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Martial World - Chapter 1277


Chapter 1277

Chapter 1277 - Child of the Dark Phoenix




Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream were two peerless women. Standing side by side, they were two women that made all surrounding martial artists feel less than dirt. These two women, whether it be in status or strength, made everyone feel incomparably distant. Even that World King Holy Land disciple who was criticizing the arrangement of the palace residences didn't complain that the Empyrean direct disciples were placed in the first 30 palaces. This was because the disparity was far too obvious.

There was no need to mention Frost Dream;it was said she was the disciple that Empyrean divine Dream was most proud and satisfied of for these last 10 million years.

Empyrean divine Dream was already one of the few peak characters of the entire divine Realm. The strength of her most outstanding disciple could be imagined.

However, Fairy Frost Dream was an extremely low-key and subdued individual. The techniques she used, the Laws she cultivated, all of that was a mystery.

As for Xiao Moxian, her character was widely known as a naughty trickster that loved to play all the time. Even so, her strength was also a mystery.

During the preliminaries, Xiao Moxian's terrifying strength had struck fear into the hearts of everyone. In the divine Dream World's 3000 great worlds, Xiao Moxian had swept through all opponents, unstoppable.

But even that was not her full strength. It was hard to imagine where the limits of her strength lay.

’’They are Xiao Moxian and Frost Dream...’’

Lin Ming looked at these two women, his eyes extremely sharp.

Xiao Moxian was actually only at the middle divine Sea realm, the same as himself.

As for Fairy Frost Dream, Lin Ming couldn't clearly see through her cultivation.

Her inner world was covered in a dense layer of fog, blurry. Let alone her inner world, even her facial features seemed to be shrouded in a dream-like layer of illusions, making all unable to clearly see her.

Beside Lin Ming, Purple Blade said to him, ’’Brother Lin, Fairy Frost Dream is an extremely mysterious character. Whenever she appears in public she is always concealed with the divine Dream Laws. It's impossible for anyone to get a clear look at her.

’’As for Xiao Moxian, I've heard a bit of her situation. Although it isn't some secret, not everyone knows of it... after I learned this information, I lost all confidence to face her... her talent has truly reached a boundary that mortals like us cannot imagine.’’

As Purple Blade spoke, he saw Lin Ming's not too concerned expression and continued to say, ’’Brother Lin, I'm not trying to scare you. In my opinion, your talent is already heaven-defying amongst all heaven-defying geniuses. But, if compared to Xiao Moxian, I'm afraid that even you are far inferior...’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming looked at Purple Blade with amazement in his eyes. In Purple Blade's opinion, Xiao Moxian's talent was far greater than his own?

The divine Seal Altar was mainly a test of one's potential. When Lin Ming climbed up the divine Seal Altar, although he had relied on some shortcuts, the undeniable truth was that his potential swept away the dozens of Empyrean disciples of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace for the last 2 million years.

Because Purple Blade didn't understand him, Lin Ming wouldn't think it was strange that Purple Blade thought he was worse than Xiao Moxian. But, Purple Blade had said that Lin Ming was far worse than Xiao Moxian.

This surprised Lin Ming. It was clear that Xiao Moxian was quite special.

’’Let's hear it.’’

Purple Blade said, ’’Brother Lin, I know that you are hiding some secrets and also have many other cards you have yet to reveal. Your future achievements are something I cannot imagine, but even so, I fear that you are too far off from Xiao Moxian. She is truly a monster amongst all monstrous geniuses. Let me say this first: Xiao Moxian is younger than you. She is only 26 years old right now.’’

’’26 years old!?’’

As Lin Ming heard this age he was truly horrified. A 26 year old middle divine Sea realm master!? This age combined with this cultivation was ridiculously shocking!

An extreme genius, even if they didn't cultivate the Laws, ignoring their foundation and cultivation methods, merely seeking to increase their strength, even if they ignored all consequences to take all sorts of medicines, they still might not be able to reach the middle divine Sea realm at 26 years of age.

And Xiao Moxian was clearly not in this situation. There was no mistaking her strength. Whether it was in comprehension of Laws or foundation, she far surpassed all her peers!

Lin Ming couldn't begin to imagine just how she did so much in so little time.

Purple Blade was already expecting this response from Lin Ming. He said, ’’The reason Xiao Moxian has her current achievements is because she has a special bloodline. Her mother is not a human...’’

As Purple Blade said this, Lin Ming was stunned. ’’Her mother isn't a human? Is she from the demon race?’’

In the divine Realm, besides humans, there were a small number of other races. For instance, the demon races' ogre race and imp race. Even so, all of them combined together were only a small number. Their population was nothing in comparison to the humans'.

In Lin Ming's impressions, since Empyrean Demondawn was known as Demondawn, the Dawn of all Demons, then it wouldn't be strange if Xiao Moxian's mother was also from the demon race.

Purple Blade shook his head, ’’It isn't the demons but the monsters. If I say this it might scare you a bit, but the rumors say that Xiao Moxian's mother is a Dark Phoenix...’’

As Purple Blade said this, Lin Ming was truly scared silly. ’’Dark Phoenix? A God Beast!?’’

According to what Lin Ming knew, the most common phoenix was a Fire Phoenix, with a small number being Ice Phoenixes. As for Dark Phoenixes, Lin Ming had once seen one in Empyrean divine Seal's dream-like memories. But now, in the current divine Realm, these types of phoenixes had disappeared long ago.

