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Martial World - Chapter 1285


Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 - Ruling Spirit Art




The entire martial stage was filled with a kaleidoscopic purple light. As Lin Ming was shrouded in this purple light, he fell into a strange spiritual space.

Everyone didn't know just what Lin Ming was experiencing in this world. All they knew was that divine Dream Heavenly Palace's illusion attacks were terrifying. All the previous opponents only needed a single glance to be defeated! From this, the great disparity between them could be imagined.

In this confusing battle scene, Frost Moon extracted a strangely-shaped weapon from her spatial ring. This sword resembled a sickle and the blade was shaped like a crescent moon. The hilt was short, even shorter than a fist, and hard to firmly hold.

To many martial artists, this type of sword seemed flashy and useless. But, no one believed that divine Dream Heavenly Palace would use a flashy and useless weapon. This sword certainly had its strengths.

’’That is the crescent moon sword, divine Dream Heavenly Palace's unique weapon. Its attack form is very special. I've heard of it before, but this is my first time seeing it in person. Before now, no one has been able to force them to use it.’’

In the audience, there were some more experienced martial artists that began to recount what they knew about the origin of this weapon.

As everyone heard that this weapon had a special attack method, they all opened their eyes wide, waiting to see just what was so special about the crescent moon sword.

The crescent moon sword was only three feet long. As Frost Moon held it in her hands it shined with a cold light. Suddenly, Frost Moon moved, her speed rapidly shooting up to an incredible velocity as she left behind a series of afterimages, barreling straight towards Lin Ming!

’’Mm? She's using a physical attack at the same time as an illusion attack!’’

Originally, an illusion attack was to have an opponent fall into a fantasy dreamland and lose the ability to defend themselves. At this time, most geniuses would no longer be able to resist and would have lost.

Even though there were some individuals with an extremely strong will that were able to resist this illusion attack, they would have to struggle to do so and they would inevitably come under tremendous influence.

At this time, if the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace were to attack again, it would be as easy as cutting a melon. This was because those that had fallen into an illusion had no ability to defend themselves!

As this cold crescent blade shot towards Lin Ming's throat, many people in the audience cried out in alarm.

At this critical moment, Lin Ming's eyes flashed open. His will energy erupted and the illusion world he was covered in suddenly shattered.

The Phoenix Blood Spear suddenly rose up, thrusting straight towards Frost Moon's head!

The change had occurred too quickly;no one was able to respond in time. Lin Ming had instantly broken through that illusion world and had counterattacked at the same time.

In that moment, Frost Moon's eyes widened. In the air, her body strangely twisted. Just before the crescent moon blade was about to touch the Phoenix Blood Spear, an incredible scene occurred. The crescent moon sword suddenly split apart in the air. A single sword divided into seven thin crescent moons, each one able to be used as a separate weapon.

This crescent moon blade was actually formed from seven different blades.

’’Ruling Spirit Art!’’

Frost Moon shouted out. A pale gold sword of will howled out from between her eyebrows;this was an elementary gold battle spirit.

This battle spirit divided into seven wisps, each wisp entering the seven curved blades. Sword light whistled as the seven crescent blades danced in the air, each one shooting towards Lin Ming!

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming's mind jumped. This was the second time he had seen such a fighting method. The seven crescent blades turned into seven brilliant blue beams of light, each one reaching unimaginable degrees of speed that were impossible to track.

Each crescent blade attacked one of Lin Ming's vital points!

Lin Ming's pupils shrank. Even with his speed, wanting to ward off seven different blades that each cut in from cunning angles and could change direction and speed whenever they wished was simply impossible.

’’Grandmist space!’’

Lin Ming suddenly erupted with energy. Behind him, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower bloomed. The ancient and boundless grandmist space suddenly covered the entire martial stage.

The grandmist space was able to annihilate all Laws. As the seven crescent blades were enveloped in this space, their speed rapidly dropped.

At the same time, Lin Ming opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. The strength of his mortal body erupted to the limit. Phoenix Blood Spear - Total Annihilation!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

With a clear explosive sound, the seven crescent blades were struck back by Lin Ming!


Frost Moon's complexion changed. This variation of the Ruling Spirit Art was an extremely formidable cultivation method within divine Dream Heavenly Palace. One was able to use their battle spirit and sword to kill someone from a thousand miles away. They were called surprise attacks that were nearly impossible to guard against. Even a slightly stronger martial artist might fall to this technique. Even so, Lin Ming had broken through her attack!

Lin Ming took a step forwards, his Phoenix Blood Spear pounding outwards. Heaven and earth origin energy swept up into a violent vortex of spinning flames.

’’Blue Lotus Flame Dance!’’

A red beam of spear light as thick as a barrel shot outwards, smashing into Frost Moon's protective true essence.

With a loud ringing sound, Frost Moon's protective true essence immediately collapsed. She flew backwards, her clothes stained red with blood.

’’Lin Ming, victory!’’

Vast Cosmos peered deeply at Lin Ming as he made this announcement.

As for the arena, it had fallen into utter silence. At the start, the battle had been one within a world of illusions. But suddenly, a violent outbreak occurred. The tide of battle had rapidly turned, becoming extremely intense, so fast that no one was able to prepare for it. Even though everyone was closely watching, some weaker martial artists couldn't even see the attack trajectories of those crescent blades. All they saw were flashes of gorgeous light filling the air.

