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Martial World - Chapter 1219


Chapter 1219 - Thunder Tribulation




’’That's crazy... Lin Ming's body actually isn't any worse than the red-furred monster's!’’

’’They must have struck each other at least 120 times by now. Lin Ming's body has to withstand the tremendous impact of the energy shockwaves every time which will inevitably injure him, yet he's able to recover after every strike. Is he even human?’’

The participants scattered around the White Crag Mountain Range were all left speechless as they stared at this fierce battle taking place in the skies.

As for the True Martial Holy Lands, Wu Finalcloud had taken some medicine and had restored some of his origin energy. He also looked at Lin Ming battling in the sky, a strange color on his face.

It was clear that when he had used the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art to battle Lin Ming, it was simply a useless and suicidal action on his part.

When he fought with Lin Ming, even if the peak of his strength had lasted 10 times longer he would still have lost. The difference between them was that great!

As everyone was discussing this, Lin Ming had already exchanged 200 attacks with the red-furred monster. The red-furred monster's two claws were covered with blood, the flesh on its chest had cracked, its scales had been torn off, and blood was leaking from its mouth. Even so, its body was constantly regenerating, but, the rate at which it was regenerating was slowing down at a visible rate.

As it looked at Lin Ming, its ghostly green eyes were shining with an inexplicable light.

In contrast, Lin Ming had consumed a great deal of energy too. But, this was a form of combat that he favored. This strong vibrating power, this feeling of true pain seeping through his body, this truly made his blood seethe with excitement.

Lin Ming wiped away the bloodstains from the corners of his lips, a cheery smile on his face. ’’You seem to have an intelligence of your own;you're different from those other ordinary nightmare beasts. Can you understand my words?’’

Lin Ming said with a true essence sound transmission. As he did, a strange look passed over the red-furred monster's face.

’’It seems that you understand me... then tell me, what is that purple crystal?’’

Lin Ming had extremely little understanding into the mysteries of the divine dream space;he wanted to obtain more information about this world.

At this time, the red-furred monster released a deep roar and launched its bony wings once more. Its blood vitality suddenly rocketed up into the skies, billowing upwards like a volcano. With the support of this powerful blood vitality, its body began rapidly regenerating once again!

As everyone thought that the red-furred monster was about to attack again, an unexpected change occurred. The red-furred monster swiveled around and flew off in the other direction!

It was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye it swiftly flew dozens of miles away, nearly seeming as if it were teleporting. The speed of its flight caused a sharp grating sound to fill the air.


The martial artists around the White Crag Mountain Range were all shocked.

’’Lin Ming forced away that monster!’’

’’This... this is... this is too fierce! That monster was actually forced back!’’

’’This Lin Ming is even more monstrous than that monster!’’

Everyone was so shocked that they didn't know what expression to make. This was the first time they had seen that nightmare beast running away.

As everyone thought that the battle had ended like this, Lin Ming's figure flashed. He turned into a beam of light and chased right after the nightmare beast!

With the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and the Mystic Lightning Shade rapidly revolving and also with the speed from the Gate of Wonder, Lin Ming's speed had reached an unbelievable level. He was even a bit faster than that red-furred monster!

Lin Ming's figure turned into a series of afterimages as he vanished into the horizon.

’’He's chasing it! He's really chasing it!’’

Everyone was bewildered to see both man and monster rush away with incredible speed.

Lin Ming had forced back that nightmare beast and had even decided to pursue it! This was far too fierce!

’’A desperate enemy shouldn't be pushed too far. Moreover, that nightmare beast didn't seem much weaker than Lin Ming to begin with. If he rashly chases it, I fear that he will encounter danger instead.’’

’’The beast tide is everywhere now. As long as that red-furred monster hides itself in the swelling beast tide, then Lin Ming can only be forced to give up. On the other hand, if Lin Ming isn't careful and he's sucked into the beast tide instead and forced to face off against hundreds and thousands of mutated nightmare beasts, he will certainly perish.’’

’’That's right. Defeating and killing are two completely different concepts. That red-furred monster is just too fast. If it decides to escape then it's impossible to cut it down. The only method is if someone's strength far surpasses it, otherwise chasing it is far too audacious an action.’’

In everyone's view, Lin Ming's endurance and formidable strength were without question. And just now when Lin Ming and that red-furred monster had flown away, that red-furred monster hadn't fallen into a great disadvantage and didn't seem much weaker than Lin Ming. Perhaps it only escaped because it feared that it would consume too much of its energy and then be open to sneak attacks from the surrounding masters.

In this sort of situation, no one thought that there was any meaning to Lin Ming chasing after it. Instead, chasing that monster might cause Lin Ming to wind up dead in the midst of the beast tide.

And at this time, Lin Ming had already chased that red-furred beast for several hundreds of miles.

Lin Ming frowned. If those participants could think of such scenarios, then he could too. He knew that chasing this red-furred monster was extremely dangerous.

But there were far too many secrets on that red-furred monster, even ones that were related to his cultivation of the divine Dream Law. He had no choice but to chase after it.

What Lin Ming feared the most was that the red-furred monster would submerge itself into the all-encompassing tide of nightmare beasts. If that were to happen then he would have no choice but to give up his chase.

However, what happened surprised Lin Ming. The central beast tide was located at True Martial City still and this red-furred monster was flying in a direction that clearly wasn't towards True Martial City.

’’How strange... this monster has an intelligence of its own so why isn't it luring me to True Martial City instead? If that happened then it would be in an invincible situation. Could it be that there is an even more dangerous area that it wants to bring me to?’’

