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Martial World - Chapter 128


t, he would snatch the jade virginity of the woman that Lin Ming had loved and use her to enhance his own cultivation. Then on the stage in front of the eyes of everyone, Lin Ming would be defeated by the man who had stolen his woman, and also experience a severe wound that would take half a year to heal from. This would cause him to fail the Seven Profound Martial House core disciple test!

With so many attacks concentrated together, what would happen to Lin Ming?

Would he ever be able to calm down his 'spirit'? Would he be able to maintain his perfect heart of martial arts?

Zhang Guanyu self-reflected. If he was placed in that situation, he would be wild with rage, and his 'spirit' would be disrupted.

If his 'spirit' couldn't flow well, then one's cultivation would be hindered.

Since ancient times, the frustrated geniuses everywhere that had never recovered from a setback all had one common characteristic. This was that before it had happened, everything had been smooth sailing, and then they would suddenly suffer a disastrous defeat.

’’You think your future prospects are limitless, but these are all things given to you by your martial intent. If I take away your martial intent, then you will be nothing! Wait for me to plunder the virginity of the woman you once loved, shatter your martial intent, grievously wound you, and waste your future!’’

Thinking of Lin Ming's inevitable fate, Zhang Guanyu really wanted to let out a hearty laugh. He looked again at Lan Yunyue in her small fabric shop, and the corners of his mouth flashed with a ferocious macabre smile. He lifted his foot and walked forwards her.

’’Hello two customers, are you looking to purchase something?’’ Lan Yunyue sweetly greeted with a smile as she saw the two silk-robed men walk into the shop. Although she and Zhang Guanyu had both attended the Seven Profound Martial House at the same time, Zhang Guanyu rarely appeared in front of others, so Lan Yunyue did not recognize him.

But as they approached Lan Yunyue, her eyes gradually sharpened. The silk robed man who was waving a fan was not some common or trivial person. Not even mentioning the richly brocaded silk fabrics he was wearing, but the jade pendant that he was wearing at his waist was worth no less than 5000 gold taels. It was a top-quality white translucent jade pendant. Not only that, but it had delicate red veins within;it was a very beautiful blood jade. She remembered that not even Zhu Yan had such a high quality jade pendant. To so casually wear a jade pendant that was equal to 1 or 2 treasures on his body, the young man's family background was simply too terrifying.

Lan Yunyue could not see through this young man's cultivation, but she could easily see that the middle-aged man accompanying him was at the Viscera Training stage. To have a follower at the Viscera Training stage, just who was this man?

But the key was, why would the son of such a wealthy person come to such a small hole-in-the-wall shop to buy fabric? Although her fabric was decent, it was not something that this young man would ever deem worthy to be glanced at. This kind of person from a wealthy family probably used precious snow silk as his fabric.

Also, those who bought fabrics were usually women. What would two men possibly be buying fabric for?

Lan Yunyue's mind flashed with all these thoughts, and in her heart she became secretly alert.

Zhang Guanyu looked at Lan Yunyue and revealed a faint smile. He joyously laughed and thought, ’’What a charming and juicy young beauty. Even though she's wearing coarse homespun clothing, it doesn't hide her exquisite makings. No wonder Lin Ming and Zhu Yan were both infatuated with this girl, moreover, I can tell that this girl truly has the body of a virgin. This is perfect, I'll settle her within my manor and thoroughly cultivate my 'divine Acacia Power' with her. I will certainly enjoy this.’’

In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, according to customs, a man and woman wouldn't have se*ual relations with each other before marriage. Certainly, this logic did not apply to concubines and maids because one did not need to marry them.

’’Are you Miss Lan?’’ Zhang Guanyu asked straight to the point.

Lan Yunyue's heart chilled. Sure enough, they were looking for her. Since they've come to her door, they have already verified her identity.

She nodded and said, ’’Yes, I am. What matter do you two have with me?’’

