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Martial World - Chapter 1271


Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271 - Finally Meeting




’’Elder Huo, there are many people waiting outside to see Lin Ming. What a headache, aiya...’’

The Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Xiao Family said to Huo Violentstone.

’’Declare that Lin Ming has entered into seclusion because he is meditating on some Concepts he comprehended from the divine Seal Altar, and he is seeing no one. Just let them wait as they wish!’’

The Ancient Phoenix Clan didn't want to spread the news that Lin Ming had fallen into a deep slumber. That would create an extremely bad influence. Lin Ming was exceedingly outstanding, to the point that there were many whose eyes were red with jealousy.

These people might not have any abilities, but they were actually skilled in spreading lies and rumors. Even if Lin Ming was in truth all right, these people would blabber on, wanting their Ancient Phoenix Clan to become a joke.

’’There are some people that... believe we are using Lin Ming going into seclusion as an excuse. Although they haven't yet publicly said it, it's placing some pressure on us.’’

’’Deal with them. Aren't they just some Holy Lords and half-step World Kings? Who cares about them? Just handle them as they come!’’

Huo Violentstone was disinclined to bother with these people. He would only have the patience to come up with an explanation to a true World King powerhouse.

’’This damned brat Lin Ming, just what he is doing!’’

Huo Violentstone said, breathless. In truth, he was very worried for Lin Ming. He wasn't worried that Lin Ming's slumber would delay their traveling schedule to the location where the divine Realm First Martial Meeting finals would be held, but was afraid that Lin Ming had actually received some hidden wounds on the divine Seal Altar.

The divine Seal Altar was incomparably mysterious. If there was some damage to his spiritual sea or divine soul that no one was able to detect, then that wouldn't be too strange.

Another 20 days passed.

Lin Ming was still in his deep sleep. His dream seemed endless. He dreamed that he returned to the era of 3.6 billion years ago. He fought with ancient clans and races, defeated countless powerful enemies, slaughtered endlessly, and even became an unrivalled hero of his generation.

During this time, he sought out mystic realms, making repeated breakthroughs in his strength. He swore brotherhood with his life and death friends, establishing a sect that dominated the world, living at the prime of his glory.

Finally, his cultivation reached large success. He stepped towards the peak of martial arts, creating his own transcendent divine might, and then even resisting the great world calamity...

That great war startled the heavens, shook the earth, and moved demons and gods.

Every scene was incomparably real. Lin Ming didn't know how many years he lived in silence, but suddenly he awoke. He discovered that he was lying on a large bed and his entire body was soaked with sweat.

Beside him were two gentle and elegant women. They looked up at him with surprise.

Lin Ming was very familiar with these two beautiful women's faces;they were Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan.

’’Yu'er? Xingxuan?’’ Lin Ming was startled, his mind still in chaos. ’’You're here?’’

For a time, everything was tumbling over in confusion. His thoughts were in tumult, disoriented, and he found it hard to distinguish between illusion and reality. It was all because that long dream he just had was far too real.

’’Lin Ming, you're finally awake.’’

’’Brother Lin.’’

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan began sobbing with happiness. Lin Ming had already been sleeping for over a month. During this time period, many high level figures of the divine Realm had looked over Lin Ming, including Xiao Daochild. Even so, none of them knew what was happening. Xiao Daochild only sensed that Lin Ming's spiritual sea was extremely active, but there shouldn't have been any great problem with him.

For Lin Ming to not have any problem but still be unable to wake up, how could Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan not be worried? They stood guard by Lin Ming's side, all the way until he finally woke up.

’’Where am I?’’

’’This is the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters! Brother Lin, after you were taken down from the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step, you fell into a deep sleep, and now you've slept for over a month!’’

’’More than a month?’’ Lin Ming rubbed his forehead. To think he had already rested for over a month. ’’Yu'er, Xingxuan, you came to the divine Realm?’’

After sleeping for a month and suddenly awakening, and then being able to see these two beautiful and familiar figures standing guard beside him, an inexplicable warmth and tenderness suddenly filled Lin Ming's heart.

This was something that he hadn't felt for quite some time, the so-called warmth and happiness.

Ever since Lin Ming stepped onto the road of martial arts, he hadn't experienced these feeling often. Year after year he experienced battle and slaughter, going on journeys, passing through danger after danger, risking his life at every turn!

Although Lin Ming was someone who loved to fight and go on risky adventures, after such a long time, this inevitably placed a great pressure on him!

Now that he awoke from his deep sleep and saw these two women standing beside him and also being able to smell their fragrant scent, he felt long hidden emotions rising within him and needed to release them. He held Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu, pulling them into his chest, gently hugging and kissing.

He softly said, ’’I'm glad that I can see you two here.’’

