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Martial World - Chapter 1252


Chapter 1252 - Dragon Fang's Identity




Among a vast and endless sea of clouds, countless celestial mountains floated in the skies. These celestial mountains were tens of thousands of feet high, lush with verdant plants and vibrant flowers. Waterfalls fell down from the peaks of these mountains, flowing like countless bolts of snow white silk that was hundreds of thousands of feet long, sprinkling into the clouds before fading from sight.

Among these numerous celestial mountains was a separate spatial dimension. This space was filled with a great lake that sparkled like fields of diamonds. Fishes leapt through the pristine lake and water lotuses bloomed. All sorts of spirit birds flew back and forth, filling the air with a rainbow of beautiful and auspicious colors.

In front of this immortal lake was a lush bamboo house. This bamboo house appeared very common, and one could even smell the fragrant scent of fresh bamboo.

Warm sunlight sprinkled down, illuminating the bamboo house. At this time, the door to the house was pushed open and a woman dressed in pure white slowly stepped out. She appeared to be just over 20 years of age, and she carried a watering pot in her hands. Although she appeared like a mortal woman, from her head to her toes she exuded a holy and utterly divine aura.

As she casually walked through the flowers, ten thousand faint ribbons of shimmering silk seemed to hang from her body. Her appearance was covered in a faint haze of fog, making one unable to clearly see her. She seemed to be passing through the endless years of time;although one could see her, it was impossible to target where she was.

As she gently walked by, all the flowers seemed to bend towards her. Birds gathered around her, dancing in the air, singing with their light chirping voices.

The white-clothed woman arrived before a row of flowers. She tilted the pot in her hands, watering the flowers.

The water in this pot was beyond ordinary;it was immortal spring nectar. To a Holy Lord level alchemist, just a single drop was an incomparably wonderful treasure for refining pills.

But in the hands of this white-clothed woman, it was only used to water flowers.

These flowers that she was watering were not ordinary either, but were heavenly treasures that even a World King would grow jealous over. But here, these heavenly treasures were not used for alchemy, but merely for viewing. These wonders of heaven and earth were naturally incomparably beautiful.

At this time, two small and cute red fish leapt out of the water of the lake, transforming into two beautiful young girls in the air.

These two girls looked no older than 16-17 years old. Their bodies were wrapped in a sheath of flowing water, their twin peaks were in full bud, and their perfect thighs were round and slender.

The two young girls released an infinitely youthful atmosphere, their beauty and grace incomparable to a mortal.

They were from the monster race. The fish in this immortal lake were also not ordinary fish, but rather extremely high cultivation fish monsters that could transform into humans. If any one of them were to enter a great world, they would be proud daughters of heaven that could shock the world.

However, here, they were only fish playing in the lake. They led a diligent and simple cultivating life, happy and innocent.

’’Fairy Maiden, Empyrean Vast Universe would like to see you.’’

The two young girls said.


The white-clothed woman faintly responded as she straightened herself.

The two young girls turned back into red fish that swam back and forth between the leaves of the water lotuses. At this time, the surrounding space trembled and a six-sided prismatic crystal appeared in the air, floating in this dimension.

Two sharp points of the prismatic crystal emitted a dim black light, forming an image half the size of a person. The entire universe seemed to be sealed within this dim black light. If an ordinary person were to face this black light, they would want to fall to their knees in worship.

’’divine Dream!’’

The prismatic crystal formed a metallic face in the air, its voice full of energy.

In the vast and boundless divine Realm, it was rare for Empyreans to see each other. Many of them were closed up in seclusion or had returned to their native lands. Once one reached their boundary, there was little in the world that could affect their mindset.

To the countless junior martial artists of the divine Realm, all of them were itching to fight in the First Martial Meeting that had swept through the entire divine Realm, signaling the height of a golden age. All these juniors thought to blossom in glory in the First Martial Meeting. But, to an Empyrean, the First Martial Meeting wasn't anything at all.

In the entire divine Realm, how many tens of thousands of years had to pass before an Empyrean was born? Even if one was ranked first on the First Martial Meeting's Heaven Proclamation, their chances of becoming an Empyrean were far too small!

If one could not become an Empyrean, then they would only be a Great World King. That was a level that couldn't rouse the interest of an Empyrean at all.

Thus, the First Martial Meeting had basically been conducted by their disciples. As for Empyrean Vast Universe, he had only taken responsibility for sending out the sound transmission.

This was something performed by Empyrean Vast Universe, the reason being that his disciples didn't have the capabilities to send a sound transmission to the quadrillion trillion lives of the entire divine Realm. Otherwise, Empyrean Vast Universe wouldn't have appeared at all.

In this situation, Empyrean Vast Universe had still cast a divine sense projection into the resting lands of Empyrean divine Dream. There naturally had to be something extraordinary that occurred.

The white-clothed woman laid down her watering pot and looked towards Empyrean Vast Universe's divine sense projection, waiting for his explanation in coming here. Her skin was soft and supple like liquid jade. Although her current situation seemed different from her actual station, one could still sense an ethereal aura coming from her.

’’divine Dream, if I'm not mistaken then... Three Lives Old Man's descendant has appeared.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe spoke straight to the point.

’’Three Lives Old Man...’’

The white-clothed woman was lost in thought as she thought of this elderly person. That old man was the senior of both her and Vast Universe. In the past, when she first stepped onto the road of martial arts, Three Lives Old Man had already been an Empyrean!

