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Martial World - Chapter 1212


Chapter 1212 - Merit Points Over a Hundred Million




’’Wu Finalcloud... how much dreamland energy will you give me?’’

The reason that Lin Ming hunted down masters and killed them was so that he could obtain their dreamland energy. To him, nourishing his divine dream mark and cultivating the soul training system was something he was obsessed with.

At the beginning of learning a new domain of martial arts, the speed of enhancement was always the fastest.

Lin Ming stretched out a hand and absorbed all of the dreamland energy. An unprecedented feeling of bliss swept through his body. This was just like a lost man wandering through the desert for a long time, dazed with hunger and thirst, and finally finding a lush oasis where he could obtain sustenance and even bathe himself in cool spring water.

Lin Ming also wanted to thank Wu Finalcloud. If it weren't for Wu Finalcloud gathering the entirety of the True Martial Holy Lands' intelligence network and accumulating a massive amount of merit points through his domineering rampage across the land, he would not have gathered so many points.

This was 60% of the all the dreamland energy that Wu Finalcloud had painstakingly gathered for these last five months!

As Lin Ming glanced at his merit points, he could see them soaring at a ridiculous rate. The speed at which they climbed was even several times higher than before!

Lin Ming was originally ranked 15th on the True Martial Great World, but now, with unstoppable momentum, he broke through the top 10, turned towards the top five, and zoomed straight to the top three!

At this time, at the Good Fortune Great World, there was a special disciple from the Unbroken Cult whose sole purpose was to monitor Lin Ming's ranking 24 hours a day. The divine dream jade slip was now being used to purposefully track Lin Ming's progress.

And in the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming was also receiving similar treatment. Every time that his ranking changed, including that of his merit points, was studiously recorded.

They also saw that Lin Ming's merit points were rapidly rising.

This rate of increase could be called maddening. It was running by millions upon millions. The merit points value suddenly broke through 50 million, 60 million, and then 70 million!

Lin Ming's merit points left one feeling panicked dread and at a complete loss for words. It was like these numbers had already lost their original significance.

’’80 million... almost 90 million! Young Hero Lin should have killed a top three ranked master of a great world!’’ The Unbroken Cult Great Elder exclaimed, his voice shivering.

As for Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, they were holding their breath in awe. If Lin Ming broke into the top 15 of the great world, he would hold far more than enough gravitas in the Unbroken Cult. If Lin Ming were to come to the Unbroken Cult, then all of the high level and low level figures would have to gather. This included the Founder, the Vice Founder, the Highest Elders, the Great Elder, and every other disciple and Elder would have to come greet him and bow when they saw him.

And now, Lin Ming's achievements had actually continued far past the top 15 of a great world. He had broken past the top 10 and would soon reach the top five! If he continued onwards then that would truly be incredible!

Even now, the rate at which Lin Ming's merit points were rising didn't slow down at all. They immediately broke through 90 million with unstoppable momentum!

Then, 93 million, 96 million, 99 million...

Break through 100 million!

Lin Ming's merit points had broken through that critical point of 100 million!

Within a great floating palace on Crimson Light World, Huo Violentstone boisterously laughed. He said, ’’Heh, what did I say! I knew this was coming! I already said that during Lin Ming's second round of eliminations in this tournament he would definitely break past a hundred million! Now that I look again, this boy can definitely reach at least 150 million! Without thinking of it, Lin Ming has definitely killed the top number one master of the True Martial Great World. What is the number one master of a great world? Just another nobody for Lin Ming!’’

Huo Violentstone spoke so loudly that his beard flared up. His cheeks were ruddy with light as his eyes lit up with high spirited excitement!

It was as if Lin Ming were about to immediately tussle with that Saintess from the divine Dream Palace, or kick away the descendant of Empyrean divine Universe.

As for the other three God Beast Clans, all of them had a strange taste in their hearts as they looked at Huo Violentstone's happy reaction.

Everyone here was a member of a God Beast Clan, so how could the disparity between disciples be so great?

As for the Ancient Dragon Clan's Laughing Dragon, when he saw Lin Ming's ranking he found it hard to laugh again. The Ancient Dragon Clan had always led the four great God Beast Clans, and the Ancient Phoenix Clan could be considered second or third place only. But now, their Ancient Dragon Clan had paid such a massive price to raise Dragon One, and yet Dragon One was only in the top 50 ranks of a great world;there was no hope of him going any further. As for the Ancient Phoenix Clan, they had a disciple that broke through to the first five, and it seemed that continuing into the top three wasn't any problem at all.

Top three to top 50, one couldn't even describe this difference with clouds and mud.

After breaking through 100 million, that still wasn't Lin Ming's limit. The final number stopped at 143 million. By killing Wu Finalcloud, Lin Ming had earned 96 million merit points!

As for his ranking, he had leapt into second place of the True Martial Great World!

