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Martial World - Chapter 1289


Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289 - The Final Battles Begin




’’That Lin Ming, he sent Ram Saber flying back with a single spear!’’

The audience was bewildered;Lin Ming was too fierce. In speed, Laws, and everything else he was an outstanding genius, and even his frontal combat skills were terrifying. He was a versatile martial artist with seemingly no weakness at all.

’’It seems Lin Ming's speculated ranking will rise.’’

’’You're very powerful.’’ Ram Saber said. He suddenly stood up and ripped off his tattered clothes with his hands, revealing a dark and thickly muscled body that seemed forged from metal. It was unknown just what special physique he had, but after his bloodline was activated, his originally skinny body grew to epic proportions. His muscles bulged out and his strength rose to a ridiculous level.

Ram Saber was like a wild beast as he stared at Lin Ming and wiped the leaking blood from the edges of his lips.

’’Mm? You can still stand?’’ Lin Ming was surprised. That strike was nearly his complete physical strength just now, but it seemed that Ram Saber's resilience and defensive capabilities had surpassed his imagination. To be able to be included in the divine Seal 12 Children, this Ram Saber was truly extraordinary.

He could already imagine that the fights from now on would be much more difficult! Dragon Fang, Xiao Moxian, Frost Dream, Hang Chi, none of those powerhouses were easy to deal with.

’’In truth, I have already lost this battle. Master was right;there is no limit in this universe. There is always a higher heaven and a stronger person. My cultivation is still not enough. But, I will not allow myself to quit like this. I still have one final strike. If you can receive it then I will admit defeat!’’

Originally, for matches on the arena stage, they were not meant to be overdone. After being defeated by one move, in the strictest sense that was already a loss.

Ram Saber lifted his arms, his hands suspended high above his head. As he did this, his aura suddenly changed, becoming far more bloodthirsty and maniacal, just like a demon. His eyes revealed a look of utter bloodlust.

’’Blood Prison Saber Sutra, the first move - Demon Slayer!’’

Ram Saber spoke out each word of his technique as clearly as possible because of the respect he held towards his master. The Blood Prison Saber Sutra was the transcendent divine might created by his master!

’’This junior Ram Saber actually managed to cultivate the Blood Prison Saber Sutra. This transcendent divine might is the total knowledge of Saber Sovereign's saber dao. There are numerous techniques contained within it and even more Laws. However, the Blood Prison Saber Sutra is different from most transcendent divine mights - the threshold to train in it is absurdly high. I never imagined that Ram Saber would be able to successfully learn the first move.’’

On the honored seating area, a blue-clothed old man slowly spoke. Every transcendent divine might was extremely comprehensive and the contents contained within them were rich beyond description. After all, they were the life summaries of everything an Empyrean had learned.

At this time, Ram Saber moved. His body faded into a red shadow as the thick saber in his hands slashed straight down. This saber seemed to cut apart the world, swallowing all!

As this saber chopped down, a trace of longing flashed in Ram Saber's pupils. For that moment, between the heavens and earth, it seemed as if only this saber existed. Even though the audience was dozens of miles away, they still felt an illusion as if they were cut by this saber. They were affected by the saber light and felt their blood energy tumble in chaos.

Lin Ming, who had to bear the brunt of this attack, suddenly felt as if all the blood vessels in his body were about to explode and like the flow of his blood was reversing. He was finding it hard to withstand.

These were the Blood Laws. By using the Laws, one could direct a person's blood flow. If this saber strike were to cut down at a million man army, it could cause all of their blood to rush out from their blood vessels and rain down into the air. Their bodies would be reduced to nothing but ruined flesh and rivers of blood would form, gathering together into a true blood pond hell!

The name of Blood Prison Saber Sutra partially came from this. In the past, Saber Sovereign had relied on this sword technique to kill countless people!


Ram Saber shouted out. A crimson saber light as thick as a python chopped down heavily!

In that moment, Lin Ming opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates in his body. The Heretical God Force erupted and the blood of the Ancient Phoenix combusted, his fighting strength reaching the limit.

