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Martial World - Chapter 1287


Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287 - divine Seal 12 Children




’’That sword is suspicious...’’ Mo Eversnow's voice suddenly sounded out from within Lin Ming's mind.

That strange sword was clearly stained with rust, and yet it contained a mysterious strength.

’’I also think it is strange, but I cannot understand it at all. Perhaps that sword was his lucky chance.’’

When Lin Ming first rose in strength he had relied on the Magic Cube to do so. Of course, afterwards, most of his growth had been because of his own strength as he walked down his road of martial arts one step at a time. His firm heart of martial arts, his will, his destiny, all of that was indispensable.

If someone were to obtain a heaven-defying magic tool and also possess a great will and destiny, it wasn't strange if they could grow to the point of defeating an Empyrean descendant in three moves.

Jun Bluemoon had the chance of being such a person. If so, then he was absolutely a grass-roots martial artist, an extremely rare exception that might appear once in a trillion trillion people.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, Jun Bluemoon had already returned to his seat. He held that small white bunny, gently stroking its fur as he meditated.

Everything happening around him, including the cheers of the audience as well as the dread and curiosity in the eyes of the other participants, none of it seemed to have any effect on him, as if he were indifferent to everything else in the world.

As for that small white bunny, it wasn't agitated at all in this battlefield soaked with killing intent and blood. Rather, it serenely sat on Jun Bluemoon's leg, its red eyes closed in peace as if it were enjoying Jun Bluemoon's petting very much.

’’Lin Ming, that bunny... is strange.’’

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming was startled, ’’How is it strange?’’

’’It isn't a bunny at all. Rather, it is something borrowing the form of a bunny. There is a mysterious soul inside that is using the bunny as a temporary body.’’

’’Mysterious soul? Could it be Jun Bluemoon's master?’’ Lin Ming blurted out. In his opinion, if someone wanted to grow to Jun Bluemoon's level, they definitely needed some teacher guiding them in secret.

’’Maybe not...’’ Mo Eversnow shook her head. ’’That soul gives off a very delicate feeling. It seems to be the soul of an ordinary girl... it's impossible to explain. From start to finish, this Jun Bluemoon has been filled with secrets.’’

A melancholic and wistful scholarly youth, he carried a white bunny with him at all times and a pot of wine was always at his waist. He used a sword that seemed to be coated with rust, and even though he seemed so nondescript and unnoticeable, he was actually able to erupt with such a terrifying combat strength!

It could only be said that the divine Realm was far too large and there were far too many geniuses.

At this time, within Vast Universe Heavenly Place, Empyrean Vast Universe was also looking at that sword in Jun Bluemoon's hands. ’’That sword... could it be a divine artifact?’’

Even Empyrean Vast Universe couldn't see through that sword. Or, to better describe it, he could feel that the sword was an Empyrean spirit treasure, but how could a divine Sea realm martial artist possibly drive the movement of an Empyrean spirit treasure and also cause it to release so many unknown strengths?

Near Empyrean Vast Universe, Empyrean divine Dream shook her head, saying, ’’It isn't a divine tool but something that surpasses one... it was indeed only an Empyrean spirit treasure to begin with, and a peak Empyrean spirit treasure at that. But, the question appears on the bloodstains that cover the blade.’’


Empyrean Vast Universe was stunned. ’’Are you saying that those aren't rust stains but bloodstains?’’

Those rust stains looked just like bloodstains on mortal swords that were never cleaned off, causing the blood to rust on the sword. And now, from Empyrean divine Dream's meaning, it appeared that was true.

However... if those were truly rusty bloodstains on an Empyrean spirit artifact, whose blood could it be?

An Empyrean spirit treasure was refined by an Empyrean, and if an Empyrean level master used all of their strength they could also destroy one. But, for an Empyrean spirit treasure to rust just because of a few drops of blood, just what sort of concept was that?

Empyrean divine Dream suddenly eerily said, ’’Spirit treasures have a spirit and they can choose their own master. On Lin Ming's body, he also has a spirit treasure. Dragon Fang is the chosen descendant of Three Lives Old Man. As the impending great calamity approaches, many ancient spiritual objects will sense this. Their reappearance is no coincidence at all... thus the reason for so many unprecedented geniuses rising together in this First Martial Meeting. Perhaps, the next First Martial Meeting will also be the same...’’

As Empyrean divine Dream said this, Empyrean Vast Universe felt a great weight push down on his heart. He was well aware that to countless people, his status was an unattainable mountain. But, when he truly had to face the great calamity, he would be nothing more than a small spray of water in a raging ocean, able to scatter apart like a dying flower in winter.

’’I hope that these juniors can fully grow before the great calamity arrives.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe quietly said. This was for him, but also for the divine Realm.

