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Martial World - Chapter 1249


Chapter 1249 - The Defeated Nether Limitless




’’My talent is inferior to yours, and even my strength is inferior?’’ Nether Limitless laughed wildly as he heard Lin Ming's words, extremely wildly!

’’Hahahahahahaha! I didn't say that your talent is truly the best amongst 100 great worlds, only that your talent can match the peak standard! Are you really so deluded that your think your talent is unparalleled? Do you believe that not only is your talent unrivalled, but also your strength? You want to teach me? Really, if I gave you a ladder you would think you could climb to the top!’’

Nether Limitless fused true essence into his voice, having it spread through the arena!

As the disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands heard this, all of them rose up in anger. The entire Skydark Holy Lands area was roiled up in a chaotic mob.

’’This brat is too arrogant!’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Nether, kick his ass until even his mom doesn't recognize him!’’

’’Beat up that brat! Throw him off the divine Seal Altar! Beat him into a pulp!’’

It had to be known that the Skydark Holy Lands had an extraordinary status. With Nether Limitless added on, there were over 10,000 martial artists from the Skydark Holy Lands present, of which 8000-9000 were juniors.

The First Martial Meeting was a wild scene that caused everyone to go crazy with emotion. Let alone these martial artists that often resorted to violence to solve all of their problems, even in mortal nations, there was likely to be riots after kickball matches. Once the fans of these kickball matches rose up, it wasn't strange if dozens or hundreds of people were trampled to death.

The 8000-9000 junior disciples of the Skydark Holy Lands were roused into a frothing rage. Even the other martial artists from the Demondawn Great World were going mad. They originally had disciples attending the semifinals, but now that they had all been eliminated, Nether Limitless was the only one to come from their great world. Since they had the closest relations with them, they naturally had to support Nether Limitless.

Xiao Daochild slightly opened his eyes, faintly frowning. His figure moved and he flew over the chaotic part of the arena. A great pressure suddenly came crashing down from the skies, and all of those mad spectators were forced down by this pressure, immediately subdued. Otherwise, with billions of people in the audience and all of them formidable geniuses of their era, once a riot occurred, let alone Xiao Daochild, not even a Great World King would be able to suppress them. Perhaps only an Empyrean could do so.

As the Ancient Phoenix Clan saw those from the Skydark Holy Lands go crazy, they also started to cry out. The Ancient Phoenix Clan only had several hundred disciples present, but every disciple was shouting as loudly as they could!

’’Lin Ming will win!’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Lin is unstoppable!’’

Whether or not they believed Lin Ming could win at this time, none of them would weaken their momentum!

And in fact, with this sort of scene at the divine Realm First Martial Meeting that involved the very honor of a sect, it was easy for others to be infected with the atmosphere. At this time, they simply didn't care if Lin Ming would win. Rather, they would all do their best to maintain the honor of their sect. Making sure that their own side had the greatest momentum was the most important matter right now!

’’Nether Limitless isn't willing to admit that his own talent is inferior to Lin Ming's, but the truth is already placed right in front of him. But, what he said is also correct. Lin Ming's current strength is lacking and he might not be able to win. But, after one or two years have passed, Lin Ming will likely surpass Nether Limitless. Out of the four people, Lin Ming is the youngest and his future is also the brightest!’’

A clear-headed spectator commented. There were many Elders and juniors that weren't related to either Lin Ming or Nether Limitless, and they were calmly discussing the situation.

’’Heh, Nether Limitless absolutely cannot lose this match. He already loses in talent. If he loses in strength also, then he won't be able to even lift his head up high!’’

Currently, Nether Limitless should be the victor of this battle. If he couldn't win, then his face would sweep the ground.

On the divine Seal Altar, Nether Limitless slowly walked towards Lin Ming. Suddenly, something strange occurred. Every three steps that Nether Limitless walked forwards, he would leave behind a shadow. This shadow was a complete copy of Nether Limitless;all of them held a katana in their hands and all of them had an extremely dangerous aura. This was not an afterimage left behind by moving too fast. Rather, Nether Limitless was moving at an extremely slow speed, just like a normal mortal walking. Even so, he left behind three remnant shadows, making it seem as if there were four of him.

’’Avatar technique?’’

’’No, that is the Space Laws!’’

Nether Limitless had extremely high attainments in the Space and Time Laws. And, once one perceived the Space Laws to a certain degree, they could create spatial mirror projections.

These mirror images were different from illusions - they had true striking power. According to one's understanding of the Space Laws, their striking power could vary between 10% to 100% of the main body!

If one could reach 100% reproduction, then that was a perfect mirror image. If one could reach the peak in this aspect, their mirror images would even inherit the Laws, martial skills, combat experience, and memories of the original. That was a truly incomprehensible boundary.

Moreover, an important factor was that these mirror images did not fear attacks. Shattering a mirror image wasn't difficult, but doing so cost true essence, and these mirror images could even be reformed afterwards!

’’It's actually spatial mirror images. By perfectly fusing the first four level Concepts of the Space Laws together and tracing the threshold of the fifth level Concept, he can actually form spatial mirror images!’’