’’What's going on? What happened?’’ Some people asked, confused.

’’Lin Ming won!’’

’’What nonsense, you should die for saying that. That brat simply stepped in some dog shit good luck!’’ Many people present were fans and ardent supporters of Frost Moon, and took her as the goddess of their heart. As they saw Frost Moon injured by Lin Ming to the point of spitting blood, how could they still feel comfortable?

But let alone 'nonsense', what Frost Moon had used right now was divine Dream Heavenly Palace's version of the Ruling Spirit Art, a technique where one controlled the movement and attack paths of weapons with their battle spirit. The more formidable one's battle spirit was, the fiercer the attack would be. Not just that, but one could change the speed and angle of the attack in midair, making it nearly impossible to defend against. Moreover, on average, the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace possessed a battle spirit far more formidable than other geniuses'. One could see just now that Frost Moon's battle spirit had already reached the elementary gold level. When this was combined with the Ruling Spirit Art, the might that could be displayed was hard to imagine. Even so, she had been instantly defeated by Lin Ming. Frost Moon simply wasn't his opponent at all. Or, it should be said that an ordinary Empyrean descendant was unable to best Lin Ming.

Many people had dignified expressions. Lin Ming's final eruption of the grandmist space had left a profound impression on everyone. Of course, they couldn't recognize the origin of the grandmist space. Even a Great World King powerhouse didn't have the chance to see a top character like Empyrean Primordius fight.

’’This young brat Lin Ming, I haven't seen him for a few months but he's become stronger.’’ In an independent space within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe had this thought as he watched Lin Ming's match.

And sitting nearby Empyrean Vast Universe was another man. This man's entire body was wrapped in black fog. His body was tall and strong, his shoulders were broad, and his forehead was covered with black smiles. His face was grim and fierce and he emitted a cruel and savage killing intent, causing all who looked at him to tremble.

This man was Empyrean Demondawn. After seeing the last battle, Empyrean Demondawn was silent for a moment before gloomily saying, ’’What this brat used just now was the Primordius martial intent? It is that fellow Primordius's transcendent divine might?’’

His voice was as grating as metal, making cold shivers crawl down one's spine. While others couldn't recognize the grandmist space, Empyrean Demondawn certainly could.

As Empyrean Vast Universe heard Demondawn's words, he frowned. He knew that Demondawn acted upon whatever whims he had at the moment and he didn't consider the proper rules and customs of the world. As long as he took a liking to something, he would make a grab for it. ’’It is indeed the inheritance left behind by Primordius. Demondawn, I advise you not to have any thoughts of taking Primordius's inheritance. It might not suit you and you already have your own transcendent divine might. The transcendent divine mights that others create will never be as good as your own. As for wealth, you do not lack for it. Moreover, where Primordius left his inheritance, he certainly also left behind other contingencies. Even if you personally take a trip there you might not return with anything.’’

Before Empyrean Primordius died, he had left behind a powerful array formation that blocked off the entire planet that the Sky Spill Continent was on. Any divine Realm martial artist that was above the divine Sea realm could not enter it.

Empyrean Demondawn coldly smiled. ’’Who knows whether that Primordius fellow is still alive or dead? Even if he left behind a wisp of his consciousness it's probably already withered away to nothing. In his most flourishing times, it's true that I was inferior to him, but now that he has died and such a long time has passed, how could any array or trap he set down possibly stop me?’’

As Empyrean Demondawn said this, Empyrean Vast Universe frowned even more. Demondawn never had a good relationship with Primordius to begin with, and now that it was believed Primordius had died, if Demondawn wished to dig up his grave and steal his treasures then that would truly be a disaster for the inheritances that Empyrean Primordius left behind. Without a doubt, Primordius's inheritance would not be able to develop well within Demondawn Heavenly Palace. It would simply be another inheritance and source of wealth for Demondawn, nothing more than a waste of a treasure.

As Empyrean Vast Universe didn't know what to say, at his side, Empyrean divine Dream faintly said, ’’The arrangements that Primordius left behind certainly have their own significance. Demondawn, do not meddle in his affairs.’’

Her faint voice didn't have the slightest fluctuation of emotion, but her words carried with them an undeniable majesty. This majesty formed a light pressure, just like a mortal king handing down an imperial decree. It was impossible to resist.

Empyrean Demondawn frowned. He fell into a deep silence for a long time before grimly saying, ’’I understand.’’

In just several words, Empyrean Demondawn had been suppressed. Empyrean Vast Universe looked over at Empyrean divine Dream with some surprise. He could feel that in these last several million years, he understood divine Dream less and less. He had no idea just where the limits of her strength were now.

’’Demondawn fears divine Dream to this degree... could they have fought before?’’ Empyrean Vast Universe suddenly thought.


At this time, Lin Ming walked down from the arena stage. In that battle just now, what surprised Lin Ming the most was the Ruling Spirit Art.

’’A battle spirit could be used in such a manner too?’’

Lin Ming's battle spirit was strong, but he hadn't used it often these past days, only using it to support his own attacks or influence the movements of his opponents. He had never used the greatest power of a battle spirit.

Now that he saw Frost Moon's technique, his own thoughts were inspired. ’’Frost Moon is already so fierce when she uses the Ruling Spirit Art. If I were to learn this Ruling Spirit Art, then if that were combined with my grandmist battle spirit, just what degree of combat strength would I reach?’’


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