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Martial World - Chapter 1218


Chapter 1218 - Fighting the Red-furred Monster




In the skies, robed in blue clothes and grasping a red spear, Lin Ming stood straight and tall, like a heroic challenger!

And in front of him, the red-furred monster was curled up like a crouching tiger, waiting for the opportune moment to strike. Facing this red-furred creature, no matter who it was, they would feel a tremendous pressure.

The several core disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands had already retreated a good distance away. Even the other martial artists scattered all around the White Crag Mountain Range drew back dozens of miles more from the battlefield. There were very few people that believed Lin Ming had any hopes of winning. And once Lin Ming was defeated, regardless of whether he escaped afterwards or died in the conflict, everyone else remaining would be stuck in dire straits. It was possible that the remaining participants would be drawn into a deadly bloodbath. At that time, when they all scattered to escape, having a bit more distance between them and that red-furred monster would increase their chances.

And at this time, the red-furred monster moved. It launched its red and blood-covered bony wings and rushed towards Lin Ming. Its speed reached an incredible level. Without any special move at all, it merely stretched out its claws and grasped towards Lin Ming's throat!

This was the first time that the red-furred monster had officially attacked Lin Ming;the time before had merely been a hastily summoned counterattack.

When the red-furred monster had fought Wu Finalcloud, it had also used this simple-looking strike to attack Wu Finalcloud in a state where he had released the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art and also the Demon Body Mutilation technique. In the end, after using every skill available to him, Wu Finalcloud had been the one to be severely wounded.

This was a terrifying strike!

If Ln Ming could defend against this strike then he would just about meet the qualifications to struggle with this red-furred monster. If he didn't then he would be instantly killed!

Everyone watched this with their eyes wide open.

As Lin Ming saw this red-furred monster hurtling towards him, his pupils shrank. Explosive popping noises sounded out from all the joints in his body as the power of the supreme dragon bone and phoenix blood began to surge forth. From behind Lin Ming, the phantoms of an Azure Dragon and golden phoenix appeared.

A deafening dragon roar accompanied with a melodious phoenix cry split through the skies, echoing to the ends of the world. Lin Ming's arms tightened and he rapidly thrust out the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands. In that instant, he had shot out his spear 100 times.

These 100 spears gathered together, merging into a 10 foot thick azure spear light that shot towards the red-furred monster!

In this strike, Lin Ming had used the limit of his bodily strength. It could be called the strongest attack of his body transformation technique!


Stormy shockwaves shook the world. Lin Ming's spear crashed into the red-furred monster's claws, causing energy to erupt and space to tremble.

The scales on the red-furred monster's claws broke apart, but at the same time, that powerful vibrating force also passed into Lin Ming's body through the Phoenix Blood Spear.

This vibrating force was like a titanic earthquake, vast and seemingly endless. Lin Ming's protective true essence was swept over by these waves of power, instantly bursting apart!

The power of vibration subsequently broke into his body, passing into all the meridians, organs, and bones within him. In that moment, his blood tumbled and the energy within him became chaotic. There were even some meridians, muscles, and tendons that were damaged, nearly snapping apart!

If it weren't for the fact that there was the supreme dragon bone fused into Lin Ming's body and also that he had opened the Gate of View, this strike alone would have burst apart his organs and shattered all the bones in his body. His fate wouldn't have been much better than Wu Finalcloud's.

’’What a formidable vibrating power. Is this... the Earth Laws? No wonder this red-furred monster defeated Wu Finalcloud even in his strongest state!’’

Lin Ming's eyes began to shine with a quiet and earnest light. The reason that this red-furred monster was so powerful was that every single one of its strikes was supported by the power of Laws. That crazy and brutal power of vibration would spread into the bodies of its opponents.

Lin Ming's protective true essence was considered deep and formidable. Even so, in the face of this red-furred monster, his protective true essence had still instantly shattered without any chance of resisting it!

Fortunately, Lin Ming's bodily defense was extremely formidable. Even so, he had still been damaged in this attack.

’’He withstood it... Lin Ming actually withstood the attack of the red-furred monster! Heavens! His protective true essence shattered and yet he was still able to withstand it? Was it by relying on his bodily defensive power? He's a monster himself!’’

’’It's impossible to completely block it. If his protective true essence shattered then the shockwaves of that attack would definitely have rushed into Lin Ming's body. Even if he cultivates the body transformation technique and his mortal body's defensive power is formidable because of that, that attack must have injured him and left behind hidden wounds. If those hidden wounds accumulate then it will put his life in danger. Look at his arm! It's bleeding!’’

Lin Ming's arm was indeed bleeding. When he withstood that tremendous impact force just now, his web of his palm had split apart and even some small blood vessels in his arm had ruptured, causing blood to flow down Lin Ming's hand. As this blood dripped onto the Phoenix Blood Spear, it was incomparably bright red.

’’It's not as simple as you think. Look at that red-furred monster. Both of its arms have also burst open with blood.’’ Someone said with a true essence sound transmission.

’’Don't compare people with that monster. How could a human's body possibly compare with the physique of that monster? Even if Lin Ming is a monstrous genius, I have a feeling that the monster's regenerative ability and tenacity far surpass anyone's imaginations. As for Lin Ming, if he continues to fight then those hidden wounds will continue to gather until he is finally defeated.’’

As the martial artist just finished speaking, that red-furred monster seemed to deliberately confirm his words. The muscles of the red-furred monster twisted around, wriggling about until the flowing blood stopped and even its scales seemed to slowly regrow and repair themselves.

After colliding with Wu Finalcloud and Lin Ming several times and being wounded, that red-furred monster's arms regenerated in several breaths of time!

