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Martial World - Chapter 1229


Chapter 1229 - Hard To Find Tickets




’’Xiao Daochild actually thinks that none of us will be able to reach the top. It's like he thinks we're all worthless or something.’’

A robed martial artist with a long sword over his shoulders said.

’’Hehe, Senior Xiao Daochild naturally has phenomenal experience. If he thinks that none of us can reach him then perhaps the difficulty is... a bit too great.’’ Another participant said, disagreeing.

His words immediately drew the ire and glares of many others. ’’Don't judge the rest of us with your own limited standards. Our Elder Senior-apprentice Brother is the number one ranked master of New Paradise World! Moreover, he is also the most amazing genius to appear in our New Paradise Holy Lands for the last million years! During the preliminaries, our Elder Senior-apprentice Brother kept most of his strength in reserve and yet easily obtained first place in a great world. Although Elder Senior-apprentice Brother killed countless individuals in the preliminaries, his sword was not stained with a single drop of blood. He is called Bloodless Sword, the Sword to New Paradise, what the hell would you understand?!’’

Another martial artist said from behind. He was standing with others, all of them wearing the same robes. It was clear that they were all core disciples of the New Paradise Holy Lands, and also junior-apprentice brothers of this so called Bloodless Sword. There was a martial artist standing amongst them that particularly stood out;that was certainly Bloodless Sword. For a Great World King Holy Land, it wasn't strange if several hundred of their disciples passed the preliminaries.

’’A million year genius of a Great World King Holy Land!’’

The martial artists that were speaking before froze. If this wasn't an empty boast then that was truly amazing. ’’If it really is a million year genius, then he might have a chance of becoming an ordinary World King in the future!’’

Several martial artists all had awe in their eyes as they looked at this Bloodless Sword.

’’A chance of becoming an ordinary World King?’’ Bloodless Sword's eyebrows arched up. He chuckled, disdainfully saying, ’’A swallow will never understand the ambitions of a swan...’’

At this time, within Gravemoon Star, of the hundreds of thousands of participants, there were countless young elites that were as equally confident as Bloodless Sword.

Out of so many people, there were many who had bad luck in the preliminaries and weren't able to obtain a transmission token allowing them to travel between great worlds. Because of that, their merit points were limited.

There were also some people that were deliberately hiding their strength. Now, they were all hyped up to fight. All of them wanted to rush up this divine Seal Altar!

Geniuses were always proud and arrogant. From birth to adulthood, they had grown under the halo of being known as the top number one talent of a Great World King Holy Land. They were all confident in themselves;no one was willing to believe they were inferior to anyone else.

On a black mountain peak, a black-clothed martial artist stood high against the wind, a hundred miles away from the divine Seal Altar. His skin was pale, his pupils blood red, and a ghostly aura exuded from his body. He was Tian Mingzi's descendant, Nether Limitless.

’’No one can reach the top? How interesting! I am not afraid that I will find a challenge too difficult, only afraid that the difficulty will be too low! Grandfather, just you wait. Watch as I shock the universe, soar into the heavens and grab the attention of Empyrean Demondawn!’’

Nether Limitless caressed the katana in his hands. He sat back down on that black mountain peak and quickly entered a meditative state. This was how an extreme martial arts talent was different from those ordinary characters: they would never waste any time and would always be cultivating to their limit.

At this time, Lin Ming was silent as he gazed on at the divine Seal Altar. His thoughts suddenly stirred. He turned around to look through the countless crowds of people to see a black-clothed youth floating high in the skies - this person was Dragon Fang.

The two people stared at each other. Although they were separated by such a great distance, they could clearly sense the brilliant fighting intent in each other's eyes.

’’If I can climb to the 32nd step, I wonder if there will be anyone capable of being my match...’’ Dragon Fang's voice spread through the dozens of miles into Lin Ming's ears.

’’If there is no opponent, I wonder just what will happen... perhaps there might be some simulation spirit body that appears.’’

Lin Ming smiled. In order to climb up the divine Seal Altar, one also had to withstand the pressure of an Empyrean.

But, the Empyrean pressure was only to test one's will, talent, and foundation. In order to see just how much potential a genius truly had, one had to test them in actual combat!

Thus, the rules of the semifinals required that not only did one need to withstand the pressure of the divine Seal Altar, but in order to advance, they would also have to defeat an opponent every step of the way!

But like this, the further one went, the higher the chance became that one wouldn't be able to find an opponent. If no one was able to withstand the pressure to climb up to that step then there would be no one to fight.

10 days was a very short period of time to a martial artist. During these 10 days, nearly everyone returned to the spirit ship to close up and continue cultivating.

Lin Ming was no exception either.

The divine Seal Altar was a long lasting war of attrition. One could not fly;they had to climb up those millions of feet with their own hands and legs, one step at a time!

This meant that this competition might continue for several days!

In such a battle, all participants were quietly saving their strength and adjusting themselves to their best condition.

And in these 10 days, there were actually countless people converging from all over the divine Realm to watch this competition.

There were constantly spirit ships shuttling through space and flying towards Gravemoon Star.

And at the same time, on Vast Universe Heavenly Palace's side, Xiao Daoji gathered together a few core disciples who were skilled in the Earth Laws to form an incomparably massive arena around the divine Seal Altar!

This arena towered into the heavens, passing through the clouds. The main form of the arena was completely made from roughly hewn mountains that hadn't been smoothed at all. There were not yet seats, only general positions.

Just a single mountain shelf was able to hold tens of thousands of people. Every single seating area was over a thousand miles wide and high, in total they were able to easily hold billions of people!

