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Martial World - Chapter 1272


Chapter 1272

Chapter 1272 - Ancient Phoenix Blood Essence




Lin Ming, Qin Xingxuan, and Mu Qianyu left the room hand in hand. At this time, Huo Violentstone had already obtained news of Lin Ming's awakening and had hurried over.

’’You damned boy, you finally woke up! You had me worried to death these past days!’’

Huo Violentstone slapped Lin Ming's shoulder. If Lin Ming were a normal essence gathering system martial artist that didn't use any protective true essence, this slap would have fractured his bones.

Lin Ming and Huo Violentstone were related as master and disciple. The two people had spent a great time together in the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters as well as during the time at the Fire Spirit Star smelting trial. They were extremely familiar with each other, to the point where Huo Violentstone didn't feel like Lin Ming's master, but a good friend who occasionally met up with him.

’’Lin Ming greets Elder Huo. When this disciple climbed up the divine Seal Altar, I simply exhausted myself a bit too much, thus I rested for so long. I apologize for worrying you.’’

’’It's fine, I'm glad everything is over. What have you been experiencing during your sleep these last days?’’

This was what Huo Violentstone was concerned about. Xiao Daochild had said that Lin Ming's spiritual sea was extremely active, but as for what he was experiencing, no one knew.

Lin Ming said, ’’I lived through an extremely long dream, experiencing many chaotic scenes. During it, I felt that my divine soul, body, and inner world were experiencing some strange baptism in this dream, as if my perception of some Laws have become deeper.’’

Now that Lin Ming recalled his dream, it was like he had lived through a completely different life. He travelled back 3.6 billion years, formed his own Heavenly Palace, ruled the world, resisted the great calamity, passing through the ages, everlasting and immortal.

Every scene was magnificent, glorious, and very lifelike. Lin Ming suspected that these scenes were part of Empyrean divine Seal's memories from 3.6 billion years ago.

Empyrean divine Seal had planted mysterious runes in Lin Ming's body, soul, and inner world. Besides the Laws of the 33 Layered Heavens, these runes also carried with them a part of Empyrean divine Seal's memories, and these memories were what Lin Ming had experienced in his dream.

In the dream, Lin Ming thought he was Empyrean divine Seal, thus he had passed through the ancient events from 3.6 billion years ago. This was the most reasonable explanation.

Because of the great world calamity, Empyrean divine Seal, the ancient divine Seal Altar, many other matters were extremely important and involved in many great secrets. Thus Lin Ming did not elaborate in detail to Huo Violentstone and instead referred to these dreams as somewhat trivial matters.

’’Boy, you have truly brought honor to our Ancient Phoenix Clan now. You struggled to reach the top of the divine Seal Altar's 33 steps and even proved that that boy Dragon Fang is inferior to you. Oh, that's right. I've heard some rumors about that Dragon Fang. It's confirmed that he is the last disciple of some secluded great expert, but as for whom that is, I'm not sure at all.’’

To an ordinary martial artist, an Empyrean was an extremely mysterious existence. For those Empyreans that formed their own Heavenly Palaces and ruled the world, others would know of them. But, for those that were deep in seclusion, normal martial artists wouldn't know their names at all.

Moreover, Three Lives Old Man was someone who was at the height of his fame 300 million years ago. Let alone Huo Violentstone, even Great World Kings wouldn't know of him.

Lin Ming nodded. In truth he already made this guess a long time ago. If there was no teacher and no resources, while it couldn't be said that a martial artist without a background would never grow up to be anything significant, the chances were so low they could be ignored.

’’Haha, if this continues then you, brat, will be the greatest dark horse! You don't have a decent master at all but you've already obtained such great results, that's truly impressive!’’ Huo Violentstone said, patting Lin Ming's shoulder again. ’’That's right;come with me, the old Patriarch would like to see you.’’

’’Old Patriarch?’’

Lin Ming froze for a moment. In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the current Patriarch was younger than Huo Violentstone. But above the current Ancient Phoenix Clan Patriarch were several other older Patriarchs. These Patriarchs had stepped down from their positions tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago, and were all characters that were deep in seclusion. They were considered the true foundation of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, and their strength was far greater than Huo Violentstone's.

Lin Ming followed Huo Violentstone and flew over countless great jade palaces. He flew up a 100,000 foot high celestial mountain and finally touched foot on the summit.

On the summit, there were fire flowers and parasol trees planted everywhere. There were even some spirit birds in the shape of phoenixes that were flying back and forth through the forest of parasol trees. At the end of this forest was a grand palace the color of deep crimson. This was where the old Patriarchs were deep in seclusion.

Standing within this parasol tree forest, even the loud and boisterous Huo Violentstone had restrained himself. He respectfully bowed, facing the grand palace as he loudly said, ’’Disciple Huo Violentstone has brought Lin Ming here.’’

’’Mm! Enter!’’

An elderly voice responded. Lin Ming and Huo Violentstone both walked into the palace.

Inside the grand hall, with glittering fire red jade shining all around them, a man and a woman sat in two thrones. The man was thin with silver hair. The woman had a gentle smile and she wore a long red dress. Although she was old now, one could see from the outline of her face and features that she must have been a beauty in her youth.

’’Haha, Lin Ming! Sit down!’’ The silver-haired old man waved his hand, a welcoming smile on his face.

’’Lin Ming, the reason I called you here is because I wished to see with my own eyes the great genius that came from my Ancient Phoenix Clan. Secondly, and a bit more importantly, the Ancient Phoenix Clan has something to give you.’’