Killing the number one ranked Wu Finalcloud didn't mean that Lin Ming would leap into first place. In fact, the difference between Wu Finalcloud's merit points and the second ranked participant was only 10-20 million. When Lin Ming obtained 60% of Wu Finalcloud's merit points in addition to his original number, he was still a tiny bit away from reaching first place, thus he ended at second.

Lin Ming's change in ranking was no longer limited to the attention of Mu Qianyu, Huo Violentstone, and a few others. Now, his change in ranking was reflected on the divine Seal Decree that showed all 3000 great worlds of the divine Realm. And this divine Seal Decree was under the gaze of every great influence in the divine Realm!

After Lin Ming killed Wu Finalcloud, his name on the divine Seal suddenly vanished from its position around 30,000. It rushed forwards with extreme speed, rushing straight towards rank 3670!

The divine Seal Decree was a list that included the entirety of the divine Realm. Just from the words divine Sea, one could understand just how illustrious it was.

If one could rank in the top 3000 of the divine Seal Decree, that would mean that on average, they would be the top ranked master of a great world!

Now Lin Ming was only several hundred ranks away from the top 3000. That was already more than enough to arouse the interest of the entire divine Realm.

Martial artists of the divine Realm had an extremely good memory. In these past days, they had remembered nearly all 5000 top names on the divine Seal Decree. These were future leaders and helmsmen of the divine Realm, among which even World Kings would be born from their ranks.

As for the ones remaining, although they might not become World Kings, it wouldn't be a problem to become a half-step World King. Although a half-step World King was far from being comparable with a true World King, they were still characters that many great influences would go all-out to win over. Many ordinary World King Holy Lands, besides their own World King, wouldn't even have a half-step World King in their ranks. If a new unaffiliated half-step World King were to appear, all of these ordinary World King Holy Lands would do everything in their power to win them over.

Within Atlas World, underneath the golden scroll and surrounded by the divine Seal Decree, countless martial artists were noticing the change in rankings.

Phoenix Cry Palace had been Lin Ming's first stopping point after ascending to the divine Realm. One of the 72 palaces of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Phoenix Cry Palace had been Lin Ming's starting point in his adventures through the divine Realm.

The disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace were also paying attention to the divine Seal Decree. Fairy Feng, White Daohong, and all other important persons of Phoenix Cry Palace were present.

Besides Phoenix Cry Palace's Lin Ming, there was also Charming Phoenix Palace's Yan Littlemoon who was being watched. The Elder Senior-apprentice Sister Lu Xiaoyun was leading a group of beautiful young female disciples, all of them chatting together. They had originally come to look for Yan Littlemoon. As one of the most outstanding disciples to ever appear in Charming Phoenix Palace, Yan Littlemoon had already been taken to headquarters. These disciples came here because they were interested in Yan Littlemoon's results and wanted to see if she could enter the divine Seal Decree.

But now, those from Phoenix Cry Palace and Charming Phoenix Palace could all see an incomparably radiant name that blazed near the front of the divine Seal Decree - Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming!

He was a character that swept away the many geniuses of a Great World King Holy Land, becoming the true king of a great world! Even Xiao Daoji and Huo Burning Heaven of the past hadn't been able to accomplish this!

’’Lin Ming... is he really only someone from the lower realms...?’’ Fairy Feng whispered to herself. She still remembered the first time that she saw Lin Ming at Timeworn Phoenix City, during the king level smelting trial at the lower realms. At that time, she only believed that Lin Ming would be able to become a late divine Lord master in the future and also an important figure of Phoenix Cry Palace. Because she saw this potential in him, Fairy Feng personally guided Lin Ming to ascend to the divine Realm and also led him to Phoenix Cry Palace.

At that time, she never would have imagined that such a humble and amiable young man would achieve such incredible results!

And nearby the disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace, the disciples of Charming Phoenix Palace, in particular many of them who had participated in Fire Spirit Star's smelting trial with Lin Ming, were all watching his name glowing on the divine Seal Decree, deep emotions surging in their hearts. There were many among them that had seen Lin Ming with their own eyes at Fire Spirit Star.

When Lin Ming was at Fire Spirit Star, he had completed the Thousand Slaughter and obtained a single drop of Ancient Phoenix blood essence. Even though he accomplished such a miracle, they never thought he would achieve the heights he did today.

Thinking about Lin Ming's dashing and wild fight with Crimson Strifecloud and the scenes of him sweeping away all opponents in the Illusionary God Combat Array, some young girls from Charming Phoenix Palace felt their beautiful faces blush red with infatuation and their minds shake with newfound emotions as they fell deep into Linmania.

In the world of martial artists, a person's strength, talent, and moral character were the most attractive charms to the opposite se*. Lin Ming possessed all of that in abundance. Not just that, but his handsome looks, his temperament, all of him was truly outstanding.

Thus, he naturally attracted the yearning hearts of these girls.


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