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Martial World - Chapter 1284


Chapter 1284

Chapter 1284 - Lin Ming VS Frost Moon




’’The disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace are too fierce. Not only is there Frost Dream but there is also the Three Fairies of the divine Dream, and each one of them is extremely strong. They are even more formidable than weaker Empyrean descendants!’’

’’Yeah, divine Dream Heavenly Palace simply has far too few disciples. It is said that there are 10 true descendants of Empyrean divine Dream, and once the core disciples are counted, divine Dream Heavenly Palace only has a few hundred disciples in total. The divine Dream Three Fairies are in no way inferior to ordinary Empyrean descendants.’’

It had to be known that an Empyrean often had 100-200 descendants. For instance, Empyrean Vast Universe was like this. But, if all the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace were added together, they only matched the number of Empyrean descendants for other Heavenly Palaces.

’’That's right. Although the Three Fairies of the divine Dream aren't Empyrean descendants, one still has to consider them on the same level as Empyrean descendants. Moreover, their techniques are strange and the Laws they use are extremely special. For an opponent, it would probably be better to face an ordinary Empyrean descendant than to face them.’’

’’The second match. Hang Chi against Yehe!’’

The person to step up for the second match was Mount Potala's Hang Chi.

’’Mount Potala... I never imagined that Mount Potala would produce a descendant at such a time...’’

Mo Eversnow whispered from within Lin Ming's spiritual sea.

’’Miss Mo, you know of Mount Potala?’’

’’Mm, I understand a little. My grandfather once told me that Mount Potala is the most ancient sect in the entire divine Realm. Their history extends 3.6 billion years back. If the Ancient Elysium Seal's words about the great world calamity occurring 3.6 billion years ago were true, then after the universe crossed that calamity, Mount Potala appeared and slowly developed to the scale it is at today!’’

’’Mm? Then would it be likely that Mount Potala understands what happened in that ancient great calamity?’’

’’I'm not sure about that. I'm afraid that in the great calamity so long ago, many martial arts civilizations were destroyed, resulting in great stretches of history being lost. 3.6 billion years is simply far too long ago, and many things have been buried in the rivers of time. If all those masters that participated in the great calamity had died, then history would be even more confusing. It would be hard to say just what role Mount Potala played in the great calamity.

’’But no matter what, the truth is that Mount Potala's background is truly terrifying. Within the entire divine Realm, their sect possesses the highest number of transcendent divine mights! Since 3.6 billion years ago, they have likely produced Empyreans in the double digits!’’

Double digits of Empyreans, just how amazing was that? Even if they only produced 10 Empyreans and half of those Empyreans created their own transcendent divine might, then that would mean Mount Potala possessed at least five transcendent divine mights.

How could other sects possibly compare?

This level of inheritance could truly be called defying the will of the heavens!

’’Mount Potala has always been low-key. Now that a descendant has appeared, it might really be related to the so-called great calamity.’’

Mo Eversnow slowly said. Lin Ming sighed with emotion. There were really far too many geniuses in the finals, all of them extraordinary characters of this era. Even so, only a single champion would appear from them all. This Hang Chi was truly unfathomable;even Lin Ming couldn't say who was weaker between him and Frost Dream. Not just them, but there was also Xiao Moxian, Dragon Fang, and other dark horses that had yet to reveal their deep hidden strengths. For instance, Lin Ming was also in that final situation.

These were numerous heroes vying for supremacy!

Even so, only a single King could appear!

To be number one was far too difficult, no matter who it was!

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he discovered that Hang Chi's number plate - that is, his palace number - was two.

Fairy Frost Dream was the Saintess of divine Dream Heavenly Palace and her status was unique. Moreover, as the host, it was reasonable that she was in palace number one. But following her, the one in palace two was not Xiao Moxian or the disciple of Empyrean Vast Universe, White King, but Hang Chi instead!

From this minor detail, one could see just how special Mount Potala's status was.

Hang Chi's match was Yehe, who was also first place in his semifinal contest area. Moreover, he was not an ordinary first place martial artist. His strength was clear for all to see, obvious from the fact that he was able to stand in the top 50.

’’This Yehe is an amazing person amongst the Great World King Holy Lands. But let alone rushing into the top 10 of the Heaven Proclamation, even reaching the top 40 will be difficult for him. This is because this First Martial Meeting is in far too special a situation, thus even Great World King Holy Land level geniuses will be hard-pressed to find a place here.’’

’’That's right. Nether Limitless was said to be strong but he couldn't even enter the top 50. As the finals approached, far too many Empyrean descendants joined in.’’

In Hang Chi and Yehe's match, no one favored Yehe. Even those from his sect thought this;the disparity was simply too great.

And by the conclusion of this match, no miracle occurred. Hang Chi's technique was not as illusive and confusing as Fairy Frost Dream's was. He simply used a Buddhist palm technique and easily won. From start to finish he did not display a transcendent divine might. Although his performance so far seemed simple and ordinary, everyone believed that Hang Chi was anything but ordinary.

After Hang Chi, the next one to step on stage was Xiao Moxian. Only then did Lin Ming realize that Xiao Moxian's number plate was three.

’’In a sense, it seems that the number plates correspond to the strength of the various Heavenly Palaces. From this placement, Demondawn Heavenly Palace seems to be ranked third amongst the Heavenly Palaces! With Mount Potala ranked second, does that mean divine Dream Heavenly Palace is beyond them?’’

Lin Ming secretly thought. The Heavenly Palaces were far too mysterious. With the information he had so far about Mount Potala and divine Dream Heavenly Palace, it was hard for Lin Ming to deduce just who was the stronger of the two.