The admissions tickets were all sold by Vast Universe Heavenly Palace. Wanting to buy one was extremely difficult!

Several billions of tickets sounded like a great deal of tickets, but there were the participants of a hundred divine Realm great worlds gathered here. Not just that, but there were countless medium worlds, small worlds, and hidden mystic realms. Even the great worlds were only able to be sold 10-20 million tickets.

There were tickets that had to be given to the various World King Holy Lands, the great martial arts families, the famous Elders of the martial world, and also again to the relatives and friends of the participants.

Thus, the number of tickets that were publicly sold in each great world came out to only 10 million or so, and third-order worlds would have several million.

And in a divine Realm great world there were countless people - it was simply impossible to estimate. It had to be known that even in the First Martial Meeting, every great world had trillions of geniuses that participated!

There were countless times more people that wanted to watch the First Martial Meeting semifinals. Of these, the various great Holy Lands were the main buyers of these tickets. For instance, a colossus like the Ancient Dragon Clan had 800 branch palaces, and each palace had their own regime of high level figures. Moreover, the Ancient Dragon Clan Headquarters had even more masters and many more core disciples! If they wanted tickets, they would need at least several tens of thousands to ensure the high level figures could go. But, this was clearly impossible.

Thus, Vast Universe Heavenly Palace placed extremely strict requirements on purchasing a ticket. Not only did one need massive amounts of wealth, but one needed status or background, or a cultivation base at least at the Holy Lord realm.

There were many wealthy business owners that wished to buy a ticket but found it impossible.

Moreover, once an admission ticket was sold, one had to place a spirit mark on it that would make it unsellable. Thus, being able to obtain a ticket was a symbol of both status and power!

’’Great Elder, we cannot purchase a ticket!’’

An Unbroken Cult disciple hurriedly rushed back to report.

’’I understand.’’

The Great Elder took a deep breath, feeling helpless. Their Unbroken Cult couldn't even be considered a top eighth-grade sect. In the divine Realm there were countless eighth-grade influences, they were merely a drop in the ocean. The most splendid genius their sect had ever produced, Yu Youming, had only been able to barely rank in the top several hundred thousand ranks of a great world. In the past, it was already good if they could have a disciple that ranked in the millions.

If this was their own domain then they could rule over the land and people however they wished. But once they arrived at Gravemoon Star where countless great influences had converged, they couldn't even buy an admission ticket.

If their sect had a Holy Lord realm powerhouse then they wouldn't be in such a miserable state.

’’It's fine. I heard that the entire semifinals will be recorded on battle array discs that they will sell later to the public. I suppose we can only wait until that time. There's no other way. Wanting to directly enter the spirit ship of the True Martial Great World is an even more impossible matter.’’

As the Great Elder spoke, Mu Qianyu also felt a bit at a loss. It was simply impossible for them to see Lin Ming right now. The area of 100 miles around every great world spirit ship was a forbidden zone that no one was allowed to enter. Not even the high level figures of the participants' various influences were an exception.

But this was just how things were. With hundreds of thousands of participants, there must be tens of millions of friends and relatives. If all of these people flew back and forth between the spirit ships then even the entrances would burst apart.

’’That's right, if we cannot see our husband then we can first look for the Ancient Phoenix Clan to directly confirm the matter. If the name on the divine Seal Decree is truly our husband then it might be possible to obtain an admission ticket from the Ancient Phoenix Clan.’’

Mu Qianyu gloomily sighed, her heart in chaos. The Ancient Phoenix Clan was a peak Holy Land and had many Holy Lord level powerhouses, so them obtaining tickets should be easy. Moreover, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had disciples participating in the semifinals, so they should be able to obtain a higher share of admission tickets.

As Mu Qianyu suggested this idea, the Great Elder's eyes suddenly brightened. ’’Do you know someone from the Ancient Phoenix Clan?’’

’’This disciple only knows one. That is a high level Palace Elder who came to pick up our husband to bring him to the divine Realm. She should also have come to watch the semifinals.’’

Fairy Feng was an important figure of Phoenix Cry Palace and also the one who led Lin Ming to the divine Realm and assisted in settling him into the Ancient Phoenix Clan. There was no reason that she shouldn't be watching the competition.

’’Mm. We should be able to see a high level figure from the Ancient Phoenix Clan.’’

The Great Elder nodded. But beside him, Yu Youming seemed a bit worried. He wanted to say something but eventually shook his head. Since they came to this step, it was impossible to return. They had to see this through to the end.


’’Mm? Someone wishes to see me?’’ Within the Ancient Phoenix Clan's spirit ship, Fairy Feng was a bit startled as she obtained this message. ’’Who is it?’’

’’They've come in a party of four. The ones that wish to see Fairy Maiden are two women. They claim to have once met Fairy Maiden in a lower realms world called the Sky Spill Continent.’’

’’Sky Spill Continent... two women... could it be...’’ Fairy Feng's thoughts stirred. ’’Quickly invite them in. Also, go to Highest Elder Huo Violentstone's hall and have Elder Huo personally come to meet them!’’

Fairy Feng had already guessed who these two women were. Since Lin Ming was likely to become a World King in the future, she naturally had to treat his lower realm wives to a grand and courteous reception!


The messenger disciple excused himself and left. Before long, Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, Yu Youming, and the Unbroken Cult Great Elder entered the main hall of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's spirit ship.

There were already three people waiting in this main hall: Huo Violentstone, Phoenix Cry Palace's Palace Master, and Fairy Feng.


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