Lin Ming grit his teeth as this thought flashed through his mind. He revolved his energy and accelerated his speed.

With his speed, travelling a hundred miles only took several breaths of time!

And this speed was actually only a bit faster than the red-furred monster. If he wanted to overtake the red-furred monster he would have to chase after it for some time. During this time, they could have flown back and forth to True Martial City several times.

’’How troublesome!’’

Lin Ming didn't worry that the red-furred monster was leading him to some special danger zone because he had his own methods of saving his life. Taking a step back, even if he died it wouldn't really matter. In this divine dream space, true and final death did not exist. And as for his ranking dropping, Lin Ming didn't care about trivial things like that.

The special energy within this red-furred monster was what Lin Ming valued the most.

The chase continued for some time. Before long, both man and monster had flown 8000-9000 miles. Their speed was so fast that the ordinary nightmare beasts they encountered along the way were unable to react at all.

They even had to pass through a small group of nightmare beasts.

And at this time, a change occurred. As the red-furred monster passed through this small group of nightmare beasts, a purple iron-winged dragon suddenly hurtled towards the red-furred monster!

It was impossible for an ordinary nightmare beast to follow the red-furred monster's speed. But, this iron-winged dragon was a mutated nightmare beast and also one that excelled in speed. It wasn't a problem at all for it to chase after the red-furred monster.

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming's eyes brightened. The nightmare beasts would actually attack the red-furred monster?

No wonder! This red-furred monster wasn't a nightmare beast to begin with, so it wasn't strange that it was being attacked. This was also why it didn't choose to escape towards True Martial City.

Then, just what was this red-furred monster?

These thoughts instantly raced through Lin Ming's mind. At that moment, the red-furred monster roared like a rolling cloud of thunder. It reached out its claws and tore off the head of that iron-winged dragon!

This mutated iron-winged dragon was equal to a top 40-50 ranked master of a great world. But in front of this red-furred monster, it was slaughtered like a chicken.

However, killing the iron-winged dragon caused the red-furred monster a moment of delay. During this brief moment, Lin Ming's eyes flashed with a severe light. ’’This is my opportunity!’’

Lin Ming revolved his energy to the limit. As he rapidly consumed his energy he instantly erupted with his strongest level of strength. In a single breath of time he rushed to just a mile behind that red-furred monster. To him, a mile away wasn't anything at all!

’’I only have one move left. Although it's not fully complete yet, there's nothing else stronger!’’

At this time, Lin Ming had no more intentions of holding back. In the previous battle, because he wanted to fight with his body transformation technique in order to feel the thrill of a melee battle in his bones, and also because he didn't want to reveal his cards too early, he didn't use this move in front of everyone. But now was different. If he missed this chance he might not get another one. If so, he naturally had to use all of his techniques to their fullest.

’’Heavenly Demon martial intent - grandmist space!’’

The Prime Emperor Lotus Flower slowly bloomed from behind Lin Ming. The grandmist space instantly covered the red-furred monster. Underneath the grandmist space that suppressed all Laws, the red-furred monster's speed suddenly dropped. And taking advantage of this chance, Lin Ming rushed right towards the back of that red-furred monster!

In this instant, the power within Lin Ming's body rapidly ascended. The blood of the Ancient Phoenix, the Heretical God Force, all of this power came surging outwards without end. All of this power, after converging with Lin Ming's inner world, fused into the Phoenix Blood Spear and then erupted outwards!

Chi chi chi!

Endless bolts of thunder suddenly appeared in the skies, rushing to gather onto Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear. His spear light cut through space, emitting a terrifying sharp whistling sound. All of the thunder was swept up in Lin Ming's spear strike, forming a massive purple vortex that spanned between the heavens and the earth.

It was like the world itself was about to break apart!

Heavenly Dao Judgment - heavenly thunder tribulation!

Lin Ming roared out loud. From within Lin Ming's inner world, the power of thunder tribulation that had been absorbed by the Heretical God Seedling from his nine by nine Ninefall suddenly exploded outwards.

The power of thunder tribulation that stood above the Heavenly Dao Laws cut straight towards the red-furred monster!

This was also Lin Ming's self-created elementary transcendent divine might!


The Phoenix Blood Spear cut across the sky with endless arcs of thunder spinning around it. Space trembled, and the entirety of the surrounding skies for hundreds or even a thousand miles turned into a roiling purple thunder dominion!

From that small group of nightmare beasts, half of the nightmare beasts were caught up in this strike, instantly turning to ash!

The red-furred monster cried out in pain and agony. Placed within the grandmist space, its speed had dropped a lot from before. Lin Ming's spear was now equal to heavenly tribulation. Underneath the absolute suppression of Laws, no one was able to avoid heavenly tribulation;they could only resist it!


The red-furred monster roared in suffering. It stretched out its claws and grasped down at that thunder spear light!


A blazing divine might lit up the heavens and a blinding light filled the world, seeming to swallow up everything in existence. For the surrounding hundreds of miles, all of the mountains and rivers and valleys completely collapsed due to the terrifying strength of this strike. Everything was razed to the ground. Lakes instantly evaporated and countless towering great trees were burnt to cinders.

The red-furred monster's two arms were also charred black by this terrifying strength before instantly blowing into pieces.

Lin Ming's long spear continued unabated, stabbing into the red-furred monster's chest!


The Phoenix Blood Spear penetrated right through the red-furred monster and emerged from its back. Blood shot out before being instantly evaporated by the turbulent energy shockwaves. Its fur, its scales, everything was completely scorched black by the power of thunder tribulation!

A thick and terrifying purple pillar of light shot into the skies!


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