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Martial World - Chapter 1254


Chapter 1254 - Power of divinity




’’This brat Lin Ming, just what tricks is he up to this time?’’ Huo Violentstone was burning with anxiousness. If that chaotic energy struck several more types, Lin Ming might find it hard to even guarantee his life.

Xiao Daochild also stood up, hesitating on whether or not he should act to save Lin Ming.

He had originally planned to directly end Lin Ming's participation in the semifinals and prevent him from being seriously wounded by the chaotic energy currents. However, after closely investigating his situation, he discovered that Lin Ming's consciousness had entered a strange state, as if he were half-awake. This condition was similar to sudden enlightenment.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Daochild hesitated even further.

This boy, did he enter sudden enlightenment at such an inopportune time?

The state of sudden enlightenment could only be found with a stroke of serendipity;he naturally wouldn't break it. But in this case, if he didn't, there might be a corpse instead.

It wasn't just Xiao Daochild, but within divine Dream Heavenly Palace, Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean divine Dream had also seen Lin Ming's strange state.

’’At this time, he is perceiving the Laws? It's as if... he has discovered the special Concept inherently contained within the divine Seal Altar?’’

Empyrean Vast Universe was astonished. The special Concept of the divine Seal Altar was the Concept of the 33 Layered Heaves. This Concept was one left behind in the ancient divine Seal Altar, in the far off distance past. He had found a fragment of the ancient divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit and with a long period of time spent understanding it, he had finally created this divine Seal Altar.

’’He can actually feel the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens. To think that I underestimated him. But what a pity, his boundary is far too low. Although he can feel it, it doesn't mean he can comprehend it. Even Dragon Fang with his heaven-gifted talent and also the Three Lives Pupils that are said to see through all Laws cannot do that.’’

The Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens was extremely difficult to sense, because in the current divine Realm, ever since the Heavenly Dao rules changed 3.6 billion years ago, the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens had been cut off.

Although he had been the one to create Gravemoon Star's divine Seal Altar in the past, the truth was that in terms of understanding the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens, he could not compare to the gray-clothed old man that was secretly watching the competition from within the divine Seal Altar. He was the artifact spirit of the divine Seal Altar.

The divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit had been created by Empyrean Vast Universe using a fragment of the true divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit and then fusing it together with the shattered remnant soul of a God Beast. Empyrean Vast Universe also had some understandings into the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens;this was his greatest harvest from creating the divine Seal Altar. However, there was no other option but to use this roundabout way of comprehending things. After all, Empyrean Vast Universe did not have the Magic Cube. After obtaining a fragment of the ancient artifact spirit, he couldn't directly swallow it up like Lin Ming could and comprehend the artifact spirit's Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens.

’’Really, the newborn calf does not fear a tiger. This child can feel the Concept of the 33 Layered Heavens that permeates the divine Seal Altar;that is an extremely rare accomplishment. He must have something special about him.’’

As Empyrean Vast Universe spoke, the white-clothed woman only continued looking at Lin Ming, her bright eyes shimmering with a thoughtful look.

’’divine Dream, what are you thinking of?’’

The white-clothed woman faintly smiled. ’’What I find strange is that this young man's body has the aura of the divine Dream Law...’’

’’The divine Dream Law? How is that possible? Isn't that your unique Law? Oh, yes, he did go to the divine Dream World, so it's possible he had a great lucky chance and captured an elementary spirit source, thus he has a faint aura of the divine Dream Law on his body.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe suddenly thought of this. But, the white-clothed woman didn't reply. She knew that the aura of the divine Dream Law coming from Lin Ming wasn't that simple.

At this time, two streams of chaotic energy impacted towards Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's shoulder blades nearly broke;his shoulders were stained with blood.

Then, his right arm was also struck. His forearm was also covered in blood.

In a situation where a massive Empyrean pressure was falling down on him, with his arm and shoulders injured, that was nearly the same as sentencing Lin Ming to the end of this competition. This was because a martial artist completely relied on the arms and legs to resist the Empyrean pressure that fell on them atop the divine Seal Altar.

’’It's over. I have no idea what Lin Ming is doing, but his right arm is already injured. It's impossible for him to continue climbing!’’

’’I fear that he has already... lost consciousness!’’

Lin Ming was completely unaware of all the shouting from the audience. He was completely absorbed in his state of sudden enlightenment.

From the moment that Lin Ming began climbing up the divine Seal Altar's 32nd step, he had used his protective true essence to resist the bombardment of chaotic energy coming from the divine Seal Altar.

With his true essence, cultivation, solid foundation, and comprehension of Laws, withstanding this chaotic energy and reaching the 32nd step wasn't a problem at all for him.

But, that would have been his limit.

Thinking about it, he discovered that using his protective true essence to withstand this chaotic energy was a completely wrong method!

This was similar to mortals trying to alter rivers to stop floods. If they only contained the river waters, it would eventually burst apart in violent and dangerous floods.

Only by unblocking the rivers, expanding them, and building reservoirs could one control floods.

Currently, Lin Ming was in this sort of situation. He no longer used his protective true essence to block the chaotic energy, but withstood it directly with his mortal body so that he could receive this energy into his very meridians and become more aware of it, refining it. This process was extremely risky and also agonizingly painful. His meridians were torn apart and he endured injuries all over.

