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Martial World - Chapter 1260


Chapter 1260 - Dragon Fang, Defeated




On the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step, Dragon Fang could be said as having grabbed the attention from the entire world. As for Lin Ming, he climbed up much slower so there were far less people paying attention to him. In this situation, people would usually be looking towards the first place person.

Now, Lin Ming also neared the purple thunder dominion, causing many people to turn back to him.

’’Lin Ming can actually crawl up this high!’’

’’Fierce! I thought that 50,000 feet was his limit, but I never imagined he would also reach the 67,000 foot height. I wonder just how long Lin Ming can withstand the 33,000 feet of the thunder dominion?’’

’’The 33,000 foot thunder dominion? Hehe, Lin Ming is only at the early divine Sea realm;he might fall before he can fully climb into the thunder dominion. Don't forget, he has to withstand the attacks of heavenly tribulation as he approaches the thunder dominion.’’

’’Lin Ming is definitely inferior to Dragon Fang. His talent is already heaven-defying if he can truly climb into the thunder dominion. But, it is impossible for him to go any further than that, let alone cross the 27 Thunder Source killing formation at 70,000 feet.’’

People didn't place many expectations on Lin Ming. After all, Lin Ming's cultivation was inferior to Dragon Fang's.

As the people were discussing, there was a sparkling explosive sound as a snake-like beam of thunder separated from the purple sea and hurtled towards Lin Ming.

’’It's here! The first bolt of thunder!’’

’’Dragon Fang relied on his double layered spatial enchantment to block this. I wonder just how Lin Ming will defend against it this time! If he cannot block these arcs of thunder then he won't be able to enter into the 33,000 foot thunder dominion!’’

Everyone's eyes widened, waiting to see what technique Lin Ming would use to deal with this onslaught! On the divine Seal Altar, one's body had to withstand the Empyrean pressure so they were unable to fly. Wanting to avoid the attack of thunder was impossible, they could only defend against it!

But, wanting to defend against this crazy and maniacal thunder was easier said than done. In the audience, none of the young elites sitting there had the confidence to do so.

Lin Ming looked up. At this time, the bolt of thunder had separated from the purple sea, and that incomparably wild and violent energy was hurtling towards him!

Lin Ming's eyes sharpened. He opened the Gate of View that functioned in defense and also revolved the power of the supreme dragon bone. At that same time, he revolved his true essence to the limit and allowed that purple thunder to crash into his body!

At this moment, the entire audience was dumbfounded!

’’He's forcefully resisting the thunder tribulation!?’’

’’He's too crazy! How can he withstand that and still live!?’’

Lin Ming wasn't Dragon Fang, who had spatial barriers set up around him to protect his body. Just the spatial enchantments were enough to block the majority of the attacks aimed at Dragon Fang. But Lin Ming used his protective true essence to do so, so the impact he had to withstand was countless times greater.


As thunder washed over his body, Lin Ming suddenly shook. His protective true essence withstood half of the power of thunder before directly bursting apart. The power of thunder flushed into Lin Ming's meridians where 90% of it was absorbed by the Heretical God Seedling.

As for the remaining power of thunder, it fizzled away within Lin Ming's meridians. Lin Ming's meridians had been tempered with the power of thunder multiple times in his life;this power of thunder simply couldn't affect his body at all.

His body only trembled for the briefest moment before he continued climbing upwards.

’’This is... am I seeing things?!’’

’’It's over like that? Did that bolt of thunder really hit Lin Ming or did it veer away?’’

Many martial artists glanced at each other in confusion, a bit bewildered. How could Lin Ming possibly resist this thunder tribulation in such a relaxed manner? After being struck by the thunder tribulation, his body only shook for a brief moment before he continued to climb upwards as if nothing had happened at all! This was far too abnormal!

They all suspected that they were seeing something, but as more bolts of thunder struck Lin Ming, his body shook several times before he continued upwards, still unaffected as before.

’’The hell!?’’

’’This is too forceful!’’

The entire audience was shocked. At this point in time, although they didn't think that Lin Ming had completely exhausted himself like a lamp without oil, he should also have been nearing his limit. None of them thought he would be able to resist this thunder tribulation so easily.

But, what they didn't know was that within Lin Ming's inner world, the Heretical God Seedling there had crossed Ninefall and absorbed the power of heavenly tribulation.

That had been true heavenly tribulation - a tribulation of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, thunder, wind, yin, and yang. Nine different tribulations gathered as one, representing nine different source energies of the universe, uniting together to represent the Heavenly Dao!

Disregarding the annihilating strength of heavenly tribulation, just in terms of quality, the heavenly tribulation that Lin Ming crossed during his Ninefall was on a much higher level than this thunder dominion thunder tribulation on the divine Seal Altar. After all, this divine Seal Altar was only a replica created by Empyrean Vast Universe relying on a fragment of the ancient divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit. The inherent Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens within was extremely pale and incomplete.

’’What method did Lin Ming use? It's really unbelievable. All of these geniuses have endless amounts of methods that can leave one startled.’’

’’He might be using some rare treasure. I don't believe that an early divine Sea martial artist can use his body alone to resist thunder tribulation. He definitely has some tricky method that he is using. After this he will have to enter the purple sea and we'll see whether or not he can reach 70,000 feet. Once he reaches that height, he will have to withstand the combined attacks of 27 Thunder sources. At that time, any tricks he uses will be meaningless.’’

As everyone was speaking, Lin Ming officially entered the 33,000 foot thunder dominion!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The sound of thunder shook the heavens, piercing through the ears!

Within this world, there was nothing but boundless purple all around. Lin Ming was completely submerged within this purple thunder dominion!

