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Martial World - Chapter 1217


Chapter 1217 - Soul Life




After the red-furred monster heavily injured Wu Finalcloud, it roared and continued rushing towards him. It raised its sharp claws;as long as these claws struck him, Wu Finalcloud would likely be split in half!

In this crucial moment, Wu Finalcloud completely tore off his right arm. He forcefully pinched it and the entire arm exploded into a shower of blood.

’’Demon Body Mutilation!’’

Wu Finalcloud's face was fierce and grim. His body absorbed all of this blood rain and the blood-colored scales began to appear over his body.

In this instant, Wu Finalcloud's aura suddenly shot upwards. His strength also doubled from before. He was even more powerful than the time when he had fought Lin Ming!

’’What ability is this? He can actually absorb his own flesh and blood to enhance his strength to the limit!?’’

’’It's definitely a demonic path cultivation method. The Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art is also from the demonic path. The True Martial World King should have obtained the inheritance of some ancient demonic supreme elder!’’

’’This move will consume a considerable amount of blood vitality. When Wu Finalcloud battled Lin Ming he didn't use this move from the start, and after he used up too much energy in the protracted battle it was already too late to do so. If Wu Finalcloud had used this technique from the beginning of when he fought Lin Ming, then perhaps that battle might have turned out differently.’’

All of the surrounding martial artists rapidly discussed with true essence sound transmissions. This was Wu Finalcloud's ultimate move - to explode a part of his body and overdraw the absolute limits of his combat potential. This was not something that he would use in a normal martial arts battle. Otherwise even if he won he would suffer lasting effects and it would be shameful to do so.

As Wu Finalcloud saw this red-furred monster approach him with his own eyes, he shouted out loud, grasped the Great Blood Sword and then violently chopped down!


The Great Blood Sword violently collided with the red-furred monster's two claws. The red-furred monster finally cried out in pain as its body was smashed backwards by the Great Blood Sword. As for Wu Finalcloud, he was also sent hurtling backwards like a meteor.

The brutal collision had caused all the bones in his sole remaining arm to completely shatter and even the Great Blood Sword was sent spinning away. Wu Finalcloud coughed up gobs and gobs of blood. He had completely exhausted all of his strength!

Every single technique in his arsenal had been used!

As for that red-furred monster, although it had been forced back, its claws bloodied, and its skin split open, for a creature with such a powerful life force, these were only small wounds.

Its defensive power was terrifying to the point of leaving one gasping in despair. It was able to use its bare hands to block a medium-grade spirit artifact. Moreover, this medium-grade spirit artifact was the one used by the number one genius of a Great World King Holy Land.

Even though Wu Finalcloud had used the entirety of his strength, even burning his blood essence to fight, he still wasn't able to harm the red-furred monster in any significant manner!

As the martial artists saw this, all of them had determined that Wu Finalcloud would lose. They didn't want to be affected by his calamity and were all preparing to escape. The landscape around the White Crag Mountain Range was extremely complex, with hidden roads everywhere. With tens of thousands of martial artists all fleeing in separate directions, the red-furred monster wouldn't be able to kill them all no matter how powerful it was.

The red-furred monster quickly stabilized itself as it came to a screeching halt. It turned towards Wu Finalcloud, wanting to thoroughly kill off this human martial artist that had dared to challenge its dignity, when at this time it's mind began to ring with overwhelmingly loud warning signals!

It turned its head to see that just several miles away, a blue-clothed youth was hurtling towards it, a red spear in his hands!

This blue-clothed youth had a red mark shining from between his eyebrows. His entire body was covered in layers of flames and arcs of thunder, his speed faster than a falling meteor!

In all the hidden valleys and caves and fields around the White Crag Mountain Range, every martial artist saw this blue-clothed youth.

’’It's Lin Ming!’’

Someone cried out in alarm. This red-furred monster's strength was already clear to all present. Taking a look at the entirety of the True Martial Great World, only Lin Ming would dare to attack at this time!

’’He's mad!’’

’’The strong are bold!’’

Even if it was Lin Ming, the martial artists present still didn't favor him winning. No one knew just where the true limits of the red-furred monster's strength lay. But even disregarding that, just the strength that the red-furred monster had revealed so far was enough to leave them all despondent. In everyone's opinion, when Lin Ming and Wu Finalcloud fought, the difference between them wasn't too great. If he wanted to defeat the red-furred monster... the chances weren't too high.

Lin Ming flew forth at an increasingly fast speed. He opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, released the Heretical God Force, and even burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. With spear and man as one, he split through the skies like a divine messenger, all of his terrifying strength completely erupting together!

Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!

The red-furred monster roared out again. It didn't change its tactics;it stretched out its claws and slashed at Lin Ming!

Even though this attack seemed extremely simple, no one thought it was simple at all. Even a top 10 ranked master of a great world would be instantly killed by such a strike.

The same attack had been used against Wu Finalcloud before, but now it had changed to Lin Ming.

Everyone's eyes widened until they were as round as full moons.


The Phoenix Blood Spear crashed into the red-furred monster's claws. In that moment, Lin Ming felt his hands shake as a fierce shaking strength transmitted up the Phoenix Blood Spear and spread into his organs, his limbs, and his bones, causing his blood vitality to tumble and all the energy to chaotically rage around within him.

Lin Ming knew that although this seemed like a simple claw attack, the truth was that it contained the power of Laws within it. The reason that those masters were all killed or sent flying back by this claw attack was not just because of the impact force but because of the Laws contained within it.

However, Lin Ming's Hundred Layered Waves wasn't simple either. 100 million jins of strength were completely poured into the Phoenix Blood Spear;the striking power of his attack had reached unimaginable levels. Moreover, such an attack was like the endless tides of the sea, coming in wave after wave, stretching to infinity!