However, that was not the most critical point. A human Empyrean was originally an existence comparable to a God Beast, and their strength might even surpass a God Beast. In Empyrean Demondawn's Heavenly Palace, Lin Ming wouldn't be startled if there was a God Beast there, or even a primordial God Beast. No, what Lin Ming thought was inconceivable was that even though a God Beast could change into human form, no matter how much se* they had with a human it should be impossible for a child to be born from them!

Let alone a God Beast with a human, even a God Beast mating with another God Beast would find having a child incomparably difficult. The more powerful a species was, the more difficult it was to bear descendants. This was part of the laws of nature that balanced the universe. Otherwise, there would be hundreds of millions of God Beasts and it would be beyond simple for them to sweep through and rule the divine Realm.

In this sort of situation, how could there be a child between a God Beast and a human?

Lin Ming finally knew why Purple Blade thought that his talent was far inferior to Xiao Moxian's.

A God Beast was originally the beloved darling of the world Laws. Their entire body was a treasure and their bones and organs and flesh were all engraved with the most mystical and profound Law runes. When a God Beast was born, they would not need any training at all to possess strength only inferior to that of an Empyrean after growing up.

Of course, correspondingly, there were many shortcomings. This was that the Laws they possessed were more or less finalized at their birth. No matter how much they trained, this wouldn't change much. Also, their ability to learn was far worse than humans'.

But, if a God Beast and a human could mate together, the child they produced would inherit the learning capabilities of a human but also the heaven-defying talent of a God Beast. It was hard to imagine just how terrifying such an existence would be!

Moreover, since this Xiao Moxian was the direct bloodline descendant of Empyrean Demondawn, then her father must naturally also be an extreme character. Otherwise, how could he possibly obtain the favor and lust of a God Beast taken human shape?

Her father was an extreme character, her mother was a God Beast, and her grandfather was an outstanding Empyrean!

This sort of background was high to the point that it couldn't be any higher!

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Xiao Moxian was the proudest daughter of heaven within the entire divine Realm!

’’Ancient Phoenix Clan... in front of Xiao Moxian, there simply isn't any comparison at all...’’

Lin Ming sighed with emotion. The Ancient Phoenix Clan, no matter how much Ancient Phoenix blood they transplanted, could not compare with Xiao Moxian. Xiao Moxian had the true body of a phoenix child. Every drop of her blood, every bone, every muscle, and even her soul was marked with the characteristics of a God Beast.

’’No wonder that Xiao Moxian can reach the middle divine Sea realm at 26 years of age but also comprehend the Laws to this level. That is because those Laws have already been engraved within her body from her birth...’’

Lin Ming felt a bit relieved. Xiao Moxian didn't need to do as other geniuses did and assiduously perceive the Laws. She already had the Laws within her body and merely needed to slowly digest them. Such a disparity was truly frustrating.

’’Yes. When the resources and inheritances of Demondawn Heavenly Palace are added on top, we truly can't compare.’’

Purple Blade spoke with sincere envy. In front of Xiao Moxian, he really was nothing more than an ant. The difference between them was too great.

’’Big Sister, there are so many people here, it's really lively!’’ Xiao Moxian giggled as she saw all the people gathered around the crystal platform. As she smiled, she revealed a pair of sharp canines.

’’They are testing their comprehension of Laws.’’ Fairy Frost Dream said. Her voice was similar to immortal tunes flowing down a 100,000 foot tall snow-capped mountain.

’’Eh, is there something so fun?’’ Xiao Moxian had just arrived at Vast Universe World so she had yet to take a walk around. ’’I also want to play a bit. Would Big Sister Frost Dream like to try it too?’’

Xiao Moxian casually asked. Frost Dream faintly smiled and said in a soft voice, ’’No need.’’

’’Then I'll give it a try.’’

Xiao Moxian walked into the crowd and everyone spontaneously drew away from her.

Although Xiao Moxian seemed extremely casual as if she were just playing around, everyone else's eyes widened. They held their breath, waiting to see Xiao Moxian's performance.

Among the young generation, she was someone who truly stood at the peak!

Standing before the crystal platform, Xiao Moxian simply didn't ready anything at all. She just lightly thrust out her palm, and in that moment a black flame burnt in Xiao Moxian's palm. Although this black flame appeared inconspicuous, the moment it lit up, the entire crystal platform began to light up. The first five levels blazed with a shining light and even the sixth level began to glimmer with a bright light!

She had reached perfection in the fifth level Laws, and even touched upon the sixth level Concept!

As everyone saw this they were shocked speechless, panic-stricken. A normal genius was already considered amazing if they could touch upon the fifth level Concept, but Xiao Moxian had already touched upon the sixth level Concept. Her comprehension of Laws was truly monstrous.

’’Too strong!’’ Purple Blade sighed from beside Lin Ming. In terms of the comprehension of Laws, Xiao Moxian had flung him impossibly far away. He had only reached large success in the fifth level Concept.

’’Xiao Moxian is only playing around and yet she's managed to reach such a level. She's definitely not trying her best. In terms of Laws, I am truly far inferior to her.’’ Lin Ming shook his head. His comprehension of Laws was already considered outstanding, but it was far too difficult for him to compare with Xiao Moxian, who had the Laws engraved into her body as a true God Beast did.

Xiao Moxian didn't have any reaction to her result. She simply chuckled and said, ’’Big Sister Frost Dream, are you sure you don't want to try?’’

She looked completely like a young girl who only came to play about and have some fun. To other geniuses, they were here in a ruthless battle to decide superiority and gain glory. But to Xiao Moxian, this was only an amusing toy.

Frost Dream smiled, shaking her head again and saying, ’’No.’’

’’Okay. Big Sister Frost Dream you are just too boring. Let's leave this place and go shopping over there.’’


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