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Martial World - Chapter 1292


Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292 - Might of the Heretical God




’’Lin Ming is also 31 years old? He's the same as that stupid monster boy!’’

’’Incredible! This will be interesting to watch!’’

Before, the Monster Prince had bragged about his talent, stating he had a 31 year skeletal age and that any heroic elite present that was 50 years or younger could challenge him. However, even saying so, it wouldn't be glorious if someone with a 50 year skeletal age truly defeated him.

In order to suppress him, it needed to be a genius of the same age. The audience didn't expect that Lin Ming was also of the same age. This battle truly caused one's blood to boil over.

’’Lin Ming is really a monstrous genius. At 31 years of age he's able to reach such heights. I have no idea just what will he will accomplish in the future.’’

’’But if he were compared to that Monster Prince...’’

The audience certainly hoped that Lin Ming could defeat the Monster Prince, but his opponent was truly strong. It was hard to say whether or not Lin Ming could triumph in the end.

’’Lin Ming! Lin Ming!’’

Many heroic elites shouted out loud.

’’Destroy him!’’

’’Slaughter him! Slaughter him!’’

Let alone the current heroic young elites present, even some young girl martial artists were cheering for Lin Ming. All of them hoped that Lin Ming could win. This was because this Monster Prince was far too hateful.

The Monster Prince looked at Lin Ming pointing a spear at him and sneered, saying, ’’It's been a long time since anyone has dared to point their weapon at me. Very well then. I shall break apart every bone in your body!’’

To point a spear at another person was in itself a sign of provocation. In the past, Lin Ming had rarely done so. He had only declared a challenge towards someone at spear point twice. Once was during his youth, when he had pointed his spear at Zhu Yan;that was a fight for himself. The second time was on the divine Seal Altar when he had pointed his spear at Nether Limitless;that was for the glory of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands.

The Monster Prince grasped his desolate blood halberd and pointed it straight back at Lin Ming in reply.

A powerful collision;this was a battle between peak geniuses of humanity and the monster race!

’’His Highness the Prince loves to show off his talent.’’ In the audience, two white-clothed old men used a true essence sound transmission to communicate with each other. Both of them were powerhouses of the monster race. One was a Great World King and the other was an ordinary World King.

To walk in the human world, a World King powerhouse was more than enough to deal with most situations. It was impossible for an Empyrean to act out on behalf of the Monster Prince, otherwise that would be the same as setting off a battle between humanity and the monsters.

’’Showing off one's abilities is also an important factor in establishing one's absolute strength. It isn't necessarily a bad thing.’’ Another old man quietly said. He was confident in the Monster Prince's strength.

Monsters were different from humans. The Empyreans of humanity ruled their own domains, scattered across the various great worlds. But, the monster race had a singular Empyrean ruler, the Monster Emperor, that stood above all others. The entire monster race had to submit to this person. In truth, there were very few monster Empyreans;their numbers could not compare to the humans' at all. As for this Monster Prince, he was the grandson of the current Monster Emperor, and these two World Kings were the Monster Emperor's officials.

In the arena, the Monster Prince laughed. ’’In my future, I am destined to become a Monster Empyrean. The road of a Monster Empyrean has to be paved with the blood of countless geniuses. As for you, you will help form my road!’’

The Monster Prince was arrogant to the extreme. Lin Ming finally understood that when the Monster Prince referred to himself as Lord Monster, he was saying that he would become a Monster Empyrean in the future.

The Monster Prince only had a divine Sea cultivation but he dared to call himself a future Monster Empyrean. That was the same concept as the current Lin Ming calling himself Empyrean Heretical God or Empyrean Azure Dragon. Although he was confident in himself, he definitely wasn't worthy of these titles yet.

But, the Monster Prince actually did this;just how presumptuous was that?

’’F*k, this idiot is a madman.’’ Some people said from within the audience.

’’He is crazy. An Empyrean descendant, even if they were at a half-step Empyrean cultivation, wouldn't dare to call themselves a true Empyrean. A half-step Empyrean will always be a half-step Empyrean.’’

As everyone was speaking, there was a sudden humming sound;the Monster Prince had moved. The great halberd in his hands came cutting down at Lin Ming!

The Monster Prince's speed approached an unimaginable level. The limit of speed, the explosiveness of his mortal body, and in addition to the power of his halberd, the might of this attack could be imagined.

A normal human martial artist wouldn't dare to frontally collide with him at all.

However, Lin Ming had never feared frontal combat!

Grasping the Phoenix Blood Spear, Lin Ming took a step back, solidly touching the ground. The Blue Lotus Flame Dance shot straight out at the Monster Prince!

Hu - !

In the skies, endless flames filled the air as a blue lotus towered within.


As if thunder was exploding, a wild wave of energy rushed out like surging tidal waves. The top layer of the arena ground rose up before flying away in giant chunks, swept away like autumn leaves.

The two people simultaneously drew back. Where they stopped, the stone ground was turned into powder for miles around. This terrifying collision was more intense than a desperate battle between normal divine Transformation powerhouses. However, the audience knew that this was only an exploratory attack! Whether it was Lin Ming or the Monster Prince, this had only been a casual strike that didn't reveal their true ability.

’’This Monster Prince is a ruthless frontal combat master, but Lin Ming is also the same. Even Ram Saber was suppressed by him. Both of them are utter freaks. It's hard to imagine how intense this battle will become.’’

Rumble rumble rumble!

In a blink of an eye, Lin Ming and the Monster Prince fought for several moves, each more vicious and brutal than the last!

Lin Ming opened the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. As for the Monster Prince, he had a special physique, one comparable to an ancient vicious beast.

’’Rule the World!’’