’’Lin Ming is a monstrous genius, but so is Nether Limitless. The Space and Time Laws are known as second amongst the most difficult Laws to comprehend. He is so young and yet he has managed to perceive them to such a degree. This really makes us older generation martial artists feel useless!’’

On the divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming now had to battle four opponents!

Four Nether Limitlesses simultaneously attacked!

Four swords slashed out together. In the skies, dark clouds began to gather as snow fluttered to the ground, filling the world!

’’Drifting Snow of 8000 Miles!’’

At the same time he created spatial mirror images using the Space Laws, Nether Limitless also displayed his Ice Law killing move. His ability to fuse Laws together was truly praiseworthy!

In just this Drifting Snow of 8000 Miles, every single snowflake contained Laws and Concepts. If these snowflakes touched someone, they could even freeze a Life Destruction martial artist to death. With millions and billions of snowflakes falling down, it could kill all living creatures for thousands of miles!

To Nether Limitless, this was his ultimate killing move. He had originally planned to use it at the finals of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, but now he was forced by Lin Ming to show his hand here.

Facing this strike, Lin Ming pointed his long spear to the ground. Behind him, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower began to quietly bloom.

Facing Nether Limitless's all-out attack, Lin Ming directly opened the grandmist space! An ancient and boundless power erupted. As those endless snowflakes fell into the grandmist space, all of them began to melt away!

Using the grandmist space was something that Lin Ming had already consulted with Mo Eversnow about and decided on before the divine Realm First Martial Meeting had begun.

Facing these countless masters of the divine Realm, as well as the unfathomably deep Empyrean descendants, he would need to use the grandmist space sooner or later. Otherwise, there was no chance that Lin Ming would win. After all, he was only at the early divine Sea realm.

If he failed to blossom in the First Martial Meeting, he wouldn't be able to enter Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, let alone study the divine Dream Law from Empyrean divine Dream. To study the divine Dream Law was something that Lin Ming desperately wished for.

After the grandmist space was camouflaged with Mo Eversnow's technique, even a World King wouldn't be able to see through it. The only chance was if they had seen Empyrean Primordius use the grandmist space with their own eyes in the past. But, Empyrean Primordius was someone with a similar status to Empyrean divine Dream. And just how mysterious was Empyrean divine Dream? Even if one became the champion of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting and reached first place on the Heaven Proclamation, they still wouldn't be able to see her!

Even an ordinary World King or Great World King did not have the chance to see her! And wanting to see Empyrean divine Dream display her full strength was an even greater impossibility. Only a similar Empyrean level character would be able to see her strength with their own eyes!

In other words, unless one was an Empyrean level existence similar to Empyrean Primordius, then even an Empyrean chief disciple like Vast Cosmos wouldn't be able to recognize the camouflaged grandmist space.

Perhaps the grandmist space being recognized by an Empyrean was an inevitability. But, Lin Ming believed that these characters would certainly know of the great war 100,000 years ago, when Empyrean Primordius had waged a cataclysmic war with Empyrean Thunder Punishment and other peerless powerhouses.

This war had involved countless masters of the divine Realm, and had likely even included God Beasts. It was even likely that Empyrean Primordius or Empyrean Thunder Punishment had perished because of this!

How could such a great matter not be known by other Empyreans?

They should also have guessed that Empyrean Primordius had left his inheritance within the Sky Spill Continent.

But, the reason that they turned a blind eye to all this definitely wasn't simple at all.

In other words, those that could recognize the grandmist space would also know about Empyrean Primordius's inheritance. As for those that couldn't recognize the grandmist space, they wouldn't know anything at all, so letting them see the grandmist space wasn't a big deal.

Drawing back 10,000 steps, even if someone coveted the transcendent divine might known as the Primordius martial intent, it was still impossible for them to take it away from Lin Ming, because Lin Ming didn't have a jade slip at all. Even if they caught Lin Ming and searched his soul they would still find nothing.

There was indeed danger, but Lin Ming had to make a desperate gamble no matter what. If he could truly blossom in splendor at this First Martial Meeting, then no one would be able to move against him.

The resources of an Empyrean Heavenly Palace, the divine Dream Law, these were chances that he absolutely could not let go of!

In the instant that he released the grandmist space, within Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, all the supreme elders there were able to see that the Drifting Snow of 8000 Miles was being rapidly melted away by some bizarre force field!

’’Mm? This is...’’

’’It is a domain ability, an extremely powerful force field. Could it be a transcendent divine might?’’ Several Great World King powerhouses could all see shock reflected in each other's eyes.

’’It should be an ability on the level of a transcendent divine might! Moreover, it is quite complete... it could be 20-30% complete. This Lin Ming truly had great lucky chances. It is impossible for an influence like the Ancient Phoenix Clan to possess a transcendent divine might.’’

’’That is also reasonable. Without a great fortuitous encounter, how could he possibly grow to this degree and stand on the 31ststep of the divine Seal Altar? Even that Dragon Fang must have encountered some heaven-shaking lucky chance!’’

