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Martial World - Chapter 1294


Chapter 1294

Chapter 1294 - Seeing Through the Laws




’’Vast Cosmos, you actually dare to attack me. Do you really want to take on the burden of being the one to instigate a war between humans and the monster race?’’

The two monster race old men only had World King cultivations, but they didn't fear the heavens or the earth. In fact, there were many kings of the monster race that were like this. They wouldn't endure insults nor would they fear powerhouses. They were a crazy and wild race. In the past, there were people that abducted children with the royal bloodline in order to refine pills. Finally, the monster race completely exterminated the influence that person came from as well as their entire planet.

Many people knew that the monster race was crazy. Within their bones was buried the nature of a beast. They were like mad dogs;once someone provoked them they would crazily retaliate until their body perished.

However, Vast Cosmos didn't fear any of this at all. He calmly said, ’’Both of your lives aren't as valuable as you think. Be careful with your words or I'll break all of your bones before I kick you back to the monster race. In my territory, you best be more respectful!’’

Many humans couldn't acclimatize to seeing the monster race, demon race, or the other different races. In history, there were also wars that exploded between humanity and other races. But in order to truly exterminate the enemy, one had to pay an enormous price. It was simply impossible to do.

Thus, in the divine Realm, there were several races that still coexisted side by side. In the Sky Spill Continent, the giant demons, imps, and goliaths were all offshoot branches of the demon race. As for the fey, they were faintly related to the monster race, but the truth was that they were much closer to the human bloodline. The Sky Spill Continent had simply been isolated for far too long. After their bloodlines multiplied and spread out for tens and hundreds of thousands of years, they began to slowly dilute themselves.

The two monster race Elders' faces were filled with a cruel light. They looked at Vast Cosmos and then towards Lin Ming, their eyes shining with killing intent.

’’We're going!’’

The two monster race Elders brought down the Monster Prince but didn't leave just because of this. The monster race's arrogance also didn't allow them to do something which would weaken their own momentum like that.

They would continue to participate in the matches. Fighting and killing was one of the ways in which they lived.

’’Lin Ming, victory!’’

Vast Cosmos loudly announced. He looked towards Lin Ming, his eyes filled with appreciation. When Lin Ming had mounted the summit of the divine Seal Altar, he had been opportunistic, using some shortcuts, thus Vast Cosmos wasn't panicked at all. But now, Lin Ming, at the middle divine Sea realm and with a 31 year skeletal age, had defeated the Monster Prince. After reaching this step, he could be called a million year rare genius of the divine Realm. If it weren't for the fact that he was born in an era when countless unrivalled geniuses were rising up, then Lin Ming's light might have overshadowed everyone by far!

’’Lin Ming is too strong! Heh, what a good fight, that felt so great! I wonder just how that crazy monster kid will continue fighting.’’

’’This is incredible. If this continues then Lin Ming might have a chance of reaching the top three!’’

’’Top three? That would be struggling for the championship against the likes of Xiao Moxian, Hang Chi, and Frost Dream. Just look at the three of them. Which one do you think Lin Ming could possibly replace?’’

Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, and Hang Chi had all pierced through the hearts and minds of those present, giving off an unsurpassable feeling.

’’We have no idea how strong Hang Chi is, and although it is said that Xiao Moxian is extremely fierce, we have never seen her strength with our own eyes. But, we can clearly see Lin Ming! That Monster Prince isn't weak at all but he was still equally destroyed by Lin Ming.’’

Lin Ming proved his strength again and again. He didn't rely on rumors and gossip, nor did he rely on some influence behind him that raised him up. Rather, he had convinced people through his sheer victories in combat, convincing them without leaving a single doubt behind.

Moreover, Lin Ming came from a minor influence, which earned him an extremely favorable impression from many young elites of World King influences and ordinary Hold Lands. Originally, the Empyrean descendants were a great mountain that pressed down on the disciples of the World King and Holy Land influences. Whether it was in talent, resources, or inheritances, all of them couldn't help but develop thoughts of inferiority, making them feel as if it were impossible to fight against them. But now, Lin Ming had used his strength to tell everyone in the arena that even someone from a small influence could equally become an extreme genius.

This was truly inspiring!

Of course, while some people worshipped Lin Ming, there were also many people that envied him. No matter what happened, Lin Ming stood on the greatest stage of the entire divine Realm. Throughout every great influence of the divine Realm, there was no one who didn't know of him.

Lin Ming walked down from the stage and began to meditate. The Monster Prince wasn't weak at all. Although Lin Ming had still kept back some moves, victory hadn't come easily.

’’Lin Ming, take a good rest. In the first round you will take a victory, but in the next round you will be the first one on stage after two battles. Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and Hang Chi have all taken a bye for this round. After the first round finishes there will be a one hour rest. Do you have any problems with that?’’

Vast Cosmos's true essence sound transmission echoed in Lin Ming's ears.

Lin Ming and the Monster Prince's match just now had been temporarily inserted into the schedule. Because Lin Ming hadn't yet fought in the first round, this caused there to be a change in the match order. Because the Monster Prince fought in two matches, this caused there to be an odd number of remaining contestants so it was not possible to finish the games. Thus, Vast Universe Heavenly Palace had simply allowed Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and Hang Chi to all draw byes.

Of course, this method was to ensure fairness. Three of them had undeniable strength and whoever bumped into them would likely suffer a loss. Even though Vast Cosmos believed that Lin Ming had the capabilities of fighting against them, he would still have to use every card in his hands, which would cause him to suffer a disadvantage in the later fights. In this situation, allowing the three of them a bye was the best method.