The matches continued one at a time. The Empyrean descendants won the vast majority of the matches. Those geniuses of World King Holy Lands that managed to reach the top 50 were nearly completely swept away, almost annihilated from the start.

Lin Ming's number plate was near the end, thus his match was also much later than the others. It wasn't until the 18th match that Vast Cosmos called out his name.

’’18th match, Lin Ming against Frost Moon!’’

’’Mm? Fighting Frost Moon?’’ Lin Ming was startled. Frost Moon was one of the Three Fairies of the divine Dream. Although the three of them weren't direct disciples of Empyrean divine Dream, that didn't mean they were weak. Rather, Empyrean divine Dream accepted far too few direct disciples. In these last 10 million years, she had accepted a mere 10 of them.

In this sort of situation, the other disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace were no weaker than the Empyrean descendants of other Heavenly Palaces.

’’This is... Senior-apprentice Brother Lin's luck is too horrible. He has to face off against such a strong opponent in his first match.’’

In the arena stands, Yan Littlemoon was nervously speaking, her voice filled with worry. Huo Violentstone shook his head, ’’That's not true. Rather, it should be said that in those 50 people, none of them are weak. It's not surprising for him to encounter one of the Three Fairies of the divine Dream now.

’’We need to place our faith in Lin Ming and believe he can reach the final top 10 of the total rankings. Although Frost Moon is troublesome, she still shouldn't be his match.’’ Huo Violentstone said. Although those were his words, the truth was that he didn't have any idea just how strong Lin Ming was. Lin Ming had hidden his cards far too deep and Huo Violentstone simply didn't know what his limits were.

Lin Ming stepped onto the arena stage. In front of him was a young woman in white tights. Her body was slender and tall. She had the looks of a 17-18 year old. Her hair was cut short but neat and clean.

As Frost Moon saw Lin Ming enter the arena stage, she lightly smiled, ’’I am divine Dream Heavenly Palace's Frost Moon. I ask for your advice.’’

Her voice was sweet and honeyed and her words were polite and curt. She didn't have the otherworldly indifference of Frost Dream, but rather gave off a solemn and dignified feeling.

’’Please advise me.’’ Lin Ming respectfully responded in return.

And at this time, from the audience, many boos sounded out.

’’Who the hell is that? Don't bother fighting and just admit defeat!’’

’’What an eyesore! Why don't you scurry off stage!’’

There were many fans of divine Dream Heavenly Palace and all of them were rabid and loud. When Fairy Frost Dream fought on stage in the first match against Ling Feng, her fans yelled at him the same way.

Many young elites of the divine Realm took the disciples of divine Dream Heavenly Palace as the goddesses of their heart. Their strength was great, their talent was astronomical, and their status was high. They were holy and inviolable characters, nearly reaching perfection in all categories.

Many people dreamt of marrying a disciple from divine Dream Heavenly Palace and becoming intimate with them. But what a pity, there had never been a single disciple of divine Dream Heavenly Palace that had ever married in their life. In this situation, these fans could only sweetly caress them in their imaginations as their paths would never cross.

And now, there was actually a man with greater talent and higher strength than these fans, who could fight on the same stage against these goddesses of divine Dream Heavenly Palace. These fans envied Lin Ming and certainly didn't think well of him.

Lin Ming turned a deaf ear to these loud boos. He silently extracted the Phoenix Blood Spear.

’’Match, start!’’

Vast Cosmos loudly shouted.

In that moment when the voice signaled the beginning of the match, a dim halo of light shone from Frost Moon's entire body.

Lin Ming only felt his surroundings transform around him. He arrived in a battlefield, a war between mortals. He himself had reverted to a 30 year old middle-aged man, and his martial arts cultivation was now next to nothing.

Battle, slaughter, the chaos and turmoil of destruction.

But Lin Ming's strength was low and he had nothing amazing about him at all. In such a war, he had a wife, he had a child, and suffered during each and every battle. He could die at any time and there wasn't anything he could do about it.

’’I did not find the Magic Cube...

’’Without the initial support from the Magic Cube, I would never have crossed the most difficult years of my life. As a result, I was secretly plotted against by others and received hidden wounds, causing me to never be able to practice martial arts in my life. Then, I was forced to lead a life without a single ray of hope. This is a parallel world, this is...’’

Lin Ming was crystal clear;he knew that these were all illusions. Within his mind, the grandmist battle spirit brightly sparkled, protecting his thoughts.

’’This is indeed an illusion attack, aimed at the weakest point of my mind. In my life, what do I fear the most? Besides losing those I love, what I fear most is losing my life's cultivation. And this illusion is to have me return to a mortal life and face endless suffering and misery...

’’Frost Moon's illusion skills aren't equal to Frost Dream's, but I can still make out some of the divine Dream Law's mysteries from this.’’

Lin Ming's goal was Frost Dream. But before that, he needed to understand the Laws she cultivated, and Frost Moon was a prime subject for this. Thus, he wasn't in a rush to tear through this illusion.

’’Is that an illusion attack? Was Lin Ming struck by an illusion attack?’’

During the previous qualifying rounds, nearly every opponent that the Three Fairies of the divine Dream faced were all instantly defeated. Lin Ming was now standing stock-still where he was and it was impossible to see what sort of situation he was in.


On the arena stage, Frost Moon frowned. She could feel that her illusions had not been able to invade Lin Ming's spiritual sea but were isolated outside.

’’This person's will is great. It will be impossible to use an illusion to defeat him.’’

’’Frost Moon has met a true opponent. His will defense is watertight.’’ On the side of divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Frost Charm and Frost Cloud were both watching Frost Moon compete.

’’There's nothing she can do. It looks like Frost Moon will have to give this her everything and use the Ruling Spirit Art.’’


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