These World Kings were a little surprised that Lin Ming possessed a transcendent divine might, but they had already guessed this long ago.

To be able to stand at this height, who wouldn't possess a transcendent divine might? These Great Holy Lands, if they didn't possess a complete transcendent divine might, they would at least possess an incomplete one. As for the Empyrean descendants, they certainly had at least one complete transcendent divine might!

However, at the center of the grand hall, there was one person, Vast Cosmos, who had a strange expression on his face. ’’This force field seems like...’’

Vast Cosmos seemed to make some vague associations in his mind. But, before he could think about it further, in less than the blink of an eye, Lin Ming had already attacked Nether Limitless!

In this moment, Lin Ming's entire body was burning with deep red flames. From deep in his heart, purple fire erupted. Even his gaze seemed to hold an inferno.

He opened the Heretical God Force to the limit and completely burnt the phoenix blood within him. On the Phoenix Blood Spear, two divine lights of red and purple began to shine!

Purple was virtual fire! Red was true fire!

The divine lights intertwined, fusing together. This spear strike was the peak utilization of Lin Ming's Fire Laws!

Nether Limitless comprehended the first four level Concepts of the Space Laws and Water Laws, even tracing the threshold of the fifth level Concept. This achievement was enough to earn him endless praise.

But as for Lin Ming, he had already stepped past the threshold of the fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws. He had achieved the boundary of truly summoning virtual fire!

This fifth level Concept was a completely new level. Stepping into a threshold and tracing it were two completely different boundaries. This was the greatest harvest that Lin Ming had gained after entering the divine Dream World and swallowing up the spirit source!

’’Concept of Virtual Fire - Virtual Disintegration!’’

Lin Ming poured all of the flames that wreathed his body into the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Purple and red flames twisted together on the Phoenix Blood Spear. Facing the four Nether Limitlesses and the endless dominion of snow around them, his attack seemed common and weak. But, in that instant, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower wrapped around Lin Ming. He burst forwards, his speed reaching the limit as he directly tore apart that curtain of endless snow!

Underneath Nether Limitless's control, the millions of snowflakes swirled together, gathering into a massive white tornado that swept towards Lin Ming.

But, Lin Ming remained unstoppable, breaking through everything!

With the grandmist space, he had wiped away the increased striking power from Nether Limitless's Space Laws.

Then, with his Concept of Virtual Fire that he comprehended by truly stepping into the fifth level of the Fire Laws, he completely nullified Nether Limitless's Drifting Snow of 8000 Miles!

With both of them being elemental Laws, when the fifth level Concept of Fire was compared to the fourth level Concept of Water, it was obvious which was stronger and which was weaker!

Lin Ming's spear broke through Nether Limitless's pervasive sword light, immediately reaching his front!

With four Nether Limitlesses present, an ordinary martial artist would be hard-pressed to differentiate them. But, to Lin Ming this was not a problem at all. When the grandmist space came shrouding down, the energy of the spatial mirror images had been suppressed, and even seemed on the verge of dissipating. Although he wasn't able to cause the mirror images to completely collapse, it was still enough for Lin Ming to separate out Nether Limitless's true body!

The Phoenix Blood Spear aimed straight towards the true Nether Limitless's chest. In that moment, Nether Limitless was greatly shocked!

He cut down with his sword towards Lin Ming. But, he had just used all his strength and hadn't been able to summon any new strength. Moreover, this was only a hasty counterattack - how could he possibly block Lin Ming?

The Phoenix Blood Spear broke past Nether Limitless's final sword light and pierced through his protective true essence!


Nether Limitless's protective true essence completely burst apart. The power of virtual fire flushed into Nether Limitless's body. In that moment, Nether Limitless's heart filled with endless anger and jealousy!




He hated Lin Ming's talent, he envied Lin Ming's talent, he was unwilling to believe that Lin Ming's talent was superior to his own. He seethed with fury that he would lose under the gaze of all present, becoming nothing but a miserable loser!

The flames of envy and anger were all types of virtual fire. As Lin Ming's strike hit Nether Limitless, it caused all of the anger and jealousy within him to expand to the limit, becoming increasingly wild and intense, as if Nether Limitless's body would soon burn away!

His eyes turned blood red;his body would explode at any moment!

’’You've lost!’’

Underneath the rules of this competition and with Xiao Daochild watching from the side, it was impossible for Lin Ming to kill. He simply swept out the Phoenix Blood Spear and struck Nether Limitless with the spear shaft.

At this time, Nether Limitless's protective true essence had already broken. When the spear shaft struck him, he spat out a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying backwards!

In that instant, the insufferably arrogant Nether Limitless spun in the air before coming crashing back down on the divnie Seal Altar with blood splashing everywhere!

Nether Limitless had been defeated!

Lin Ming took a deep breath and adjusted his chaotic true essence. He put away the Phoenix Blood Spear. With the pressure of the 31st step pressing down on him, using Virtual Disintegration had consumed a good deal of energy.

The martial arts arena had fallen into complete silence. Even the faint and elusive Xiao Daochild had opened his eyes and was staring straight at Lin Ming.


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