’’I have no problems. May I ask who my next match is?’’ Lin Ming asked Vast Cosmos. Lin Ming's restorative ability far surpassed what Vast Cosmos imagined. He simply hadn't used a significant amount of energy in fighting against the Monster Prince.

’’Your opponent is... Dragon Fang!’’

Vat Cosmos said, stretching out his words. As Lin Ming heard the name of his next opponent he felt his heart quicken.

Dragon Fang!

He would finally battle Dragon Fang. He and Dragon Fang could be considered fated to meet. Both of them had grown together in the preliminaries, and because Dragon Fang had opened the Three Lives Pupils there, the range of his growth had been even greater than Lin Ming's.

Whether it was in the preliminaries or the semifinals, the two of them hadn't fought for a variety of reasons. But now, the time for their battle had finally approached.

This would likely be an extremely tough battle! It was also because of this reason that Vast Cosmos had advised Lin Ming to rest well.

’’I understand.’’

Lin Ming cupped his fists together, feeling a bit impatient.

The third battle of the first round was between Dragon Fang and Shiku.

There was an extremely small number of people that believed in Shiku, even though Shiku was also an impressive person.

’’Shiku... a dual body and energy cultivator to fight against Dragon Fang's Three Lives Pupils. This is going to be interesting. This brat Shiku has come across some fortuitous encounters, otherwise it would be impossible for him to cultivate dual body and energy to this level.’’

Vast Cosmos thought with a smile. Lin Ming was also paying attention to Shiku.

As Dragon Fang and Shiku stepped on stage, a wave of cheers washed over the entire arena. Most of them were shouting Dragon Fang's name and only a small number of people were cheering for Shiku.

Dragon Fang was handsome and delicate with extremely pale skin. As for Shiku, he was tall and burly-looking, like a roughly hewn stone. Because of this, Dragon Fang won the hearts of most young female disciples, not to mention that the strength he had revealed so far had surpassed Shiku.

’’These fellows really think I'm worthless or something. I don't believe I can't defeat this pale little dandy boy!’’

Shiku thought to himself. He wouldn't underestimate Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang's strength was truly amazing, but he was also confident in himself.


Shiku shouted out loud and his aura erupted to endless levels. In that instant, he was like a mountain that stood atop the arena stage! He cultivated the Earth Laws, and his Earth Laws had reached large success of the fifth level Concept.

’’Sky Mountain Seal!’’

Shiku grasped a staff and took the initiative to attack. This strike utilized the Earth Laws he comprehended to the max. As this attack came out, it was like a falling mountain, able to sunder the world!

Dragon Fang held the Dragon Fang Blade in his hands, an indifferent expression across his face. His pupils had already turned into the shape of needle tips - this was the Three Lives Pupils.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Endless earth origin energy gathered together, forming a mass of brown light in the sky that became a 100,000 foot mountain that began to fall down at Dragon Fang!

As the audience saw this they cried out in alarm. The weight of a 100,000 foot tall mountain was nearly inestimable. With the infusion of endless amounts of earth energy crashing down together, the earth would collapse! How could a martial artist possibly defend against this?

This attack was unmatched!

Everyone looked towards Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang still looked as calm as before. Within his eyes, he could clearly make out the circulation of Shiku's Earth Laws.

In that instant, Dragon Fang attacked. Without using any Laws at all, he simply poured true essence into his blade and then lightly thrust towards that 100,000 foot tall mountain.


’’He wants to use that four foot long sword to resist Shiku's 100,000 foot tall mountain!?’’

’’He's too crazy! Shiku's Earth Laws have long reached the boundary of substantializing his origin energy. This mountain is not a phantom but a true mountain of origin energy. If this attack connects, then Dragon Fang's arms will be torn off!’’

As everyone was speaking, Dragon Fang thrust his sword into an exact point of that mountain. In that moment, everything seemed to fall silent as if time itself had stopped.

Dragon Fang's energy completely poured into that giant mountain. It was much weaker and smaller than the energy Shiku had erupted with, but at this time an incredible scene occurred.

From the point where Dragon Fang had stabbed his sword, a crack appeared in the giant mountain. Then, countless cracks began to climb all around the massive mountain like a never-ending spider web.

Rumble rumble rumble!

With the sound of collapsing mountains and rivers, the entire origin energy mountain turned into endless crushed stone as it completely disintegrated!


’’How did he do that?’’

’’A single sword strike to crush a 100,000 foot mountain!’’

The entire audience was shocked, and even Lin Ming's pupils shrank. If Dragon Fang had suppressed Shiku using absolute strength then he would have thought that was reasonable. But, a single casual sword strike had completely shattered Shiku's attack.

’’Those eyes...’’ Lin Ming noticed Dragon Fang's pupils, ’’Those eyes can see through the Laws. In front of Dragon Fang's eyes, there is no place for Shiku's Laws to hide!’’

Lin Ming didn't know where Dragon Fang's eyes originated from, but he could guess some of their abilities. Many of the powerhouses in the audience were also able to do the same.

’’This Dragon Fang is able to see through the Laws, thus he instantly found a weakness in Shiku's attack and was able to crush that origin energy mountain that he had formed. If all Laws are seen through by Dragon Fang, how could you still fight? That is a nearly invincible position!’’

’’I also heard that this Dragon Fang has practiced the Laws of Space and Time to an extremely high level. He can see through the Laws of his opponents and then attack with his own Space and Time Laws. What a terrifying young man!’’

’’I thought that Lin Ming could reach the top three or even the top four, but now I've changed my mind. These dark horses are each darker than the last! I have no idea just who is stronger and weaker between Lin Ming and Dragon Fang.’’


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