’’Haha, I've seen Miss Lan before. The truth is, the first time that I saw Miss Lan, I was already attracted to Miss Lan. Whether it is appearance or temperament, Miss Lan is truly very charming!’’

Lan Yunyue unconsciously stepped back half a step, opening up a distance between her and Zhang Guanyu. The wariness in her heart became heavier.

Zhang Guanyu saw Lan Yunyue step back, and also quickly stepped back himself to show respect. He said, ’’My apologies, I hope that I was not too offensive and therefore scared Miss Lan. I do not have any other meaning, honestly, I just want to say that I very much admire Miss Lan, but before, Miss Lan was already engaged. My only regret is that I did not meet Miss Lan sooner. I recently heard that Miss Lan has broken her engagement so I took the liberty to visit. I hope that Miss Lan is not offended by my brashness.’’

Lan Yunyue saw Zhang Guanyu's respect and felt a little more at ease. She calmly replied, ’’My engagement was not broken, but divorced.’’

’’Haha, Miss Lan is too serious. I actually already knew that Zhu Yan had been expelled from the Zhu Family, how could he possibly be worthy of Miss Lan? I do not know why Miss Lan decided to open such a small fabric shop in this remote area. If Miss Lan does not mind, how about coming over to my house for a visit? I have some gifts that I must give to Miss Lan.’’

Lan Yunyue's heart began to race. This young man in front of her, his words were appropriate, his smile was gentle, and by all appearances he was a modest and classy gentleman that didn't give off any ill-feelings. However, Lan Yunyue suddenly felt that there was something wrong about him.

Lan Yunyue knew how sensitive her status was. She was Lin Ming's former girlfriend. Just on this point alone, even if there was a son of a rich family who had taken a liking to her, they wouldn't be so crazy as to come here and try to take advantage of her.

Although Lan Yunyue knew that Lin Ming no longer had any relationship with her, those nobles would not think such a thing. This was something that they would never dare to do;in their opinion, this was the same as insulting Lin Ming.

But this young man actually dared to be so flagrantly blatant to court her. There were only two possible meanings to this;he was completely crazy or he was completely opposed to Lin Ming, or even had a grudge with him!

Thinking of this, Lan Yunyue had a very bad feeling, like an unlucky premonition that was slowly creeping up behind her, that someone would try to kidnap her and use her to threaten Lin Ming...

Although she could not see through this young man's cultivation, she knew without a doubt that she was not his match. In addition to that old servant that stood behind him, she had no chance of escaping!

Zhang Guanyu saw Lan Yunyue tense up and go on high alert, smiled, and said, ’’I heard that Miss Lan has already withdrawn from the Seven Profound Martial House. It's really too bad. With Miss Lan's talent, with good pills supporting, it would be possible to break through to the Pulse Condensation Period. Once someone breaks through to the Pulse Condensation Period, their youth will be lengthened by decades. Isn't this something that Miss Lan desires?’’

Zhang Guanyu lightly coughed, and the middle-aged man immediately handed him a box. He opened it;there were two bottles of pills inside. Zhang Guanyu casually took out a bottle and opened it. The rich and fragrant aroma of high-quality medicines immediately wafted out. These were clearly top-quality medicines.

Zhang Guanyu smiled and handed the pills to Lan Yunyue. He said, ’’These are high-grade soul gathering pellets, just a trivial little gift not worth mentioning. Miss Lan, please do not reject them. These are only a small gift that I prepared for our first meeting. In the future, I can give you anything you want. With my status, I will not bring disgrace to you. How about it?’’ Zhang Guanyu knew of Lan Yunyue's past. He knew what Lan Yunyue desired, and had always wanted. She was divorced now;it was impossible for her to remarry into any respectable family. He did not believe that if he appeared in front of her when she was in such a dire situation and offered so many pills, and even offered to help her break through to the Pulse Condensation Period, that Lan Yunyue would not be tempted by this.