And near Empyrean Vast Universe, a strange light flashed in Empyrean Demondawn's eyes. No one could tell just what he was thinking.

On the arena stage, after Jun Bluemoon, it was time for the dual body and energy cultivator Shiku to step on stage. In this battle, Shiku also revealed an abnormal combat strength, arousing the surprise of many.

And after Shiku, another aberrant genius appeared. This person was not a human, but a Prince of the monster race. His title and attitude were beyond arrogant and he called himself Lord Monster, one born with the bloodline of a king. The one he fought was also an Empyrean descendant, but he had been beaten up horribly. It was a completely one-sided battle. One could even say that the Monster Prince was playing around, just like a cat playing with a mouse.

’’Lord Monster?’’

Lin Ming noticed this youth. ’’A Monster Prince actually came to attend the First Martial Meeting of humanity? Is that allowed?’’

Lin Ming's eyes locked onto this monster youth's body. This fellow who referred to himself as Lord Monster was ridiculously cocky and high-handed in his mannerisms, but he was indeed very strong.

’’How disappointing. Are these the Empyrean descendants that represent the highest level of talent in the human race?’’

The monster youth disdainfully said. His words immediately attracted the glares of many human geniuses.

’’What are you all looking at? If you have the guts then come over and defeat me. But do you have that strength...? Hahahaha!’’

The monster youth recklessly and wildly laughed, his laughs spreading out far and wide. But, the many heroic young elites present simply didn't have the energy to face him. They couldn't even defeat the Empyrean descendant that this monster youth had brutally beaten to a pulp.

’’All of you make way for me!’’

The monster youth roared. His voice had a strange penetrating power, making one's ears shake with numbness. Many geniuses couldn't help but move out of his way. The monster youth swaggered over to his chair and plopped himself down, his legs spread wide as he postured like a bored ruler, swollen with an overweening arrogance as if no one could rival him.

Lin Ming didn't bother with him too much and looked away.

Soon, the 25th match and also the last match of the first round began.

The two that entered the stage both had similar levels of strength. One of them was Blood Carnage, a martial artist from a Great World King Holy Land. After a grueling match he defeated his opponent, and thus, out of the disciples from the divine Realm's 3000 Great World King Holy Lands, the only one to defeat their opponent in the first round was Blood Carnage.

Besides him, the rest had been defeated!

Although the first round of the competition was the most relaxed round, one could still make out many things from the results.

By just judging the strengths that the various participants had revealed so far, some people had already begun to calculate and determine the final top 10 rankings of the First Martial Meeting. There was even a gambling house that was opened.

Out of the several hundred million people present, each person was a peak character of the divine Realm with unimaginable wealth and power at their beck and call. If all of them casually made a bet, the figures involved would be astronomical.

’’Have you heard? There are some people that have named the divine Seal 12 Children.’’ Within the contestant area, some martial artists were discussing amongst themselves.

’’Mm? divine Seal 12 Children?’’

’’Yes, 12 people, each with a chance to become divine in the future.’’

divine Seal, to become divine, was an extremely vague idea. In general terms, it implied that one had colossal potential and their future achievements would be limitless. But, as for what boundary they would reach in the future, that was hard to say.

This outlook naturally originated from Empyrean divine Dream's divine Seal Decree.

Now that the finals were underway, the two words of divine Seal could be compressed into 12 people. These were the divine Seal 12 Children.

’’Who are the divine Seal 12 Children?’’

’’The first are three characters that will absolutely become gods in the future: Frost Dream, Xiao Moxian, and Hang Chi. Frost Dream is first, and as for who is weaker between Xiao Moxian and Hang Chi, it is hard to say. However, in terms of potential alone, Xiao Moxian might sweep away everyone present.

’’After that is Jun Bluemoon and the Monster Prince;they can be ranked fourth and fifth. The rankings after that are a bit difficult to say, and there are too many differing opinions on them. Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, White King, Shiku, Ram Saber, Hua Xuan... we don't have enough information on these people so it is impossible to evaluate their strength.’’

The discussions of these people naturally passed into Lin Ming's ears.

’’divine Seal 12 Children?’’ Lin Ming faintly smiled, ’’Although these rankings aren't necessarily accurate, the several people I have noticed are all on this list. Without an accident, the final 10 will appear from those 12 people.’’

Lin Ming didn't think that Dragon Fang was weaker than Jun Bluemoon. Many people didn't understand Dragon Fang's strength, thus they didn't know how to rank him. But, the top three was likely true. Hang Chi gave off an unfathomably deep feeling. In truth, even though he hadn't displayed even a hint of his true strength yet, there was no need for him to do so. Just the reputation of being a descendant of Mount Potala was enough to arouse the awe of countless people.


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