Without any extraneous words or sweetly honeyed love poems, Lin Ming's words were straightforward and honest. Even so, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan felt their noses burn as tears tumbled down their cheeks.

Even if they didn't want to acknowledge it, they knew that in their hearts Lin Ming was becoming more and more distant.

This was a feeling of unattainability. In this situation, when the two women saw Lin Ming, they would inevitably be a little cautious because of their lack of security that Lin Ming still viewed them the same. But, as Lin Ming hugged them, this caused the barrier around their hearts to melt away like white snow underneath the blazing summer sun.

’’Yu'er, Xingxuan, how did you two come to the divine Realm?’’

After embracing for a long time, the three of them separated and Lin Ming began asking them questions.

After hearing this question, Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu looked extremely sad. The two of them had already been in the divine Realm for over a year. They had experienced many hardships, but through the twisting roads of fate, they finally managed to see Lin Ming without any troubles at all. Otherwise, if circumstances were different, they had no idea how long it would have been until they met again.

Mu Qianyu said, ’’The situation in the lower realms has been settled. With Old Man Good Fortune's help, the Ancient Phoenix Clan has stabilized and replaced the Asura divine Kingdom as one of the four divine Kingdoms. In truth, the sect no longer needs us to be there and we also didn't want to waste our time in the lower realms.

After Mu Qianyu spoke, Lin Ming could make out their thoughts from their eyes.

They didn't want the distance between them and Lin Ming to grow any more. If Lin Ming was in the divine Realm and they remained in the lower realms, the disparity between the three of them would only grow greater and greater, whether this was strength, cultivation, lifespan, or distance.

The martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent were limited to the late divine Sea realm. But, a late divine Sea realm martial artist lived at most for 10,000 years. As for Lin Ming, his future lifespan might even be measured in the hundreds of millions of years.

Not just that, but ever since Lin Ming ascended to the divine Realm, they had obtained no news about him. They didn't know whether he was dead or alive, so how could they ever feel at ease? After all, from what they knew, within the divine Realm a divine Sea martial artist was nothing at all. One only had the strength to defend themselves at the divine Transformation realm. But, when Lin Ming ascended to the divine Realm, he was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. No matter how talented Lin Ming was, it would only take the blink of an eye for a powerful master to kill him.

After all of this combined together, they finally made the decision to ascend to the divine Realm and search for Lin Ming. Although they didn't describe the process, Lin Ming could also imagine that they experience all sorts of suffering and hardships.

’’It's been rough for you two.’’ Lin Ming sighed.

He was someone whose heart was focused on the road of martial arts. He was indeed lost when it came to feelings and emotions.

But in truth, Lin Ming was better than most. There were many peerless geniuses and masters whose feelings of affection and love were clearer than water.

These martial arts masters often lived for millions or even over 10 million years. If they came from great backgrounds and their parents were also peerless powerhouses, then they would be a bit better. But, if they came from a humble common background, then even if they used all sorts of methods and pills to extend the lives of their parents, their parents would live at most for tens of thousands or a hundred thousand years. In the end, they would die.

As for their wives, this was also true. These people would often have different wives in different times. This was because their speed of growth was too fast and no one was able to keep up with them.

The woman they married during their youth would slowly age and eventually die. The only exception would be if they married some proud daughter of heaven like Xiao Moxian. But, for a genius of humble birth, they were often nothing more than weeds and grass during their youth, so where would they encounter such a woman?

Besides love, their emotions towards their children were also extremely faint. A peerless master would have many children, hundreds of them. Moreover, it would be hard for these children to outlive their parents. The reason that mortals doted on and loved their children was because of their short lifespans. To them, their children were a continuation of their lives. But to a peak genius, this situation didn't exist at all.

Gradually, martial artists would often diverge into two extremes. They would either wholeheartedly invest everything into pursuing the road of martial arts and remain pure in heart and mind, or they would have harems of concubines and gaggles of children.

Lin Ming embraced the two women in silence before separating from them. He traced his hands over Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan's soft hair and said in a gentle voice, ’’Do you plan on staying in the Ancient Phoenix Clan in the future? I can have the Highest Elder make arrangements for you.’’

The resources of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were far more than enough to train Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan. If they didn't seek out higher combat strength and only chose to increase their cultivation, then it wouldn't be difficult for them to reach the divine Lord realm.

’’Lin Ming, there are many people outside waiting to see you.’’ Mu Qianyu said to Lin Ming as she suddenly thought of this matter.

’’Who is it?’’

’’It's mostly Holy Land level influences from the Crimson Light World and other nearby great worlds. There are even some World King influences that have sent people.

’’I don't want to see them.’’ Lin Ming shook his head. He had already made a decision. The time of the finals was getting closer and closer. He had to train as much as he could;every minute of his time was valuable.


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