As the participants all around the White Crag Mountain Range saw this, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

It had taken a great deal of effort to slightly injure it. This was particularly true for Wu Finalcloud. He had even desperately staked his life in order to injure that red-furred monster, but just now, it had nearly completely regenerated!

This sort of phenomenon would definitely instantly rout the confidence of any martial artist that hoped to defeat it.

With such an abnormal regenerative ability, just how could a human hope to fight against such a monster?

No matter who it was, in front of a being with such terrifying speed and strength, nearly invincible defensive power, ridiculous endurance and incredible recovery abilities, this sort of opponent left one wallowing in abject despair!

’’It's over. No one can hope to win against that!’’

’’I fear that even if Lin Ming and Dragon Fang joined together they still wouldn't be able to do it!’’

’’Its recovery ability is too monstrous. It is like a child God Beast!’’

As people were speaking, Lin Ming's arm slowly began to stop bleeding. His flesh and blood moved, stitching themselves together as his wounds healed. His shattered skin and muscles also seemed to be reborn anew. A moment later, Lin Ming's arm was completely healed to its original state. Even his broken meridians and blood vessels were slowly regenerating;all of his hidden wounds had been eliminated!

As everyone saw Lin Ming regenerate, all of their eyes popped open, their gazes filled with incredible disbelief.

’’No way! Can Lin Ming also regenerate!?’’

’’I'm certain that he hasn't taken a pill. And even if he did, there are far too few pills that have such a powerful regenerative effect that can be taken in the heat of battle!’’

’’How can a human's body have the same restorative ability that a vicious beast has? Is this the Life Laws?’’

Some people suddenly thought. If one practiced the Life Laws to a high boundary they could truly control the replication of their cells to a certain degree. They could even completely repair some non-vital organs;that is, everything besides the heart, brain, and spinal cord. Moreover, regenerating all of this came at the cost of a massive amount of true essence - it couldn't be used too often.

’’If this is the Life Laws then it is still useless. Lin Ming will soon exhaust all of his energy.’’

’’A person simply cannot compare to a vicious beast in endurance, especially since Lin Ming encountered such a freakish beast!’’

The red-furred monster's great strength had struck a chord of fear within all the martial artists present. Just by looking at it, they could feel their aura diminish.

At this time, the red-furred monster's ghostly green eyes were blazing as it stared at Lin Ming. It hadn't imagined that its own full-powered attack would be withstood by Lin Ming, and then Lin Ming would also be able to follow it in regenerating its body.

It issued a deep growl and slowly twisted its claws and neck, creaking its bones. Lin Ming also cracked his knuckles and hands together. Facing the red-furred monster, his eyes were sharp and fierce.


With a loud roar, the red-furred monster launched itself forwards once more!

This was a battle of savage head-on collisions! The red spear and red claws smashed into each other. Each time they struck, there was a loud thunderous pulse that split the air!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The attacks all had a force behind them that surpassed 100 million jins of strength. Mountain shelves cracked, causing clouds of crushed stone to billow into the air. Just the shockwaves of this battle between man and beast were able to level this mountain range!

The red-furred monster's formidable strength had exceeded Lin Ming's expectations. In every attack, a powerful vibrating strength would spread into his body. His protective true essence shattered every time!

These powerful attacks were several times stronger than Wu Finalcloud's final attack! If it were anyone else, they would have instantly died in the face of such a barrage.

Luckily, Lin Ming had dragon marrow and phoenix blood fused into his body, thus his regenerative ability and defensive strength had reached an unbelievable degree. Even so, in the face of such a brutally ruthless melee, he felt all the blood tumble within his body and energy wildly rush through his meridians, nearly causing them to break.

However, as Lin Ming withstood these extreme attacks each and every time, the red-furred monster wasn't much better off.

The red-furred monster's strength and explosive force were several times greater than Wu Finalcloud's, but it had a serious weakness in its inferior combat skills. Every time it collided with Lin Ming, it had to resist at least two of Lin Ming's attacks.

The Phoenix Blood Spear was an extremely high ranked spirit artifact, and its sharpness was without doubt. After Lin Ming poured his gold battle spirit into it, even if the red-furred monster had a body as hard as divine iron, the Phoenix Blood Spear would still leave trails of blood etched into its body.

As these trails of blood accumulated again and again, they gathered into a heavy wound.

The red-furred monster's muscles wriggled, repairing all of these wounds. The phoenix blood and dragon marrow within Lin Ming raced through him, also repairing all of his wounds.

This was a battle of attrition, a match between their endurance and their restorative abilities!

This violent fight continued for several dozen breaths of time. Man and beast had collided over a hundred times already!

Every collision was like two planets bumping into each other. Each strike caused the mountains to shake, the rivers to vibrate, and the earth itself to tremble. Every explosive sound echoed in the hearts of the numerous martial artists scattered throughout the White Crag Mountain Range, like a steel ball smashing into their chests, causing their blood to restlessly move and even their heartbeats to be affected.

In such an intense fight, Lin Ming didn't slowly exhaust his true essence and weaken as everyone had imagined he would. Rather, from beginning until now, he didn't reveal any signs of burning out at all. He still remained incomparably aggressive and ruthless as before, like a vicious beast in human form.

All of the participants around the White Crag Mountain Range were stunned. Heavens! This was an absurdly terrifying endurance!

In his battle against Wu Finalcloud, although Lin Ming had also revealed his great strength, that battle contrasted to this one could only be considered a slap fight between babies. Only this homicidal collision between Lin Ming and the red-furred monster could truly be called a blood on blood melee! Every single time they crashed into each other they would both undoubtedly be injured! Not only did they have to withstand a huge consumption of energy, they also had to stimulate the energy within their bodies to restore themselves. To continue this fight to this point, the amount of energy they used was unimaginable!


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