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Martial World - Chapter 1256


Chapter 1256 - Climbing to the 33rd Step




’’The great calamity approaches...’’ Empyrean divine Dream said to herself, as if she were immersed in the rivers of endless history.

Of course, even if one were to say that this great calamity of the Heavenly Dao was approaching soon, that could mean tens of thousands or even millions of years.

In truth, no one could say just when it would happen.

During this tumultuous period, old Empyreans would fall and new Empyreans would rise.

At this time, Empyrean Vast Universe's thoughts stirred and he looked towards the divine Seal Altar.

’’Dragon Fang has also begun to display his strength... the Three Lives Pupils truly lives up to its name!’’

Empyrean Vast Universe was more confident in Dragon Fang because his Three Lives Pupils was a complete transcendent divine might. It was also known as a heaven-defying physical state, one that could peer through all Laws. Even among all transcendent divine mights, it was still considered an outstanding example!

Even with transcendent divine mights, there were great disparities between them.

At this time, on the divine Seal Altar's 32nd step, Lin Ming had already climbed up to the 50,000 foot mark. His speed still didn't slow down, as if there was nothing that could stop his advance.

However, at the time Lin Ming started moving again, Dragon Fang had already climbed up 80,000 feet.

Dragon Fang lowered his head and looked at Lin Ming. In his eyes, where his pupils were surrounded by numerous complex and wonderful patterns, it was impossible to make out what shined there.

’’He has comprehended the special Laws on the divine Seal Altar?’’ Dragon Fang suddenly thought. He couldn't perceive the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, but he knew that there was some special Law that permeated the entire divine Seal Altar.

’’With an hour, he actually managed to perceive the special Laws of the divine Seal Altar while clinging onto the cliff. This is truly amazing! I can also understand some things about the divine Seal Altar, but that is all depending on the Three Lives Pupils, something that Lin Ming does not possess.’’

Dragon Fang had heartfelt admiration towards Lin Ming. In truth, the further Dragon Fang climbed up the divine Seal Altar's 32ndstep, the easier it became for him. Just what sort of genius was he? He wasn't the type to use brute force to resist the impact from the power of divinity that contained 33 different energies of the Heavenly Dao. Rather, as he climbed up, he would also ponder the rules of the power of divinity.

Of course, it was impossible for Dragon Fang to perceive the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens like Lin Ming did. After all, he did not cross a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall. Even so, Dragon Fang had a special trump card in his hands, the Three Lives Pupils that were known to see through all Laws!

In front of the Three Lives Pupils, there were no Laws that could hide!

The reason that Dragon Fang could comprehend the fifth level Concept of the Space Laws at a mere 36 years of age was all due to the Three Lives Pupils.

Originally, Dragon Fang's Space Laws had been stranded at the fourth level Concept. But, after he opened the Three Lives Pupils, in the short three months he spent on the spirit ship travelling to Gravemoon Star, his Space Laws had stepped into the fifth level. After several more months, his Time Laws would also break into the fifth level. This was the heaven-defying power of the Three Lives Pupils!

By relying on the Three Lives Pupils, Dragon Fang was able to see the movement path of the power of divinity. Although he couldn't directly absorb the power of divinity like Lin Ming, he could still slowly make out the paths that it would move along. By following these rules and adjusting the route he climbed up, he could avoid the powerful impact areas of the power of divinity, and instead climb up the areas where the power of divinity was at its weakest point.

In this way, Lin Ming rapidly climbed up the divine Seal Altar because he was going in a straight line. As for Dragon Fang, his trajectory would suddenly twist. He would move about, turning left before switching back to the right!

The surges of the power of divinity passed by Dragon Fang like waves, simply not touching his body at all. Thus, Dragon Fang only had to withstand a very small impact, causing his speed to rise significantly!

From the start, he had merely moved left and right as he climbed up. But later, on the cliffs of the divine Seal Altar, he simply jumped upwards. Every time he jumped up he would dodge seven or eight strikes of the power of divinity!

’’Look how fast Dragon Fang is climbing!’’

’’Heavens! What sort of route is he taking?’’

The current Dragon Fang was like a spirit monkey, constantly jumping about. He began to climb up faster and faster.

’’Too fierce! Although I don't know what Dragon Fang has comprehended, there is definitely a special meaning to the way he is climbing up. He must have figured out how to conform to the Laws of the divine Seal Altar!’’

’’A chosen pride of heaven! Truly a chosen pride of heaven! Lin Ming is already a monstrous genius, but Dragon Fang can still suppress him this time. Lin Ming has comprehended the Laws of the divine Seal Altar, and Dragon Fang has also done the same! But, Dragon Fang comprehended these Laws in a much more relaxed manner! Lin Ming had to stop and pay a great price in injuries become becoming aware of these Laws, but Dragon Fang was able to do so as he climbed up.’’

How could the spectators on Gravemoon Star understand the essential difference in how Lin Ming and Dragon Fang understood the Laws of the divine Seal Altar? They didn't know that Lin Ming had truly comprehended the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens and was absorbing a tenth of the power of divinity to use for himself.

As for Dragon Fang, he merely used the Three Lives Pupils to understand the movement path of the power of divinity and was jumping through the weakest points. This could be considered a trick he was using.

However, in their opinion, Dragon Fang's climb up seemed extremely relaxed, as if he were doing flips and jumps on the cliff!

As for Lin Ming, he was much calmer. He climbed in a straight line upwards without making any big motions at all.

Half an hour later, Lin Ming crawled 60,000 feet high, but Dragon Fang had already mounted the flat plains of the divine Seal Altar's 32nd step!

Dragon Fang was the first to mount the 32nd step!

