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Martial World - Chapter 1286


Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286 - Three Swords




’’19th match, Dragon Fang against Yuwen Bo!’’

Vast Cosmos loudly announced from above the martial stage. Dragon Fang had come from the same Gravemoon Star contest area as Lin Ming. Their strength was similar, thus the two of them had their first matches at similar times. After Lin Ming was Dragon Fang.

Dragon Fang's opponent was Yuwen Bo. Yuwen Bo came from the Vast Universe World and was the direct bloodline descendant of Vast Universe World's Great World King, the Wide Universe World King. During the pre-finals rankings, he was someone who far surpassed Nether Limitless.

Dragon Fang's tremendous strength was clear to everyone who could see. And now, after Lin Ming defeated Frost Moon, very few people believed that Yuwen Bo would win. Even so, the moment Yuwen Bo entered the stage, he immediately aroused cheers from the audience. Since Vast Universe World was the host world of the First Martial Meeting finals and this land was where Yuwen Bo came from, he naturally had many supporters.

’’Please advise.’’ Dragon Fang bowed.

Facing Dragon Fang, Yuwen Bo's complexion was grim.

As soon as the match started with Vast Cosmos's announcement, Yuwen Bo struck out with his entire strength. He knew that his chances of defeating Dragon Fang were extremely small;if he didn't start with everything he had then there wouldn't be any chance at all for him.

’’Thousand Mile Blade!’’

Yuwen Bo's sword slashed and the sword light gathered into a beam that was compressed to the limit. All around the sword light, space began to distort and the sword light itself was nearly invisible, as if it was hidden in the twisted space.

With this extreme speed and nearly imperceptible attack trajectory, it was nearly impossible to avoid.

However, it was a pity that his opponent was Dragon Fang.

As that Thousand Mile Blade neared Dragon Fang, the flow of time around Dragon Fang rapidly slowed to a crawl. Correspondingly, Yuwen Bo's sword light also slowed down.

Dragon Fang calmly avoided that sword light as his own sword light slashed down at Yuwen Bo's chest.

Humm -

Energy whistled. Yuwen Bo's pupils contracted as he rapidly drew backwards.

But at the same time, Dragon Fang's body split into four copies as he attacked Yuwen Bo from four directions. Spatial mirror images were not illusions but true avatars that contained a portion of the true body's striking power.

Four swords gathered as one. Yuwen Bo shouted out, revolving his true essence to the limit to resist this strike, but the difference in strength was simply far too great.


The sword light exploded and Yuwen Bo's body flew backwards. He had suffered a fast and easy defeat.

’’Dragon Fang, victory!’’

Vast Cosmos cast a deep look at Dragon Fang. This result was already within his expectations. During the first rounds of the finals, before the first tier of 10 people was chosen, the true peak geniuses would obtain victory without any difficulties.

’’This Dragon Fang is too strong! Those two fellows that came from Gravemoon Star, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang, are both freaks!’’

’’I heard that Dragon Fang has some strange eyes. Once he releases them, his combat strength will multiply. But he didn't even activate them. His disparity with Yuwen Bo was too great;he didn't need to use them at all.’’

People didn't understand the Three Lives Pupils, but they could sense that there was something formidable about Dragon Fang's Laws.

’’20th match, Lan Ling against Jun Bluemoon!’’

Vast Cosmos announced once again.

Lan Ling was a disciple of Empyrean Freespirit!

In terms of status and strength, Empyrean Freespirit was considered in the upper reaches amongst the Empyreans. In the previous First Martial Meetings, the disciples of Freespirit Heavenly Place had attained superbly wonderful results.

Lan Ling confidently stepped onto the arena stage. And across from him, Jun Bluemoon still had his sword strung across his shoulders, a pot of wine hanging from his waist. He held a cute and lovable little bunny in his hands.

’’Little Bunny, stay here for a short while. I will be back as soon as possible.’’