’’300 million years...’’ The white-clothed woman whispered, as if she were opening the ancient tome of history. 300 million years, just how long an expanse of time was that!

’’Yes, 300 million years! I fear that Senior Three Lives has remained in stasis within a time enchantment for at least 200 million years! Since Senior Three Lives has awakened and also found his successor, I believe that he has had a premonition of the future...’’

As that black crystal image spoke, the image it projected suddenly blurred and shifted. The metallic face disappeared, replaced by the projection of a black-clothed youth. This black-clothed youth carried the Dragon Fang Blade over his shoulders - he was Dragon Fang!

’’This is him?’’

’’Yes! This person has a single name, Fang, but his nickname is Dragon Fang. I have had my disciples examine his history. At the very start of the preliminaries, he didn't display anything too extraordinary. Perhaps he was biding his time and saving his strength, or, he might have found some lucky chance in the divine Dream World. For instance... he found an elementary spirit source and then awakened the Three Lives Pupils! Thus, because of that, his strength has risen astronomically!’’

’’Three Lives Pupils!’’

The white-clothed woman's expression finally changed. Three Lives Pupils was the transcendent divine might of Three Lives Old Man.

This was an extremely special and singular type of transcendent divine might. In order to study it, one needed not just the inheritance of Three Lives Old Man, but also a very unique physique.

This was a special physique that would appear only within a single family line in the divine Realm, passing down one generation at a time to only a single person. Studying this transcendent divine might was beyond difficult. Moreover, one needed Three Lives Old Man's personal instruction;just a jade slip was not enough.

From studying the Three Lives Pupils at the start, if one wasn't able to open them, then that person's strength would be suppressed instead, making them seem like a common genius of their era. But, if they did manage to open them, their might would rise to horrific levels!

In this world, there were far too few things that could cause this white-clothed woman's expression to change. The Three Lives Pupils were one of them.

’’From what I know, Fang has a skeletal age of 36 and his cultivation is at the middle divine Sea realm. To open the Three Lives Pupils as 36 years of age is truly impressive. I am sure that he will have his own special place in this First Martial Meeting! But, it's a pity that he only just opened his Three Lives Pupils, so he is far from being able to display its full strength. I fear it is impossible for him to surpass Frost Dream and the others.

Empyrean Vast Universe sighed. Compared to Fang's immeasurably long life that lay in front of him, 36 years was nothing but a brief blink of the eyes.

As he spoke, the white-clothed woman noticed another black-clothed youth standing next to Fang. This youth gave the white-clothed woman some strange and inexplicable feeling.

’’He is...’’

’’Mm, this boy is also special. He is someone that ascended from the lower realms. He knows the transcendent divine might left behind by Primordius - the Primordius martial intent!’’

’’Primordius martial intent? Is he Primordius's successor?’’ The white-clothed woman was surprised. To her, the name Empyrean Primordius held far too much meaning. He, divine Dream, and Vast Universe had all been characters of the same era, peerless talents of their time!

’’No. He has only learnt a portion of the Primordius martial intent. My guess is that he stumbled upon some lucky chance and discovered the inheritance that Primordius left behind. However, he hasn't passed the test that Primordius left behind, thus he has yet to obtain Primordius's true inheritance. I cannot call him Primordius's successor, only a lucky fellow. His strength is worse than Fang's, and his potential is far, far worse.’’

Empyrean Vast Universe only speculated this from the grandmist space that Lin Ming had revealed.

And indeed, Lin Ming had not obtained Empyrean Primordius's true inheritance, only a very small portion of it.

In fact, when Lin Ming walked down the Road of Emperor in the past, he was nothing but a martial artist of the lower realms and his cultivation hadn't even been at the Life Destruction realm. His potential back then was far inferior to what it was now. At that time, if Lin Ming hadn't passed Empyrean Primordius's test then that would have been reasonable. It was just that Lin Ming had been far superior compared to those other people on the Sky Spill Planet back then.

’’Before this brat completely passes Empyrean Primordius's test, he cannot be considered Primordius's successor. How can Primordius's test be so easy to pass? We can only wait and see just what this boy's future will be like.

’’The one we should be concerned about now is Fang. His strength is a bit worse off than what it could be, but for him to open the Three Lives Pupils at age 36, that is proof of just how terrifying his potential is. In the future, when the great world calamity approaches, Fang will surely become one of the heroes of that time. As for Lin Ming, if he grows well and encounters some more lucky chances, he will also be able to become an important supporting character.’’

In an era, there would be several leading protagonists, and even more supporting roles. Back in the far off ancient past, Empyrean divine Seal had not been the only hero.

The white-clothed woman didn't respond to Empyrean Vast Universe's words. She simply waved a hand, and the entire dimension around her vanished, instantly turning into an exact replica of Gravemoon Star's semifinals area.

The vast sea of people, the billions of spectators present, all of them cheered in excited jubilation. The endless crowd cheered and cheered as they watched Lin Ming and Dragon Fang climb up the divine Seal Altar!

The white-clothed woman floated quietly in the sky, standing beside Empyrean Vast Universe's divine sense projection as they both watched Dragon Fang and Lin Ming climb up the divine Seal Altar in full, crystal clear view.

Empyrean Vast Universe faintly smiled. ’’Your ability is quite useful. You can instantly form a divine dream projection to recreate reality. Good, then let us have a look at what this so-called junior named Fang, the successor of Three Lives Old Man, is like! I want to see just how far he will be able to climb up the divine Seal Altar that I personally refined!’’


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