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Martial World - Chapter 1266


Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266 - Middle divine Sea Realm




After Lin Ming withstood these three heavenly tribulations, the remaining phantoms rushed towards him!

Nine phantoms, each one condensed from the Laws!

If these phantoms were alone, then each one would be inferior to those three phantoms from before. But with nine of them added together, their strength was three times greater than the three phantoms from before. The tribulation that Lin Ming would have to withstand was far more terrifying.

The Heretical God Tree crazily grew. The Azure Dragon roared out into the heavens. The sword of will formed from the grandmist battle spirit recklessly slashed out!

As each heavenly tribulation fell, Lin Ming's number of wounds increased. His body, his will, and his inner world far surpassed those of martial artists of the same level, but in the process of withstanding such an impact, even he felt as if he would collapse soon!

Xiao Daochild floating in the skies and the gray-clothed old man in the divine Seal Altar were both on edge, prepared to save Lin Ming the moment he broke. However, although Lin Ming was teetering on the edges of his limit, he still struggled to fight.

Within Lin Ming's body, the powers of essence, energy, and divine constantly gathered. With each strike, unconsciously, the three energies actually had a faint trend of fusing together.

The Laws of the 33 Layered Heavens all evolved from the foundation of essence, energy, and divine;they were the basis.

As Lin Ming climbed up the divine Seal Altar, he absorbed a massive amount of the power of divinity. And, the power of divinity he absorbed was the three energies fused together. Others couldn't use it, but Lin Ming actually could.

When Lin Ming had shattered the 33 Dao tablets and absorbed the Law fragments of the 33 Layered Heavens, at that time he also began to slowly fuse with the triple fused energy he had absorbed.

Body transformation runes fused into his flesh and blood.

Soul forging runes fused into his soul.

Essence gathering runes fused into his inner world.

The different Law runes he absorbed began to go to their respective domains. Even the Law runes he absorbed during Ninefall began to truly integrate into his body.

By absorbing the power of divinity, Law runes, and the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, within the tattered Lin Ming, his body, soul, and inner world were being imperceptibly transformed!

This was a qualitative change that no one was able to detect.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The power of the nine heavenly tribulations gathered together, violently exploding!

In that instant, an endless divine light swallowed up the world, blinding everyone's eyes.

Lin Ming's body was submerged within, a wisp of light in the blaze of the sun, instantly lost.

The earth trembled. Giant fissures appeared in the great mountains that held the audience, and even the void seemed to break down!

’’Too terrifying!’’

’’Who can still live through such an explosion?’’

The divine light persisted for 10 breaths of time before slowly fading away, and the divine Seal Altar calmed down once again. Everyone frantically focused their eyes. At this time, Lin Ming's situation was poor to the extreme.

Lin Ming's body had originally been soaked with blood, but now even that wet blood had been cooked dry and his body was black and withered as if he had been burned on the pyre. There were many deep wounds on his body that exposed bone, and even those originally-shining white bones had been burnt black by the dazzling divine light.

Even Lin Ming's soul had dimmed down and his life force seemed to have faded away.

’’Lin Ming died?’’

’’Died?! That's impossible!’’

’’That is utter nonsense. How could such an extraordinary genius die here in a competition? That would simply be the greatest joke of all time!’’

No one could accept that. Lin Ming had created miracles again and again, and even if his strength was lacking, there was still Xiao Daochild here. so how could Lin Ming die?

’’Lin Ming!’’

Qin Xingxuan nearly fainted.

’’Little Sister, don't panic. Look at Senior Xiao Daochild, he still hasn't moved!’’ Mu Qianyu was also extremely worried at this time and she was barely keeping calm. From time to time she would sweep her eyes over Xiao Daochild.

Although Xiao Daochild had an extremely dignified expression at this moment and he appeared to have almost moved several times, he finally didn't take action.

This proved that the situation was still within his control and that Lin Ming was still living!

Time seemed to come to a standstill. Everyone that cared about Lin Ming felt their hearts jump into their throats. As for those that hated him, such as Nether Limitless and the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands, they all hoped Lin Ming would die here.

Ka ka ka!

With a crisp snapping sound, cracks began to appear all over Lin Ming's body. The coal-like skin and flesh fell down, revealing a new layer of jade-like crystal clear flesh.

Lin Ming's eyes snapped open. In that moment, the entire universe seemed to be reflected his dark bright pupils and his gaze seemed to pierce through the veil of the world as if he could see through all Laws!

Lin Ming was alive!

’’Lin Ming!’’

Qin Xingxuan's eyes were wet with tears.

’’This damned brat, does he want to scare me to death!?’’ Huo Violentstone shouted out, finally relaxing. In fact, just a moment ago, he had felt that Lin Ming's life force had hidden deep within his body as if it were experiencing some hibernating state, going through some sort of transformation. But now that Lin Ming was truly awake, Huo Violentstone was relieved.

’’He didn't die even after nine levels of heavenly tribulation exploded on him?’’

’’Forget about him dying, haven't you discovered that his flesh and blood, and even his bones and hair have received an all new life? How is that even possible!?’’

A human's regenerative ability was limited. Even if a body transformation martial artist reached an extremely high boundary and the power of their blood energy was incomparably formidable, it was still impossible for them to instantly restore their wounds.

For someone like Lin Ming, who had such heavy wounds, no matter how strong his restorative abilities were, it would still take a day or two to fully heal. Moreover, in the recovery process he would have to consume a great deal of precious medicinal herbs and a massive amount of energy. The current situation in front of them had gone beyond any sort of common sense.