As Jun Bluemoon spoke, he placed the small bunny onto his chair. He lovingly traced the body of the small bunny and then grasped his sword as he moved towards the arena stage.

As Lan Ling saw this his mouth curved up in a joking smile, ’’At this time, you're still in the mood to raise a bunny?’’

Jun Bluemoon didn't reply.

Lan Ling was immediately angered after being ignored like this. ’’Why don't you admit defeat?’’

’’Admit defeat? Why would I admit defeat? I believe that to defeat you, three sword strikes should be enough.’’

The entire audience was shocked by Jun Bluemoon's words.

’’Three swords!?’’

Lan Ling wasn't someone on the same level as Yuwen Bo. He was a true and blue Empyrean descendant, moreover, his strength wasn't weak amongst the Empyrean descendants either. There were even some people who believed that he had the qualifications to struggle for a spot in the top 10. In this situation, just how arrogant was Jun Bluemoon to say those words?

’’What background does this boy have? Is he insane?’’

’’Three swords to defeat Lan Ling? Only someone like Xiao Moxian would dare to speak such words!’’

’’This is too crazy!’’

Many spectators widened their eyes until the whites showed. Before, besides being first in his semifinals contest, Jun Bluemoon hadn't shown any amazing performance at all. And, being first in his semifinals division didn't mean anything at all. Many people didn't even think he would enter the top 50.


Lan Ling wildly laughed. ’’Interesting, how interesting! I don't remember how long it's been since someone has spoken such arrogant words to me! Defeat me in three swords? Good! Great! Then show me just how you'll defeat me!’’


Lan Ling drew out a saber. Although he was smiling, his smiling expression was icy cold and a killing intent exuded from his entire body. From this point, one could see that he wasn't really smiling at all, but rather filled with murderous intent from Jun Bluemoon's mockery of him!

Jun Bluemoon quietly flourished his sword. His sword was four feet long and the edge did not shine with a glimmering sheen but was completely stained with dust-colored rust. These rust stains made it look like a common mortal sword that was stained by blood for a long time and ended up being dyed in it.

Jun Bluemoon grasped his sword and stood proudly on the arena stage. His clothes were as white as snow. His looks were handsome and delicate, as if he were a lonely and melancholic scholar. If it weren't for the sword in his hands, then if he were found in a mortal nation, it would be easy to imagine him as someone participating in a test for national office. In truth, even though he had a sword in hand he still didn't seem to resemble a martial artist because that sword was far too shabby. Even if one were to throw it out in the street no one would pick it up.

’’You think that sword can defeat me? I think you're the insane one here.’’ Lan Ling sneered as he looked at that sword.

From appearances alone, that sword seemed like common metal. But, Lin Ming could actually faintly feel that it contained some special divine power, an indescribable feeling that was even similar to the divine Seal Altar.

’’That sword...’’ Lin Ming frowned, ’’Just what background does Jun Bluemoon come from?’’

’’The first sword! Light!’’

At this time, Jun Bluemoon finally moved. With a wave of his sword, light began to be swallowed up. All of the surrounding rays of light were completely twisted up by this sword, gathering onto it. In that instant, the entire space in a 10 mile radius around Jun Bluemoon had become a jet black world!

’’This is...’’ Lan Ling suddenly paused, startled. Without enough time to react, Jun Bluemoon's sword edge began to emit a flaming brilliance. This light starkly contrasted with the world of absolute darkness, blinding to the eye. This light was not ordinary at all. Even if a martial artist didn't look at it they would still be burnt by this radiance.

Even Lin Ming couldn't help but close his eyes in this situation. And not too far away from him, Dragon Fang's pupils had shrunk, becoming as small as the tip of a needle. He had opened the Three Lives Pupils.

’’Light manipulation?’’

A martial artist cried out in awe.

