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Martial World - Chapter 1279


Chapter 1279

Chapter 1279 - Slaughter City




’’These grouping rules are too unfair. Why are some people that were ranked second in their contest area still placed into the second group, and yet the fifth of another contest area can be placed into the first group!’’

’’Yes! This is unfair! I would like to ask what the basis of this grouping is. Is it only subjective judgment?’’

The geniuses present were very proud. After being viewed as worthless by others and also being treated unfairly, they certainly weren't convinced.


Vast Cosmos didn't need to speak at all. Beside him, several World Kings shouted out, their voices fierce. These World Kings, once they released their pressure, were not something that these juniors could withstand. Many of them immediately began to stream a cold sweat.

’’Rules are rules. You may only follow and cannot resist. As for the reasoning behind how these rules are established, I have no need to explain to the likes of you.’’

Vast Cosmos's voice was indifferent, as if he couldn't be bothered to speak at all.

To someone at his level, this group in front of him was nothing more than a pack of children. Although they were chosen prides of heaven, the road of a martial artist was long and difficult, filled with dangers. Whether or not any of them could grow was unknown. Out of these 10,000 geniuses present, only a very small number of them would reach the World King realm. As for the rest, they would only be Holy Lords.

They simply weren't worth Vast Cosmos paying attention to.

’’This bunch of idiots, it's as if they think they are so fierce. Out of these 10,000 people, only 300 are chosen. In truth even I'm surprised that I've been chosen. Even I have to think that I'm a bit worse than the required standard.’’

Beside Lin Ming, Purple Blade shook his head. Before coming to the finals area, Lin Ming, Dragon Fang, and some others had all been training. But, Purple Blade had already cultivated as much as he could and three months was far from enough for allowing him to become any stronger. Thus, he used this time to study his opponents.

Out of these 10,000 people, he had gathered the materials of the entire 1000 people in his group. After carefully analyzing it, there were over hundred people stronger than he was.

’’Brother Lin, I must thank you and Dragon Fang. You and Dragon Fang are too strong, so I believe that Gravemoon Star's ranking simply didn't apply to you. In that case, Nether Limitless should have been considered first and I should have been considered third. That's why there are five people from our area.

Purple Blade was extremely self-aware of his own strength. After researching all the information of those here, he knew that many people were stronger than he was.

’’Everyone, follow me!’’

Vast Cosmos loudly said. At this time, with a great rumbling sound not too far away from the crowd, the ground began to cave in for dozens and dozens of miles. And in the center of the collapsing earth was a metal city that slowly began to rise up into the air. This city looked fierce and barbaric, with harsh and bewildering angles. It was red all over and emitted a vast and ancient aura. It was unknown just what type of metal was used to make this.

As soon as this metal city appeared, many of the young elites present felt their hearts shake. Facing this city, they felt all the hairs rise up on their body. It was difficult to summon any courage or confidence in the presence of this crimson city.

’’This is Slaughter City! It is my Honorable Master Vast Universe's Empyrean spirit treasure! He brought it up from a 100 million year blood pond in a slaughter hell, and it carries with it a terrible slaughter energy! The main battlefield of the semifinals will be Slaughter City. If you cannot even pass its gates then you have already lost all qualifications to compete.’’

As Vast Cosmos spoke, all of the young elites present glanced at each other in shock and dismay. So there was another elimination event. Before the finals truly began, there would first be a massive round of eliminations. This was a way to simplify the competition without affecting the fairness of it, so that the number of matches was reduced as much as possible.

’’Slaughter hell, 100 million year blood pond... I wonder just what sort of place this is that you can actually fish up an Empyrean spirit treasure.’’

In Empyrean Vast Universe's 10 million years of life, he had only created two Empyrean spirit treasures himself. But in truth, he actually had many more Empyrean spirit treasures. Most of them were lucky chances he found, left behind by ancient Empyreans.

’’There is this slaughter hell, but there is also that Soul World that Empyrean divine Dream went to before. I've never heard about such strange places before.’’

Lin Ming sighed deeply. The divine Realm was far too broad. There were so many mystic realms that it was impossible to count them, and he didn't even know the names of the overwhelmingly vast majority of them.

’’You may enter now.’’

Vast Cosmos indifferently said.

’’Slaughter City, great! I must enter Slaughter City in a much more relaxed manner than the others. I will show them that they were mistaken in including me in the elimination group.’’

’’This is my time to shine! Although it's impossible for me to compare favorably with the monstrous freaks here, as long as I can do better than 70-80 of the people then that will be enough for me to be praised throughout the entire divine Realm!’’

Many young elites were brimming with fighting spirit as they saw Slaughter City, especially those martial artists who believed they should have been placed in the first group. As the peak geniuses of their various great worlds, most of them were prideful individuals who did not fear challenges. Now that they were looked down on so much, they naturally simmered with rage.

The slaughter fields within the city were over 20 miles wide and long. From the square that everyone was on to the city gates, there was a three mile wide abyss. As one peered down, the sight was enough to make their hearts skip a beat. Within this abyss was a river of blood that emitted an extremely strong coppery stench! Sad and mournful cries faintly wafted upwards, as if countless tortured souls were sealed within the blood river.