’’Dragon Fang!’’

’’Dragon Fang!’’



The entire audience cheered like a surging tidal wave. Even the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan cheered for Dragon Fang.

This level of talent was truly impressive.

Normally, when a genius fought Lin Ming, that opponent would suffer a defeat once he revealed his advantages and the hidden cards in his hands. Or, at least they would begin to gradually be worn down.

While Lin Ming was breaking through his own limits, only someone like Dragon Fang could similarly erupt with his own potential, obtaining new comprehensions and rising to even greater heights!

This was the difference between an ordinary genius and an unrivalled talent!

Thus, for those watching, Dragon Fang had never been suppressed by Lin Ming. On the contrary, he had been the one to faintly suppress Lin Ming.

After several quarter hours of time passed, Lin Ming also reached the top of the 32nd step without any further problems.

The two peerless geniuses both met on the 32nd step!

It had to be known that in the last several divine Realm First Martial Meetings in which the divine Seal Altar had been used, there had not been a single person to reach the 32nd step. But now, there were two people all of a sudden!

This was a battle of kings!

The audience issued deafening cheers. Everyone was looking forward to this explosive moment, crazy with anticipation.

And on the divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming and Dragon Fang were standing 500 feet apart. The two were of similar height and build. However, Lin Ming was more handsome with sharp and distinct facial features, a healthy outstanding young man in the prime of his youth. As for Dragon Fang, he looked more delicate, with pale white skin.

’’Lin Ming, you are indeed a rival that I appreciate.’’ Dragon Fang said. The faint movements of his body seemed relaxed, as if he could easily withstand the pressure on the 32nd step without needing to worry about the impact from the power of divinity.

’’You too. In all these years that I have practiced martial arts, you are the most talented contemporary that I have seen. Most of the time it is others that underestimate me, but when I thought I could defeat you, you still managed to make another breakthrough!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he traced his spatial ring. According to the rules of this competition, in order to earn the qualifications to climb up the next step, they had to defeat an opponent on the current step. And, the only two people on the 32nd step were the two of them! That meant that their opponents were each other!

Dragon Fang looked at Lin Ming's movements. ’’Are you planning to fight me now?’’

’’Those are the rules.’’ Lin Ming said. In truth, he didn't want to fight Dragon Fang at this time. In all fairness, he had to admit that he didn't have any confidence in facing Dragon Fang. He didn't know just where Dragon Fang's limits were.

Dragon Fang smiled. ’’Rules are only rules. I also don't wish to fight with you now. The reason for this is simple. Although I have the confidence to win, I will not be able to do so with any degree of ease. I know I will be severely wounded and will use up at least 80-90% of my true essence. In this situation, even if I were to rest on the 32nd step for a long period of time, I wouldn't be able to restore myself. My wish of mounting the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar would become nothing more than a hopeless impossibility. What do you think?’’

Lin Ming's thoughts stirred. In truth, he was also well aware of this point. Once he fought with Dragon Fang, he would no longer have the strength to climb up the divine Seal Altar.

And Lin Ming very much wanted to climb up the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar. Although this divine Seal Altar was only a replica Empyrean spirit treasure created by Empyrean Vast Universe, and in no ways the true ancient divine Seal Altar, it still truly contained the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. If he were able to comprehend this Concept more, that would be an immense benefit to Lin Ming. He definitely didn't wish to miss out on this lucky chance.

Lin Ming looked towards Dragon Fang and let go of his spatial ring.

Dragon Fang faintly smiled, returning Lin Ming's soft gaze.

Following this, the two of them looked towards Xiao Daochild - the one who presided over the First Martial Meeting semifinals on Gravemoon Star.

Whether or not they could skip this battle and climb directly to the 33rd step all depended on him.

Xiao Daochild chuckled. ’’Good. You two have the ambition and boldness to climb up the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar;that is something I appreciate very much! The 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar is a legend. It is said that no one below the divine Transformation realm could ever hope to reach it. Of course, those are only legends, and these legends are in truth limited to Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. This is because besides those moments when the divine Seal Altar is moved out to be used in the semifinals of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, it has only been placed at Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, so that the disciples there could gain experience from it! The other Empyrean disciples each have their own methods of tempering themselves and gaining experience, thus they do not climb up the divine Seal Altar.

’’When my Honorable Master was 8.6 million years of age, he created this divine Seal Altar. Up until now, over 2 million years have passed. For all those underneath the divine Transformation realm, even if they are direct disciples of Honorable Master, none of them have been able to reach the summit! There has been a disciple that reached 70,000 feet up the 33rd step, but even at that distance, there is still 30,000 feet remaining! And, at that time, the disciple had a late divine Sea realm cultivation!

’’Today, of the two of you, one has a middle divine Sea cultivation and the other has an early divine Sea cultivation. You can both be more than proud that you have reached this step. You no longer need to fight, but can directly continue climbing up the divine Seal Altar!’’

As those in the arena heard Xiao Daochild's announcement, most of them were crestfallen. They had wanted to see the epic showdown between these two kings of their generation.

But at the same time, they could also witness Lin Ming and Dragon Fang climb up the 33rd step of the divine Seal Altar when both were at their peak condition. This was truly an eternally grand event!

’’This is too exciting!’’

’’These are kings of the younger generation. I wonder just how high they can climb? Perhaps they can even reach the top!’’

’’Reach the top? Haha, you are far too naïve. Mounting the summit is impossible, but crawling several tens of thousands of feet is no problem at all. Dragon Fang might even reach the record set by that senior disciple from Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. As for Lin Ming, he should be a bit worse. He should be able to climb 30,000-40,000 feet high!’’


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