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. From behind him, the phantom of a giant divine tree appeared, the crown towering into the heavens. Underneath the shroud of this divine tree phantom, Lin Ming's power of blood suddenly stabilized. No matter how crazy or fierce the Blood Prison Saber Sutra was, Lin Ming remained as solid and steady as Mount Tai.


Thunder and fire crossed together and a powerful strength burst out. Lin Ming's strike smashed into Ram Saber's crimson saber light, causing the saber light to explode into countless fragments that fell down like endless rose petals, even pulverizing the stone floor into pieces!


Ram Saber spat out a mouthful of blood, his body shaking as his complexion turned paper white.

’’I have lost, convincingly and fully!’’

Ram Saber used his thick saber to support himself, barely managing to stand up. That strike just now had created too great of a burden on his body and he had also been struck by Lin Ming's counterattack, making his injuries even worse! For him to still be standing here was completely because of his special bloodline and formidable body.

’’Without standing on the stage of the entire divine Realm, I would never have imagined that so many extreme characters exist. What Master says is right: the road ahead of me is still long.’’

Ram Saber closed his eyes, thinking to himself. Before he came, the Saber Sovereign had already warned Ram Saber that he would only be coming here to gain experience and temper himself;it would be impossible for him to obtain first place.

Ram Saber had originally refused to accept this, but now it seemed that his master was correct!

He had been one of the Saber Sovereign's 22 disciples, and after undergoing countless life or death tribulations, he had emerged as one of the only two surviving. His body had a special bloodline and his physique was comparable to that of an ancient vicious beast. Not just that, but his perception was extremely high, allowing him to practice the Blood Prison Saber Sutra's first move at only the late divine Sea realm. And with the Saber Sovereign personally teaching him, he lacked neither resources nor inheritances. But even in such a situation, he had completely lost. He wouldn't even be able to enter the top 10!

It could only be said that there were too many geniuses in the divine Realm. There were those extreme characters with a great destiny gathered upon their body, a destiny that would bring them to an unimaginable future.

As Ram Saber suffered his sad defeat, the audience fell into a deep silence, many of them not expecting such a result. Although Ram Saber's last strike had been extremely strong, it had still been blocked by Lin Ming. Lin Ming was like a great mountain, steady and unshakeable!

To this point, the performances Lin Ming had revealed so far had been inferior to Jun Bluemoon and the Monster Prince. Even so, he had never been defeated. This caused many people to be unable to determine just where his limits were.

’’divine Seal 12 Children... no, it should be called the divine Seal 10 Children now. This Lin Ming might be able to rank in the top six.’’

’’What do you know? Don't just blindly guess with what you see in your eyes. You'll be like everyone else that is reaching conclusions based upon a tiny amount of incomplete information. Lin Ming definitely didn't give his all just now. However, Jun Bluemoon isn't an exception - he is also hiding his strength. It is impossible to truly tell who is stronger and weaker so far. And as the finals continue, Frost Dream and Xiao Moxian will likely have an unshakeable status. As for Hang Chi, he has yet to reveal his true strength, but each of the rumors swirling around him is more terrifying than the last.’’

’’There is no need to doubt Hang Chi's strength. He has always kept a low profile and has never revealed anything unnecessary. As for his strength, there are several high level figures that can guarantee he is extremely strong. You can't judge him so far based upon his current performance in the First Martial Meeting.’’

The final ranking results of the Heaven Proclamation were impossibly confusing. No one could say whether there would be an even darker horse to appear from amongst the 10 final people. As for those several Empyrean descendants with the greatest limelight on them, it was hard to judge who was stronger and weaker.

’’Lin Ming, victory!’’

Vast Cosmos solemnly declared. As the finals continued on, even Vast Cosmos was finding it hard to maintain his calm. This round of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting had far surpassed all other times in the past. The several top ranked characters here would all have high chances of becoming Empyreans in the future.