’’This isn't an illusion;this is a real river of blood. Moreover, this isn't ordinary blood. This blood should be related to that so-called 100 million year blood pond.’’ As Lin Ming was thinking this, several dozen disciples had already flown up from the square, heading towards Slaughter City.


’’Although it's impossible for me to take first place in this First Martial Meeting, I still want to be the first to enter the city!’’

Many masters hadn't moved, but some people had the desire to be the first to enter Slaughter City. If they did, they at least would have something to boast about once they left.

’’So this is pressure created from killing intent and the pressure of resentful spirits. Although it's a bit troublesome, it's not enough to stop me!’’

Several dozen people instantly flew one or two miles forwards. As they saw their goal in sight, many of them revealed joyous expressions. But at this time, several massive blood hands emerged from the abyssal blood river, smashing down their palms at these geniuses.


Many geniuses attacked these blood hands, but their attacks vanished completely, disappearing into the blood hands.


Many people cried out in misery. They were instantly swallowed up by these blood hands and disappeared without a trace.

Only two people managed to avoid the blood hands after a series of desperate maneuvers in the air, shakily managing to mount the gates of Slaughter City.

As everyone saw this, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

Of the dozens of people, only two of them managed to pass. Although those that tried were from the second group and they weren't too strong either, this elimination rate was too amazing. From the looks of it, there wouldn't be many people left over in the second group after this.

’’This is difficult. It's impossible to defend against those blood hands;we have to avoid them.’’

Many people quickly reached this conclusion. Then, several dozen more people flew towards the gates of Slaughter City. The killing intent and resentful energy enveloped them. When the blood hands rose up, these people all tried every method possible to dodge, but over 90% of them failed. Finally, only three or four people managed to reach the city gates.

Compared to the first try, this wasn't much better.

’’This is far too difficult!’’

Many people suddenly had different expressions, their complexions paling.

And at this moment, a tall and powerfully built man in white clothes laughed as he shot towards the city gates. He didn't follow the others, instead going by himself. As a giant blood hand reached up towards him, he didn't dodge or evade. Instead, he took out a long staff from his spatial ring and smashed it against the blood hand, immediately scattering most of it!

Blood fog drifted about as the man easily reached the gates of Slaughter City.

’’Who is that person? He's formidable!’’

’’His name is Shiku. I don't know where he comes from but he is a complete dark horse. He is the first ranked participant from our contest area and uses a simple long staff. He's far too strong.’’

Here, the first ranked participants of their semifinals areas were generally known by everyone else, and others also had a general understanding.

’’That boy with the staff is decent. I heard his name is Shiku. It seems he was hiding his strength at the semifinals.’’

’’It isn't that he was hiding his strength but that no one could force him to use his true strength to begin with. I wonder which great expert's disciple he is.’’

The present World Kings discussed with true essence sound transmissions. They were clearly surprised that Shiku could use his staff to forcefully scatter the blood hands.

After Shiku was a pale-faced martial artist - Nether Limitless. He wanted to copy Shiku and scatter the blood hands, but after two continual attacks he wasn't able to do anything to them at all. Instead, he was nearly grasped by the blood hands, and was forced to use the Concept of Space to narrowly dodge them and mount the city gates.

Nether Limitless's expression was extremely ugly. He couldn't compare to Empyrean descendants, and it was even fine if he couldn't compare to Lin Ming or Dragon Fang, but now there was some random fellow that popped out of nowhere who was much stronger than he was!

However, on the great stage of the divine Realm, Nether Limitless was only able to play a minor supporting role;there weren't many people paying attention to him. Those that could mount the city gates were already astounding individuals;who cared whether or not he was able to scatter these blood hands?

After Nether Limitless was Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang slashed out his sword and sheared a blood hand in half, easily mounting the city gates.

’’Another one cut through the blood hands!’’

’’So fierce! I attacked the blood hands too but it was like a gust of wind hitting a towering tree. Isn't this Dragon Fang second from his contest area? I wonder just how freakish that Lin Ming is?’’

As everyone was talking, Lin Ming also moved.

He lightly flew through the air. The killing intent and resentful aura of the blood pond wasn't able to affect him at all. At this time, a blood hand reached towards him.

Lin Ming swept out his spear, directly breaking that blood hand off from the middle!

Looking at Lin Ming's calm and unmoved appearance, everyone's mouths were left ajar.

’’He really is a freak! Gravemoon Star has produced two monstrous abnormalities. If that Dragon Fang were to go to another contest area, he could easily be first. But there is always someone stronger than the strong. In the end he was only placed second.’’

After mounting the city gates, Lin Ming looked over at Shiku. He could feel that this burly and hearty martial artist was very strong. For him to be able to scatter the blood hands so easily must mean that his strength was terrifying.

’’He's also a dual body and energy cultivator!’’

Lin Ming was immediately able to see that this fellow trained in the body transformation technique, and that his cultivation of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates was no worse than his own!

’’How did he train to that level?’’

Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a sharp light. This divine Realm First Martial Meeting was truly a hidden dragon and crouching tiger of talents, filled with countless masters. There was actually someone that had managed to reach such attainments in the body transformation technique. He must have had some heaven-defying lucky chance.


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