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Martial World - Chapter 1270


Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270 - Bustling Like A City




In reaching the summit of the divine Seal Altar, this had been the most exhausting battle Lin Ming had gone through so far. From start to finish, it had taken him seven days and seven nights.

In these seven days and seven nights, besides a pill that he had taken, he had completely relied upon his own natural restorative abilities.

After exhausting himself over seven days, at the final moment he was like a lamp without oil. At the last 100,000 foot pass, if it were any casual test and not the phantom of Empyrean divine Seal, then Lin Ming would have lost.

Lin Ming didn't remember how or when he came down from the divine Seal Altar. All he knew was that he slumped over and instantly fell into a state of deep sleep.

And outside, billions of people were wildly screaming! News about this competition on the divine Seal Altar spread like a snowstorm throughout the entire divine Realm.

The billions of spectators present had come from 100 great worlds as well as countless small worlds and hidden worlds. They were all high level figures, either sect Elders, reclusive sages, or outstanding young elites.

Their ability to spread news far surpassed the ordinary person's. For a time, the name of Lin Ming and Dragon Fang were extremely dazzling. In particular Lin Ming;his fame resounded through the world!

Of course, to many people, they had no idea just what sort of concept mounting the summit of the divine Seal Altar was. This was because the divine Seal Altar wasn't very famous to begin with.

An Empyrean was synonymous with mystery. People didn't know all the Empyreans in existence, moreover there was quite a large number of Empyrean Heavenly Palaces in the divine Realm. In terms of Heavenly Palaces alone, there were 100-200 that were well known by most, not including those Empyreans living in deep seclusion like Three Lives Old Man.

With so many Empyreans, how many people would know about a random Empyrean spirit treasure?

Although the divine Seal Altar had been revealed to the public before, that was 100,000 years ago, or even several hundred thousand years ago. People had already forgotten about such a distant matter.

Let alone the disciples of ordinary Holy Lands, even Nether Limitless didn't know how difficult it was to reach the top of the divine Seal Altar.

Many people only knew that Lin Ming was the top participant from the semifinals at Gravemoon Star. As for what degree he had reached, it was hard for them to imagine.


Far away, there was an independent greater dimension. This dimension was a great world that was forcefully opened up by an extreme character using their titanic supernatural powers. It was billions of miles long and wide, far larger than the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent combined!

It was already astounding for a martial artist to open up their own dimensional realm, much less a greater dimension.

In this separate world, there was a palace built from white jade. This palace was filled with flowers and trees as if the inside was endless grasslands. Immortal cranes flew above lotuses and white monkeys danced among the fruit trees. Beautiful spirit springs sprung up all over. These springs were not formed from ordinary water, but wine nectar. If a mortal were to drink this, they would be able to extend their lifespan by several times.

In this heavenly fairyland, there was a group of lightly dressed women. Amidst enchanting music, they gracefully danced. Each one had alluring looks and perfectly built bodies made for obsession.

These women all had a cultivation at the divine Sea realm. Moreover, their talent was very good. However, they were just singing and dancing maids, serving the guests of their master, who were a dozen or so young men and women.

These dozen plus people all had extraordinary auras;they were clearly outstanding individuals.

’’I hear that the semifinals are finally over.’’ A red-haired youth smiled, carrying a wine cup in his hands.

’’Oh? How is it? Are there any interesting opponents?’’ Beside the red-haired youth, a man in silver battle armor lazily asked as he ate some grapes.

To dare speak with this sort of tone, to refer to the martial artists of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds who had been selected through trial after trial as 'interesting', their status was easily guessed - they were Empyrean descendants!

Empyrean descendants were all divided between high and low. There were strong and weak Empyreans, just like the difference between ordinary World Kings and Great Worlds Kings. In addition, even between the disciples of Empyreans, there were number one ranked disciples and also last ranked disciples.

According to the customs of the First Martial Meeting, when a new number one disciple was about to appear to an Empyrean, that Empyrean would also step forwards to hold the First Martial Meeting. Of these Empyreans that held the First Martial Meeting, their strength on average was extremely high. Even the weakest among them would be at the same level as Empyrean Vast Universe.

The weaker Empyreans would not hold the First Martial Meeting. Rather, their descendants would join the First Martial Meeting held by other Empyreans.

These dozen plus people were mostly in this situation. As Empyrean descendants, they didn't need to undergo the preliminaries and semifinals, and could go straight to the finals.

’’There are indeed some interesting matches that have appeared. On Whitelight Star's martial field, the first ranked participant - Blood Carnage. On Yellow Net Star's martial field, the first and second ranked participants - Hong Yu and Chao Guang. And of course, the ones with the greatest limelight so far are the first and second ranked participants of Gravemoon Star's martial field - Lin Ming and Dragon Fang. Especially that Lin Ming. It's said that he even surpasses us Empyrean descendants.’’

’’Surpasses us?’’

Many of those present chuckled. ’’It's just the ramblings of people who have never seen the wider world. They haven't even seen the side of a Heavenly Palace and yet they dare to do something so ridiculous like comparing someone to us Empyrean descendants. How laughable!’’

’’There's no need to care about those common mortals. In the divine Realm First Martial Meetings, it has always been Empyrean descendants that have ruled the rankings. The so-called geniuses of the great worlds can struggle as much as they want for the Earth Proclamation, but there is no room for them to stand on the Heaven Proclamation.’’