However, he hadn't expected that Lan Yunyue would simply not take the bottle of pills. She refused them, and directly said, ’’This young lady understands and thanks good sir for his kind intentions, but must decline. I no longer wish to cultivate the path of martial arts, and would like to live out the rest of my days as an ordinary person. I thank good sir for his kind regards, and ask that good sir please never return.

’’Oh, is that so...?’’ Zhang Guanyu's smiling visage slowly fell, and an imposing aura from his body slowly began to grow. The middle-aged man behind him stepped forward, blocking the rear door.

Lan Yunyue immediately became flustered, and her pretty face began to pale. ’’You...what do you want to do?’’

Zhang Guanyu said, ’’It's a pity that Miss Lan does not seem very interested in returning to my home, but I think that as long as I bring you there, I can make you change your mind by fulfilling your interest of 'se*'.’’

As Lan Yunyue heard Zhang Guanyu bite out this word 'se*', she immediately turned ice-cold. This person... he... he dares to rape her!? He was insane! Was he completely ignoring the threat of Lin Ming and abducting her to his own house!?

Was he not afraid of Lin Ming's retaliation?

Lan Yunyue knew that even if she no longer had any relationship with Lin Ming, if some person was to rape her, Lin Ming would absolutely never let that person off.

Lan Yunyue's back was already soaked in cold sweat. Her eyes glanced at the booth, and she saw not a trace of the scissors she used to cut fabric with...

’’Haha, such a young girl and also so beautiful. Don't take things too hard;look at the bright side.’’ Zhang Guanyu's smiling face became all the more intense.

Zhang Guanyu took a step forward. He revolved a bit of his true essence, and was just about to make a move, when at this moment a hearty laughter suddenly came from the entrance. ’’Haha, is that not Sir Zhang? Sky Fortune City is such a small place;I can't believe that I would bump into you here!’’

Zhang Guanyu frowned and he turned around. He was surprised to see a man with thick eyebrows smiling at him as he walked over. With every step this man took, he was emitting a strong aura that suppressed him.

Liao Wenyuan!

Zhang Guanyu recognized this person. He was a Pulse Condensation Period master who was a subordinate of the Crown Prince. Not only that, but he was already at the middle Pulse Condensation Period. Even if there were four of five or him, he still wouldn't be this man's match!

The Crown Prince actually sent Liao Wenyuan to protect Lan Yunyue?

No, that's not right. It should be that there was someone following her, and as soon as this shadowy saw that he had come, had used a sound transmitting talisman to immediately notify Liao Wenyuan. With a Pulse Condensation Period master's speed, catching up so quickly was not a problem!


’’Mister Liao! What a fortunate meeting!’’ Zhang Guanyu said as he cupped his hands together in greeting.

’’Fortunate meeting, fortunate meeting.’’ Liao Wenyuan clasped his hands together and returned the courtesy. He calmly asked, ’’Is Sir Zhang also here to buy fabric?’’

’’Oh, ah, it's for the beginning of winter. My family wishes to purchase a batch of winter clothing.’’

’’Haha, I also have this plan for the coming winter. I came early, but didn't think that I would meet Sir Zhang also choosing out fabric. This is such a fortunate coincidence, how about Sir Zhang chooses fabric with me?’’

’’Hehe...’’ Zhang Guanyu suddenly smiled, but his smiling face contained a faint trace of murderous intention. He coldly said, ’’Do not trouble yourself Mister Liao. Mister Liao should feel free to choose his own fabric. When the winter comes this year, it will be best if you do not freeze to death.’’

After Zhang Guanyu said this, he waved the fan in his hands, flicked his sleeves, and left the shop.

Hearing Zhang Guanyu's apparent threat before he left, Liao Wenyuan only smiled and yawned. He was a Pulse Condensation Period master, and did not fear the Allied Trade Association. He was also a subordinate of the Crown Prince;what could Zhang Guanyu possible do to him?


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