’’That's right! How could he obtain new life? It's like his body was reforged.’’

’’This sort of situation would only appear if he swallowed up a transcendent divine might!’’

Everyone felt this was unbelievable. But at this time, some people discovered something different about Lin Ming. As for how he was different, they actually couldn't say.

’’Lin Ming's aura has changed! What is going on here?’’

’’He... he broke through to the middle divine Sea realm!’’

’’Mm? Middle divine Sea realm!?’’

Everyone swept their senses through Lin Ming's inner world, and to their shock they discovered that he had reached the middle divine Sea realm. The middle divine Sea realm, the same as Dragon Fang! The difference was that Dragon Fang was at the peak of the middle divine Sea realm and Lin Ming had just entered it. But, with Lin Ming's foundation, he would rapidly consolidate his cultivation;it wouldn't be long before he also reached the peak of the middle divine Sea realm.

If it was said that Lin Ming had suffered a great disadvantage during the divine Realm First Martial Meeting because of his cultivation, then now he had made up a great part of that disparity!

Even the Empyrean descendant, Xiao Moxian, was also at the middle divine Sea realm.

The moment that those nine heavenly tribulations had crashed down, all of the Law fragments within Lin Ming completely fused into his body. The Heretical God Tree absorbed a great deal of energy and also helped to expand Lin Ming's inner world. In addition to all his previous accumulations, he had successfully stepped into the middle divine Sea realm.

However, what people didn't know was that the benefits Lin Ming had obtained just now weren't simply limited to just entering the middle divine Sea realm!

In that baptism of heavenly tribulation, the three energies of essence, energy, and divine within Lin Ming's body had begun to faintly fuse together. After the Law runes buried themselves into his soul, body, and inner world, Lin Ming's aura and physique were completely different from how they were before.

If Lin Ming had only been aware of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens before, then now he had truly stepped through the great gates of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens!

Lin Ming's current aura, if described with mortal words, was the aura of a god. However, this was still extremely light, nearly completely negligible.

It was impossible for the audience, who didn't understand the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, to understand all that had just happened.

Even the divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit couldn't see through all this. After all, the gray-clothed old man was formed from a soul fragment of a God Beast and a fragment of the true ancient divine Seal Altar artifact spirit. It was not the complete ancient divine Seal Altar artifact spirit, thus there were great inherent flaws and missing sections in its understanding of the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens.

If Lin Ming were to display all of his secrets in front of the gray-clothed old man, then he could naturally detect all of this. But, Lin Ming certainly wouldn't do something like that.

’’Lin Ming made a breakthrough at the most critical moment!’’

’’Now Lin Ming and Dragon Fang have the same cultivation!’’

’’He really might climb past 90,000 feet! That is too terrifying!’’

Of the 33 heavenly tribulations of 90,000 feet, first time would come three, second time would come nine, and third time would come all remaining 21.

These 21 heavenly tribulation phantoms spread out around Lin Ming, rushing towards him together!

Space shook, the overwhelming momentum was awe-inspiring. Even from a great distance away, the audience could still feel the terrifying strength contained within this attack.

The nine heavenly tribulations were already so formidable, but now it was 21 of them together!

Everyone kept their eyes glues onto Lin Ming. Lin Ming had just made a breakthrough in his cultivation, like a phoenix rebirthing through the flames of nirvana. At the precipice of death, he had found the path to survival!

In this situation, Lin Ming was undoubtedly even more formidable.

Now, all of them wanted to see just how strong Lin Ming had become. They wanted to see with their own eyes how Lin Ming would withstand these final 21 heavenly tribulations!

’’It's here... this divine Seal Altar is really my lucky chance. When I crossed a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall, that corresponded to the Laws of the 33 Layered Heavens.’’

Facing the bombardment of these 21 heavenly tribulations, Lin Ming did not wield his spear. Instead, he pushed the three energies within his body to the limit, directly withstanding the impact of these 21 heavenly tribulation phantoms!

’’Good heavens! He's forcefully resisting it!’’

’’There's no other way to do it. Although these phantoms are in the shape of human martial artists, after they make their attack they completely dissipate into explosive energies. These attacks cannot be blocked!’’

Energy swept out;a divine light lit up the heavens.

21 heavenly tribulations completely crashed into Lin Ming, rumbling into his body!

His soul, body, and inner world were forced to withstand a baptism of heavenly tribulation once more. Of essence, energy, and divine, there were seven heavenly tribulations aimed at each!

Despite Lin Ming having broken through into the middle divine Sea, becoming much stronger, it was not easy for him to withstand this heavenly tribulation at all.

Behind Lin Ming, the phantom of the Azure Dragon and Heretical God Tree appeared once more. The sword of will came slashing down.

The intense battle continued for several dozen breaths of time. Finally, the divine light gradually dissipated and the world was restored to serenity.

Lin Ming's crystal clear reformed flesh was ruined once more and his entire body was again stained with blood. Even though almost all of his bones were broken, he was still brightly smiling.

He had finally crossed the great tribulation of 90,000 feet!

Originally he was doomed to be defeated. But at the most critical moment he had made a breakthrough in his cultivation and stepped into the middle divine Sea realm. Through this tribulation, not only did that happen, but Lin Ming also obtained other great benefits. Through a baptism of heavenly tribulation, the three energies within his body began to fuse together.

During the semifinals on the divine Seal Altar, although the lucky chance Lin Ming found here was inferior to him crossing his 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall, the difference wasn't too great!


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