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Martial World - Chapter 1250


Chapter 1250 - Lin Ming, King!




As a disciple of Empyrean Vast Universe, Xiao Daochild had constantly gone in and out of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. In his million plus years of life, he had seen countless proud sons of heaven, and all of these geniuses were at the level of Empyrean descendants!

Empyrean Vast Universe himself had several hundred direct disciples. As for the other Empyreans, Xiao Daochild had seen even more of their disciples!

With this level of experience, it was hard for this small semifinal occurring on the divine Seal Altar to arouse Xiao Daochild's interest. Thus, he floated high in the air, cross-legged, his eyes shut in meditation and seemingly extremely detached. Even Nether Limitless wasn't able to enter Xiao Daochild's eyes.

But now, Lin Ming's performance had been enough to startle Xiao Daochild to attention.

What he was shocked about was not Lin Ming's strength. In his opinion, Lin Ming's strength was within reasonable bounds. No, what he was surprised about was Lin Ming's talent.

Just over 30 years of age, the early divine Sea Lin Ming had been able to defeat the late divine Sea Nether Limitless. This talent was high enough to stand evenly with an Empyrean descendant! Moreover, Lin Ming had not grown up in an Empyrean Heavenly Palace. Without the resources, inheritances, and teachers available at an Empyrean Heavenly Palace, he was at an enormous disadvantage, yet he had managed to accomplish what he did. This was truly terrifying!

’’This child is... unbelievable!’’

Xiao Daochild's single phrase of disbelief was already an extremely high appraisal. As for the audience, they no longer knew what expression to make.

At the Skydark Holy Lands' area, all of those wild and raucous young disciples looked as if a bucket of water had been poured on their heads. All of their fires were completely doused!

The invincible Elder Senior-apprentice Brother in their eyes, that undefeatable existence, had been completely crushed. He had lost in talent, lost in strength, left in ruins!

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is... too fierce!’’

Yan Littlemoon whispered in the audience. Her journey in the competition had long since ended and she had made to the arena stands in time to watch Lin Ming defeat Nether Limitless.

The disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were all dumbfounded, their jaws dropped. To them, although their Senior-apprentice Brother Lin was the strongest character, they never really imagined that Lin Ming would be so overwhelming that he would defeat even Nether Limitless!

In particular, the fact that Lin Ming had indeed comprehended the fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws.

At just over 30 years of age, he had stepped foot into the true temple of high level Concepts. He had completed a breakthrough that many senior martial artists were unable to do in their entire lives!

Nether Limitless was considered talented in the aspect of Laws, but even he wasn't able to fully comprehend a fifth level Concept!

’’Lin Ming! King!’’

Some people from the audience began to shout out!

And with this shouting, a wave of shouts burst out.

’’Lin Ming! King!’’

’’Lin Ming! King!’’

At first it was only the Ancient Phoenix Clan cheering, but now the entire arena was ringing with shouts, the entire audience of billions roaring in jubilation!

The billions of people formed a terrifying sound wave that resounded for 100,000 miles, washing away the clouds, echoing through the heavens!

In the semifinals, for a talent to be born that was equal to an Empyrean descendant was beyond rare!

From all the martial artists present, even if they came from Great World King Holy Land backgrounds, all of them were nothing but weeds compared to Empyrean Heavenly Palaces. But, Lin Ming used his true strength to inform each and every one of them that regardless of how poor their background, their resources, their masters, or their inheritances were, they too could still reach the standard of an Empyrean descendant!

In that moment, Lin Ming seemed to be the only existence on the divine Seal Altar, a hero that ruled over the world, standing arrogantly amongst society!

’’Lin Ming actually won... he comprehended a fifth level Law Concept, and also has a transcendent divine might...’’

Within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, Vast Cosmos was lost in thought for a moment. He took a light breath, observing everything happening around him. Then, he discovered that out of the many World Kings present, a black-clothed man was looking at him.

