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Martial World - Chapter 1303


Chapter 1303

Chapter 1303 - Clash of Dragon and Phoenix




On the arena stage, the auras of the two people were extremely powerful. On one side was Lin Ming, his aura swift and fierce, piercing through all. On the other side was Xiao Moxian, her aura like a blazing inferno, scorching down the skies.

At this time, Xiao Moxian suddenly attacked. She slashed her whip, and with a howling sound, the space around her seemed to be cut down. Even if a mountain were placed in front of her, that mountain would be shattered by her whip!

A soft whip was an extremely difficult weapon to create and also an extremely difficult type of weapon to train in. However, once one mastered it, its trajectory was easily changeable and very difficult to defend against!

Lin Ming swept out his spear. A swift and powerful spear light met this whip, and with a crackling explosion, the whip light and spear light struck each other, producing a sound like rolling thunder.

Within Xiao Moxian's pupils, black flames suddenly shimmered. Her entire body was enveloped in roiling black flames as her speed rose to a dramatic new level!

A Dark Phoenix was a divine bird of the skies;its speed was not any worse than a Golden-winged Roc's.

’’Hahahahaha!’’ Xiao Moxian happily chuckled. ’’When I have fought other juniors of my generation, none of them have been able to keep up with my speed. If you can't keep up with me, there's no way for you to fight me!’’

Xiao Moxian's voice was like the clarion cry of a phoenix. As she spoke, she pumped her whip at Lin Ming. This whip transformed into 10,000 whip shadows in the air, filling the skies, completely covering Lin Ming!

Whether it was in attack speed or her movement speed, Xiao Moxian was unparalleled. She could only be called a young girl that was blessed by the heavens themselves. In the aspect of talent, no one was able to keep up with her!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void! Mystic Lightning Shade!

Lin Ming revolved two movement techniques at the same time. Even as he did so, he also opened the Gate of Wonder, erupting with his highest level of speed.

Woosh woosh woosh!

Lin Ming instantly avoided hundreds of whip shadows. His speed was extremely fast, forming dozens of afterimages as he soared through the air.

However, there were simply far too many whip shadows and they were far too fast. Just as his afterimages formed, they were nearly instantly slashed apart by these whip shadows, turning into nothing!

Even if Lin Ming's movements were nimble and agile and he was able to avoid more and more whip shadows, he was eventually being corralled into a dead end!

’’Lin Ming's movement martial skills are too low level!’’

In the honored seating section, an old World King suddenly spoke out. At their cultivation, besides judging transcendent divine mights, they could determine how weak or strong other cultivation methods were.

’’That is a problem of inheritance. Lin Ming's background has placed tremendous limits on him! Otherwise, having an Empyrean level movement technique is the most basic foundation of all.’’

Golden Roc Shattering the Void and Mystic Lightning Shade were not martial skills created by an Empyrean. Within the lower realms, these skills were certainly enough to shock and awe everyone, but in the divine Realm, these skills seemed quite shabby when compared to those of geniuses from Empyrean influences.

If it weren't for Lin Ming supporting everything with the Gate of Wonder and forcefully upping his movement speed, then these whip shadows might have immediately defeated him.

’’I'll force you into a dead end and see just what you'll do then.’’

Xiao Moxian grinned. At this moment, Lin Ming was covered with endless whip shadows with nowhere else to go.

’’Prime Emperor Lotus Flower - grandmist space!’’

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of an Azure Dragon suddenly appeared and a blood red lotus slowly bloomed. The vast and boundless grandmist space erupted, surging outwards, swallowing up all the whip shadows!

Pa pa pa pa!

A terrifying explosive sound filled the air. Many of the whip shadows that were swallowed up by the grandmist space blew up. However, Xiao Moxian's attacks were too violent and fierce. A great deal of origin energy still penetrated through the grandmist space and drilled through Lin Ming's protective true essence.

With a crackling sound, Lin Ming's protective true essence issued a series of bursting sounds. Power broke into his body, causing wanton chaos!

’’Gate of View!’’

Lin Ming opened the Gate of View and simultaneously activated the power of the dragon bone. His defensive abilities suddenly rose to a dramatic new level. Never ending world power erupted from Lin Ming's inner world, forcefully suppressing the chaotic true essence within him.

Hu -!

Lin Ming fell onto the arena, his face flushed red as blood tumbled in his body. Xiao Moxian's speed was indeed terrifying. Her attacks were tricky and swift, just like a deadly viper.

’’Eh? You blocked it?’’