But once Lin Ming grasped how to refine this strange energy, he would be able to control it to an extent and make it his own. Not only would he be able to climb to the top of the divine Seal Altar, but it would also bring him great advantages!

The energies of the 33 Layered Heavens were incomparably mysterious. If an ordinary martial artist wanted to absorb it, that was simply the ramblings of a fool.

But Lin Ming had broken through a 33 Layered Heavens Ninefall and crossed heavenly tribulation. For him, there was a possibility of success!

As everyone was speaking, another surge of chaotic energy, far greater than all the ones before, came crashing down towards Lin Ming's head!

If this surge struck him, then he would absolutely be severely wounded!

But even so, Lin Ming remained unmoving as before, completely unaware!

Xiao Daochild's vision sharpened, nearly about to move. But at this time, a sound resounded in his mind. ’’Do not move!’’

Xiao Daochild instantly froze. This voice belonged to the divine Seal Altar's artifact spirit, the gray-clothed old man that was secretly managing everything.

This gray-clothed old man was someone that even his master Empyrean Vast Universe would treat with respect as someone from the same generation and call him Old Seal. There was no need to mention how Xiao Daochild needed to respect him.

Thus, Xiao Daochild didn't move. He could only watch as this strike crashed into Lin Ming's forehead!


A flash of red, and Lin Ming's forehead was covered with blood!

’’Brother Lin!’’

Qin Xingxuan cried out as she saw that horrifyingly bloody wound. Her fingers and her voice trembled.

’’How come they haven't ended the competition?’’

’’What is Senior Xiao Daochild doing? If he doesn't end the competition then Senior-apprentice Brother Lin Ming will die!’’

’’Master, you have to rescue Senior-apprentice Brother Lin Ming!’’

Several young female disciples started to beg their masters.

The Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples were all shocked and stirred up. It was extremely difficult for such a genius to appear in their Ancient Phoenix Clan. If anything were to happen to him, wasn't that just cutting off their lifeline?

’’All of you shut up!’’

Huo Violentstone roared. He poured his energy into his voice, suppressing all of the surrounding disciples.

Although he was also nervous, he knew that Xiao Daochild had to have his reasons for not taking action.

’’Do you think your judgment is better than Senior Xiao Daochild's? Just shut up and sit down!’’

As Huo Violentstone spoke, all of these disciples sat down in their seats.

Qin Xingxuan's eyes were wet with tears. She tightly gripped onto Mu Qianyu.

Nearby, even Yan Littlemoon was tightly clenching her hands together, anxiously looking towards Lin Ming on the divine Seal Altar.

With every impact of chaotic energy, all of it was withstood by Lin Ming's body.

His entire body was wet with blood, as if someone had poured buckets of red paint on him. Let alone Qin Xingxuan, Mu Qianyu, and the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, even disciples from other great words were all looking on in fearful apprehension.

’’Just what is Lin Ming doing?’’

’’That's right, why isn't he coming down now? He shouldn't take his life as a joke!’’

’’His wounds are too heavy;he'll die soon if this continues!’’

Some disciples were worried for Lin Ming. Of course, many others were happy to see him in such a state.

There would always be humans with a jealous heart. They would hope that all those stronger than them would die, and this was especially true for the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands that Lin Ming had thoroughly shamed. They all wished that Lin Ming would suffer a worse fate.

’’Haha, that fool Lin Ming, I think he will die here.’’

’’I have no idea what is attacking Lin Ming, but he's actually resisting it with his body. Hehe, hit his head, hit his head some more, strike him harder!’’

In truth, the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands couldn't see the energies of the 33 Layered Heavens. They could only see that Lin Ming was being struck into an extremely miserable state by some strange force. Even so, they didn't dare to yell too loudly. They only spoke in low voices, their words submerged in the shouts of billions.

By this time, Nether Limitless had already stepped off of the divine Seal Altar. As he looked at the wounded and beaten up Lin Ming, his eyes flashed with a cruel and malicious light. ’’Although I don't know what Lin Ming is doing, he is indeed in a very dangerous position. Even Xiao Daochild should be nervous. I have no idea why he isn't taking action yet, but if there is some accident, this boy might die here. If he dies though, that will be much cleaner...’’

Nether Limitless's crimson pupils shined with a savage light. At this time, an even stronger flow of chaotic energy began gathering behind Lin Ming. This flow of energy was several times stronger than before, and the direction of its attack was towards Lin Ming's head!

On the divine Seal Altar, Xiao Daochild saw all of this happen. His concentration was in complete focus and he was ready to move at any moment.

But at this time, an unbelievable scene occurred!

As this energy shot towards Lin Ming, it actually divided into two. There was a large portion that accounted for 90% of it;this part suddenly changed direction and veered off to the side. But the smaller part flew towards Lin Ming and sank into his head, not causing him any damage at all. It disappeared without a trace!


Xiao Daochild was floored. That scene just now was as if Lin Ming had absorbed that chaotic energy!

In the audience, no one knew just what had happened now. Only the gray-clothed artifact spirit, Xiao Daochild, and Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean divine Dream watching from divine Dream Heavenly Palace knew what had just happened.

That chaotic energy that Lin Ming had just absorbed on the divine Seal Altar had its own unique name - the power of divinity!


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