’’Thunder dominion... this is similar to the skies above the Sea of Miracles' 8000 Miles Black Swamp. I wonder just what this heavenly tribulation is. If it's simply limited to thunder tribulation, then that is nothing at all to me.’’

A blazing thunder light filled the field of his vision. But, Lin Ming ignored all of this and continued climbing straight up the cliffs!

Chi chi chi!

An endless waterfall of thunder baptized Lin Ming's body. Within Lin Ming's inner world, within his meridians, everything was flooded with thunder!

’’This brat, how is he doing this? Does have a thunder spirit body? Or perhaps he has a Thunder Laws-based transcendent divine might?’’

Within divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe had a startled expression. Lin Ming's performance so far had exceeded his expectations.

However, he immediately shot down these guesses.

’’No, that's wrong. The power of thunder tribulation represents the will of the Heavenly Dao. It is fundamentally different from ordinary elemental lightning. No matter how wonderful a thunder-attribute cultivation method he practiced, it is impossible for him to absorb thunder tribulation to use for himself. That completely violates all common sense.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe muttered. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't see just how Lin Ming accomplished what he did.

Even Empyrean Vast Universe was unable to think that Lin Ming had crossed heavenly tribulation. Moreover, the thunder tribulation from a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall was beyond rare, ever since the most ancient of times.

Empyrean Vast Universe hadn't crossed a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall, thus he simply didn't know what sort of change would happen in a Ninefall of that level.

And at this time, Dragon Fang had already climbed 80,000 feet up the divine Seal Altar. He had broken past the boundary of 80,000 feet!

Just how exaggerated a result was climbing up 80,000 feet on the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step. Even Empyrean Vast Universe had to praise such an achievement.

’’The successor of Three Lives Old Man is truly fierce. He is far more formidable and talented than all the disciples I have received in my millions of years of life! In terms of potential alone, I fear that even if he can't compare with Frost Dream, he isn't too far off.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe looked at Empyrean divine Dream. From the meaning of his words, it was clear he believed that Dragon Fang's talent was worse than Frost Dream's!

Frost Dream was the successor to Empyrean divine Dream and also the current Saintess of divine Dream Heavenly Palace. In the future there was an extremely high chance she would become an Empyrean!

Three Lives Old Man and Empyrean divine Dream were characters of two completely different eras. When Empyrean divine Dream's strength grew and she arrived at the peak of the divine Realm, Three Lives Old Man was already far too old. Thus, the two of them had never dueled to decide who was stronger and who was weaker.

But in Empyrean Vast Universe's eyes, Empyrean divine Dream was an unfathomable existence. He even suspected that she was far more formidable than Three Lives Old Man had been in his prime.

And Empyrean divine Dream's disciple, Fairy Maiden Frost Dream, was also immeasurably deep!

As Empyrean Vast Universe was thinking, at this moment, 80,000 feet up on the divine Seal Altar's 33rd step, countless Law runes began to shimmer into existence around Dragon Fang.

These multi-colored runes were different from the Laws that currently existed in the divine Realm. No one was able to discern what they meant. After these Law runes appeared, they gathered together, forming stone tablets!

’’These are... tablets condensed from the Laws!’’

Everyone watched with shock and amazement as 80,000 feet up, the Law runes gathered together, forming 33 Law stone tablets!

Since ancient times, countless supreme elders of the divine Realm, before their death, would spend a great deal of time and energy to carve their life's comprehension of Law Concepts onto these stone tablets, forming totem tablets for their descendants to meditate on.

And now, the Great Dao in the heavens had gathered into 33 Dao tablets. This left everyone panic-stricken. If the world Laws formed Dao tablets, then wouldn't these be tablets on the same level as chaos stones?

After climbing this far up the divine Altar's 33rd step, it was no longer only thunder tribulation, but Law tablets formed from runes of the heavens and earth. One would be directly bombarded by these tablets!

On the divine Seal Altar, Dragon Fang watched as these 33 Dao tablets formed. He extracted the Dragon Fang Blade once more. His right hand was already stained red with blood, and trickles of blood flowed down the edge of the Dragon Fang Blade. The icy cold reflection and the crimson shine were gorgeous beyond compare!

He had lost vision in his right eye. But, his left eye still blazed with purple flames as brightly as before!

’’33 Dao tablets! Even if I must be stopped here, I will fight with everything I have!’’

At this time, Dragon Fang had already consumed over 60% of his true essence, but his fighting spirit had not dimmed in the least!


The first Dao tablet shot towards Dragon Fang!

This was a blood red Dao tablet. Dragon Fang thrust out his sword, ’’Space-time Vorpal Vibration Sword!’’

Fusing the vibrating power of space into his sword, Dragon Fang's sword pierced through the tablet, causing the tablet to explode. Dragon Fang's body shook, his hand cracking even as he spat out a mouthful of blood!

’’So strong!’’

All of the blood vitality within Dragon Fang's body tumbled over. In that strike just now, he had managed to block it but he still received an internal injury.

And at this time, the other 32 Dao tablets began to rush at him.

Dragon Fang's pupils shrank. ’’Mirror Image Avatar!’’

Dragon Fang divided into eight: one true self, seven avatars. Every avatar attacked a Dao tablet, crashing into them and being annihilated together!

However, there were still over 20 Dao tablets left!

’’A Sword to Shatter the Void!’’

Dragon Fang grit his teeth and slashed out with his sword once more. At once, three Dao tablets were cut in half. But, he was unable to resist the remaining Dao tablets. They all struck his body!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The Dao tablets exploded. Dragon Fang's protective true essence exploded, his chest collapsed, and he wildly vomited blood.

In that final moment, the gray-clothed old man watching from deep within the divine Seal Altar finally moved, rescuing the nearly unconscious Dragon Fang.

Thus, Dragon Fang was defeated!


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