Energy detonated. In this brief collision, Lin Ming and the red-furred monster were both forced backwards. Lin Ming felt blood tumble within his body and his hand went slightly numb. As for that red-furred monster, its skin had broken and it was oozing thick red blood.

As Lin Ming saw this red-furred monster's bleeding wounds, his eyes sharpened.

What a freakishly high defensive power!

Out of all the opponents Lin Ming had faced so far, this red-furred monster had the highest and most terrifying defensive power he had seen. Its defensive power was even far greater than Lin Ming's;it was like a child God Beast!

’’This monster is quite troublesome!’’

Lin Ming's eyes shined with a solemn light. In a situation where he had used the Hundred Layered Waves in his peak state, he still hadn't been able to seriously injure it.

’’Lin Ming's attack didn't have any effect at all! That attack just now was the one that Lin Ming used to defeat Wu Finalcloud, but now he couldn't even seriously injure the red-furred monster! Moreover, that monster only hastily counterattacked just now and didn't truly collide with Lin Ming. If the two engage in a brutal melee, he most likely won't be able to bear it!’’

’’I'm afraid that even Lin Ming... is hopeless here.’’

’’Dragon Fang? Where is Dragon Fang? If Lin Ming joined together with Dragon Fang, then perhaps the two of them might be able to do it!’’

In this situation, the numerous martial artists scattered throughout the White Crag Mountain Range naturally thought of Dragon Fang. Dragon Fang was an extremely mysterious individual. His background was an enigma and so was his strength. But recently, Lin Ming was able to slowly deduce that the number one merit point ranked master of the True Martial Great World was Dragon Fang. Thus, most people imagined that Dragon Fang and Lin Ming were close in strength.

In the skies, Lin Ming looked at the red-furred monster and the red-furred monster also looked at Lin Ming. Its ghostly green eyes glimmered with light, its pupils as tiny as needle tips and its vision sharp enough to pierce through someone.

And several miles away, Wu Finalcloud was lying in a heap of rubble, his entire body drenched with blood. With his left arm shattered and his right arm torn off, he had lost all combat strength.

As Wu Finalcloud looked at Lin Ming hovering high in the sky, his look was extremely complex.

The truth was that the reason Wu Finalcloud attacked the red-furred beast was because the red-furred beast had killed his junior-apprentice brother in front of everyone. With so many other True Martial Holy Land disciples present, and also as their Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, it was impossible for him not to make an appearance. Thus, he recklessly rushed forwards even though he knew that the red-furred monster was extremely difficult to deal with.

But Lin Ming was different. He could have fled this area, but he didn't. Instead, he showed up like a bolt of lightning out of the blue, all for the thrill of the battle.

’’He actually dares to rush toward such a ridiculously powerful monster? What a lunatic! If he used the limit of his strength when he fought with me then he'll lose!’’

Wu Finalcloud thought to himself. He took out a pill from his spatial ring and swallowed it.

At this time, besides the True Martial Great World, on every other great world in the divine Realm, monsters that were just as powerful as the red-furred monster had appeared. In front of them, even the top ranked master of that great world would find themselves hard-pressed to survive! As for other ordinary martial artists, they were even less worthy of mentioning;they would be killed in an instant.

Such a monster already far surpassed the level of a descendant from a Great World King Holy Land. Their existences were not meant for the preliminaries, but aimed at the peak talents of the entire divine Realm.

’’High Master divine Dream's methods are truly wonderful. First are the beast tides to attack the cities and then the appearance of these monsters, all in order to simulate a brutal and cruel world. For those weaker participants, even living a single day is a luxury.’’

In divine Dream Palace, a white-clothed youth with a sword over his shoulder casually commented.

From his side, Frost Dream calmly said, ’’Only such a brutal environment can temper a person...’’

’’That's right, this is how we grow. Many common people or martial artists of ordinary Holy Lands think that us Empyrean descendants enjoy incomparably wonderful and superior conditions when we are born. They think our lives are easy because we can study the best inheritances and also easily become World Kings in the future. But, the truth they don't know is that on our road as we grow up, we have to face incomparably ruthless and dangerous experiences. In the adventures that we undertake, dying is a common matter. And in those adventures, even core disciples of World King Holy Lands would easily perish.’’

A lingering fear remained in the white-clothed youth's voice as he recalled all of the trials and tribulations he had experienced to get where he was.

’’Oh, that's right! Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream, what are these special monsters that have appeared in the great worlds? I feel that they aren't ordinary nightmare beasts!’’

Frost Dream slowly nodded. She said, ’’They are soul lives that Honorable Master captured long ago. They are living beings and not energy forms created from the Laws.’’

’’Soul lives?’’ The white-clothed youth was faintly startled. If they were called soul lives then they naturally had to be different from the souls of humans. ’’Could there really be existences that aren't born with a body but just their soul? Where did High Master divine Dream capture so many soul lives? Is there really such a land in the divine Realm?’’

The white-clothed youth asked, curious. But, Frost Dream remained quiet, clearly having no intention of speaking any further.

The white-clothed youth understood Frost Dream's character. If she didn't want to talk about something, asking her any further was useless. He could only give up on his thoughts.

Looking through any of the 3000 great worlds, there were some great worlds where even the number one ranked master had been killed. As for those that hadn't been killed, that was only because they hadn't encountered these horrendous monsters yet.

As the white-clothed youth saw this, he couldn't help but shake his head and say, ’’Although High Master divine Dream kept elementary spirit source in the divine Dream World as a reward, I think that besides Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian, there is no one that will be able to obtain them... the difficulty is simply too great.’’


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