The silver-haired old man took out a jade box from his spatial ring. He gently caressed it;this movement was just like a man stroking his wife. It was obvious that this silver-haired old man treasured this jade box very much.

’’Could that be...’’ Huo Violentstone's eyes widened. He already had a guess in his mind. Now that Lin Ming had grown to this level, the Ancient Phoenix Clan could only support him with their most precious treasures. And, there might be only one thing at that level...

The silver-haired old man stroked the jade box for some time, and then let out a long breath and opened it. He pulled out a bright green jade bottle from the jade box. This jade bottle was less than half full, filled with deep red blood. Looking at the amount, there was likely over 20 drops.

’’That is Ancient Phoenix blood essence!’’ Even though Huo Violentstone already guessed this, he was still shocked upon seeing so much Ancient Phoenix blood essence. In his life, he had seen Ancient Phoenix blood essence an extremely small number of times, and that was only one drop at a time. Just when did he have the chance to see so much Ancient Phoenix blood essence at once?

Ancient Phoenix blood essence was incomparably precious to the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Besides the line of Patriarchs, even the Vice Patriarchs or Highest Elders might not have the chance to obtain a single drop!

Now, this silver-haired old man was actually planning on gifting this much to Lin Ming. It was likely over half the reserves that the Ancient Phoenix Clan had!

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath. This gift was far too heavy.

This was the ultimate bottom line treasure of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. If this was given to him, then the resources available for raising future geniuses would be much more intense.

The silver-haired old man saw Lin Ming's doubts and said, ’’Rest assured. This is only 60% of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's stock of Ancient Phoenix blood essence. We've kept 40% which is still over a dozen drops, more than enough to use in the future. As for this amount, you must accept it. It will help stabilize your middle divine Sea cultivation so that you can fight for a small space on the First Martial Meeting's Heaven Proclamation!’’

The divine Seal Altar mainly tested one's potential and Lin Ming had relied on his understanding of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens to climb up the divine Seal Altar. If it were true combat, then it was unknown just how far he could have made it up the divine Seal Altar. This was also the reason for the rules that one had to fight an opponent in the latter steps of the divine Seal Altar, so that testing one's potential wasn't the only criteria.

Thus, the silver-haired old man wasn't sure how close Lin Ming could reach to the Heaven Proclamation.

But regardless of that, it shouldn't be a problem for Lin Ming to enter the top three ranks of the Earth Proclamation and attain a complete transcendent divine might. The reason that the silver-haired old man took out this blood essence was to help Lin Ming grow further and to also have him display a greater result in the finals.

’’Why aren't you hurrying up and receiving it? This is wonderful!’’

Huo Violentstone saw Lin Ming's hesitation and slapped his back.

Lin Ming walked forwards, respectfully receiving the phoenix blood essence.

This phoenix blood essence was indeed useful to him. After absorbing the supreme dragon bone, Lin Ming's dragon bloodline density had surpassed his phoenix bloodline density. If he had this phoenix blood essence to make up for that, he would be able to display a much stronger power.

The jade vial only contained 20 some drops of phoenix blood essence but it was extremely heavy. The weight of phoenix blood essence was greater than that of ordinary blood by dozens of millions of time.

’’Thank you old Patriarch. I, Lin Ming, will carve this graciousness in my heart.’’

Lin Ming didn't say much, only speaking this simple vow. The silver-haired old man was more than satisfied with this.

The silver-haired old man knew that for someone like Lin Ming with such a firm heart of martial arts, the pledges he made were worth more than money.

The reason he had put out 60% of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's stock of phoenix blood essence was because he hoped that their Ancient Phoenix Clan could become a World King Holy Land in the future and evolve into something much stronger.

’’Good, you can go now. There are still two months until the finals begin. I will have Huo Violentstone follow you. He will create a time enchantment that will help you absorb the Ancient Phoenix blood essence, and then you will embark towards the finals. Lin Ming, you have brought the greatest honor for me, rather, I should say that this honor is too great, great to the point that my Ancient Phoenix Clan might not be able to withstand it. To you, the Ancient Phoenix Clan might already be far too small. But, I only want to say one thing. That is no matter where you are in the future, do not forget that you have a home here.’’

The silver-haired old man gently smiled. His words were sincere and gave off a very sympathetic feeling. Lin Ming deeply nodded and said, ’’This disciple will never forget!’’

’’Mm, good. I believe your battlefield is to struggle on the Heaven Proclamation. For you, the Earth Proclamation is no longer difficult. You will inevitably earn the qualifications to enter an Empyrean Heavenly Palace, and you must make sure that you grasp this chance well. If you can make progress in the Heavenly Palace, then that will also be the glory of my Ancient Phoenix Clan.’’

’’Understood!’’ Lin Ming succinctly said.

’’Very well, you may leave. Huo Violentstone will accompany you to absorb the Ancient Phoenix blood essence. As for your wives, the Ancient Phoenix Clan will look after them. You need not worry. With the Ancient Phoenix Clan's resources, there will be no problem having them enter the divine Lord realm. At that time, once your life has stabilized, I fear you will have already stepped into the World King realm, and even become someone outstanding amongst World Kings. With you training them yourself at that time, it will be much easier.

The silver-haired old man's words instantly erased many of Lin Ming's worries.

Lin Ming couldn't bring his wives everywhere with him. The Ancient Phoenix Clan looking after them would be the best choice.


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