all of its roots piercing deep into the core of that star!

What Lin Ming saw before him was such a scene. The Heretical God Tree was that sacred flame parasol tree, and the black flames that Xiao Moxian released were like a pitch black sun!

This was a battle between a young king and queen of the Fire Laws!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Waves of fire swallowed up the heavens, and the entire world seemed to change color. Even the void was burnt through!

’’Heavens, is this the Fire Laws!?’’

’’Too terrifying. The Fire Laws can also reach such a boundary?’’

In the impressions of a normal martial artist, the Fire Laws belonged to the five element Laws and were considered relatively simple Laws of average power. They simply couldn't compare with the power of the Time and Space Laws or the Yin Yang Laws.

But now, as these flames burnt the void, the Fire Laws that Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian displayed were truly horrifying!

This was the difference in the height of Laws. Xiao Moxian's flames were the true flames of a phoenix. When a phoenix used the Fire Laws, their ability was no worse than an Empyrean's. In other word, these flames were on the same level as a transcendent divine might!

As for Lin Ming's Heretical God Tree phantom, that was something that came from ancient ruins and it was impossible to determine its origin. Even so, since it possessed the ability to control even heavenly tribulation, its might was without doubt. It was an extremely high level transcendent divine might!

Whose Laws were higher and whose were lower? They could only find out through battle!

’’You blocked my attack? How is that possible!?’’

Xiao Moxian was extremely shocked. She had thought that after launching her Dark Phoenix wings, activating the Dark Phoenix bloodline with her, and also attacking Lin Ming with the perfect fifth level Fire Laws, victory would already be hers.

When Lin Ming had summoned the Heretical God Tree and decided to challenger her, she believed she would easily win this battle. This was because she knew that Lin Ming's Fire Laws were worse than her own. Moreover, within this world, as long as it was fire then everything would be controlled by her.

In this situation there should exist no possibility for her to lose. But now, Lin Ming's divine tree had far surpassed her imagination. He was matching her equally!

’’I won't believe this. Even if he can withstand me for now, I will still be the winner. I have the body of a phoenix and no mortal man can compare to my endurance. And, he has also burnt his blood essence. Even if he has the Gate of Life supporting him, he cannot last forever!’’

’’Flames Burning the Starry Skies!’’

Xiao Moxian formed more and more seals. The sea of black flames roared into the heavens, sweeping through the stars!

Lin Ming's Heretical God Tree was faintly suppressed!

And even though the Heretical God Tree was being suppressed by those raging flames, it still remained as tenacious and indomitable as before. The Heretical God Tree was even slightly absorbing Xiao Moxian's demonic flames!

Although it was extremely slow, those demonic flames were truly being absorbed!

Lin Ming's cultivation in the Laws was inferior to Xiao Moxian's. By burning his blood essence, he was able to make up for this deficit. In other words, the two were nearly equal in their cultivation of the Laws. But, in terms of the height of the Laws and their quality, Lin Ming faintly suppressed Xiao Moxian!

This was not only because the Heretical God Force cultivation method itself was extremely powerful, but because Lin Ming's Heretical God Tree had... crossed heavenly tribulation!

A phoenix was truly formidable, but Xiao Moxian was still too young - it was impossible for her to display the true glory of the phoenix flames. And not just that, but she had never experienced heavenly tribulation!


Xiao Moxian couldn't accept this. The domain she was most proud of actually wasn't able to defeat her opponent?

She was a phoenix!

Xiao Moxian cried out loud as energy swelled up within her body. Her entire body lit up with countless Law runes as she attacked Lin Ming with everything she had.

In that moment, the pressure on Lin Ming doubled. And in this raging sea of flames, Lin Ming focused his mind. Strength erupted from his body!

’’Heavenly Dao Judgment - fire tribulation!’’

Lin Ming released the power of fire tribulation locked within the Heretical God Tree. A power that surpassed the Heavenly Dao Laws hurtled towards Xiao Moxian!

Heavenly Dao Judgment, the power of fire tribulation, as well as burning his blood essence with the Gate of Life, Lin Ming was placing everything into this strike.

Flames more wild and more brutal than before gathered around the Heretical God Tree. Space trembled, the earth shook, and the entire world seemed engulfed by these maddening flames.

Even the surrounding timeless god stones that paved the arena nearly melted!

In the heights of Laws, the power of Heavenly Dao Judgment's fire tribulation was the true elementary transcendent divine might that Lin Ming had created. To approach the heights of the Heavenly Dao at just the divine Sea realm, this was the most extreme limit.

As for Xiao Moxian's phoenix flames, she had to arrive at the divine Lord, Holy Lord, or Empyrean realm before they would be unrivalled. Although her potential was great, at present she was still being suppressed by Lin Ming!

In a sense, the dual thunder and fire tribulations contained within Heavenly Dao Judgment was not something as simple as Lin Ming's self-created elementary transcendent divine might. Rather, it was an evolved fusion of a transcendent divine might that was created after the Heretical God Force underwent heavenly tribulation.

The Heretical God Tree finally overshadowed the terrifying waves of fire sent forth by Xiao Moxian. Then, it directly struck down at her!

At that moment, Xiao Moxian's beautiful complexion changed.

In that critical moment, she brought in her wings. Her voluminous wings wrapped tightly around her body.

The wings of a Dark Phoenix did not fear being burnt by flames. But in that wild explosion, Xiao Moxian was still struck hard.

She cried out in alarm. Her body was wrapped in flames as she fell down from the skies like a flaming meteor.


Xiao Moxian crashed onto the arena stage. The terrifying impact sent countless crushed stones flying away, even striking parts of the arena. If it weren't for the many Holy Lord powerhouses protecting the juniors, there would have been many casualties from this impact alone.


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