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Martial World - Chapter 1227


Chapter 1227 - Creating Techniques, Virtual Fire




’’You think that there's been a mistake?’’ The Great Elder asked Yu Youming.

Yu Youming had quietly voiced his suspicions to the Great Elder. He was afraid that Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan might have made a mistake.

Yu Youming said, ’’I am not questioning the character of those two junior-apprentice sisters. I know that in such an important matter, there is no way that they would lie about such things because there isn't an advantage for them in doing so. But, what I'm worried about is that there might be some people in the Ancient Phoenix Clan with a similar name to their husband. I checked before and know that there are 100 billion clansmen in the Ancient Phoenix Clan. In these 100 billion clansmen, it wouldn't be strange if there were several thousand people with the name Lin Ming...’’

’’This...’’ The Great Elder was a bit startled. Indeed, this was a possibility. When Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had described their husband, the age they listed was just one or two years off from the Lin Ming described on the divine Seal Decree. However, geniuses often entered time enchantments, causing their physical age to be higher than what it was in reality. This was a very common matter.

Afterwards, Lin Ming's ranking had dramatically risen, to a ridiculous point where he even became rank one of a great world. The Great Elder, along with everyone else, were still feeling the aftershocks of this event and thus he had forgotten to consider matters like what Yu Youming had just said.

The Great Elder said, ’’There is indeed a chance that there are people with similar names... but there is also a possibility that he is also the husband of those two girls. In their opinion, their husband was an extraordinary existence in the lower realms...’’

Yu Youming said, ’’There isn't much meaning in being outstanding in the lower realms. I entered the First Martial Meeting myself so I understand just how terrifying those characters are that have the ability to pass the preliminaries. Moreover, it's a bit too exaggerated for their specific Lin Ming to obtain first rank on a great world. To be honest, even I can't believe that a martial artist from the lower realms, what we often refer to as savages, can achieve such heights. If we find this powerhouse called Lin Ming and finally discover that we have made a mistake then that would be far too embarrassing for all of us.’’

Yu Youming clearly stated his worries.

The Great Elder thought about it some more. If they were to randomly approach a top genius with two wives that had popped out of nowhere, and also say that they had travelled countless trillions of miles in space to reunite them, and they finally ended up being wrong... the Great Elder's complexion instantly turned ugly.

Wouldn't that be a speechless scene?

If that Lin Ming's temperament wasn't good or his true wife was present, then it would be difficult to withdraw.

’’Moreover... most geniuses place their entire hearts in chasing after the peak of martial arts. Towards women, they might not feel much familial love. There are many martial artists that after reaching the divine Realm, suddenly feel much paler relations to their families they left in the lower realms.’’

Yu Youming slowly said. This didn't mean that all martial artists were callous and indifferent. But, there were many extreme geniuses, even if they only ever managed to reach the Holy Lord boundary, that would live for hundreds of thousands or even a million years. During such a long period of time, their wives and families would have already died. In their long, long lives, these wives and families would only account for a tiny portion of their experiences. This was especially true for families they founded in the lower realms, especially after countless generations had passed by!

For instance, tens of thousands of years ago, the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness had wanted to enter a final life or death closed door seclusion. In order to resolve the worries and obsessions in his heart, he had gone back to the lower realms to see the divine Kingdom he had founded. But upon his return, he discovered that the divine Kingdom he founded so long ago had actually been destroyed! Thus, the Sorcerer of the Southern Wilderness had left behind the 72 Sorcerer Pagodas as a lucky chance for his future descendants, finishing all his karmic ties.

Yu Youming spoke out this second worry. The Great Elder frowned for a moment before saying, ’’No matter what it is, we have to go and verify the situation first. Moreover, go to those two ladies and tell them about your doubts so that they can be prepared. If there really was an accident, we don't want to provoke that powerhouse... well, whatever, I'll go and personally speak to them myself.’’


Yu Youming nodded.

The Great Elder immediately found Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan together. He tactfully shared his own speculations and worries.

Although he was speaking in a very respectful and roundabout tone, how could Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan not know what he was trying to say? The two young women instantly felt a drop in their own confidence.

They didn't worry that Lin Ming's feelings towards them would fade. Rather, they were worried that the 'Lin Ming' on the divine Seal Decree wasn't actually their husband.

No matter how confident they were in him, to achieve first rank on a great world was simply far too exaggerated an achievement!

In these days they also gained some understandings of the various levels of influences throughout the divine Realm.

In the past, Lin Ming had been received by a high-level figure from one of the Ancient Phoenix Clan's palaces. But, the core forces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan were located at their headquarters. Randomly selecting any of the 72 branch palaces, each one was equal to a peak eighth-grade sect, similar to Carefree Island. Still, they were a little worse than a true Holy Land.

Even if Lin Ming was the most outstanding disciple of that branch palace, the gap was still far too great from becoming first rank of a great world.

Generally speaking, only the number one top talent of a Great World King Holy Land would be the first ranked participant of a great world.

The Great Elder comforted them, saying, ’’Miss Mu, Miss Qin, I'm not saying that I suspect you, I merely hope that you two are psychologically prepared for any event. But, two misses please feel relieved. Even if the situation is not what we thought it was, I will still fulfill my promise and lead you two to Gravemoon Star.’’

Although the hope wasn't too great, the Great Elder still had to form good relations with these two young women. This sort of graciousness was much more important than helping them after confirming Lin Ming's identity.