Empyrean descendants were all proud and lofty individuals. They naturally wouldn't be willing to believe that some common person was able to surpass them.

However, the youth who spoke up before added again, ’’It's different this time. That Lin Ming is extremely fierce. I heard that he climbed up to the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar and created a miracle.’’

As this youth finished speaking, another person who was sitting amongst the group nearly spat out the wine he was drinking.

’’Shore Feather, what do you think?’’

’’Is the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step really that exaggerated?’’

’’That's right, the divine Seal Altar is Empyrean Vast Universe's spirit treasure, right? Aren't you from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace?’’

The young man called Shore Feather opened his mouth, his complexion pale. If one didn't come from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, even if they knew that it was difficult to climb up the divine Seal Altar, they wouldn't truly understand until they witnessed it with their own eyes. But as a disciple of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Shore Feather was profoundly aware of just how ridiculously abnormal it was for a divine Sea realm martial artist to climb up the divine Seal Altar!

’’Ex-exaggerated? It's more than exaggerated!’’ Shore Feather shouted out in his heart. Since Lin Ming had joined the First Martial Meeting, then he definitely was at the divine Sea realm!

He grit his teeth and said, ’’You can all continue eating. I'll be returning first.’’

Shore Feather's reaction was to put down his wine cup and return. He wanted to confirm whether this matter was true or false.

As for the others, they glanced at each other, puzzlement in their eyes. Wasn't Shore Feather's response just blown out of proportion?

’’This Lin Ming can have him respond in such a ridiculous manner?’’

’’About the divine Seal Altar, I have heard some things. The divine Seal Altar is mainly a test of one's potential. Can this Lin Ming's potential surpass our own?’’

’’As if I'd believe that. In any case, the finals will soon begin. I'll see for myself just what sort of freak this Lin Ming is.’’

’’That's right. We'll know sooner or later. Come, let us continue drinking.’’


Crimson Light World, Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan was originally a highly ranked influence based on the Crimson Light World. The Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters were usually bustling with people. The skies would be flooded with powerful mounts, glorious spirit boats, divine carriages, and countless divine Lords and even Holy Lords.

But in these past days, over a hundred times more martial artists had come to visit the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

The entire sky was occupied by various mounts and spirit boats.

And the martial artists that came all had an above average strength.

Originally, it was mostly divine Lords and some Holy Lords. But now, it was mostly Holy Lords, half-step World Kings, and even World King level powerhouses!

There were even some weaker Holy Lords that were ashamed to enter the gates as they saw all these peak Holy Lord powerhouses and even World King Holy Land spirit ships shuttling through the skies.

Without a doubt, all of these people had come for Lin Ming.

Most of the Holy Lord level characters had simply come to befriend and establish connections with the Ancient Phoenix Clan. They were also well aware of their status. What sort of character was Lin Ming now that they could easily see him?

And amidst this crowd, there was a small group of extremely low cultivation individuals, with the strongest amongst them being at the late divine Lord realm. Even so, these people still had a place to stand in the Ancient Phoenix Clan and they were also treated courteously.

These were people from the Good Fortune Great World's Unbroken Cult.

’’Aiya, thanks to the blessings of those two female disciples, we've become honored guests here.’’

The black-clothed man leading the group commented. He was the Founder of the Unbroken Cult. Normally, he would be considered someone with some degree of status, but here in the current Ancient Phoenix Clan he wasn't even worth a fart. Each of these other visitors were more amazing than the last. Let alone these people's subordinates, the Unbroken Cult Founder couldn't even contend with their followers.

However, these great people couldn't even see Lin Ming;they might not even have the chance to see the high level figures of the Ancient Phoenix Clan! They could only greet the Internal Affairs Envoy, the Disciplinary Elder, the Merit Elder, and so forth.

’’Truly, this scene is a bit too ridiculous.’’

’’We really are the frogs in a well. This time can be regarded as us gaining a great deal of experience.’’

Several Elders sighed with emotion. And beside them, Yu Youming was also silent, his mood extremely complex. Not too long ago, he was considered a chosen pride of heaven. From birth until adulthood, he had been shrouded in the halo of being called a genius. He had enjoyed the worship of countless others, but now, he was just a joke compared to Lin Ming.

’’I must practice as hard as I can. Although I might not reach his level, one day, I too will have the Unbroken Cult be so lively because of me!’’

Yu Youming gripped his fists together, setting down this vow in his heart. However, the truth was that in the divine Realm there were countless young martial artists that made similar pledges. But, only an extremely small proportion of them were able to succeed in their dreams. Many of them perished, their wishes and hopes unfulfilled.

The road of martial arts was incomparably brutal.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan could be considered as being at the height of their glory at this moment. Several Highest Elders, including even the current Patriarch, were growing tired from greeting the endless stream of guests. Although they were only here to curry favor with the Ancient Phoenix Clan, each and every one of them was a powerful figure, thus they naturally couldn't be treated coldly.

However, as they greeted these guests, they were also a bit worried, because since Lin Ming returned he still hadn't awoken.

Up until now, over 10 days had passed.

Huo Violentstone was especially worried. Lin Ming had slept for too long and the reason for it was also unknown.

In these days he had been investigating the reason for Lin Ming's sleep, but nothing came of it.

Even Xiao Daochild made a trip here, but he couldn't figure out the reason either. If the reason was fatigue, that would be easy to understand. But with Lin Ming's recovery abilities, that was simply impossible.


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