This man's eyes were deep and ghostly, his pupils red. He had a faint smile on his face, but for some reason, when he looked at Vast Cosmos, Vast Cosmos felt his mind jump. ’’Tian Mingzi, what is it?’’

’’Nothing much, haha...’’

Tian Mingzi remained smiling as before, as if nothing was able to disturb his congenial mood. His descendant Nether Limitless had been suppressed by Lin Ming in terms of both talent and strength. Even so, in the face of such a situation, his ability to remain serene and smiling was not something that an ordinary World King would possess.

For many World Kings, the older they became, the more they cared about honor and face. They had nothing left to fight for, and it was nearly impossible for them to change who was already ranked weaker and stronger. Thus, they would place their energy on the struggles of the junior disciples. This was how things were. When neighbors met, they would often compete with their children's achievements.

Normally, if the descendant of a World King were to be completely rolled over by someone else, they would be angrier than Huo Violentstone. But Tian Mingzi wasn't moved at all. He still talked and happily laughed with those around him as before.

’’Mm...’’ Vast Cosmos's eyebrows jumped up. ’’Did Tian Mingzi realize something strange with the force field that Lin Ming used just now? Or was he trying to find some clue from my expression?’’

All of these suspicions flashed through Vast Cosmos's heart. For those at his level of strength, it was easy to figure out many things from how they reacted.

’’The force field that Lin Ming used reminds me of someone... although I have never encountered him before, I have actually listened to Honorable Master speak of him. Honorable Master holds an extremely high admiration towards this person. According to Honorable Mater's description, the force field that Lin Ming used has some similarities to that person's own unique ability!

’’I must report this matter to Honorable Master and have him decide for himself.’’

All of these thoughts rapidly passed through Vast Cosmos's mind. Even so, he maintained a stony expression, not allowing anyone to know what he was thinking.

’’What a pity! Nephew Limitless was so close;he lost by a single move.’’ Wide Universe World King stroked his beard, a regretful look in his eyes as if Nether Limitless had been his own disciple.

’’Mm... Nephew Limitless has simultaneously obtained high comprehensions in the Space and Time Laws as well as the Water Laws. By spreading his energy between three Laws, he can't compare to Lin Ming focusing on a single Law. Otherwise, with Nephew Limitless's talent, he should have been able to enter the fifth level Concept. If that happened, then this would be a completely different scene altogether. It would be hard to tell just who the winner would have been.’’

Another World King powerhouse echoed, clearly looking for another reason to explain Nether Limitless's defeat.

In fact, in their opinion, who cared if Lin Ming's talent reached that of an Empyrean descendant? The current Tian Mingzi had a talent that surpassed most Empyrean descendants!

His future achievements would truly be incomparably terrifying, so what was the loss of a single Nether Limitless to Tian Mingzi? Thus, all of these World Kings praised and flattered Tian Mingzi in order to form better relations with him.

Tian Mingzi thought little of it. He only said, ’’Everyone, you all simply think too highly of Limitless. This descendant of mine is just a useless good-for-nothing. There have been so many resources used to raise him, and yet his achievements have been barely passable. As for that Lin Ming, he only comes from a peak Holy Land and yet he has such wonderful results. His talent is truly astounding. It is not an injustice that Limitless lost to him.’’

’’Haha! Brother Nether is so open-minded, it really makes us feel ashamed!’’

’’That's right. Juniors have their own ways of doing things. If we try to force our own desires and wishes onto them, that will only increase the pressure on them and cause their future achievements to suffer.’’

’’Brother Nether's carefree and relaxed attitude is truly worthy of praise.’’

As everyone was praising Tian Mingzi, no one brought up the transcendent divine might that Lin Ming had used. To them, this was a lucky chance that only Lin Ming could have experienced. For a character like Lin Ming, experiencing such lucky chances was well within reason.

If it were an ordinary genius, obtaining this sort of lucky chance would have instead been a recipe for disaster.

But Lin Ming's talent was comparable to an Empyrean descendant's. With that sort of status, he was truly worthy of such a lucky chance, thus he wouldn't draw the covetous eyes of others.

