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Martial World - Chapter 1241


Chapter 1241 - Too Shameless




Hu - !

A spear swept out.

The Crimson Flame Domain was ripped apart like a flimsy piece of paper. Lin Ming's spear swept towards Crimson Wishjade's waist.


Crimson Wishjade pulled up her sickle blade, wanting to block this spear. The sickle blade was known for being a strange and tricky weapon that was hard to defend against. In terms of meeting other weapons in a head on collision though, it was inferior to the sword!

If this were a direct melee then Crimson Wishjade would naturally suffer a loss. She felt her arms shake, her hands turn numb, and her entire body was thrown backwards.

Lin Ming stepped forwards, using Golden Roc Shattering the Void to instantly close the distance between them.

His spear came pounding down once more!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

With another violent and fierce impact, Crimson Wishjade's arm went numb and her hand turned red with blood. However, Lin Ming's attacks came in a ruthless and aggressive barrage, simply not giving her any chance to counterattack!

Her high comprehension of the Fire Laws had been completely suppressed by the Heretical God Seedling!

Her Crimson Flame Domain was torn open by Lin Ming!

Her tricky and unpredictable sickle skills were forced down by Lin Ming's melee assault, rendering her incapable of displaying her abilities!

This was omnidirectional suppression!

As everyone looked at this battle they were left speechless. According to the hosts, this Crimson Wishjade was likely the peak genius of a great world, so how could she be suppressed so miserably?

’’Is Lin Ming actually this strong? His opponent is a peak character of the Crimson Light World. Didn't I hear that Lin Ming was ranked around 10,000 on the divine Seal Decree?’’

’’Even around 10,000 is extremely fierce. Moreover, the divine Seal Decree rankings don't represent one's true strength.’’

’’This is far too fierce. He's able to maintain such a brutal onslaught of attacks on the divine Seal Altar's 23rd step, as if he isn't being suppressed at all.’’

Everyone could see that the Lin Ming in front of them was far more formidable than Crimson Wishjade. As for where his true strength lay, it was difficult to say.

’’Lin Ming... how could he grow so quickly!?’’ Crimson Strifecloud grimly said, finding this unbelievable. Back in the past, when Lin Ming had defeated his eighth stage Life Destruction avatar with a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation, his talent hadn't been much greater. His daughter Crimson Wishjade also had a similar level of talent. But now, the disparity was far too great.

On the center of the battlefield, Crimson Wishjade was crazily shouting, ’’Remember me! One day I will burn you to ash!’’

Crimson Wishjade screamed. This was not so much a threat but an expression of her shame and anger!

Her arrogance had been foisted upon her since she was a child, growing all this time. Her father was a high level figure of the Crimson Light Holy Lands, and she also possessed the Ancient Phoenix bloodline and the Scorching Blood bloodline. Her talent was amazing, thus she had always had the right to be proud and rampant.

’’If your strength matched how arrogant you were, then I would let you burn me as you wish. But what a pity, you don't have this ability.’’

Lin Ming's spear swept out once more, breaking through Crimson Wishjade's sickle blade light and continuing to sweep towards her!

In the semifinals, killing another participant was prohibited. Lin Ming simply avoided Crimson Wishjade's vital points and instead swept his spear up to her butt!

The flames were overwhelming, unstoppable.

Crimson Wishjade's face flushed red. She brought her sickle blade cutting down, but even if her hand wasn't injured as it was, she still wouldn't be able to block Lin Ming's spear light.


Her protective true essence stopped the Phoenix Blood Spear for the briefest moment before collapsing to nothing.

Lin Ming's spear continued onwards and smacked onto her butt.

By not using the spear edge and only using the spear shaft, the spear was not dissimilar to a large stick. Crimson Wishjade miserably screamed. She felt a burning pain on her ass as flames burnt up her skirt!

As the flames burned up her body, Crimson Wishjade began to panic. The fabric of her skirt was made from the hide of a 10,000 year fire rhino;its durability was equal to a top grade saint artifact's. Even so, it wouldn't be able to withstand Lin Ming's continued attacks. With just a few strikes it would definitely be damaged. At that time, once her skirt was torn apart, it would be unimaginable for her naked buttocks to be exposed to the world.

In the audience, everyone was shocked. Crimson Wishjade's skirt had a clear black mark on it. A dignified genius of the Crimson Light Holy Lands, a proud daughter of heaven, had actually been spanked on the butt by someone else!

’’I-I'll kill you!’’

Crimson Wishjade turned absolutely crazy.

This was simply the shame of her life. In front of billions of people, her butt had been struck by a man!

This was only a scene that would occur when a parent was punishing a child. Moreover, she was a child that had always been coddled;since when had she ever been treated like this, especially under the gazes of so many people?

She recalled Lin Ming's words;she remembered that he said he would teach her a lesson on behalf of her mother.