’’I... I thank you Great Elder.’’ Mu Qianyu reluctantly smiled, her voice filled with worry.

If the Lin Ming on the divine Seal Decree wasn't their husband, then they would once again be far from being able to meet Lin Ming.


Time quickly passed. One month... two months...

Lin Ming rode the spirit ship, constantly shuttling through the endless void.

Their destination was Gravemoon Star, a small world. This small world was one of the countless small words located between the boundless gaps that existed between the great worlds of the divine Realm. The diameter of Gravemoon Star was only a billionth of the size of the True Martial Great World.

During this travel period, besides the time when Lin Ming saw Dragon Fang at the start, he had spent the rest of his time in training.

As he was enlightening himself from the elementary spirit source that he had swallowed in the divine Dream Realm, he had obtained further comprehension of the Laws.

For the current Lin Ming, if he wanted to perceive the Laws, he didn't need Law jade slips or the collected Concept jade slips of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Not even totem stones left behind by characters like Xiao Daoji or Huo Burning Heaven would be very useful to him.

This was because Lin Ming's own body was the best totem stone.

His flesh, his blood, his organs, his bones, and even his soul were engraved with countless Law runes!

These Law runes were absorbed from the heavenly tribulation that he experienced as he was crossing his nine by nine Life Destruction.

The nine levels of heavenly tribulation, the nine by nine Life Destruction, that had been an extremely great lucky chance that not even an Empyrean descendant had the fortune of experiencing!

Because Lin Ming had the Magic Cube and also experienced so many other lucky chances, only then was he able to experience a nine by nine Life Destruction and nine levels of heavenly tribulation. He could be called the only one in the entire divine Realm to do so!

With these Laws, as long as Lin Ming closed up in seclusion he would be able to slowly comprehend them. Moreover, because these Laws had fused into his body, he was able to comprehend them with twice the results and half the effort.

Not just that, but these Laws were naturally formed from the heaven and earth origin energy of the universe. They were completely flawless and without limitation. Everything he comprehended was the highest distilled essence of the Laws. Thus, the Laws he comprehended were far superior to what others comprehended from things like totem stones.

During Lin Ming's period in the divine dream space, because his soul force had greatly increased and he had also absorbed elementary spirit source, his speed of comprehending the Laws had reached an incomparably terrifying degree. In terms of perception only, Lin Ming could absolutely be listed amongst the highest standards of all geniuses in the divine Realm!

’’The Fire Laws... fifth level Concept... this is the fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws...’’

Of the Concepts of the five elements, all of them shared the same fourth level Concept: the Concept of Manifestation. This was to have elemental origin energy possess its own spirituality. With this, the power of elemental origin energy would be enhanced by several times.

As for the fifth level Concept, that was a completely new boundary. The first four levels were considered the foundation, and the difficulty of the fifth level would rise by a dramatic amount. To comprehend a fifth level Concept was extremely difficult. And currently, Lin Ming had finally touched upon it.

Lin Ming's eyes suddenly flashed open. In his pure black pupils, a flame flashed. This was not an illusion, but true fire.

The fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws - Virtual Fire!

Fire. Fire included not just the burning flames of the real world, but also the flames of anger, blazing hatred, simmering jealousy, erupting rage, all of these fires were virtual fire.

Once virtual fire was burnt, it was extremely terrifying. If a martial artist used the Concept of Fire to burn their virtual fire and fuse it into true fire, then once those two types of fire fused together, the lethality would soar to yet another level.

If one was struck by the Concept of Virtual Fire, their mood would come under its influence. At this time, if their will became unstable and they lost their temper, the power of this virtual fire would only increase and they would find it almost impossible to withstand. In the end, this virtual fire would burn them out from within, even scorching their soul to ashes.

’’A union of real and unreal, the boundary of virtual fire!’’

Lin Ming thought out loud. The Phoenix Blood Spear jumped into his hands as if it had a soul of its own. In that instant, his body began to burn with flickering flames, and the color of these flames was purple.

This was fire that had burst out from his heart. There were even flames burning in his eyes.

Lin Ming thrust out his spear. All of the flames around his body converged onto the Phoenix Blood Spear. At that time, the entire Phoenix Blood Spear began to flow with a red and purple light.

Red was real life, purple was virtual fire!

With the abstract and reality joined together, this simple spear didn't cause any spatial fluctuations nor did it cause violent explosions of origin energy. To the common eye it didn't seem special at all. But, Lin Ming knew that if this spear were to pierce someone, then those with a weaker cultivation would be burnt by real flames from the outside even as virtual fire exploded from within them. The flames would echo from within and without, instantly burning all to ashes!

’’A wonderful technique!’’

Mo Eversnow's voice resounded from within Lin Ming's mind. During these days, Mo Eversnow had also been perceiving the Laws. She had been perceiving the incomplete bone shard that Lin Ming had bought from Immemorial Imperial City. During this time, she had comprehended many valuable things from it.

’’This attack is cunning and difficult to guard against. If one is not careful it will be easy to suffer a loss.’’ Mo Eversnow said.

Lin Ming nodded. In these years, he had created a number of moves. But, as his boundary continued to rise, he began to use his old moves less and less because of their lack of power.

This move was something he created after comprehending the fifth level Concept of the Fire Laws. It symbolized a new beginning for him.

Lin Ming said, ’’Since this is an attack created from the Concept of Virtual Fire, let's call it Virtual Disintegration.’’


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