Xiao Moxian's eyes flashed with a bit of surprise. ’’Your domain is really amazing. It was actually able to swallow up my attacks... it seems that my striking power was insufficient just now. But that was only once. Now I will be serious. I advise you to show me your complete strength, otherwise you're going to lose in an extremely ugly fashion!’’

As Xiao Moxian spoke, she spread out her arms. In that instant, for several hundred miles all around, all of the power of fire gathered to her, forming a massive origin energy vortex. Her aura climbed up without stopping and behind her the shade of a Dark Phoenix began to gradually form. This didn't look like a phantom, but was vivid and real, just like a true Dark Phoenix!

As this Dark Phoenix appeared, the pressure of a God Beast fell onto the entire audience!

The Dark Phoenix faced the heavens and released a long cry. Its voice pierced through the clouds and cracked apart mountains.

Suddenly, behind Xiao Moxian, a pair of voluminous black wings stretched out!

These wings were large, expanding 15 feet out in each direction. Combined together, they could easily wrap around Xiao Moxian's small body, completely folding her within them.

These were phoenix wings!

These wings were not transformed from energy, but were wings of true flesh and blood!

These wings were a part of Xiao Moxian's body;they were the symbol of a phoenix's true descendant!

With a gentle flap of her wings, Xiao Moxian rose into the air. At this time, she was like a dark angel, mysterious and beautiful, but also containing a terrifying power.

’’Let me caution you. When I reveal my Dark Phoenix wings, that is when my attacks can display their highest level of power! Moreover, my mortal body defense is extremely strong. A normal attack cannot break through my defense!’’

Xiao Moxian tittered. This was the powerful body she inherited from her mother. Even if she didn't cultivate, her bodily strength would far surpass that of almost all body transformation martial artists.

As the audience looked at the flying Xiao Moxian, they were completely stunned. After transforming, Xiao Moxian with her Dark Phoenix wings was like a goddess of night. Her atmosphere and strength were as different as night and day from before. Her entire body exuded a sacred aura.

’’How terrifying! This is the descendant of a God Beast and a person! In the entire divine Realm, that is a miracle of life that might not appear in a hundred million years. Her strength is mind-boggling!’’

’’It's more than just a hundred million years. I fear that in these last 3.6 billion years, the number of monstrous geniuses like Xiao Moxian can be countered on a single hand! It might be possible that she is unique, the only one to have existed!’’

The child of a human and a God Beast might have appeared somewhere along the river of history. But, 3.6 billion years was simply far too long a span of time. No one was able to trace back this entire span of time and determine if there were such precedents in ancient times.

’’We have underestimated Xiao Moxian's strength! I thought that she would be the weakest among the three top Empyrean descendants because she was limited by her age. But now, it seems that might not be true. Don't forget, she still hasn't used her Heaven Absorbing Demon Art or the power of her nearly sixth level Laws!’’

’’Lin Ming might lose this battle.’’

’’It's not a shame even if he loses. Lin Ming is already extremely good. For him to reach this step even though he comes from a mere peak Holy Land and also has a humble mortal background, that in itself is enough for him to be proud of.’’

Within the raging winds, Lin Ming stood tall upon the arena stage. His body was straight and tall, just like a spear.

As he saw Xiao Moxian unleash her Dark Phoenix wings, he knew that this would be a grueling battle. Xiao Moxian was absolutely not an opponent he could defeat in one move, because her defensive capabilities were also phenomenal.


Behind Lin Ming, the Azure Dragon phantom appeared once more. The power of the dragon bone revolved to the limit. Dragon and Phoenix, two extreme geniuses clashing together!

’’You have absorbed the blood of the Azure Dragon, right? Interesting. However, your bloodline density will never compare to mine!’’ Xiao Moxian laughed, her words coming from her absolute confidence. Amongst humanity, any genius' bloodline was nothing to her!

’’Take this!’’

Xiao Moxian's arms flashed. She hurtled forwards even as she slashed her whip at Lin Ming!

This whip strike was several times stronger than the one before. The tail of the whip was also alight with black flames. Xiao Moxian was using her Laws in this attack! After transforming into her phoenix form, even her Fire Laws had become incomparably fierce and wild!

Heretical God Tree!

Lin Ming didn't hold back. He poured all of his strength into his inner world and summoned the phantom of the Heretical God Tree. The Heretical God Force opened to the limit. As he thrust out his spear, a towering blue lotus smashed into that brutal black whip!

To use the Heretical God Tree to suppress Xiao Moxian's Darkfire Laws!

In that moment, the entire Heretical God Tree seemed to shine with a flaming light. In the skies, the phantoms of the Azure Dragon and Dark Phoenix crashed together, violently struggling!


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