’’No, those are the Yin Yang Laws!’’ Lin Ming's pupils shrank. He had experienced heavenly tribulation and the last two levels had been a simultaneous yin and yang tribulation. He certainly knew how strong the Yin Yang Laws were.

Within the divine Realm, the Space and Time Laws were considered some of the strongest and most difficult Laws to practice, but they were only two of them;they were not the true kings of the Laws. There were some Laws that could absolutely stand on equal footing with them. For instance, the Yin Yang Laws!

Yin yang energies were the foundation of all existence. In fact, there were even less people that cultivated the Yin Yang Laws than those that cultivated the Time and Space Laws.

’’Free Spirited King!’’

As this dual yin yang divine light seemed to swallow everything, Lan Ling roared out. A red saber light split through the skies like a pillar that held up the heavens, nearly cutting the skies in half. As many martial artists saw this saber light they felt their hearts rapidly racing in their chests.

’’Transcendent divine might! That is a transcendent divine might!’’

’’That's right, this is Empyrean Freespirit's own transcendent divine might, the Free Spirited King! Although this transcendent divine might isn't yet complete, it is still a transcendent divine might. There are few that can match it in power!’’

Lan Ling used his transcendent divine might in order to break through Jun Bluemoon as well as his Yin Yang Laws! But, this was also proof that Jun Bluemoon was too strong, leaving no choice but for Lan Ling to fight with everything he had.

For a martial artist of common origin to reach this step was already an accomplishment to be proud of.

’’The second sword! Cut!’’

Jun Bluemoon aimed at that blazing red saber light and slashed out with his sword. It was unknown what move he used but the world trembled as if the sun and moon had disappeared, as if this sword had discolored the world, leaving nothing but absolute black and absolute white. The saber light that Lan Ling shot out was torn apart by Jun Bluemoon's sword light, completely disintegrating!

But at the same time, Jun Bluemoon's sword light also melted away. The sword light and saber light mutually cancelled each other out, both attacks simultaneously disappearing.

’’The third sword! Defeat!’’

And unimaginably, after Jun Bluemoon struck out with two nearly unrivalled sword strikes, he actually slashed out for a third time in less than a split second!

This third sword strike was even stronger than the first and second attacks combined!

As for Lan Ling, after using the incomplete transcendent divine might that Empyrean Freespirit had created, he had used up his strength and wasn't able to summon up any new strength yet. He could only watch helplessly on as Jun Bluemoon's sword came cutting down at him!

’’How could this be possible?’’

Lan Ling's face was filled with disbelief. He couldn't believe that Jun Bluemoon would have such powerful strength that he was able to launch three terrifying sword strikes in rapid succession. Did he hold inexhaustible world power within him?

But there was no longer time to think about such things. Jun Bluemoon's last sword strike easily ripped through his saber light and broke through his protective true essence.

With the faint sound of an explosion, Lan Ling's protective true essence collapsed and he was sent flying backwards like a broken ragdoll.

Lan Ling spat out a great mouthful of blood, heavily crashing into the ground, completely defeated.

The entire audience was shocked.

After saying he would defeat Lan Ling in three swords, Jun Bluemoon had not used one strike too many or one strike too few. He had defeated his opponent exactly as he said he would.

Moreover, his opponent was a true Empyrean descendant. Even amongst Empyrean descendants, Lan Ling hadn't been that weak, but he had still lost miserably.

Just what sort of background did Jun Bluemoon have?

Even Lin Ming who had long since noticed Jun Bluemoon was surprised. Lan Ling was indeed strong, but his strength only served to further contrast the freakish strength of Jun Bluemoon.

Lin Ming even began to wonder, between Dragon Fang and Jun Bluemoon, just who was stronger?

’’This Jun Bluemoon... I heard that he is a common martial artist. How is that possible?’’

It was known before that Dragon Fang came from a common origin, but in truth he was also an Empyrean descendant. Now it was said that Jun Bluemoon also came from a mortal background, but how could a martial artist of such a humble background reach this boundary?


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