The Monster Prince waved his halberd, an attack that contained the fifth level Space Laws. In that instant, Lin Ming felt the surrounding power of space instantly become chaotic, turning into an invisible cage that squeezed him within. All of his movements and his ability to counterattack was completely locked down.


The Monster Prince gave a loud shout as he pounded his halberd down at Lin Ming.

The Space Laws were diverse with endless changes and variations. Dragon Fang was skilled at creating spatial mirror images and his attacks were strange and ghostly. But the Monster Prince was skilled in locking down his opponents with the power of space and then overcoming them with utter violence.

The fierce halberd was filled with unstoppable momentum.

The entire audience's eyes widened. They couldn't help but acknowledge that in terms of Laws, Lin Ming was at a major disadvantage!

Lin Ming had comprehended the Thunder and Fire Laws, but when compared to Time and Space Laws of similar boundary, they were slightly weaker.

Within the prison of space, if Lin Ming's Space Laws were lacking then it would be difficult to break free.

As Lin Ming saw the Monster Prince's attack crashing down at him, his entire body erupted with strength. The Heretical God Force was released to the limit. Between his eyebrows, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix began to burn. In that instant he stabbed out 100 spear strikes. When these 100 spear strikes fused together, they erupted with a terrifying might.

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

The Phoenix Blood Spear smashed into the space cage, tearing apart that chaotic power of space. By using absolute strength, Lin Ming had broken through the space cage!


After breaking through the power of space, Lin Ming had dodged the Monster Prince's attack in that critical moment. Otherwise, no matter how powerful Lin Ming's defensive abilities were, if he was struck by that wild halberd his flesh and blood would still have exploded into pieces and he would have been defeated!

’’Mm? You can use strength alone to break through my space cage?’’ The Monster Prince had a surprised look on his face. No one was more clear than he was on how powerful Rule the World was, but Lin Ming had still been able to free himself.

’’You're good, but next time you won't be so lucky!’’ The Monster Prince sneered and a series of popping sounds ran through his body as he began to change. Scales appeared on his face. On his back, a pair of fleshy wings burst out from behind him, stretching out in the air. He had transformed into a half-monster half-human body!

The monster race had many ancient bloodlines. Rather than being similar to humans, they were far more similar to ancient desolate beasts. Many members of the monster race were able to completely transform their bodies.

Once they transformed, their bodies would draw closer to those of vicious beasts. They would be able to better fuse with the Laws within their bodies and their attacks would be even more formidable. At the same time, their explosive force and speed would rise by a substantial degree.

’’That madman changed his body!’’

’’This is going to be troublesome. Lin Ming should have some hidden strength, but now that the Monster Prince has changed his body, his Laws will be even more formidable. His Space Laws were originally extremely strong and they were able to suppress the Thunder and Fire Laws. If Lin Ming decides to fight using the Thunder and Fire Laws then he will suffer a great loss. And using brute force to break free isn't the righteous way to win.’’

As the audience was speaking, the Monster Prince attacked once more.

’’Rule the World!’’

With another wave of his halberd, the power of space around Lin Ming became chaotic once more, completely trapping him within it.

’’Void Collapse! Be destroyed together with space!’’

The Monster Prince recklessly laughed. All around Lin Ming, the power of space began to collapse. The power of space wildly flooded around, violently rolling around Lin Ming.

He deliberately wanted to use the Laws to suppress Lin Ming.

Facing this fierce strike, Lin Ming cried out. From his inner world, the Heretical God Tree was summoned, forming a divine tree phantom behind him. Above the crown of that divine tree, an Azure Dragon and Fire Phoenix circled about!

The phantoms of a divine tree, dragon and phoenix rejoicing in unison!

’’Do you really believe that your Space Laws can suppress me in terms of the Laws?’’

Lin Ming sneered. With a wave of his spear, a fierce and wild thunder and fire connected in the sky, bursting out with unimaginable power. In that moment, endless divine light lit up the sky, as if a sun had been born in the air! This divine light was like countless sharp swords as it tore apart the vortex created by the power of space!

The Thunder and Fire Laws were indeed inferior to the Time and Space Laws. But, Lin Ming's Thunder and Fire Laws were beyond ordinary. With the Heretical God Tree leading them, they surpassed the Heavenly Dao Laws and also contained the tribulations of thunder and fire. They stood at a completely different height from ordinary Thunder and Fire Laws!

By summoning the Heretical God Tree phantom, Lin Ming was able to display the mightiest strength of his Thunder and Fire Laws!

When Lin Ming had faced the Monster Prince's first Rule the World, he had broken through with strength.

But now, after the Monster Prince changed his body and used the same move, he decided to use the Thunder and Fire Laws! As these dual Laws erupted with their strength, they were more than enough to tear apart the space cage.

’’What!?’’ The Monster Prince's complexion completely changed. He could clearly see that Lin Ming's Fire Laws were at the fifth level Concept and his Thunder Laws were a bit lower. When both were combined together, it was on par with his own Space Laws. Even so, it should have then been decided by the different ranks of the Laws. His Space Laws should have been able to suppress the Thunder and Fire Laws! However, an unexpected situation had occurred;Lin Ming had used the power of thunder and fire to tear apart his space cage. How could he not be shocked by this?

It wasn't just the Monster Prince that was shocked, but the audience was too. They never imagined that Lin Ming was so cruel and vicious that he could use Thunder and Fire Laws of the same level to break apart the Space Laws.

’’Virtual Disintegration!’’

Lin Ming didn't give the Monster Prince any time to recover. He revolved his spear potential, fusing together the first four level Concepts of Fire and then attaching the fifth level Concept onto the Phoenix Blood Spear, thrusting it straight towards the Monster Prince!


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