Although Vast Cosmos knew that this lucky chance was beyond extraordinary!

At the First Martial Meeting semifinals arena at Gravemoon Star, the tide of cheers continued for a full incense stick of time before they died down.

Nether Limitless had been eliminated. Lin Ming sat down on the 31st step of the divine Altar and began to meditate, restoring his strength and stabilizing his breath.

And on another side, Dragon Fang and Bloodless Sword had yet to fight.

They had both been watching Lin Ming's battle.

Lin Ming glanced over at Dragon Fang, returning his gaze.

Dragon Fang faintly smiled, simply saying, ’’You fought well.’’

This evaluation meant that even though Dragon Fang had witnessed the strength Lin Ming had revealed, he had only appreciated it, and was not afraid of it nor ashamed of himself.

Only such an opponent could cause Lin Ming to be filled with anticipation, seething with fighting spirit.

As for Bloodless Sword, his expression was grim and dignified. He was well aware that if he had to face Lin Ming, he would undoubtedly lose!

’’This brat, how could he be so abnormal!?’’

Bloodless Sword gripped the sword in his hand, a feeling of helplessness swelling up within him. Lin Ming was too strong!

And at this time, Dragon Fang turned to Bloodless Sword. He said, ’’Friend, it's our turn.’’

Dragon Fang looked extremely calm. But, as this look fell in Bloodless Sword's eyes, he felt that it was nothing more than a pretentious act, as if he hadn't cared about that battle just now at all!

Otherwise, how could he be so calm in the face of such a significant battle?

’’This boy, does he really think I'm a soft persimmon or something? Does he really think he is on Lin Ming's level? Does he think he can just pinch me to death as he pleases?’’

Bloodless Sword suppressed the anger in his heart. He wanted to prove to everyone watching that although he couldn't compare to Lin Ming, he was also a top class character! Although the current Dragon Fang seemed far too cool and lofty, he probably wasn't any stronger than he himself was!


Bloodless Sword wielded his sword!

Bloodless Sword was a nickname, not his true name. He was the blade to a new paradise, the Bloodless Sword. Because the speed of his sword was so fast, his blade would never be stained with blood. This was how he had acquired his nickname!

In this way, Bloodless Sword's sword naturally reached the limit of speed!

Sword energies filled the air, like endless arctic winds howling through the world, blowing towards Dragon Fang.

What Bloodless Sword comprehended was the Concept of Wind. At this moment, Bloodless Sword's sword energies had fused into the wind. The wind became his sword, his sword became the wind! From the start his sword blade was nearly invisible;all that could be seen was his sword light. But now, even his sword light had completely vanished!

Even Nether Limitless's own sword skills were far inferior to Bloodless Sword's in terms of speed! This sword was as fast as a gale, dazzling, impossible to see;just how could one defend against it?

At this time, Dragon Fang also extracted his own weapon. This was a weapon that resembled a sword and a saber. Its hilt was straight, and the blade was too but curved at the end, seeming like a saber. The edges were sharp and the center had sharp ridges.

In terms of shape, it resembled a curved fang, thus it was called the Dragon Fang Blade. Dragon Fang's nickname had also originated from his sword!

’’The speed is adequate, but the striking power is lacking.’’

Dragon Fang slashed out his sword. A brilliant sword energy swept through the world, causing space to tremble. In that instant, Bloodless Sword's endless sword light was twisted up and broken by Dragon Fang's attack!

With absolute strength, Dragon Fang had directly suppressed Bloodless Sword's sword energy!

Brute force to break through 10,000 moves. When the difference in strength had reached an absolute, no amount of techniques or skills could make up for it.

’’What amazing striking power.’’

A sharp light flashed through Lin Ming's eyes. Dragon Fang's striking power was too abnormal. It had to be known that this was only a casual strike - he hadn't even used one of his stronger attacks.

’’It looks like this fight will end immediately. The difference between Bloodless Sword and Dragon Fang is too great!’’


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