In that instant, a raging fire erupted in Crimson Wishjade's heart.

She was crazy with anger! Today's matters would certainly spread out and become a great joke to everyone. Even if she were to become a master of the Crimson Light Holy Lands in the future, today's events would still be privately spoken about. Even her opponents would use these events to mock her. This was a shame she would never be able to wash herself of!

’’I will rip you to shreds!’’ Crimson Wishjade plunged towards Lin Ming like a wild cat. However, it was impossible to overcome the absolute disparity in strength between them.

Lin Ming's spear crushed through her sickle blade light and continued smashing towards her butt.

As Crimson Wishjade saw this brilliant spear light, she cried out in alarm!


This strike was even heavier than the last!

With a scream, she was sent flying backwards!

But Lin Ming continued chasing after her.

The truth was that as soon as Crimson Wishjade admitted defeat, this fight would be over. But, she stubbornly didn't open her mouth to speak these words, because admitting defeat of her own volition was also shameful!

Lin Ming instantly arrived in front of Crimson Wishjade, about to bring his long spear down on her once more. But at this time, a trace of pleading appeared in Crimson Wishjade's angry eyes. She was frightened. If Lin Ming were to hit her again, then her skirt would really be torn apart. Even if she were to use fire energy to form a skirt, that skirt wouldn't be as tough as the fire rhino leather skirt. It was impossible for her to block the naked image that everyone would see.

At this time, an angry and vigorous voice rang out, ’’Enough!’’

In that instant, a red shadow flew up from the audience, flying straight towards the divine Seal Altar, A massive wave of energy came crashing down. Lin Ming found it impossible to raise his Phoenix Blood Spear, as if he had been stuck in a block of iron!


Lin Ming frowned. He turned to see a tall red-haired middle-aged man floating a few hundred thousand feet away. This person had a similar aura to the Crimson Strifecloud in the Illusionary God Combat Array. It was clearly the true Crimson Strifecloud.

At this time, Crimson Strifecloud's face was gloomy. Although he also hoped that Crimson Wishjade would suffer a small loss, it was definitely not in this manner. No father wanted their daughter to receive such humiliation.


Crimson Wishjade's nose stung. She vented all of the anger and sorrow in her heart, ’’Daddy, kill him for me! Turn him into ash! Burn him! Kill him!’’

’’Enough!’’ Crimson Strifecloud angrily shouted, ’’Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough with your loss!?

’’If you are weaker than others, then what else can you say by being insulted like this! I already warned you: do not be arrogant! Do not be conceited!’’

Just as Crimson Strifecloud's voice fell, a figure emerged from thin air in front of Crimson Strifecloud. This person's aura was even more formidable than Crimson Strifecloud's, his strength like a constant weight atop Crimson Strifecloud's head!

This person floated high in the air, overlooking Crimson Strifecloud. He said without any feeling in his voice, ’’This is the divine Realm First Martial Meeting. All non-related personnel are prohibited from entering the martial field, otherwise, do not blame me for being rude!’’

This person was the direct disciple of Empyrean Vast Universe - Xiao Daochild!

As a World King powerhouse and also an Empyrean descendant, even if the Crimson Light World King were to come here himself, Xiao Daochild wouldn't care for him at all, much less a mere Crimson Strifecloud.

Whether it was status or strength, Crimson Strifecloud was far inferior to Xiao Daochild.

’’I apologize, Senior Xiao Daochild. This junior will immediately withdraw.’’

Facing Xiao Daochild, Crimson Strifecloud was extremely humble. Even the Crimson Light Holy Lands was only the Holy Lands of a third-order world. In front of Vast Universe Heavenly Palace, they weren't anything at all.

’’Daddy, I...’’

Crimson Wishjade nearly fell into a bout of tears. She didn't want to stay on this divine Seal Altar anymore;she had lost far too much face!

Crimson Strifecloud's expression was ice cold as he said, ’’Compete honestly and fairly for me. With your strength, you should be able to pass. If you cannot pass through these semifinals then I will punish you with a hundred years of confinement! As for today's matters, consider this your lesson. And also...’’

Crimson Strifecloud turned to Lin Ming, ’’Boy, you remember what happened today!’’

Crimson Strifecloud said these words and then flew away. In truth, his last few words were only to maintain his own face. He simply couldn't do anything to Lin Ming at all. With Lin Ming's strength, he would surely blossom into splendor in this First Martial Meeting. There would be no way he could move against him.

In the audience, the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were all shocked speechless as they saw this.

’’This boy is too shameless!’’ Huo Violentstone gulped. Then, he suddenly guffawed, ’’But... I like it!

’’Those two strikes were well done! I've long disliked the Crimson Light Holy Lands. As for that little harlot, mercilessly beating her ass in public is what she deserves!’’

These words were privately spoken to all around him. As Fairy Feng and Lian Zhen heard him, they were left utterly dumbfounded.


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