In the past First Martial Meetings, the first ranked Empyrean descendant on the Heaven Proclamation would at most become a half-step Emyprean in the future. As for the first ranked Great World King disciple on the Earth Proclamation, they would usually become a Great World King in the future.

Only in a single First Martial Meeting every million years or so would a true future Empyrean be born.

But in this current First Martial Meeting, three young Empyreans had already appeared. Moreover, once these people became Empyreans, they would not be ordinary Empyreans either. Among them, Xiao Moxian had the greatest potential. In the future, there was a high chance that she would become someone outstanding even amongst the many Empyreans. Although she might not be able to stand on par with Empyrean divine Dream, she should at least be able to stand evenly with Empyrean Demondawn! This was an unthinkable event.

As Vast Cosmos saw so many young Empyreans appear before him, how could he maintain a tranquil mood? ’’Heroes rise in turbulent times. With so many geniuses appearing, is this a sign that the great calamity approaches?’’

In the last round of the qualifying finals, there were many winners who obtained an unbroken winning streak, all of them glorious!

After Lin Ming finished his match, White King, Dragon Fang, Jun Bluemoon, and the rest also smoothly defeated their opponents, directly joining the final battle list!

Lin Ming wasn't surprised by this at all.

At the end, Shiku defeated the last person of the divine Seal 12 Children and smoothly entered the next stage.

Thus, for the final deciding battles, the 10 people were -

Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, Hang Chi, Lin Ming, White King, Dragon Fang, Jun Bluemoon, the Monster Prince, Shiku, Hua Xuan.

Although one couldn't exactly determine the final ranking results, one could still make guesses based on what they knew. According to these speculations, Vast Universe Heavenly Palace opened a gambling house.

In the past it was only some World King influences making some small bets, and this time it was a gambling house directly managed by an Empyrean influence. With Vast Universe Heavenly Palace conducting this event, it was naturally their right to do so.

The compensation rates were -

Frost Dream's odds to be first place were 1 to 1.5.

Xiao Moxian and Hang Chi's odds were 1 to 2.

Jun Bluemoon's first place odds were 1 to 6.5. His odds to reach the top three were 1 to 2.

Lin Ming and the Monster Prince's first place odds were 1 to 7. Their odds to reach the top three were 1 to 3.

Dragon Fang's first place odds were 1 to 8. His odds to reach the top three were 1 to 4.

Shiku's odds to reach the top three were 1 to 10.

Hua Xuan's odds to reach the top three were 1 to 15.

Finally, for White King, as a disciple of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, he was excluded from the gambling house and his odds for ranking in the top few also weren't included. This was to prevent others from gossiping. Although an Empyrean influence wouldn't do something as ridiculous as throwing a match for profit, it was still best to immediately put an end to anyone who would try to use that as a pretext for speaking ill of them.

As these compensation rates came out, it immediately caused a furor.

Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and Hang Chi did not have any odds to reach the top three because it was already widely recognized that their chances of reaching the top three were a near guarantee. As for Shiku and Hua Xuan, they didn't have any odds of winning first place because it was universally agreed to be impossible for them.

This caused Hua Xuan and Shiku to both feel very depressed. ’’These people from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace really consider us worthless.’’

’’They only have Lin Ming and Jun Bluemoon in their eyes. They look down their noses at us far too much!’’

Hua Xuan and Shiku didn't publicly complain;they could only rely on their own results to earn back their honor.

However, there were so people that were definitely not happy.

’’How come my odds are only 1 to 7?’’ The Monster Prince laughed as he saw these gambling house odds, ’’Who was the mentally ill retard that arranged these odds? And who the hell is this Lin Ming to think that he can compare with the likes of me? And that Jun Bluemoon too;his odds are actually above my own!’’

The Monster Prince's voice was loud and brash. Both Lin Ming and Jun Bluemoon could hear him.

Jun Bluemoon ignored him, simply continuing to hug and pet the little bunny in his hands. But, Lin Ming's eyes turned icy cold as he looked at the Monster Prince.


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